DICE Prepares for Aftermath With Hefty Battlefield 3 Patch, Notes Included

Battlefield fans can look forward to a hefty Battlefield 3 patch along side DICE’s upcoming multiplayer expansion, Aftermath.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath will release for PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Premium members tomorrow, November 27, along with the patch for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. PC users will see the patch on December 4, the same day Aftermath goes live for Xbox 360 and PC Battlefield 3 Premium members.

Console players should note that Battlefield 3 will be unavailable between 09:00-10:00 UTC on Nov 27 for maintenance. Exact times here.

In the patch notes below, you’ll see DICE has further looked into the PlayStation 3’s input lag issues as well as the sound dropouts many users have been experiencing. There are also a number of new weapon tweaks and fixes along with other general tweaks, including more AC-130 Gunship changes, so start reading!

Also, let us know in the comments what you think of the fixes. Anything in particular got you excited or upset?

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 5 (November 27/December 04) Patch Notes

Addressed “input lag” on PS3

If you have been experiencing “input lag” playing Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3, we now believe we have significantly improved this situation for all players.

Improved audio stability on PS3

The audio dropouts reported by some PlayStation 3 gamers playing Battlefield 3 should now be fixed for the majority of players .

Weapons balancing

Based on detailed community feedback and data analysis we have made some minor weapon tweaks to recoil and accuracy. The goal of these tweaks, and the overall goal in Battlefield 3, is to give each weapon a unique feel and competitive performance to other weapons of a similar type.

  • M416: First shot and horizontal recoil slightly increased. This should make the choice between M16 and M416 more interesting again.
  • L85A2: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
  • AUG: first shot recoil slightly to increase weapon controllability.
  • FAMAS: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
  • G53: Vertical recoil reduced to make this weapon more controllable.
  • QBZ-95B: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
  • LSAT: Hip accuracy has been increased to highlight the weapon’s role as a highly mobile LMG.
  • Type88 LMG: Recoil has been decreased to make it a viable option when compared to the M249.
  • M5K: Increased horizontal recoil and decreased vertical recoil to focus this weapon as a high damage, low control PDW.
  • UMP45: Decreased fully automatic fire to differentiate this weapon from the PP2000.
  • MP412: Increased its accuracy to better distinguish it from the .44 Magnum.
  • M26: Increased aimed accuracy to be in line with the other shotguns.

Weapons bug fixes

  • Fixed the MTAR’s range not being correctly reduced when equipped with the sound suppressor.
  • Fixed a bug where suppressive fire had reduced effect on the M16 and M5K when compared with other weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the M5K’s Flash Suppressor had no effect on accuracy.
  • Fixed the L86A2 Heavy Barrel’s hip accuracy penalty being far larger than other weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mk3 shotgun’s ACOG being low resolution.

M-COM disarm fix

Fixed an issue where M-COM stations couldn’t be disarmed from the left side while standing up.

Alborz Mountains rock fix

Rocks and stones collision tweaked on Armored Kill maps. Players should no longer be able to exploit a collision issue that allowed them to hide inside rock formations.

Operation Shield/Alborz Mountains Tank Superiority area fix

Tank Superiority visual combat areas fixed on Operation Shield and Alborz Mountains. There was earlier a 10×10 meter patch on the mountain that became out of combat for US. This was technically already fixed server side, however this will update the actual visuals to be correct.

[Note: DICE most likely meant “Armored Shield,” not “Operation Shield,” which could be its internal name.]

Death Valley collision fix

Collision tweaked on the railroad tunnel roof. This fix prevents players from being able to hide inside the railroad tunnel roof.

Sharqi Squad Rush spawn fix

Players would sometimes spawn out of combat if spawning shortly after the first M-COM explodes on Squad Rush on Sharqi Peninsula. With this fix, spawn points have been moved back to prevent this from happening.

Alborz Mountains Squad Rush fix

Cameras were incorrect in the spawn menu, pointing to old locations and not where you would actually spawn in. This has now been fixed.

