BF3: Bolt Action Rifles Can 1HK at Close Range – DICE Reveals Future Balance Updates Pt. 2

A while back, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, revealed a list of future updates that was compiled with community feedback in mind. Recently, a second list has been revealed with a hefty number of balance tweaks that may or may not be making it into future patches. Of course, the biggest change of note is that “bolt action sniper rounds now have a chance to kill at close range if the player is hit in the upper chest.”


Why are we making this change?

  • Aggressive Recon was a popular (and controversial) play style in BFBC2, the fact that the playstyle is essentially not present in BF3 has been a disappointment to many players.
  • The balance issues of BC2 (Magnum ammo increasing the 1 hit kill range) is not present in BF3, the range is set and cannot be improved by players. Additionally the 1 hit kill is not guaranteed in BF3, the target is small and can be blocked by the player’s arms.
  • Additionally, all kits have access to the Slug shotguns, the 870 pump with slugs is still far superior to a bolt action rifle at close range. It is faster, and it can hit anywhere in the torso to 1 hit kill, though it lacks the accuracy of the snipers at range.
  • Finally, Recon is under represented in the game, especially in CQB game modes, giving the Recon player a place in CQB is important to us as developers.

And yes, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I changed my mind. I hope this change pleases the Recon players, and I believe it will not negatively impact the game for the rest of you.
-Alan “Demize99” Kertz

It’s important to note:

  • This list is provided as a way for the Community to give us feedback on potential Balance changes to the game.
  • This list is specifically focused on Balance changes. Feature requests and bug fixes are purposefully absent from this list.
  • There is no guarantee that any of these Balance changes will make it into a future update at all, nor is this list a guarantee that there will be future updates.

Slightly increased the AEK971 recoil.
Slightly increased the ASVAL recoil.
Added Extended Mags to the ASVAL.
Slightly increased the recoil on the M249.
Reduced the recoil of the SKS rifle.
Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on the Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMGs.
Slightly reduced the recoil of the F2000 and restored it to the previous base accuracy.
Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.
Increased the damage of the G3, M60, and M240 at close range.

Claymores can now detonate from vehicles and can be used to disable jeeps or kill the passengers in light jeeps. Claymores will not do any damage to heavy vehicles.
Reduced the spot times on C4 and Claymore projectiles from 30 to 15 sec.
The Radio Beacon, Mortar, Mav, EOD bot, T-UGS, and SOFLAM should now be much easier to deploy.
C4 will no longer be detonatable after a player respawns, if the player is revived within 5 seconds he can still detonate his C4.
The player may now have a maximum number of mines which will persist after the player’s death. Deploying more than the maximum of 6 mines will remove a previous mine from the world.
Claymores now also persist through death, the player can have 2 claymores planted.

9x39mm rounds no longer benefit from the Sniper headshot bonus.
Increased the damage of the 9x39mm rounds.
Fixed the AKS74u damage at max range, it was incorrectly higher than other carbines.
Increased the damage of the .357 and .44 magnum rounds at max range.
All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including all shotgun slugs, now have their maximum damage out to 15m.
Semiautomatic sniper rifles, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and shotgun slugs now have more consistent damage over long range.

Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.
Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.
Tweaked the IRNV zoom times and scope visible areas to be the same across all weapons (some were faster than others).
Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper aiming reticule.

The spread for Flechette rounds has been reduced slightly on all shotguns.
The spread for buckshot has been reduced on the M1014, DAO-12, and S12k. These weapons have an accuracy advantage over the USAS12 but are not as accurate as the 870.

Semiautomatic weapons will no longer “jam” if the player presses fire faster than the weapon is capable of shooting. Some semi automatic weapons have had their rates of fire adjusted to fit this change.

Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.
Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4.

