DICE Devs Hint at Upcoming Battlefield 4 Updates – DMRs, Grenades, Spectator Mode, and More

With the holidays at an end, Battlefield 4 developers are back in office and are are hinting at a few upcoming tweaks that may or may not be making it into future game updates.

On Twitter, DICE multiplayer game designers Alan Kertz and Dennis Brännvall threw a few ideas out into the wild, presumably to gather feedback on a few of the items they may be looking into.

In one Tweet, for example, Kertz acknowledged the community’s desire for a few balance improvements made to designated marksman rifles, grenades, hand flared, helicopters, and more.

“Got a nice update yesterday on BF4 fixes balance and progress. The team has been busy while I was out,” he writes. “Rebalance. DMR. V40. RGO. FB. MAA. Heli. Hand Flares. Oh the humanity!”

He continued with his thoughts on grenade balance, saying, “small impact wins, looking at a smaller explosion sound and effect on the V40, to show off its a less effective grenade and reduce spam.”

“I think the V40 is a bigger issue in Hardcore than Core,” he added. “Agree?”

Meanwhile, Brännvall noted his interest in improving Battlefield 4’s spectator mode, though he mentions that updates may not happen any time soon.

“Watching @BattlefieldESL spectator feels outdated now in comparison, improvements are coming,” he said. “Mostly tweaks and removal of clutter, better flow to spectator. All in all it adds up. Casters are doing a great job though.”

“That said, I’m not working right now because my wife is close to ten months pregnant. Still watching comp bf4. #Married2Job #FixTheGame”

These are in no way official announcements of incoming Battlefield 4 fixes and tweaks, but it might give some insight as to what alterations DICE developers are currently considering.

Also, considering stability updates and bug fixes are still being rolled out, it may be a while until we see a proper balance update from developers DICE. Keep your sights on MP1st for the latest info!


Battlefield 4 game designer Alan Kertz shared a few more thoughts on his Twitter account regarding helicopter and moble anti-air balance.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.06.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.06.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.06.57 PM

  • It would be wonderful if we were given more transparency on what DICE is working on in a more timely fashion. For instance Kertz eluded to the team being very busy over holiday. With what? We haven’t heard a peep since December 20th. I think having a more up to date exchange of information would go a very long way.

    Other developers for games such as LOL and Planetside 2 have gone above and beyond communicating with the community and it has done wonders.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Welcome to a company owned by EA

      • dieger

        actually dice as a whole has never been very open.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Personally, I prefer tight holes. 😉

          • SangheiliSpecOp


        • Leon

          That’s true. To be honest, from my perspective as an owner of all BF titles + ex-packs, this is the first time that DICE is so open and communicates so often and quite well. Usually, only those who didn’t have much experience with DICE in previous years are complaining about it.

          • Marcin Kubica

            Forced more openly? I think the fact of community communicating null updates for a month (since Control Room abandoned since 10th of December) moved something. Though…why was it even needed?

            • Leon

              A reason, the holiday season?

    • Benjamin

      Agreed. It wouldn’t require much effort to send out updates and progress, regardless of how minor they are. It’s the silence that gets the community riled up.

      No mention of netcode. I’ve all but given up. I haven’t played the game in 3 weeks and I don’t miss it. This is coming from someone who put over 1500 hours into BF3. Bad times. I’m having a lot more fun playing Warframe (PS4).

      And for what it’s worth, I don’t see why the mini grenade was ever added, along with the bloody impact grenades! They’re infuriating and there’s absolutely no counter to them. Standard, Incendiary, Smoke and Flash would have been a sensible selection.

      The whole Daniel Matros debacle has done nothing to help.

      • Mike

        I played BF4 twice since release, I’m hooked on Warframe. I really wanted to buy a new Warframe for 14.99 which is alot but with a little patience I was able to farm Ember, Loki, Ash, Valerye and Nova. I really want Nekro though.

    • potatolol

      Do you even potato?

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        LOL wtf this made me laugh out loud XDDDD

    • Marcin Kubica

      Sweet holidays 🙂 Now get ya “fingers out”!