Gunship balancing changes

We have now removed the gunship FLIR view (the position is still available, just not the black/white view) and decreased the damage radius of cannon explosions. This was done because of balancing reasons. Previously it was too easy for the gunner to get visual contact on enemy soldiers on the maps, and the splash damage is reduced to make it harder to kill infantry from the cannon seat.

Mobile Artillery spawn bug fixed

Two players can no longer spawn into the Mobile Artillery. This was a spawn-in-menu bug on the Operation Shield map which has now been fixed.

Tweaked hard to get medals

Looking at the persistence system, we could see that a number of the hard to get medals were actually too hard to achieve (in our opinion based on our intended design). While we never meant for all medals to have an equal distribution, the hardest ones were still intended to be more achievable than they have proven to be so far. Therefore, we have slightly decreased the prerequisites to achieve a number of the hardest to get medals in the game. One positive side effect (if you like playing Recon) is that we will likely see a slight bump in the Recon kit’s average Score Per Minute overall.

How to download the latest update (Multiplayer Update 5)


Patch goes live: November 27
How to download patch once it is live: When starting the game, the patch will automatically download. It is mandatory to accept this download if you want to play the game.


Patch goes live: November 27
How to download patch once it is live: When starting the game, you will get a popup notifying you that Multiplayer Update 5 is available. It is not mandatory to accept this, but we advise you to do so. Otherwise, you can find Multiplayer Update 5 both on Xbox Live Marketplace and in our in-game store as a manual download.


Patch goes live: No later than December 4
How to download patch once it is live: As soon as you start your Origin client, the latest game update will automatically start downloading (unless you’ve disabled the option “Automatically keep my games up to date”, in which case it will start downloading when you try to run the game). In Battlelog, you will be notified from the Game Manager. Once you acknowledge the update, it will start downloading within the Origin client.

  • DeLucaFTW

    One error though (which is also on Battlelog: [Operation shield] d:)
    Very excited to see how they fixed the sound dropouts.

  • KJ423

    Any word on the size of the patch?

    • TruthBringR

      Why does it matter? Are you still on dialup, peasant?

      • afg



    No Below Radar tweak? FKN BULLSH*T!!

    • Soldier

      Fix what? DICE said Below Radar was working properly. Stingers are supposed to be unaffected by the Below Radar…

      • VEX_VEHIX

        So, if i’m PARKED on the ground, its cool for stingers to lock on to me? ITS NOT FUN, PEOPLE!

        • Jason

          ? Not disagreeing with you, but I fly attack choppers quite often and always an engineer repairing myself and i never have that problem? I’m guessing that’s why you be parked in the first place?

        • Mr. X

          I never use the Stinger/Igla, are you saying you can lock on to tanks and shoot them with that thing??

        • Mac

          Stinger cannot lock on to an empty chopper; make sure your gunner gets out to repair as well. he most fair way to fix this without allowing the chopper to fly in an invincible low circle strafe would be to double the stinger reload time.

          • Truthbringr

            Yeah and how many pub gunners on average do you think get out for repair, dullard? Almost none. So essentially you’re screwed if a pub jumps into that seat. But if being able to lock a heli up with your ezkill tube seems fair then you dont care about balance anyway.

        • Jason

          I just read that it Only deters Air to Air not Ground to Air Missiles

    • DeLucaFTW

      Hmm, they could’ve removed the effectiviness of the Stinger/Igla below radar, i guess…But it’s not the end of the world. 🙂

    • DeLucaFTW

      Btw, i think they can fix this with a server update later on, if it’s necessary.

    • dpg70

      Below radar is air-to-air so stingers are not impacted. Besides that, the more that carry stingers the better for a tank whore.

