DICE Is ‘Done With Battlefield 3,’ New Community Manager Wanted for Battlefield 4

With Battlefield 3’s fifth and final expansion, End Game, out the door and in the wild, is development on Battlefield 3 officially over? Is Battlefield 4 right around the corner?We do know that we can expect EA and Digital Illusions CE to give us our first look at Battlefield 4, recently confirmed for next-generation consoles, in late April or early May.

As for Battlefield 3, Xbox 360 and PC premium members as well as regular PS3, Xbox 360 and PC users are still awaiting to get their hands on End Game, expected to release later this month. Other than these next few weeks, it would seem that development on Battlefield 3 has come to a close.

Senior Video Director at DICE Roland Smedberg recently said on Twitter, “It’s over. We’re done with BF3. Both happy and sad at the same time, but the future holds exciting things.”

In preparation for these “exciting things,” DICE is also now looking for a brand new Community Manager, originally a position held by Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros, now a Producer on the Battlefield series.

He said on twitter, “DICE is looking for a new CM – I urge everyone to apply.”

A part of the job description reads, “This role shares responsibility for the consumer journey across multiple online touch points and bridging the gap between the DICE studio and the Battlefield community.”

With Battlefield 3 beginning to wrap up and pack its bags, we want to ask you, has Battlefield 3 – released over a year and a half ago in October 2011 – held your attention for the entirety of its life span? Are you going to be playing it all the way up until the release of Battlefield 4?

  • teo2cry

    I will never be “Done” with battlefield 3,it is a part of me…it was the first game that made me have chills every time I enter a multiplayer game!

    • Get a blanket next time…

      • alpine

        so you jizz in your blanket?!!

        • Of course not. I’m not the only one that’s using a blanket in the household

          Besides, paper is better than cloth.

    • agreed 🙂 i jizzed my self the first i bought the game and heard the intro to the bf3 title screen….


    Farewell Battlefield 3, you were the superior Military FPS of this generation. Now that the DLC season is over, I look forward to the next iteration in the battlefield series. *sheds a tear*

    • not a big deal

      Plenty of better games in this generation buddy. Don’t go crying about it either.

      • WENDiGO

        You have your opinion and I have mine.

        • again no big deal

          Agreed, just so happens I commented on your comment.

      • Like?

        • Clayton Johnson

          Like? He just shared his!

      • dpg70

        He said military FPS, and in that context he’d be dead on IMO. Of course, it’s all opinion and you can’t really be wrong there.

        • ?

          I think you are wrong but since you make no sense I almost have nothing to say to you

    • Good bye Suppression field 3 I enjoyed blurry screen in every gun battle and lag input. You’re right very epic indeed.

      • WENDiGO

        Well I guess you can’t please them all…

  • I was done with BF3 when its community mostly abandoned Close Quarters… but prior to that I stopped playing the game almost entirely because I realized nobody was going to try and accomplish anything in the game that would lead to a team win. Defend Jets all you want, they don’t cap flags. There simply aren’t enough tryhards in the game.. or perhaps in gaming on the whole.

    • Nathan Cox

      My frustration with BF3 (which I played religiously for many months and loved) is exactly as you stated: nobody plays this wonderfully team based game as a team. BF3 blows COD out of the water in terms of strategic, team based gameplay… but what does that matter when half your team is camping the jet spawn and the other half if sniping from halfway across the map?

      BF3 is either an incredible experience (when played with team players) or a terribly frustrating one (when played with the majority of players).

      Also, private servers were a major failing point. I truly stopped playing when I realized that I was going to have to spend twenty minutes every time I sat down just finding a server that wasn’t going to kick me for violating their retarded rules.

      • Nick Loner

        Battlefield is not some “high-class piece of competitive medium designed for the highest of the elite of the computer gaming community”. It’s just a computer game. People play it to have fun, and they have fun in different ways which is something you just have to accept. Unless it’s something as noob-unfriendly as ARMA series, there will always be casuals derping around.