  • dieger

    “Meanwhile, Brännvall noted his interest in improving Battlefield 4′s spectator mode, though he mentions that *updates may not happen any time soon*.” wonderful! /s


      Yes, because BF4 is more fun to watch at the moment. DICE wants to make sure we have the best spectator experience. Lol

  • dieger

    did i mention the Top Issues Tracker hasn’t had an update in 4 weeks?


    • Steve Jacobs

      If this is in indication that DICE uses a forum post to track bugs instead of a proper bug tracker then it is no wonder it’s out of date.

      • dieger

        nope people have reported bugs and they have not been added floodzone ladder anybody?

  • MegaMan3k

    Thank goodness they’re addressing the balance issues is the game. With netcode and hit detection and core game mechanics as perfect and flawless as they are, balance is the best thing to focus on right now.


  • Katana67

    Please lord, include 6x and/or 8x optics for DMRs! Please! With that said, any buff to them would be great.

    Glad they’re attending to the V40/RGO problem. They’re just wholly better than regular frags and you get more of them. There’s no reason not to use them on Hardcore, V40’s are every bit as deadly as regular frags.

    I still think RGO grenades shouldn’t be a thing, grenade launchers fill that role and they actually take up a slot where other more relevant gadgets could be. RGO grenades are an imbalance for that very reason alone. They occupy their own slot and there aren’t any choices that really contend with it that you’re sacrificing, even the V40’s explode almost instantly.

    Still no solid improvements in sight for the netcode or hit detection sadly.

    • James Mulhall

      It seems like they added the V40’s just for the sake of having more to choose from.. pretty bad design decision if you ask me, since I have no idea how they’re going to balance them out.

      • Katana67

        To be honest, and a lot of folks disagree with me here, I think most of the stuff they’ve added in BF4/BF3 has been added just for the sake of variety without any real consideration to whether or not it cheapens gameplay. STAFF shell, Guided Shell, and IRNV, are just a few examples.

        Stuff like multiple foregrips is alright if it’s just for the sake of variety, as they’ve just made the differences cosmetic.

        But yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that I think they’ve added which (although it might seem “cool”, “modern”, “realistic”, or “insert justification here”) really detract from gameplay. I hesitate to mention the “skill” aspect, but it fits in somehow.

        • kidanny

          I totally agree, it makes the game harder to balance and in reality the majority of players I tend to use the same 2 or 3 guns for example the SRR-61, ACE-23, AK5C. Sometimes less is more.

          • Katana67

            Meh, I didn’t really mean weapons. They all kill people pretty evenly. I love variety in weapons. The more the merrier, although I dislike when developers place a premium on including “new/futuristic/unique” weapons (like the FAD and WA2000 in CoD).

      • They should have added tear grenades

    • Eni

      I agree with DICE releasing Second Assault for other platforms besides Xbox One.
      Right now I am Level 96 with 120+ hours played and I have to say, I am really bored with BF4 right now.
      The hype and excitement of China Rising only lasted for about two weeks.
      Honestly, I was more excited for Second Assault than China Rising since I have played 300+ hours with BF3.

      Right now I am filling in the emptiness of battlefield with Planetside 2 and Rising Storm which are two amazing games.

  • dumyspeed

    this game is just.. gone. the netcode will not have any more improvements, its just like that, and to make significatly changes they should rewrite the entire game. just hope for bf5 to be better, until than back to bf3

    • roland0811

      Yet another once great shooter in the sh*t hole.
      The casualties are piling up: Ghost Recon, Halo, Counter Strike, CoD, MoH, Quake, Operation Flashpoint, Killzone….The devs just refuse to learn.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      just hope they not gonna make bf5 in 2 years

  • thinh

    where the fuck are the rent dedicated servers for bf4 ps3? man the DICE servers for bf4 TDM are horrible especially with the score cap of 100 and shit rotating maps. Operation locker and Hai Resort are like the only decent maps for TDM.

  • Warlon

    BF4 doesn’t need more updates. It needs more DLC. I’m sick of these harpers who are always bashing on BF4 and asking for patches when the game is already perfect. I never get crashes, so I don’t see the problem. If you’re having issues with Battlefield 4, it means you have a bad computer or you’re a liar. Wanna see a bad game? Look no further than COD.

