Detailed list of MW3 Deathstreaks – Stopping Power and Final Stand Come Back

Thought stopping power, final stand, and martyrdom were gone? Not quite. They do return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but in the form of deathstreaks. Deathstreaks, especially ones like ‘painkiller’, were a controversial topic in Modern Warfare 2.

Robert Bowling mentioned that with the next instalment in CoD series, Infinity Ward paid particular attention to listening to fan feedback. Bowling specifically said that stopping power and final stand were indeed left behind as perks, something fans really wanted to see disappear. But perhaps, Infinity Ward couldn’t quite let go of them completely. Below is a list of the deathstreaks included in Modern Warfare 3.



Juiced: 4 deaths – move faster for a few seconds after spawning.

Revenge: 5 deaths – see position of last enemy that killed you on your mini-map.

Final Stand: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 32, most likely similar to last stand but with a primary weapon.

Martyrdom: 4 deaths – unlocks at lvl 51, drop a live grenade after dying.

Dead Man’s Hand: 6 deaths – unlocks at lvl 57, fall into last stand after dying with C4 equipped in your hand.

Hollow Points: 5 deaths – unlocks at lvl 71, bullets cause more damage for one kill (stopping power).


If you are an avid multiplayer gamer who reads MP1st, hopefully you won’t ever need these deathstreaks!

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  • Bob

    Revenge is horrible, you shouldn’t be able to see them, what if our on a killstreak and just because one guy sucks he gets this and kills you. Shouldn’t reward bad players should punish them. And dead man’s hand is stupid players didn’t like last stand for a reason and now they put it back but with C4 AND after you die. Imagine killing a guy and turn around and reload only to get blown up by c4 because of this shit. Just get rid of fucking deathstreaks.

    • Karl

      What killstreak? LOL there’s no longer killstreak, it’s now point streak, you get points by playing objectively.

      I’m pretty sure the guy we’ll see is through the mini-map, since there’s a small UAV that you control to spot enemies and the enemies are shown in your mini-map just like a Blackbird would in Black ops with arrow-head figure in the mini-map rather than just red dots, but you have to spot them with the UAV (works just like Parrot in Homefront, or UAV in BC2).

      I think snipers can spot enemies as well, and possibly works the same as Revenge seeing the enemy through the mini-map with the arrow-head figure.

      • Karl

        Stop complaining, just adapt. Death streak is a good way to give a chance to bad players, and like Tremori said, to prevent spawn kills, and to keep the game interesting.

        4, 5 & 6 in a row are rarely achieved anyways, unless that guy is really bad, and I’d say they deserve the chance to get a kill & have fun.

        • Alexander

          In the past 3 cod’s bad players have always had the chance to get kills and have fun I.e. Op weapons (m16 mw1, mp40 waw, pro tubes ump knife attachments and debatably others mw2, famas galil aug ak74u blops), the problem is mildly competent players use these guns too and rape the incompetent ones. So what should a bad player do? Not run around in the open like a ninny. If they die it’s their fault. If a good player is punished for playing positively then it’s not worth trying to do positive.

  • Patrick

    I don’t see why anyone would get bent out of shape about these. First the person has to die 4 times in a row to get the deathstreak reward, then it only lasts for the next life. These are nothing thats going bother me if I run across them, especially because it mean me an my team are already kicking the other teams butt. People are going to complain if everything doesn’t work completely in their favor.

    • Bookshelf

      If you aren’t bothered by deathstreaks, you probably aren’t good enough to push an entire enemy team into them for the majority of a game. It’s extremely frustrating to have some total moron spawn right behind you with 300% health and take 5 bullets before he gets a lucky shot on you.

      • Tremori

        lol wtf? you say its frustrating to get hit with a lucky shot after spawn camping the enemy team? don’t you think its frustrating to them to be spawn camped in the first place.. your greedy spoiled and unfair . the death streaks are there so people like you don’t spoil their fun . I don’t have a problen with death streaks even after pushing their team. got to keep the game interesting after all. no fun in the game if each match was the same spawn camp spawn camp spawn camp .