        If you want some true team-based and strategic gameplay – your best option is to join a clan or at least find some friends to play with.

        If you stumble upon someone skilled during a public game – send him a friend request, and eventually you’ll build a good team of friends. I found at least 3 players this way and now we often play together, work as a team and overall have a good time. And I wish you the same.

        • Clayton Johnson

          I agree with Nick, Battlefield is simply “Objective based” gameplay. All of the “strategic elements” and whatnot are dependent entirely on the players. If you are on a team with players who have some common sense, then you win. If not, then you are on a shit team probably contributing to their shittiness… I had so much fun with Battlefield 3 with all the people I’ve met playing to where now I almost get the same feeling as if I were playing Battlefield 2142 or Bad Company 2 in its heyday. I’ve barely put down the game for any other competitive MP shooter other than Halo 4 and I probably won’t anytime soon

      • Team stacking= no fun

        Yeah and lets not forget all the team stacking. I played tonight against some triple XXX clan that was the whole team and most was level 100s. Amazingly we won a couple matches but they put on there info for the server. (Team balancing). Yeah having randoms on one side with a whole clan on the other is not team balancing.

    • you obviously hate BF3 with a passion so I don’t understand why you continue to comment on Battlefield posts!!

      • Highbob

        because it got its flaws, which made it barely playable, that’s it.

        • TriguyRN

          I don’t think it is that bad.

      • Love the game. Hate the players.

    • I beg to differ, with your overall point, but not the one about jets.. Yes, there are plenty of those that don’t play the objective and plenty, like me, that do, but without using a mic most of the time, and a smaller community that plays the objective, uses mics, and usually dominates. Close Quarters was a fun diversion, but not what I play Battlefield for. I left COD, because Objective/Team-Based play was minimally rewarded and I enjoy that aspect of Battlefield. I rarely feel that “my team sucks” is the reason I lose. Sometimes it is. Sometimes, it’s cuz I suck. Overall, I like that I can play as a team and enjoy it and I can play solo and still find success. BTW, if you’re successful, but your squad is sucking, start a new squad, and when you start racking up the points, good, smart players will find you.

      And on PC…considerably more people playing as a team than on Xbox.

      • I’ve only played it on PC and I’ve rarely enjoyed the players on either team. I find that I enjoy maps like OpMetro more where there really is only one thing for either team to be doing. You can’t get distracted from the objective if there is no distraction. Many times I fell back on Bad Company 2 because of this.

    • really?

      wow, someone who actually advocates for tryhards in a videogame. that’s new. you’re right, it’s not like videogames are meant to be played for fun… (sarcasm)

      • The fun in the MP section of a game is winning. If you want to have non-competitive fun, then buy a Wii.

        • Well, not so much “winning” but at least trying to win rather than engaging in every other distraction the game has to offer.

    • hb

      “Jets don’t cap flags.” They do now!

  • Jason

    I can say That I played BF3 more Than BF:BC2, though the learning curve was much harder, It kept me engaged in the game and the awesome DLC kept it going even longer! It was a bumpy road ( I solely believe because of Compressing/coding everything to run on Current consoles, had to do with a lot of issues) but a fun, Muddy, high speed Dirt road that had me Yelling YEEHAAWWWW constantly. I can’t wait for BF4 on Next gen PS4 and the Next Xbox at 1080p, 60fps, 64 Players running all on the Beautiful Frostbite 2 Engine, oh yeah, EPIC DESTRUCTION!

    • Dice doesn’t get it. Watch it’ll run 30fps with lag input.

  • They made zh1nt0 a producer ?! :S oh dear

    • Truthbringr

      Talk about failing upward

      Daniel was a complete tool as the previous CM and failed miserably at it. When you come across as totally arrogant and you’re a P.R. person, you’re doing it wrong,

      That and he spent 99% of his time as CM tweeting inane crap like what mp3 he was listening to or what beer he just had for dinner.

      • zakrocz

        So true!’

