DICE Confirms “Online Pass” for Battlefield 3

Several months ago, in an interview with GamerZines, Patrick Bach eluded to the fact that Battlefield 3 will have an online pass-esque system in place for used copies. He refrained from calling it an online pass. Patrick explained “I don’t think it’s an online pass, I think it’s our own backend. I’m not sure I want to call our system an online pass.”

Today, Alan Kertz, DICE’s Core Gameplay Designer, was asked by a fan, “do you need to buy a new battlefield 3 to play xbox live?” Alan responded “you can also purchase an online pass for a used copy.” It’s worth noting that Battlefield  Bad Company 2 had a “VIP” pass, which gives players full access to all maps. Second hand buyers have to buy the VIP pass to have access to all maps. We still don’t know if the new online pass for Battlefield 3 will lock out some maps, or if it is a traditional online pass. Traditional online passes require player who have purchased a used copy of the game to pay about $10 to have online access.

Update: Alan explained why Battlefield 3 will have an online pass by saying “because servers cost money, and used games don’t make developers any money.”

This move by EA shouldn’t come as a surprise since the publisher has been pushing this system, in one form or another, in many of its games.

Where do you stand on the online passes issue? Please let us know in the comments’ section.

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  • 1337


    • Haha, care to elaborate?

      • Anonymous

        I think he’s bragging.

  • I have no beefs with developers / publishers trying to retain some profits for used sales.  I buy new because I want to support those developers and publishers.   A used car has inherit things that lower it’s value.  A used game does not so there is no real downside to used games other than waiting for someone to get done with their copy. 

    I have heard the argument that a used copy is no longer being used by the original owner and thus it doesn’t effect DICE / EA’s profits.  In a world of used game sales being a cottage industry that argument would hold merit.  But in the day and age of GameStop, GameFly, BestBuy, Amazon and more all participating in this used marketplace this has created a “Bargain Hunter” mentality amongst some in the game buying public.  The supply of used games are so readily available that alone is putting a dent into DICE / EAs profits.

    Developers deserve our money for creating great games.  Some guy selling the game used had nothing to do with WHY you are buying it ultimately, so why do they deserve all the profits from that sale?

    • Sd

      Your argument is void. By your logic then anyone who sells something at a second hand shop, garage sale etc should be giving a portion to the manufacturer of the product their selling. Someone sells a second hand pair of jeans does the new buyer now have to go buy a pass from levi to be able to wear them? The publisher/developer already recieved the price of the game the first time around for the life of that product their not losing out on a sale as the new owner simply replaced the old. Its a money maker for companies including stores like Gamestop because the new user now has to buy a psn credit card or xbox credit in order to get the pass. Win win for everyone except the consumer. Everyone even new owners are affected as you can no longer lend, rent or take the game to a friends/family members without losing full access to what you paid for. You dont buy a used car and the dealer says you can drive it in your street but you have to pay extra to drive on the high way. If consumers continue to be ok with these pss/dlc actions then whats going to come next for gaming that we once took for granted and we are going to lose and have to pay extra for?   

      • Tdavisqa

        If you like game companies being able to continue to make games you are going to have to pay them somehow.  The 10 dollars just helps a developer continue to do awesome things.  I’m all for paying my share to keep Battlefield going.  I love the series.  I would rather pay 10 dollars to play BF and all the extras than pay 10 dollars for 3 maps for COD…..

        My .02 cents.

        • Fevt

          “you are going to have to pay them somehow” Im sorry I thought that was what we payed for in the game the first time around not to mention all the dlc they put out.

          • Unless you are Call of Duty, DLC isn’t always a huge profit center.  Developers are just trying to create a difference between new and used games.  When you buy a car used it has mileage on it.  When you buy a game used there is no such thing as mileage.

            • Mack

              No thats what wear and tear on the game disc, case and manual are not loss of content and depreciation of value before you even use it. And besides the company already took into account the cost of the server for the life of the product in qiuestion one gamer is simply replacing the other making no extra added weight to server loads. It’s pure money making.

      • D_X

        Well…your argument is void as well.

