DICE Fixes 3D Spotting Issue

One issue many gamers have had with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was regarding the 3D spotting. For many, it was a welcomed feature to the game, and a nice alternative to the 2D spotting seen in many other first-person-shooters. On the other hand, there were many cases of this technique being ‘spammed’ in a way that was unintentional for DICE developers. The problem lied in the fact that it was possible to spot enemies through bushes and trees. Essentially, players didn’t have to even see the enemy, in order to be able to spot them. This was another contributing factor that led to the infamy of the “bush wookie”. A video that you can view here nicely demonstrates the said problem with 3D spotting.

Of course, this had many worried that the problem will persist in Battlefield 3. Thankfully, a representative from EA has recently commented on the situation.

…3D spotting is still there. It’s been tweaked though – the 3d marker only shows up if you can actually see the person. (But the minimap marker will show either way.) So no more sitting in a bush and blindly shooting at the glowing tortilla chips for free kills.

So there you have it. DICE is looking into the problem, and apparently has a fix for it. We’ll see it in action October 25th.

Write in the comments below! Do you agree with 3D spotting? Should it be changed to 2D?

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  • packman

    3D Spotting is still broke.
    3D Spotting is still a aim assist.

    • Aim assist equals broke, I don’t get it. Please elaborate on why 3D spotting is a problem for you, would you rather have 2D spotting back?

      • Wut

        I and many others would absolutely prefer to have 2D spotting back. 3D spotting is a ridiculous handholding game mechanic.

        2D spotting is enough for the viable application of teamwork, let people rely on their eyes for spotting the actual target.

    • Yar

      They JUST said it was fixed….and yet you still parrot this nonsensical phrase.
      You basement dwelling neckbeard types really don’t get out much do you?

      • Sam

        Haha, basement dwellers with neckbeards. I hear reddit is full of them. EAUK forums has hot chicks who flock around you.
        Any whooo… I think it’s great DICE addressed the issue and 3D spotting is no longer a wall-hack.
        I’m heading back to Mordor now. WIsh me luck! 🙂

  • DarthDiggler

    3D Spotting gives the game more realism since people who would team up together would obviously point out targets.

    • Capsylo

      Uhm, yeah. In real life soldiers would indeed point out targets to their friends. What they would not do is put a big ass red triangle above the targets head so that everyone can play “shoot fish in a barrel” through bushes, rocks and even houses without ever have seen said target.

      In other words, 3D spotting = unrealistic. Its a stupid idea designed to make gaming easier and more “accessible” to the public.

      • Carl

        Except they all ready said you have to SEE the enemy to see the triangle. Meaning out of sight, out of triangle. Jesus.

    • One thing that I’ve always loved about Battlefield is how immersive it is. Personally, I think 3D spotting adds to that immersion, since you don’t have to constantly look at your mini-map (though it is still recommended). I feel it just keeps you focused on the battle itself.

  • Amazing article, I will be browsing back again often to find fresh news.

  • Ace

    3D spotting still has to go, i dont want a triangle above my enemy’s head. 2D spotting on minimap worked perfect. Adding 3D spotting does add something to teamplay, but its not good for the challenge, hurts stealth and supprise, all key elements in BF.

    best thing would be to have it removed or at least default off.

    3D spotting is a disgrace to the BF series and to FPS games in general.

  • unnamed

    I really really don’t like this 3d spotting thing even if is tweaked! I prefer WAYMOREE 2D spotting( on the minimap ) cause with the 3D spotting is just like you had a mini-wallhack even if you just need to see the player to ‘spot’ him. The realistic and the spirit of the game is going down :(( very disapointed

  • Robo-Kop-82

    First of all, DICE have said that the problem with 3D spotting has been resolved by such measures as only being able to see the triangle when in the player’s sight.

    Secondly, and probably more importantly, if you don’t like spotting – play the Hardcore mode and stop moaning. Simples. It’s far better, even more real and will help improve your game as you tend to work with your squad more effeciently.

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