    • Warlon

      Cute, any mods want to ban this guy for trolling with my name?

      • Taken care of 🙂

      • Katana67

        Agreed. I also think a lot of the (what I’ve come to term as) mushiness with BF’s shooting mechanic ultimately is the fault of “random spread”. Any faults in hit detection, netcode, damage models are immediately exacerbated by the fact that your weapon completely randomizes down-range dispersion regardless of what your reticle is aimed at and/or where your recoil is pushing you.

        • Roger Larsson

          Without the random spread the one who fire first would win even more often. Add it as a server option.
          I think it is important to be able to balance weapons.

          An alternative is to add random sway – almost the same thing but it would be visible (and possible to counter)

          • Katana67

            I disagree with everything you just said, and I believe you replied to my post on Youtube as well.

            Whoever fires first SHOULD have the advantage. Period. They’re exploiting a situation so that they’re dealing damage first, via their reflexes and accuracy. That skill-based advantage shouldn’t be tempered by an intangible “spread” value used to randomly deviate their down-range spread regardless of where their reticle is.

            Whoever fires second should be at a disadvantage. If they manage to win a firefight, that should be through their own advantage in accuracy (along with a plethora of other exploitable factors like range, individual weapon damage, cover, etc.)

            If anything, it would STRENGTHEN the defensive capabilities of someone who’s firing second in that their rounds would actually go where they’re aiming. So I’m not sure what that has to do with anything anyhow. It makes the weapons more accurate and actually allows the player to dictate where his/her rounds land by his/her own faculties.

            Making it a server option is not something I support. This is a flaw with a core mechanic and it cheapens the input of the player.

            The only solution is to remove it entirely and have the weapon’s recoil actually follow the reticle. It makes for a more responsive shooting mechanic that rewards accuracy and doesn’t completely FABRICATE it for the player. Sway is already represented when the character moves, otherwise, being stationary should result in a relatively stable shooting platform. Nothing RANDOM should EVER be included as a part of a FPS shooting mechanic.

  • seanconneryisgod

    I think they need to fix the problems described in this video first.


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  • Tom Miller


  • xHDx

    The bugs are annoying me now, especially the networking in this game. It’s so damn glitchy. I have solved the lag by joining servers from Europe only as that is where I live. Seems to be working so far.

  • roland0811

    They never finished or fixed BF3 so I don’t have high hopes for this one. They can talk all they want but they never fully follow through with anything they say.


      This! BF4 will never be truly “fixed”. Sad, as it has so much potential.

  • kidanny

    I’m afraid that if they ever make BF:BC3 it will get ruined will all this excessive variety in guns, grenades, etc. Not too mention horrible launches and net code

    • Katana67

      Again, the weapon variety hasn’t really hurt BF. Balancing weapons occurs with most games, so I’m not sure it has anything to do with variety. Grenades, sure, they’ve included some new stuff that doesn’t make sense.

      But weapons all kill people through the same means (i.e. bullets), and they’re supposedly based on player input.

      That said, they still need to work a lot on their shooting mechanic. Random spread needs to be gone entirely. Recoil, and reticle placement need to dictate accuracy and not nebulous “spread” variables.

  • theplantain

    oh no, not the V40…leave my explosive eggs alone!!

    • DerpSlayer


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  • Tank Buster

    How about more hardcore servers on Xbox Like…please DICE. Thank you. (our just switch to MSFT azure servers for the love of god)

  • Marcin Kubica

    Well, fixing Spectator for PC is ok but perhaps would be also good to enable it on consoles? 🙂 Not idea about xbox1 but it’s not there on ps4 :]

    • Marcin Kubica

      Also 3 organised ppl on smal heli (pilot + 2 repairs) should not be a big problem to take down with 3 organised iglas. Attack heli and gunship on the other hand are a flying coffins.

  • Rob

    DICE should scrap this game altogether. Release bf3 for ps4/X1 and release bf4 maps for bf3 as dlc/premium & let us transfer our stats. Haha.

  • ShazaM

    Please fix the flying coffin and active radars… -Avid BF Heli Pilot since 1942 DC mod.