        If it’s anything like the BC2 ‘pass’ (which it will be) you won’t need it to PLAY online…just get get access to ANY map packs.

        So if you buy the game you get new maps when they’re released, if you buy the game used you don’t. But you can still play the original maps online.

        • MAck

          They were talking pass in general not just bf3.

      • Your arguement lacks any intellectual value and is not well thought out.  It demonstrates a sophomoric view of the world that isn’t based in reality.

        Virtual goods like Games do not get “tarnished” or “used” really (so analogies to other physical products are not good ones).  Everyone buying used games is getting the same thing as the guy that buys it new.  The Dev gets nothing out of that and I do not think that is fair.

        How many more studios have to shutter because bargain hunters like you want to save a few bucks while GameStop rakes in profits for selling a product they had nothing to do with.  The profit margin on used games is much larger than new, I bet GameStop makes more off of Used game than the Developer / Publisher makes off of New games.  This is why a game like Homefront can sell over 2 million copies and that still is not enough to keep the studio’s doors open, this was not the case last generation with PS2.  In the PS2 days if you sold 200,000 copies of a game that was considered successful by most studio’s standards.

        Gaming isn’t some cottage industry with small budgets.  How would the movie industry maintain it’s course if there was a secondary supply channel that sold tickets 1/2 off a week after release?   To put this analogy in line with GameStop imagine if that secondary supply channel didn’t have to pay any money to the studios that took all the risk to bring the movie out.

        It’s not fair to the people who risk their time, sweat and monies to bring these games to the marketplace to be undercut a week, or two weeks after release.

        • Mack

          Who said anything about being a bargain hunter and buying second hand I’m just not blind and think of the bigger picture. if developers are allowed to double dip and rip concumers off with bad dlc/pass pracices whats to come next for the industry.

          • @d5dd7308b29f0714a585185edc4ed933:disqus
            — What is stopping the devloper from charging you $5 to use the X button?  Nothing, there are no laws at play here sir.  A developer has every right to put whatever they want on that disc.  You have every right not to buy it.

            What is next for the industry is Gaming Cloud.  No used, no lending, no piracy.  That is if the Online Pass doesn’t work.

  • Aran

    I have no problem with this, Seems to only be a problem for Console players. 

  • GamerGuy

    I don’t see anything wrong with the “Online Pass” movement. People that buy new will automatically receive the pass. Plus gamers that buy pre-owned (used) get a free online trial. If they like what they see during the trial they can buy the online pass.

    • Kat

      Not all offer free trials.

      • Ok KAT — which ones do not offer a free trial?

  • Kitanamikai

    TThe whole online pass things maken people who only buy second hand game not play mp. and the the game wil die quicker. online pass for more money making

    • If that was true the online pass would not have gained in popularity.  You can wish this situation away but your comment is basically whining.

      • Mack

        Its not a popular idea unless you run a store like gamestop or are a publisher/ developer etc. What sain person would like to pay more for less. Its only uninformed misguided and callable consumers such as yourself that acccept these practices.

  • Haha.
    Just another reason to buy Modern Warfare 3.

    People say Activision is greedy? I’ve never seen them complain about used game sales or implement any online pass system.

    • Kat

      Thats because activision though greedy they are with their dlc pricing and constant franshise sequals see that consumers will play the game spreading word of how they like it plus buy dlc at over inflated prices and purchase potential sequals to that franshise. Win win for them.

    • technically they dont need a pass everyone already buys there game either way

    • Hitest

      Then what do you call “Call of Duty Elite” a $50 a year service?

    • D_X

      So..instead you’d rather pay $15 for each map pack?

      Instead of buying a new version of the game…and getting each map pack free, or paying $10 and getting each map pack free…you’d rather buy a used game, then spend $15 for 3 extra maps a few times over the next year?

    • Kev92715

      Activision is to cheap to make dedicated servers; makes a new game every year; reuses the same engine, sounds, and models; sells way to many DLC at prices way above the competition; and has CoD elite now.

      They also own WoW. $10 a month.

  • online pass or not im still buying already got it preorded from amazon cant wait

    • D_X

      If you buy new..you won’t need it anyway!