Tank rounds will now instantly destroy Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
Fixed a problem when locking on to two nearby targets, the locking should no longer jump rapidly between multiple targets.
Significantly increased the damage of the Javelin and Air to Ground missiles against laser designated targets.
Javelin missiles fired without laser targeting now do more damage to the side and rear of MBTs.
Slightly reduced the locking time of all weapons vs Laser Designated targets.
Increased the locking distance for Jets when locking on laser designated targets.
Slightly reduced the repair speed of the repair tool.
Increased the damage the MBT’s primary weapon does to other main battle tanks.
AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.
Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets.
Stinger and IGLA missiles now do 50% damage to Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
Slightly reduced the damage of Jet cannons.
Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.
Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.
Reduced the direct damage done by helicopter gunners vs armor.
Helicopter guns should now suppress correctly.
Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.
Increased the direct hit damage of the APFSDS rounds for the IFVs.
Miniguns and Helicopter Gunners now more quickly destroy parked cars.
Increased the power of explosions from cars and other explosive static objects.
Dying from the explosion of a car or other explosive static object should now correctly credit the player who caused the explosion.
Adjusted the F35’s Center of Mass and Lift Engine for more stable, level flight.
Updated the F35 weapon systems to be consistent with the other air craft.
Changed the Kornets to TOW launchers on Wake Island and moved the spawn position of the AAV to a more level position.
Fixed several bugs with air vehicles colliding with objects at high speeds and taking no damage.
Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough).
You can now spot with the EODbot.

Increased the spawn protection time from 1sec to 2sec. The protection will still be immediately canceled as soon as the player moves or shoots.
Spawn protection will no longer be canceled by the player looking around.
Slightly increased the speed at which a player can shoot again after sprinting.
Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.
Reduced the black screen fade in time on spawn.


    • Michael Kelley

      Same here.  Freaking no-skills

    • The actual ADS mechanics haven’t been changed. I don’t see why we’d encounter quick-scoping ūüôā

      • …… great so instead we are gonna have people running around with sniper rifles with iron sights killing everyone in one hit ūüôĀ

        • Haha! I wish it’d be that easy!

          • actually it really is take the l9 or m98 have the pull back bolt and forgrip attachments + have the 44. magmun as ur sidearm and yeah unstoppable ūüôĀ

            • If they make it like BC2…then yeah is going to be easy! Im already imaging the snipers with Acog sign attachment…or red dot…just cheap kills.

            • yep

            • Would it be cheaper than a shotgun? Considering that all of the shotguns can shoot probably twice (if not more) as fast as a bolt action rifle.

            • BigEZ

              The shotguns are only effective at close range, that’s how they are balanced. The snippers will not be effective at all ranges

            • BigEZ

              *The snippers will now be effective at all ranges*

            • They can be viable at close range, sometimes. But more often than not they’ll be far outclassed by something designed for close range, like a shotgun or PDW.

            • Shotguns, SMGs, ARs will always be > bolt-action rifles at close range. I don’t see why we’re so worried about it ūüôā¬†

            • That’s the thing. By the sounds of it, it won’t be like BFBC2.

        • Anonymous

          The 1 hit kill has a short range only. A shotgun would be more effective at that range. On medium-long range it will not be a 1hk, so it won’t turn everything into a noobfest.

    • Guest

      it’s gonna be similar to BC2 but not as retarded as CoD

  • Glock Lover

    I like the EOD bot can spot now, lot of time it would be useful.

  • Michael Kelley

    And now the CoD no-skill snipers will flock back to BF… So much for “Going above and beyond the call”…

    • “Additionally the 1 hit kill is not guaranteed in BF3, the target is small and can be blocked by the player‚Äôs arms.”

  • Mgvonkage22

    NICE work BF3 at least you get a good chunk if updates vs mw3 even though they are bothingworking there best!

  • Recon aren’t snipers, and what a lame excuse for CQB on snipers.¬† That’s why the game have the PWR, MP7, PP19,P2000 etc… So when a recon needs to engage in a CQB map to use a dif weapon….
    DICE shouldn’t pay attention to the those whiners… 1 shot kill = cheap…I don’t want to be on a team full of snipers.