      • Daniel was a fantastic community manager and I know he’ll be a great producer. Haters gonna hate, though.

        I loved his silly tweets. It showed that he was a real person, not some servant of the supposed fans.

    • The Army Ranger

      Won’t be surprised if BF4 has orange tint.

  • zach

    i played ONLY bf3 from 2011 to the new year, after that i gave it a solid mix with skyrim, black ops, or any other new titles.
    im buying premium today so that i may have more bf3 fun (i planned on getting all the dlc {but b2k, i have limited edition} after the last one released so that when i get them, its like a whole new game) and plan to play bf3 until the end of the ps3’s life cycle.

    • I’ve been playing it this entire time too, but you did it with just the base maps, plus B2K? Damn, it definitely is like getting a whole new game. Of course, it’s hard to top B2K. That paired with the original maps, are the best of the bunch, but there are still some standouts in every single map pack. Start with Aftermath.

  • Wade R

    Bf3 was my first major video game, and for that reason it will be my all-time favorite for a long time. I can see how Battlefield vets would have gotten frustrated with people like me, but I won’t be logging over 300 hours into another game anytime soon.

  • For myself rented servers was the end of this game. After that point there were game modes/maps that vanished and ticket count gone thru the roof. From a varied, quick, fun, this game turned into a grinding for kills.

    • I don’t mind the servers that turn it up to 200% tickets, because games will last 20 minutes rather than 5-10. But there are so many of those Op Metro-only, 500% ticket servers that are just plain dumb.

      • I was so thankful when I finally realized how to find the ticket total BEFORE joining a server. And really, 500% on Rush…how stupid is that? As a defender, you can fight for over an hour and almost guarantee that you’ll lose.

  • lrishjake

    The first game since Socom that has held my attention for years.. Battlefield. I do not expect anything to change with that in the future. I play Arma 3, DayZ, Far Cry 3, NHL 13, and so many other games.. all the new ones when they come out. But Battlefield always brings me back. I never go more than a week or 2 without logging on and as soon as I do, im hooked again for days on end.

    Loving the End Game DLC.. very good stuff DICE

    • Same exact situation here brother! Favorite shooter since SOCOM.

  • Katana67

    Let’s hope they improve on a LOT of things from BF3 (i.e. rampant over-use of AA, horrible CQC shooting mechanics, a true Hardcore mode, reasonable maps, random spread, etc.)

    Looking forward to BF4, but will not be following as religiously as I did BF3.

    • Lag and hit detection. The only things that I truly, deeply want fixed.

  • zakrocz

    Yes it has kept me occupied and yes I will be playing it until BF4 comes out. Though another arcade release would be nice before BF4 ships as I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t come out until Q1/Q2 2014

    • hey

      You’ve always got Bioshock infinite, DayZ stand-alone, Arma 3 to help pass the time. I think BF4 will be released this year, DICE/EA has made it painfully obvious that they’re competing with COD.

      • zakrocz

        Im on console so I’ll be buying Grid 2 and Bioshock Infinite after i read some reviews. Just hope Bioshock really freshens up the gameplay after Bioshock 2 which I got bored of real quick. Loved the first one.

  • NerdM

    DICE Employ another troll on CM position

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  • You people are hilarious. Getting emotional over a game and acting like this game has had some great impact on your life is, for lack of a better word, idiotic. It’s a video game and the only part that should have made you have some emotion is the campaign and it was lackluster, at best.

    • TriguyRN

      It was fun and you shouldn’t put people down because you don’t agree with them.

      • I never said it wasn’t fun, I just said it wasn’t life-altering like how some people are acting. I never put anybody down, I just said their actions were idiotic. One idiotic action does not make you an idiot. That takes repeated actions.

        • Clayton Johnson

          “Live and let live.”

          To some people this is one of the best multiplayer shooters they’ve played in a while. I do agree some people are over-embellishing but, writing angry posts of how people share their opinions won’t really change anything, so there is no point in doing so

          • Angry? Lol far from it. I’m more dumbfounded than anything by people’s reactions.