      • Hy

        It effects even new users. The problem is gamers like yourself only think of themselves and in the now, not what potentential possiblies things may arise from these stupid money making practices in the future and effect everyone to come.

        • You know what “I hate the online pass people” PUT YOUR FUCKING MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.  Stop buying games with Online Passes.  Jesus I am so sick of hearing asshat after asshat drone on with the typical intellectually devoid bullshit.

          NEWS FLASH: Businesses are here to make fucking money!  Developers want you to have fun with their games, but if they don’t make money first and foremost there is no fun!  They are not here as some altruistic entity to enhance your lifestyle.  You are not entitled to games.  You are not entitled to cheap games.  You are entitled to whatever your wallet affords you.  If you are so principled as to carry out these conversations basically saying none of these companies have integrity, SHOW ME YOUR INTEGRITY! Don’t buy these games!  Otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST FUCKING WHINING!

          • Kat

            Just because you dont agree withsome does not mean they buy second hand, they never said they did perhaps they just thnk of the overall larger incapacities these things cause. And they do make the money in the first game sale, all the dlc and collectors editions and theme/ avatars, promotional items, digital copies of games etc. So get your facts straight.

  • dan

    the online pass idea is great

  • Nenny

    I don’t mind the online pass. If your buying a used game because it’s cheaper then most likely your not buying it for the multiplayer. They do not force you to buy the pass. In perspective, it’s only hurting dumb gamers who grab used copies a few weeks after it’s release and used game dealer.

    • Nenny


  • Crimess

    Is funny how a this article mentions that DICE/EA is going have a Online Pass for BF3, but they don’t mention that  DICE/EA are putting dedicate servers. Not like some other shooters out there.

    • Anonymous

      Read the update, please.

      • Crimess

        Excellent update KUBOS

  • Jason Bristow

    I support the online pass, I don’t see the problem, I mean, for example, here in the UK, games are £40 brand new (The usual price), and when my friend bought Battlefield Bad Company 2, he got the VIP Pass for free, however, my other friend bought the game used for only £25 and the VIP Pass is £8 I think (Correct me if I’m wrong), so he only paid £33 for the same features etc. as the first friend… I don’t see why people think this is a problem, I mean, the developers still make money, and the bargain hunters get the full game etc. for cheaper if they can score the right deals…

    I however, buy most (By most I mean a good 90%) games brand new, unless it’s a singleplayer game that I can’t find anywhere or is really cheap, I generally buy new, but if a game fits that description, then I’ll go for it, no harm done in my opinion.

    Basically, this online pass stuff doesn’t affect me at all, lol.

    • MAck

      Your friend got it cheaper because it was used and not new with possibly damaged manuel or scratched case and disc. Thats why second hand are normally cheaper. Should have nothing to do with the stupid passes.

      • bobby b

        Can you at least read what was said next time? 
        Price for brand new game including pass = £40. You following this so far? 
        Price for used game = £25. then add the pass £8. total = £33. So EVEN when his friend had to buy the pass separate  he still got it all cheaper.

        • Mack

          Nothing was said about game condition thats why people buy second hand because its cheaper and often has wear and tear, not forced loss of value due to missing content.

        • No he can’t this guy is a fucking drone.

      • @51e061d6ba2a35fc97baa1c5a80f6bd4:disqus
        No one gives a shit about manuals or cases.  Not like Used Game buyers are collectors.  From where I am sitting Used Game buyers are Studio Destroyers.

        God I am sick of fucking FreeTards, it must be so easy to just demand everything for nothing because “that’s fair”.  Never mind other people’s hard work.  Just make them slaves to your self important lifestyle.

        • Mack

          Who said for nothing, no ones expecting it to be free but at the same time no one should expect a short changed product either. You can tell when someone is losing an argument, they start to resort to name calling and cussing. But be hard for you, dont take it so personal.

  • Sam

    Can’t say I’m surprised. It is EA after all.

    At least the guy from Dice was actually upfront and didn’t say that “this online pass is to improve service…” spin bullshit.