    • Was it like that in BC2? No. In fact, it was a rare thing to run into someone using a sniper rifle with anything but a 12x scope. Is a shotgun cheap because it can do a one shot kill? The M1014 can get a one hit kill fairly frequently at about 5 meters, and it’s a semi-automatic weapon. Bolt actions have a far slower rate of fire than that, but they can’t get a one shot kill (currently), if a semi-automatic weapon is allowed to have a OHK range then why not a bolt action weapon?

      • true but in bfbc2 you could not have a red dot scope on your rifle or have iron sights on your,e rifle

        • How often¬† you saw that? I played BFBC2 to death, and I saw more people with shotguns, that I did people with sniper rifles in CQB. People right now are spamming the USAS with frags…and you’re complaining about bolt action snipers being able to OHK up close? LAME!

          • again i said RED DOT not acog¬† also no sniper rifles class and shotguns were BOTH spammed to death in BC2 i know the usas12 is spammed again in BF3 and ive only got one thing to say about both those things

            • Red dot is usable on all weapons besides the and the all kit weapons (not counting G3 and M14)

            • Butt_Nugget42

              That was fixed, you can use red dots and ACOGs on the G3 and M14 after the last patch.

            • That’s kind of what I said.

            • i aint hating on red dots or nothing but im just saying with its on a bolt action rifle its gonna be pretty easy to get kills with it TO easy

            • Then you must think it’s too easy to get a kill with a shotgun? Because the shotgun can get an OHK anywhere on the body, provided you’re close enough. ¬†A bolt action sniper rifle can only get a OHK in two areas the head, and a small part of the chest. Which means you still need a large degree of control and precision to get the same results as a shotgun.

            • oh i thought anywere on the body sorry me dumb dumb ūüėÄ

            • Don’t know what game you played buddy, but the red dot could have gone on sniper rifles, and I know because I’ve done a couple times by mistake.

        • You could have a 4x or RDS on any of the weapons from the recon kit.

      • RobMonty1987

        ¬†…because a shotgun is a SHOTGUN. It can’t ALSO snipe, and neither should a sniper rifle be able to be used like a shotgun.

        • A sniper rifle can’t be used like a shotgun, not even close. Especially considering that the OHK hitbox is not their entire body, ¬†just their head and a small part of their chest. Meanwhile, shotguns can get a OHK *anywhere*. The shotgun has a huge advantage over a sniper rifle. Despite having a OHK hitbox at closerange, it is so impractical and downright difficult to beat a shotty or smg at close range that you’re handicapped. It sounds like you’re worried about it being overpowered, when in reality it truly isn’t. With a bolt action you have one shot, maybe two, to kill your enemy before they can retaliate. The bolt refreshing time is so low compared to the fire rate of every other weapon, ¬†you have one maaaaybe two shots to get the kill before the enemy can retaliate and more than likely kill you. If you miss that tiny window of opportunity you’re dead.

          • RobMonty1987

            Believe me, I read all the comments/opinions and I am a hardcore BF fan, played nearly every one in the series. And I DO get what you are saying, that the shotgun has an advantage over the sniper rifle, yes this is true, but only at close range, just like vice versa at long range. Only catch here is that why should the sniper even have a chance to be used at close range while the shotgun literally stands 0 chance at long range? Plus, besides that whole point, besides realism and all that filler BS, when it comes down to what’s good for the game, do you really think that 1) Giving the recon class a means of playing CQC on the same basis that shotgunners do? …and 2) Making that CQC possible through the rifle itself, and not a more sensible weapon like full-auto pistols, bayonettes, etc?