      • Jason

        I have never thought of it this way, clever way to balance the battlefield 😀

      • pot51e

        Yay, someone else gets it!….It’s all about balance, and and compromise through the entire squad – many asses can be kicked on Op Firestorm by a support guy running round capping flags and killing everyone looking through a tube…

    • Parabellum

      Well the attack helicopter becomes to OP if Below Radar also protects you from GtA missiles… no need for a tweak

      • dpg70

        I really think its more players carrying the stinger. You beat one, and then someone else locks on right away. It is frustrating since you feel on the defensive most of the time in the air.

        • pot51e

          Natural response from that period where choppers were invincible flying tanks, and to more experienced pilots – the cream rises, and us grunts have to cover our teams. The whole aim of the stinger (for me) is to frustrate the crap out of pilots by pickling them as soon as they come near a flag. Rarely a OSK; the SAM provides just enough punch. Well balanced IMO.

          • Truthbringr

            Well dont forget your own team’s heli gets screwed too so you aren’t getting air cover at points because the other team is pussycamping with point&click eztubes. Cuts both ways.

            A lot of people really dont care about vehicles anyway and just want to run around playing COD on the ground, so to them anything that removes vehicles from the game is “well balanced IMO”

            • Jason

              Twice ive seen you call a Tank and “Ez tube”, PLEASE don’t tell me you are complaining about a tank, who the Fuck complains about a tank? Especially after they were nerfed so bad lol!

            • ProTuber

              suck on my RPG and love it

  • MWsRAGE_5

    damn they dont joke around when it comes to patches

    • that’s DICE baby

    • PC`EliTiST

      If true, that would be great. Seriously, though… Have you notice that after the first patch, we only receive balance adjustments? They just play with numbers -M16 damage, recoil etc. They don’t fix any serious bug. Only now for PS3.

      The patches are bloated cause of the map-packs. Serious work nevertheless, zero… We’ve to deal with the same bugs and glitches since day 1.

      • Jason

        No we haven’t!? Get over yourself and your name! 😉

      • QwietStorm

        Some of the bugs have persisted since launch, yes, but some have not. I think the fact that they have even looked at fixes this long after release proves two things: their own persistence first of all, and 2) the fact that these things prove to be difficult to address at all from time to time.

      • Alexander

        you are a whiny baby

  • L1pp3r

    to all the no input lag believers!


    • Input lag is due to the HDTV. I didn’t have input lag on my 24″ HDTV until I got a 3d 40″ HDTV and now I have it but a simple solution is putting the tv in Game Mode. I do hope that the sound issue is fixed this time around tho

      • L1pp3r

        LOL, pls read up on the subject.

        • dr.aek

          i had the exact same thing happen to me, buy a new better high tv with lots of hertz for smoothing speedy images and hello input lag, turn al the gizmo’s of, good bye input lagg..

          • i don think the 100 Hz Tv will actually work as it is advertised, with new ps3/xbox360 … you don’t get that 100 Hz smooth motions with them, unless you run a blue ray or high quality video…

          • L1pp3r

            2 new tvs and a new monitor<-input lag on all. Its the game not the tv!
            Yes on some tvs there are more input lag than others. But on xbox on the same tv's and monitor there are no input lag compare to the ps3 version of BF3. Pls explain that! and pls record it and show "no input lag" on youtube, so far there are no video of that.
            Its like saying God exist but sure as hell cant prove it, same idiots here talking about no input lag.

        • read up on what?? you cant say input lag isn’t due to certain tv!! I bet most of the people who experience it will see it in the game as well but it just isn’t as noticeable as it is bf3. Like I said, I didn’t have input lag until I got a new tv!! When certain HDTV are not in game mode it processes images/video to give a better looking experiencing but cases input lag. I even have some input lag playing Black Ops on xbox when not in game mode

      • BFEEDS

        the sound problem sucks especialy when using air vehicles cant hear lock ons

        • yep, same happens in tanks and jeeps.. I get blown up without knowing I was ever getting locked on!! I really hope its fixed

          • Jason

            Jeeps are not suppose to “beep” when They are locked on too…

            • lol I know that but it sucks when the sound cuts out when getting locked on in tank.. what I meant for the jeep is that I wish it would beep when getting locked on

  • AlviCerrista

    Please not another 2GB patch plus a 1,5 GB DLC , not everyone has 1st World Connection XD

    • Jason

      Big Games get Big Downloads lol

      • Joe

        True for DLC, sad for patches. The bigger the patch, the more broken the game is…

        • nightwing2097

          or the more they’re tweaking, most of the issues are tweaks rather than fixes

        • Dafuq

          Nice, another cryer.