  • ffs

    usual whinging little bitches. It’s $10 FFS. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it, if you don’t think it’s justified to keep dedicated servers running, don’t buy it. If you don’t want to pay money for the game and help cover the costs of development, maintenance and updates, go fuck yourself.

    • Anonymous


      Look, you’re probably buying this game for $45 used the first month or two… just buy the “new” package instead of the used (read: not new, possible scratches) for the extra $5 over the online pass price.  Or just troll Amazon and wait for it to be on sale for $39.99 a few weeks after release (they ALWAYS do this…).  Or, stop being little whiners, and pay $60 and get it the day it comes out, and enjoy the hell out of it.

    • ssf

      The pass wil probably be more than $10 outside of the USA think of others too and not just yourself. Costs have already been paid in full for with first payment. Users are simply changed.

    • Ridejoy87

      Shut the fuck up little faggot

  • Acridpunkpistol

    wow, and I thought Microsoft was greedy !

    • (facepalm) See my above comment.  Looks like a troll is in our midst. 

      Wow corporations are all bad and evil. They want to make money so they don’t have to close their doors.  They should make games for free because taking money from people is wrong.  Boo hoo hoo hoo.

      • Pat73

        If second hand sales are such an isue where were they years ago when if was not a problem.

        • Second hand sales have been an issue for some time.  In the PS2 generation game budgets were not nearly as high as they are now.  Back than if your game sold 250,000 copies it was pretty much a shoe in that you were going to make a sequel.  Today a company like Kaos Studios could not keep their doors open with 4 times those sales for the game HomeFront (2.02 million http://www.vgchartz.com/worldtotals.php?name=homefront&publisher=&console=&genre=&minSales=0&results=50&sort=Total).

          Mainly because we were living in the day of Standard Definition graphics and many games did not feature all of the Voice Over work and Amazing Cutscenes we get today.  These days it’s not uncommon for a game to have a $50 million, $100 million sometimes even $150 million price tag for development.

          Studios are shutting their doors all the time, you don’t think the uptick in the used games and piracy has anything to do with this?  You don’t think as consoles and PCs get more capable (and thus more expensive to develop things to take advantage of said capabilities) that this problem will not get worse?  If you don’t you are dreaming.  Stop being freetards, pay retail for a game that you want the studio to get paid for.  Or keep buying used while you cry and piss and moan when developers try to keep the profits they risked their money to obtain.

  • Anonymous

    Wow EA really milks every last cent from this game, even second-hand buyers aren’t save now

    • Where you been man?  Online passes have been around for a while now.  Batman Arkham City will have one even though its a single player experience.

      Your comment only demonstrates you have no understanding of the issue at hand.  Seriously read up on the comments before you decide to open your mouth and shove your foot in it.

      • Anonymous

        First of all, I’m talking about BF3 here, second of all not many games uses online pass, i don’t care how long it has been, but online pass show that game companies are not willing to lose a single cent, even from a game they already sold. You should be the one eating your own foot, blindly defending EA without even thinking of what they’ve actually done. and seeing you’ve been working hard on this discussion, i could only pity you.

  • online pass its fare. it comes free with a new copy, 10 dollars if buy used. with that you help support the developers,  thats way of alot of you work, for your money, companies arent any different, need not only to brake even, but make a profit.   COD dont get an aonline pass beacue they are already ripping ppl off. a game with only a few maps  that forces you to buy the other 4-5 packs that they want to release for a ridiculous price of 15 a piece. all the different editions  (hardened, special  bla bla nl;a etc) and now 50 bucks for Elite.  Online passes  its the way for video games companies to protect their product from losses. And I know its the right thing to do.   now, no other game out there comes out with a map pack for free at no cost at all  and other incentives like Battlefield have done ….   so Stop being cheap  and support you developers !

  • tech

    i would rather pay $10 than not have dedicated servers

  • Thehungrynerd

    Get a Gaming PC, problem solved.

  • Bellymama

    The business side of gaming with endless dlc’s and now this online pass bs is nauseating and makes me wonder how far it will go.  Yeah i already know some will say it’s a business and they need  to make money, but just like in anything there is a point in which greed begins to hurt the business and push gamers away.  