            It makes no sense. The only people I can see liking this are the ones who use recon kits. Of course claymore users like the claymore lifespans now, and Engies will like the EOD bot even more, but basically what this sniper thing is is a first-step in a very wrong direction. DICE has plans to do this anyway, don’t worry, it will happen. It’s common sense that they will win any Recon-users vote unanimously. What I find the most disturbing though is that anyone supports this change crying “realism”.

            The only thing that happened here is that alot of lame little snipers whined enough until they got their way. I’m not even worried, because nothing will change. They will still be trampled over in every game by any other player with a remotely small amount of skill, like always. What upsets me in the least is that DICE is to NICE to say no to little kids when they whine and complain, and some recreational and COD gamers are ruining it for the rest of the longtime fans and players of this game just by association. It’s a shame.

            With that said, I read all your comments and you had a good opinion and some valid points. I only argue the reasons of ‘realism’¬† and ‘why’. No offense to you. And actually I give kudos to any recon-user out there who sees this opportunity for some CQC as anything other than a way to defend his rock out on the edge of the map a little better. Get your hands a little more dirty, you’ll like it.

            • I appreciate the cohesiveness and general forethought in your response, haha. To be fair, I am a bit biased towards this change because I ran this setup in BC2, almost always. My most used kit was recon and my most used weapon was the SV-98 which I got over 2800 kills with. I’m honestly not too terribly agitated over whether this is or isn’t implemented, but it would be nice to see the return of the recon kit’s practicality. I agree with what you said about it not having much impact, look at Bad Company 2: you could get a OHK anywhere on an enemy as long as you were close enough. Yet there was hardly anyone actually using the recon kit for close quarters with a bolt action. I can guarantee it’s going to be the same thing for this game. This adjustment will not turn Bf3 into CoD like so many people are afraid of.

            • RobMonty1987

              Yeah, I’m pretty sure we are saying the same thing. The only reason it even bugs me is because DICE is caving in like this to something so off-priority. I mean, where is the poll of all the people who complained enough to get this done?¬† Someone needs to go over there and tell them to stop whining and let DICE work.

    • Press start, then press “quit”. Easy as that. Don’t see what’s the big bloody deal about bolt action sniper rifles capable of OHK someone up close? The f*cking USAS with Frags can OHK RIGHT NOW!!! Why don’t you complain about that instead of something you might see on a rare occasion.

      Whining about whiners…

  • WOW…”Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.” the radius its just fine..wtheck are they doing…

    • true what they need to do is buff up the damage of RPG,s against vehicles it takes like 4 shots to disable a tank but if an engineer is in the tank he can repair it and then it takes a couple more hit

      • RobMonty1987

        Rather than improve RPG damage, they need to make it either impossible or alot harder for the pansy engineers to hop out and repair their own tank between shots. Btw, if hit in the rear, an RPG disables a T90 in a single shot, dropping it down as far as to 35% remaining health. I think a longer reload time on those things would be nice, or make the disabled margin <25% instead of <50% for the MBTs.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not fine when you have while squads spamming RPGs. It’s such a corny tactic when your first option for infantry vs infantry is to pull out your launcher and shoot a guy across the room.

    • Dan

      I think thats good they’re reducing it only for infantry, especially for hardcore, because that is all I get killed with in about %85 of the matches I play. -_-

      • Hahaha

        you must be playing metro 24/7
        stop whining

  • Dan

    I really, REALLY hope they do not put close range sniper 1 hit kills. if they do, it should realistically be from medium to long ranges, only with Bolt Action Siper rifles and then for balancing, make reload speeds / bolt cocking just a bit slower, and don’t allow for anything below a 7x scope to equiped on the sniper rifle (or make all scopes on sniper even below that have glint). The excuse of close quarters combat useless-ness is invalid, because they are recon (not snipers) and have been given gadgets to help them be more involved, and have weapons for close medium range, like the UMP-45 an other sub-machineguns, PDW’s and even shotguns! NO NEED FOR CLOSE RANGE SNIPER KILL CRAP!