        • Alexander

          where did you find that logic? In your arse?

    • i have a 250 gb hdd on my 360 so DICE can throw all the patches they want at me

      • Alan

        Same here man, BF3 is currently taking 27.9 GB of memory for me xD

      • AlviCerrista

        I Have a 320 GB PS3 , the problem comes with the time it takes to download the patch plus the DLC

    • i think this one will be smaller, maybe around 400 mb.

    • Alexander

      I enjoy 2 gb patches, shows they are giving us great post launch support! I <3 DICE!

  • Jason

    Dec 4, the most anticipated DLC for BF3 (Console) and the same damn day Far Cry 3 comes out! :/


      Coincidence? I think not!

  • Finally! Been waiting for a year on that freakin’ soundfix. If done correctly, it will certainly boost the play-ability for me.

  • the specialist

    even with the fixes and the updates battlefield is still an average game for me.and that’s because of the weapons.if you know what i mean.

    • bob

      not really, what do you mean?

    • lol What do you mean??? BF3 has the best weapons mechanics I have seen in a game!!!

    • Jason

      Please explain! I hope you think twice before commenting on the weapons, first off, Best weapon mechanics in any game (I have not played ARMA II), Most Weapons I’ve seen in any game with almost 100 weapons and counting, and authentic gun statistics! So please go ahead lol

  • Fucking dice some people complaign about audio dropouts? We had this since since they try to fix it on close quartes and before that since game release you could not hear footsteps and now they maybe most user should get fix.

  • It’s the smallest patch note, but if it works well, it will probably be the most important patch ever since the release date, for PS3 players. Actually im kinda happy that they didn’t give up …

  • abadi

    why didn’t they fix the below radar VS stinger and igla?? ..
    coz the below radar doesn’t work against them

    • Oliver Cooksey

      That’s not broken, it intended so as to maker heli more balanced.

      • Truthbringr

        No its intended to remove the heli from the guy because it was interrupting COD kids from playing hide and seek running around on the ground.

    • jason

      below radar is meant for air to air only!

  • voodoo

    Best news is the input lag fix for ps3! Really hope this time around it will actually be fixed! haha

    • voodoo

      And it finally actually did work this time around, Yes!!!

  • voodoo

    Second best thing on the list is the sound fix.!

  • voodoo

    3th best thing is the bug fixes and 4 is the weapon balances. haha

  • GreedyGreedy

    YES!!! That input lag finally gets fixed/remedied!! YEAH!! Finally have a reason to buy premium!

    • Does your HDTV have GAME MODE?? Mine fixed it.. I have a 3d Samsung and
      all I did was go to Menu, Setting and the General!! worked for me =)

      • pissed

        i have vizio 3d tv with game mode and still doesnt work this better fix it…

  • Ron

    Yay for AUG and 416 adjustments!!!!

  • Ron

    Oh and L86A2.

  • the reason some of the medals are hard to get for “casual” players is because they nerfed the shit out of mortars and claymores and everything else was fine the way it was. the gunship did not need yet another nerf.. teamwork people.. teamwork.. i swear to god by the time endgame comes out this game is going to be a nerfed pos.

  • BF3

    Thumbs up if THEEND brought you here 🙂

  • woo

  • Test

    game sound problem? FK

  • B_Boss

    I think that it is obvious by now that DICE listens to the community. I am praying that they fix the “Fall Damage” lol. That was listed in the last patch but I don’t think it was actualized (if it was, I don’t see a difference from the way the inconsistent dmg. has always been). In any event, bravo DICE and thank you.