  • Scaloney

    If you were going to buy this game new, something like this doesn’t change your decision. If you were going to buy the game used, but now are not going to, this doesn’t affect the developers at all, because they never had your money in the first place.

    • Kat

      Think of the larger picture and what will come if these practices are allowed to continue. Its not the one step now that you are concerned with but the two or three steps that will come because these things are allowed, just look at dlc and these passes, whats next?

    • Scaloney!  I am glad I am not the only one using my mind here and not just going by my “feelings”.

  • Why not just do like they do for PC and bind the CD key to the account, then they won’t have to deal with used games at all.

    • MAck

      Come on now, they can’t take all that extra money out of consumers pockets that way.

  • Anonymous

    just think about this. they state that they need it for server cost, correct? well if someone buys it new then they get the money from that copy and server room for that copy. if that person then goes and trades the game in and someone else buys it then its the same copy and the server cost has already been paid on that copy. if the person who bought it new didnt trade it in and kept playing it then its no different than if someone else got it after he traded it in because that copy has already paid for its room on the server. its the same game they werent planning on making ppl who bought it new pay $10 extra dollars, so why charge $10 for a used buyer when u only planned on selling that copy once. Someone always buys the game new which pays the developer money for there game. they only plan on selling each copy once. so server cost is included in the orginial $60 for the game new. a copy of a game can only be played by one machine cuz its one disk. so server cost doesnt increase when people buy used because the person who bought it new already paid for the server cost. there no extra ppl cuz a disk can only be in one machine so since that copy was bought new at some point then that copy paid for its room on the server, it doesnt matter whose using that copy, that copy has paid for its server cost.

    • You guys are extremely good at over simplifying issues and making very rash assumptions.  It’s no wonder why people think Corporations are evil, none of you have the slightest clue as to what it actually cost to run a business let along a multimillion dollar a year studio.

      Your argument assumes that servers are a one time cost, with no additional monthly fees attached.  You are leaving out the cost per month of: Hosting, Electricity, Maintenance, Staff for Maintenance, Cooling, etc.  Now likely EA uses a host service, but that host service passes on all these costs to the client.

      Now here is where I completely blow holes in your seemingly well thought out argument (although I am repeating myself here, if you want to keep in the conversation, keep up with it please).

      EA, THQ, Sony, Microsoft, Epic, [Insert Publisher Name here] NONE of these entities are in the business to sell USED GAMES. GameStop and the other retailers participating in Used Game sales have created a supply chain that directly competes with its own product.  They want people to buy the game new, but in this day and age of GameStop you have plenty of people that are just waiting for the game to appear in the used channel.  This is a bargain hunter mentality and this basically cannibalizes the supply chain because up until recently there was no difference between a new and used product.

      • The one copy of the game can only be used at one machine at a time, so it doesn’t cost DICE more money if a seccond person is playing using the same disc. The first buyer doesn’t use that disc anymore hence same cost as if it was the first buyer who still played it. The only thing to justify online pass is to combat piracy, witch isn’t a problem on XBox 360 or PS3….

        • Kev92715

          Servers are expensive. If you don’t like it, go plays games like CoD with their laggy hosts.

          It’s like if you buy a pass. For a gym, ski hill, amusement park, ect. If I get board with I with it I will likely try to sell it. Then a new person comes in and starts using stuff without paying the facility anything. Yes I paid something, but they rely on people who buy stuff and don’t use it enough to make profits. When all the people who get board with the pass start selling to new people, and all the original people who use it alot keep using the pass it can really hurt the facility. It’s like everyone is getting the abosolute max out of their passes, and their prices are set for this. Their options are now either raise prices, which might even hurt them more, or stet putting people pictures on the pass. This prevents resale, allowing them to be profitable and keep prices low.

          Now imagine the gym is a expensive server, the equipment use is playing online, and the photo on the pass is the linking of a one time use code in the box to one gamertag/psn ID.