  • If something is Overpowered isn’t it not overused and spammed? Look at the gustavs, USAS-12s, and UMP-45s on BC2. In at least every single game you had at least one person using these weapons if not more. People said CQC “sniping” in BC2 was overpowered, however you very rarely saw someone using it. I think it’ll be the same thing for this. Being able to get the OHK requires more skill than just pulling up your gunsights and pulling the trigger. ¬†Or in the case of shotguns, shooting from the hip.

    • usas 12 is still spammed it just spammed with frag rounds now ūüėÄ

    • Sharpspoonful

      Dude, it’s a shotgun. Shotguns dont really have “proper sites to begin with because its a well, a short ranged weapon meant to do¬†devastating¬†damage to fleshy targets. It’s entire job is to turn your¬†opposition’s¬†chest/head into hamburger helper.

  • Anonymous

    All I care about is this
    “Claymores now also persist through death”
    and this
    “Semiautomatic weapons will no longer ‚Äújam‚ÄĚ if the player presses fire faster than the weapon is capable of shooting.”


    What about fixing the input lag? The game is unplayable on PS3. Havent played the game since it came out…

  • 1-hit kills with snipers up close is¬†realistic, does this mean its game wise? Not really, but if you’re asking for semi-realistic gameplay then this is answering that wish in a small percentage. However¬†this¬†I don’t get. The Recon still falls under the “Sniper” category, while other classes (beside the Support) being able to¬†fulfill¬†Designated Marksman roles with 6x n ACOGS Scopes. What I’m getting at is and have been repeating over and over again. Why the hell on Hardcore Mode am I having to aim for the small damn target on the human body miles of ways out to get a single kill? That’s¬†unrealistic, I can’t being to tell you how many times I’ve hit a person in the torso and get that hit marker , then seem him scrabble for the nearest cover. That’s annoying. Say what you may¬†against¬†us “Snipers” but I think those who¬†truly¬†know what their doing can support a team very well from long range.¬†¬†

  • RobMonty1987

    Anyone who votes for bolt-action rifles being a 1-shot is obviously some pansy sniper. Maybe before anyone cries about it being realistic they should first focus on how we have infinite parachutes instead of grappling hooks or how we can bring a corpse back to life with a tap of a defibrillator. Making recon kits CQC defeats the purpose of that kit altogether and just makes the game more lame and less tactics.

  • Why is DICE taking Bad company 2 element is a battlefield 3 game? That damage was the same in previous battlefield series(not including the spin offs like bad company) No one in the past complain about (?) that before until they played bad company 2 who has that damage. This not a sequel to bad company 2

  • Fred

    If they keep listening to all the people complaining about stupid stuff and not fix the major issues like.  PS3 lag,chat, and squad issues.  The near impossible to destory helicopters and their way overpowered gun. And the hundreds of other glitches and whatnot.  Might as well change the name of the game Call of Battlefield Modern Bullshit 3.

  • Dratomic

    Anyone else starting to come to the conclusion that the out-of-the-box game on the xbox is pretty much balanced without patches allready?

  • Edd3m

    Are they going to buff Jets handling back to how it was? Its awful now..  Flare reload time is a joke also.

    Jets get INF with better IGLA locking on.
    Jets get AA locking on.
    Jets get other Jets locking on.
    Jets get Atk Heli locking on.
    Jets also on some maps get the little bird and Z11 locking on..

    Longer flare reload times?? REALLY?

    Fix that for starters. But get the handling back to how it was..  Its terrible now..

    • Cedric

      +1 it’s not BFBC !

      Tanks = oneshoot aircraft but the guided missiles of jets no !! Why ??

      • some guy

        well for starters if you can even hit an aircraft with the main gun of a tank kudos and here is your kill confirmed.  

        second, the abrams they have in game looks like the 120mm variety, so hitting an aircraft with a round the size of a watermelon traveling at that velocity….equates to one nixxed aircraft.