    • What exactly is your logic that, for some reason, only single player should evoke emotions in the player, but the multiplayer (which is filled with epic moments) shouldn’t? Keep trying to act all high-and-mighty while simultaneously grasping at some incoherent argument.

      • Incoherent? My argument is quite coherent. There is no storyline in MP. There are no thought-provoking or gut-wrenching moments that are found in campaigns. MP is objective based gameplay with excitement and disappointment and none of the other more complex emotions.

        I’m not trying to act “high and mighty”, I’m just trying to inject some common sense into this ridiculous love fest. Great game, but not life-changing.

        • The Army Ranger

          At least you can play with other people in MP instead of playing along with AI in SP.

          Who are you gonna remember more, the people who have a nice time with you on MP, or some fictional character on SP?

          • I see your point, but you can share experiences on pretty much any MP.

        • What about great memories of playing the game, hours of fun, doing it with friends and increasing the amusement tenfold? Those are why people are sad to see it go (most are over dramatizing their feelings of sorrow, but it’s still there).

        • zakrocz

          Please point me to these games that evoke these thought provoking gut wrenching emotions from? All the games I play are go here kill these bad guys, go there kill some more bad guys. Interspersed with cut scenes depicting characters and story lines that only a teenager would take seriously

          • There are many other games out there that aren’t just “point and shoot” shooters.

  • TriguyRN

    Goodbye to the best game I have ever played. Can’t wait for BF4!

  • Phoenix

    So, Stingers aren’t getting nerfed?…I has a sad :c

  • O’ how the time flies when having fun… I can say that a year and 1/2 later I think BF3 shaped up to be quite a visceral experience. At first sight I fell in love, yes we did have rough spots and even lacked a few features that BF2 had. All in all though, I still consider you to be one of the best FPS’s to date. From what I have heard from my DM ( as I work at gamestop) what BF4 will bring is nothing short of jaw-dropping amazing

  • Licensedbeast

    I loved Battlefield 3 but it died after I realized PC had the better experience and console was unable to have that same enjoyment. So I’ll be play BF:BC2 until BF4 comes out on Next Gen s which I’ll be buying.

    • Hol_Up

      By the time next gen comes you could have enough time to build a PC and play BF3 as well as BF4.

    • Clayton Johnson

      As if Bad Company 2 had a better experience on console than PC?

      PC version had 32 players, 60+FPS and better graphics…the same thing Battlefield 3 has.

    • More players != better gameplay.

  • samsquamsch

    I’ve been playing BF3 just about every day since it released. It is most definitely the largest commitment I’ve made to an online game since Runescape in the early 2000s, and I’m sad to see they are ending their endorsement of it. There were bumps in the road, DICE continually caught flak for patches (or lack thereof), charging for DLC, and other smaller things, but in the end it was a damn good game and I’m happy to have played it for as long as I did. It also ended up introducing me to some good people, which I’m also thankful for.

  • Honza Brťák

    Jsem zvědavý koho vyberou

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  • Great game, but not without flaws. Lag and inconsistent hit detection being paramount among them.

  • i know you fags will

    Battlefield sucks glad its over!!! AHHHHH come on ppl down vote me a million times <3 fucking fan boys…

    • allaallakdfjfj

      Battlefield 3, sorry pussies I know you guys are quick to jump on ppl for honest mistakes! Fuck you guys haha

  • Arendsb

    Good riddance. That game was/is a glitch fest. Hopefully BF4 doesn’t troll the community like BF3 did. Everything lacked a true identity in BF3.

  • gl17ch3r

    i want bf4 a competitive game… plz dice plz

  • roland0811

    It was an ok arcade-y run ‘n gun shooter. I personally preferred Frontlines:Fuel of War (bigger/better maps, more vehicles, 50 player servers, better game balance) over it.

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  • Yeppers, I’m planning on staying on BF3 regularly until the release of BF4.