Destiny – Bungie on PvP and PvE Gear, More on Skill-Based Matchmaking

In Destiny, your Guardian’s gear will “tell tales of their finest moments as weapons of light.”

These are the expectedly cryptic  words of Bungie community manager “DeeJ” in the latest Destiny blog update, where he talks about your Guardian and his or her gear.

“When you look upon a Guardian, you’ll be able to judge the book that tells their story by its cover,” said DeeJ in response to a fan question the differences between PvE and PvP gear. “Their gear will be signposts for the missions they’ve completed. You’ll know if they are warriors of the arena, or journeyman from the wild. Their very appearance will tell tales of their finest moments as weapons of light.”

We don’t know what he means either. But in all seriousness, it appears that your gear will perhaps reflect what mode it is you excel in or spend most of your time in.

On the topic of armor appearance and effectiveness, DeeJ says “you’ll need to do more than just wear it” in order to improve it. “Unlike your favorite jeans, your armor won’t just get better with age,” he continued. “You’ll need to invest in it. You’ll need to fight and scrounge your way toward becoming a legend. You’ll need to love it a little. Don’t worry. It’s fun work.”

Luckily, you’ll be able to spend as much time with your Guardian as you please thanks to Bungie Mobile app where you’ll find character info and “so much more”.

Lastly, design lead Lars Bakken reiterated the importance the studio is placing on skill-based matchmaking in PvP modes, confirmed last January in this interview detailing Destiny’s online capabilities.

“We agree that the best matches are the ones that are the closest,” he said. “With that in mind, we match players in Destiny based on their performance. Not every game will be neck and neck (as human players have a tendency to get better over time and can have random spiky games), but we’re going to do our best to match you with other players of a similar skill.”

Destiny’s beta launches this summer with exclusive early access for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners.

  • Mike

    I appreciate the love you guys at MP1st give Destiny. Its good to see a article of it once and awhile. This is my main source of news for these games.

    • Thanks! Destiny will definitely be a main focus for us 🙂

  • I feel that I need to pre order and enter the beta phase of this game. Any word on how long its supposed to last, considering it releases in Sept

    • Mike

      I usually don’t care about beta’s to play them but this is tad different to me. In 1 hand I don’t want any spoilers but in the other hand I’m just itching to play it. Is this a timed beta? Pretty green when it comes to beta’s.

      • Grif

        I would assume it’s timed, but I’m not sure. The PS4 beta is released at the beginning of summer, but the game is released in September. Pretty big gap of time.

        • Unless they release it in August and call it a “summer release” that way lol

          • Grif

            Hahaha they better not.

  • Enochrewt

    I’m very excited to see how Bungie puts this all together. They have a solid history of innovation when it comes to added features. I remember being mind blown by the match browser on from Halo 2, The theater and recording from Halo 3 and of course every Halo game has had an incredible UI.

    They have a lot of amazing stuff they’re letting slip, as long as it comes together like they have done before this is going to be a great game.