    • I have noticed improvements in fall damage but where is seems to be at its worse is when jumping from inside buildings!! I do hope this fixes it entirely tho =)

  • dpg70

    Oh, so just “some” of us ps3 players were losing sound….nothing to see here. Move along. Thankfully it will be fixed for the “majority” of us.

  • seems one of the best patches but without below radar

  • Nick Loner

    “Tweaked hard to get medals” – Finally! I have almost 400 hours, and I’ve always actively tried to unlock every medal at least once. I have almost everything unlocked except M-Com Defender, Mortar Medal, Claymore Medal and Laser Designator Medal (though I just checked and I already have Laser Designator unlocked now that they halved the requirements).
    There’s also the RU/US Service, and [class] Service medals which are easier to achieve but still take longer time than they should because time spent in vehicles is not recorded.
    M-Com Defender is still a pain to get though.

    Gunship tweaks.. it’s nice that they’re there, but I don’t feel like that’s enough for Rush. I guess we’ll see. Except almost nobody plays Rush on Armored Kill anymore. :/

    By the way, look at the Dog Tags page. Everything is arranged alphabetically now. Oh DICE, you’re so funny.

    • 3DArtist

      Eh, new to battlefield? You should`ve know how hard it was to get medals in BF2, took months of hard work, ive got all my medals like 4 months ago..

      • Nick Loner

        Not really new. I played Battlefield 2142, and medals there were even more of a pain than in Battlefield 3. I wouldn’t call that a good thing.

        • 3DArtist

          At least if i was getting medal in BF2/BF2142 it felt “yehaaaa” in BF3 it feels like “Meh” you get too much and to often, so the whole feeling of earniness doesn’t exist in BF3 for me, only with Laser Designator medal

  • Guest

    Why do no Aussies play Rush on Demavad Peak, come on people

  • Why do no Aussies play demavad peak (rush) come on people one of the best non-dlc maps around…

  • kyuubi_clone

    well done DICE. at least you tackled some of the more important issues. balance is always welcome in a dynamic game like battlefield. keep up the support

  • Parabellum

    UMP45: Decreased fully automatic fire to differentiate this weapon from the PP2000.
    AUG: first shot recoil slightly to increase weapon controllability.
    Explain please, they mean that the fire rate of the UMP45 will be reduced and the first shot recoil of the AUG will be reduced as well right?

    • dontunderstandsarcasm


  • HighBob

    M416 was a perfectly balanced weapon… Now they nerf it. Good job, DICE, got enough of your shit. And no nerf m16, because why not, it’s still the easiest weapon in game… Plus, downloading 2 gigs of a patch would hurt me and my bandwith. Waste of time.

    • Oliver Cooksey

      Shouldn’t the first gun people get be the easiest in the game, and even still the easiest doesn’t mean the best, an AEK can beet in but the player has to control that recoil.

  • “Addressed “input lag” on PS3

    If you have been experiencing “input lag” playing Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3, we now believe we have significantly improved this situation for all players” how many times have they said this?

    • in the CQ patch note however, they’ve stated that the “faster respond and blah blah for all controllers and joysticks across the platforms.” that sounded like it has something to do the input lag on PS3, but i didn’t… and that’s why they didn’t specifically and officially mentioned we’ve fixed the input lag(until now). but this time they’ve highlighted it. Which means we hopefully going to see it fixed.

  • Justin

    Love how it says nothing about the crashing for some PC players after the Armored Kill Update.

  • CheaterYouMe

    Finally they fix the ps3 sound dropouts

  • Billy Ho

    No fix to the bipod deployment??!! Currently bipod will not deploy when you try about 90% of the time!!! You have to move around for 5 minutes on flat surfaces just to try and find a place where you can sit it on! Friggin” stupid!!!!!

    • B_Boss

      My word this as well!, on 360 it is flawless! I spend nearly the entire round on ps3 trying to get it deployed on various spots (ps3 only). They should give it a flashing indicator (akin to the MAV, SOFLAM or TUG-S) to let the player know it is deployable or simply fix it altogether. Hopefully they will along with the Fall Damage.