        • Freddy — Good try but you are leaving out a large portion of the Profit Pie!  Now that used game sales are a multimillion dollar a year business, gamers have developed a “bargain hunter” mentality.  Basically some gamers will wait a week or two after release and try to save themselves $10-$20.

          When you produce a product that often costs 50, 100, 150 million dollars and your game isn’t a super success in the first week, you risk loosing profits by competing with the used sales channel.  If developers and publishers did nothing, they would be bleeding revenues OR they would product shittier games.  Either way something has to give.  If you want to keep games looking and sounding great then you can’t have a bleeding heart over the plight of the used game buyers. They haven’t contributed to the development of the game anyway.

  • Ramon

    I have no issue with the online pass system. As he said used games dont make them any money. Its an expensive investment to program, develop and maintain games, some gamers dont even have the slightest clue about the kinda hardware required, especially when offering dedicated servers. Just purchase the game new, simple.

    • Kat

      The server costs were already factored into the cost of the product for the lifetime of the item. The new user simply replaces the old hence no extra burden upon server capacities. Why is this so hard for some to figure out. It’s a pure greed money spinner that the companies have not been getting a piece of the pie for many years now the second hand industry is larger than what it was beause of poor ecomomy etc now they want their piece. No matter how they try to justify it, and callable consumers eat it up and accept it.

  • bobby b

    If they Handle it like THQ did for Space Marine then there are no issues at all. 
    In space marine they allow anyone to play multiplayer. New or Used.
    But unless you have a pass you can only rank up your player to level 5. (of 41). Perfectly fair in my eyes. No one is hurt by renting, taking to a friends house, nothing at all.

    • You know that works for THQ, EA may not be perfect, but they are free to chose what sort of system they see fit for their products.

      Marketplaces are dynamic and what is good for you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for the marketplace.  I am glad we have competing systems at work here to try to solve a serious problem.

      If the used sales keep up, we can see ALL consoles going to an On-Live style platform which IMHO would be terrible, I like owning a physical piece of my games.

  • Antonio

    This talk about supporting the developers and blabla… I’m sorry but it is all bullsh1t!

    Picture this.. Everytime you buy a car, a TV, a CD or vinyl, whatever commodity you may think, from someone (a friend, a “used-stuff-store”, a garage sale, etc)  you would have to pay a percentage for the company that made said product..

    For thousands and thousands of reasons this is absolutely wrong of course! One of those thousands is, for example, the same reason why I hate DRM… Imagine that the company may not exist anymore when you plan on buying that used product. Of course that would stop happening.. No one would ever be able to use it or experience it again, after the company is dead. It is stupid, contrary to human nature and completely unethical. Creative and intellectual material should be protected by rights, but that doesn´t mean one entity or person is the overlord about the material itself and it’s legacy.

    Imagine the movies we would have never been able to see, or the books from long gone publishers that were never republished, etc..

    I mean… DLC+DRM+Online Pass.. WTF?! Such an young industry being ravaged already by such blind greed!

    Maybe I’m from a different generation, but I just cannot accept the precedent such actions are creating..

    • I am sorry to inform you of this but your argument is flat out WRONG.

      You are drawing an analogy between physical products that receive wear and tear in their lifespan.   Music is not the best analogy either as most Bands now use live performances to generate profits.  Developers and Publishers have no means to perform live for us (and use their music as marketing material).

      Also if you go back to my original comment I am not speaking about used sales between friends.  Had GameStop never started selling used and used game sales was a “yard sale” affair, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because there wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar used marketplace supported by various retail entities.  The reason Developers find themselves looking to retain the value of their work and their risked capital is because used game sales is no longer a cottage industry it is an additional supply channel that directly competes with the new supply channel.  Developers have a right to differentiate their new product from the used product.

      • Mack

        Then punish the stores and threten to withol;d stock from them if they are not passing on second hand profit cuts. The makers wont because they make more money this way, buy selling psn, xbox credit etc in stores and then the consumers having to use those to get a pass etc. 9 out 10 people will have extra credit left but not enough to get something worthwhile so the consumer will buy more credit to add to existing credit hence more sales for both psn and xboxonline stores and shops such gamestop. Think bigger and not just the hear and now for yourself but the community as a whole, as this $10 may not be $10 outside of places such as USA where the games are cheaper and the costs are often double.

