DICE Resolves Battlefield 3 Battlelog Bans – Sort Of

Recently, DICE posted an updated on the Battlelog stating that the issues PC players are experiencing with Punkbuster and other 3rd party services have been resolved, at least for the most part.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the recent hacking attempts, read here for the break down and other recent updates.

DICE’s update on the Battlelog read as follows:

Together with the 3rd party service providers we have taken steps to remove the faulty bans, and improve the protection against future fake bans.

We have determined that the root cause resulting in the server bans is not directly related to Battlefield 3, but rather related to select 3rd party services which server owners can use in conjunction with PunkBuster to protect their servers. If you are able to log in to Battlelog, your account has not been banned by EA or DICE so there is no need to contact Customer Support. This issue did not affect Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 players of Battlefield 3.

UPDATE: As seen in the comments, we are receiving reports that this issue is still affecting some players. We are continuing to investigate what may be causing this issue with some servers.

If you are still experiencing problems please try joining other PunkBuster enabled servers – only a subset of servers are affected.

Hopefully those still experiencing issues will see them resolved quickly.

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  • i wish they was no way to hack games anymore :/

    • Anonymous

      I feel your pain, buddy. 🙁

  • Nate

    I wish they would get a separate group of people to make patches for consoles… right now it seems like there is just ohe big group and they’re only concerned with pc… the 360 doesn’t have any game breaking glitches, but holy shit is the ps3 version fucked up… voip and input lag have yet to be fixed after 3 months. The biggest problem I have with the 360 version is the lack of a deadzone. Both sticks stick (lol) a little to the right. This is (for unknown reasons) way worse in tanks than with infantry. Bc2 had a deadzone and it was fine.

    • Omega_trigun

      It’s not separate groups. With consoles, patches have to go through a certification process for xbox and ps3. For pc they can just put the patches in. Why? No idea, but that’s how it is. So basically, pc gets every little patch as soon as it comes out, and on consoles they wait to release big patches with all the changes at once. Consoles will probably get all the changes that pc currently has, along with the new changes that even pc doesn’t have yet with the big February patch.

      • Nate

        I know. Im saying i wish it was separate groups. Thr consoles have only had one patch, and it didnt even fix the major problems or complaints. It only made gameplay changes.

    • I hate how tanks slide, makes taking long range shots difficult since you have to re-center your thumbstick.

  • Mark.S

    Now if they were only to fix the damn crashing/freezing issue people are having including myself.