  • I’m currently downloading the latest patch 1.07… It’s 1924 MB on PS3, I’m not sure if it includes the AM dlc too.

  • pot51e

    In all honesty, the ONLY issues for me are: Sound Drop, Rubber-banding, idiot team mates, poor game modes on Close Quarters (not my cup of tea), and poor server rotations on official servers. The fact that they are addressing my number 1 issue bodes well. As I usually get 1 and 2 together, my hopes are that rubber-banding will go too (but I always assumed this was over-stressed server lag). Great progress – but I have to say that 12 months is along time time to wait for a fundamental problem to be fixed. Lets hope….

  • Rave

    3 Amazing patches in a row, glad they fixed the M16 now i don’t feel dirty using that gun.

  • Here we go again.

  • Robert

    So is input lag fixed?

  • Robert

    So did they fix input lag?

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  • Game over

    They need to fix the hit detection and the bullet damage. It takes way too many shots to kill someone. Fix this and I will play the game again.

  • FehBeatz

    i’m getting an error that crashes my xbox when i try to enter on gun master mode. somebody’s getting this too?

  • I’m not too pumped about the FLIR being removed from the C130. To me, this was an integral aspect of the C130 and it’s ‘Spectre/Spooky’ function. If the FLIR has been removed entirely, I would strongly suggest putting it back as it added authenticity to the game. A way to make it [the canon seat] less effective (create more balance) could be to remove it’s ability to zoom with FLIR activated. This would leave the authenticity in place, but coupled with the reduced splash damage, it would reduce the main canon seats accuracy and range, thus improving game balance.

    You just can’t have a C130 without functioning FLIR. I’d honestly say, there should be FLIR and zoom on ALL C130 gunner seats; Then to balance, find a way to include the thermal camouflage for certain classes of soldier, like Recon and possibly Engineer. This would add another dynamic to the map/class relationship, as well as reinforce a squads need to utilize team dynamics.

    Another idea to incorporate FLIR in the C130 while keeping solid game balance, would be to reduce the FLIR-views draw distance [fading into black] where the FLIR can’t pick up faint heat signatures. This way it would only be effective during a close-pass…adding another game dynamic to open-field maps like Armored Shield and Bandar Desert: nearly forcing close-quater indoor firefights when the C130 briefly passes overhead.


    • colin

      or if anything, only remove the FLIR on the gunship in rush. i respect their intentions to properly balance the gunship, but at this point, the gunship is still fairly overpowered in rush and significantly underpowered in conquest. it’s like day and night with the thing, depending strictly on game mode…

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  • i still cant aim for shit on this game it feels like the controller is pulling my aim the opposite direction. the time lag is so bad by the time i take a second to aim in on my target im already dead before the guy even fires. no other shooting game feels like it has janky controls like this game. i tried playing it again and shut it off. if you play nonstop you get a little bit used to it but it irratates me so much that i dont think ill be getting anymore future battlefield games. i have every single one made and i no longer like the direction dice has taken. when i cant even control my own aiming fuck this game

  • T-51B

    The L85A2 got pumped!!! Its like an early christmas present!

  • flibbertygibbitsluckyfucker327

    how many gigs is this update! i need to know!!

    • floppyflicker

      for xbox 360

  • Noobtac

    dont nerf the m416 again there is already a sucky hit dedection with that weapon and there is minimal damage.

  • Patrick

    Does anybody else feel like they messed with the sensitivity/character? I find it harder to kill now. Sometimes my guns when aimed in will move around fast/then other times slow

  • Mystery

    Why is it taking So LONG to Download the 1.08 Version patch? its been 3 hours now, and the darn download is taking Forever! I have no patients left! Im getting fustrated as i Just bought this premium Bo3! Please do something about the downloading! My Internet is great! And ps3 perfectly Fine! So Troobleshooting the ps3 is not the Problem But i See as The GAME SERVERS!