    • Kev92715

      You’re missing the fact that servers cost money, and other intellectual products don’t have stores dedicated to selling used copies.

      If a sell a book to a friend of mine it has no cost on the writer and is only small market.

      If I sell my copy of a game to GameStop, GameStop then sells mine and thousands of other to other people. Not exactly a small market. But EA is actually OK with this. It’s when those thousands of people that didnt pay EA anything go online and start using up EA’s bandwidth and using space on their expensive servers. Then EA wants some money. You can still buy a used copy and play the single player without paying EA anything.

      • “If I sell my copy of a game to GameStop, GameStop then sells mine and
        thousands of other to other people. Not exactly a small market. But EA
        is actually OK with this. It’s when those thousands of people that didnt
        pay EA anything go online and start using up EA’s bandwidth and using
        space on their expensive servers.”

        The original purchaser paid for the services. When it is resold, it is a one to one trade out. There is no increase bandwidth, unless the game is being copied. And server space is cheap. Shit, gmail gives out gigs free! And they whore out your personal information to other retailers, making up even more profits. I already pay xbox to get online, I’m not paying extra for ea’s crappy servers.  They should have made a self hosting option..

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  • Kirkkh

    Don’t bother argueing with fanboys, if the pass is bull then just dont rent/buy. I’m not.

  • Jimsmalls646

    Ok rich this is directed towards your elitist ass, people don’t like the pass bcause they are use to playing games like let’s say modern warfare 1 without having to pay to play online. As simple as that. When a wrench gets thrown in say paying for being able to play online people are going to(for the most part) reject that idea cause who wants to pay more than what they have already paid for besides little rich shits like you who probably lives off his parents so who the hell cares if it costs more. Especially in this economy people want to save as much cash as they can hence the bargain hunters. Plus it isn’t free, cause you have to buy the game either way pal. Leave the people to their opinon and don’t get asshurt over it.

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  • Dillonthom126

    It’s ridiculous. My brother bought a copy and I planned on playing it when he wasn’t playing only to find out I can’t play online because he used his code so I had to pay. I said F*** THAT and I have decided to never touch Battlefield 3 for this exact reason. It’s BS that they’re doing this, I don’t see other companys charging extra for online play. Typical of EA out of all other companys to do this first. It’s just another way for them to make extra cash, mabye if Ubisoft or Eidos said this I would believe it, but EA has been known for pumping out shit games to rake in the cash. I will never play Battlefield 3 even though I really wanted to for this exact reason. EA has permanently lost me as a paying customer.

  • Dwill0328

    If you guys even had a sliver of brain in you skulls you would realize that the more you allow companies to rape you in the ass, the more they will think thats alright, and the fees will come as a market standard.

  • tre

    this is stupid, not everybody can afford this.

  • Dking2023

    I need to know if I can use an online pass code for a rental of Battlefield 3, while I wait for the actual disc that the passcode came with to come in the mail? It was purchased for me and wont be here for four days, but Ive rented the game and want to play online now.  Will this void out the online pass for the actual disc it came with?  

  • Billlloyd80

    I wouldn’t mind paying but if I’m paying the servers better run flawlessly and never be down. If you pay for something it better be worth paying for don’t just.hack together a server and update it as the problems arise it needs to be QA’d before release and another problem is games like BF3 are popular when they first come out.but then later the support from the takers dies out when the next new title is released so its sort of unfair to charge for a pass when its got a 6month shelf life at most. If you charge for a pass I think it should be an account that let’s you play any game on an e a server not just a pass for that one game. $10 for the year is fair that gives you access to online play of all e a games. The titles themselves new already cost $55 – $75 and if you create a good product everyone is going to want to buy it on or around the release date. if the developers aren’t making money perhaps its because they market their products in an elitist price range. Profit through quantity might be better acheived if more people could afford the games especially in todays economy.

  • Eugen Habdelic

    how to play battlefield 3 game