        • Alexander

          Let me paint a picture. You are on the map favela. You are rushing with a silenced vector. Your team has kill streaks up. You round the corner othe the barber at B and see an enemy up the alley, they do not notice you. You put your entire clip into the person( you even get the submachine gun clip challenge- put entire clip into enmies). They finally notice you. They run towards you with lightweight-marathon, and when finally in range the open up with ext. Mag aa-12 and two shot you. Who deserved to win the gunfight? After this I promptly went an bought blops and broke my mw2 disk. Op concept is op.

          • Tremori

            id press square to respawn and run around the map again like a chicken with its head cut off. im not religious about cod that would be just sad. its the same thing every time run and gun. nothing interesting. only thing its good for is that the action is fast. thats it. I’d rather play battlefield and once i get BF3 i’ll be breaking my black ops disk and throwing it out the window after i torch it. ill be to busy with bf3 to get mw3

          • Craig

            I’m confused. What is a battlefield player, who apparently buys cod games( btw you threw away a relatively good game, black ops is not broken), doing calling people stupid for playing cod the way it’s supposed to be played? Code whole point is medium to close quarter combat. Battlefield is predominantly medium to long range- therefore more realistic. Cod is not supposed to be realistic. The only non-realism about cod I don’t like is quickscoping, but I can live with it. I agree with Alexander. Trmori is being a fanboy annoyance.

      • Patrick

        Quite the opposite. I’m good enough it doesn’t bother me. If you are up against an entire team gaining deathstreak rewards it means you are slaughtering them by now. Painkiller is only 200% and lasts a few seconds for a player who is losing. You are going to have thousands of kills and thousands of deaths. If a few lucky kills by the opponent over that time are going to break the game for you then you are either lacking in skill or guts. Truly good players rise above any challenge and enjoy the fight without looking for excuses.

        • Mike

          300% for I think 8 sec. Which is enough to run halfway around all of the maps. I get what your saying but if you are using a relatively weak gun all pistols, machinepistols, vector , ebrm14 and wa2000 don’t have enough ammo or time to kill what is basically 3 people unless they headshot.

  • pcstraw

    SOOO…stopping power lives on as a death streak: this pretty much confirms by theory: they loved juggernaut too much and had to keep it in as a death streak in MW2. Sounds like they’ve done the exact same thing with stoppping power. Difference is, I think stopping power will work really well as a killstreak: Juggernaut, not so much.

    I really don’t know about MW3. After the multiplayer trailer reveal, it pretty much confirmed all my fears based on the rumours. After all, why would I be worried about a stopping power death streak when they have a fcking perk that gives Juggernaut to the entire team???

    I think they might have screwed up on MW3. I think there’s a chance this might be the end of MW franchise. Then again, the MW fans have been particularly good at turning there nose up to MWs design flaws.

    • Tremori

      having it for entire team is overkill. dev wouldnt do that bad. juggernaut is only for one person.

      • pcstraw

        yeah…that’s precisely my point. It’s over kill. As to whether the devs will do it or not, I read it was Killstreak reward in a list of “rumoured” perks and killstreaks on a website…so far, I’ve seen quite a few of those perks and Killstreaks confirmed, so let’s hope for both our sakes this particular one turns out to be false.

        • Alster06

          It isn’t a perk its a Killstreak…it is dropped like a Care Package and a team mate can run to pick it up

          • pcstraw

            Right, let’s get this straight. In my first comment I said it was a perk by mistake, I meant to say “killstreak”. I did correct myself in the next reply: ” …I read it was Killstreak reward…” I KNOW it’s not a bloody perk. In the list of rumoured perks/killstreaks (that’s what it was, a list of both) from a while back they mentioned a killstreak reward that gives Juggernaut to the team. They didn’t go into detail, hence it sounded like a killtreak that automatically upgrades the entire team to Juggernaut. Obviously we now know that’s it in a care-package that anyone can pick up, blah, blah, blah…ok?

          • pcstraw

            Do you think you guys cam sleep at night now?

            • pcstraw


    • PCstraw is a dumbass

      bahahahhaha good call pcstraw. end of the MW franchises. stop turning your nose to your stupid fucking arrogance.

  • chc2100

    bowling is a liar. they garner sales by lying, deceiving and pretending to care.

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