  • Simonsays

    I like how everyone that is against the change in bolt actions, only has to say that “sniper kiddies want this change”. ¬†You are those same people that always whine about recon players camping all the time and don’t play the objective, and never ever try the kit because you don’t want to be like them. If you ever try it out, you will know that recon is a shitty class with bugged/useless gadgets. Realism and quickscoping has nothing to do with it. If you get owned by a sniper in close quarters before or after the patch while you run any other kit, then it’s one of the following reasons. He caught you offguard and the weapon is irrelevant, he got a lucky shot or he is a skilled player and he is handicapping himself due to fun factor. Only difference is that the ammount of luck needed is a bit less. If you ever try to hip fire with a bolt action you will notice that sometimes you miss even point blank shots targeted at the center of mass. It’s not like you can be a cowboy with the bolt actions.

    Sure real life snipers aren’t supposed to “quickscope”, as much as light machine gunners aren’t supposed to hop around like bunnies and hipspray everyone. There is nothing realistic about this game other than the weapon sounds and since it’s a “game”, it should be balanced according to some factors, community feedback being one of them, and this is not what you do. In the end of the day, you are just common internet haters.

    • RobMonty1987

      Wrong. Actually it is like you can ‘cowboy with the bolt-actions’. Perfect words, really. I’ve seen this done nonstop since the update and it works toe-to-toe against almost any shotgun in the game. There is a clear line of where snipers were sniping, and when they started to run around the maps hip-firing. This line was this update. What you forget is that all of the shotguns were nerfed at the same time the sniper was boosted.

      You are right on one account. It’s my opinion that the only people who favor this are snipers (duh) and that I refuse to play recon (in any game) due to it being not only a slower paced kit, but for the fact that it symbolizes a love for ones k/d ratio, something that means nothing in any FPS.

      In summation, the only fact here is that a sniper can now be used for both long-range AND in CQC, yet a shotgun is still limited to only CQC, therefore throwing off the balance of the game and further making it easier for the most noob-populated kit to be even more lame.

      You want a hard kit to use? Try assault. You don’t get a pansy-ass respawn point, or a beacon, or anything anti-vehicle. Maybe sniping is ‘hard’ in your mind, but compared to the rest of the kits in the game, its practically a joke.

      As for handicapping, I agree. I use the worst shotgun in the game: The MK3A1. This is a fact. It fires only 9 pellets (vs all other shotguns being 12) at a bigger spread than any other gun. On top of that, it has enough glitches to drive anyone crazy. Yet I exclusively use this gun to not give the enemy any excuse when he gets taken down by me. So as for the whole handicapped comment, you are kidding yourself if you think using a ‘camper kit’ and then using a ‘slightly worse than the best’ gun is considered handicapping yourself. You make me sick and I am ashamed there are players like you on the same servers I am.

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  • Ragga95

    stop nerf always the jets !! For me :

    – Increased the locking distance for Jets when locking on laser designated targets.

    – AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.


    – Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets.

    Yes perfect !! LAV-AD = cheat :/

    -Slightly reduced the damage of Jet cannons.
    WHY !!! ?? if you disable exterior vision for the jets you have a good compromise !!!!!!!!!

    -Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.
    o_O ???????????????????? AND GRENADE ?

    -Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.

    -Reduced the direct damage done by helicopter gunners vs armor.
    Normal BUT UP  points of pilote for assist kill  !!

    And up the guided missile ih the tank

  • Remy

    WAIT…. They aren’t going to fix the Input Delay on PS3’s??????????????????????????

  • Tomoneil111

    Thank you for the info …. Just still think it would be a better game if the bolt actions could kill in the chest …. Plssss DICE

  • KriegerDerHolle

    I mostly agree with everything but making the sniper even more powerful is wrong.

  • Cubeline

    Give dmg weapon like it is in BAD COMPANY 2 Hardcore Mode

  • some guy

    thats a hefty list. now hows about removing the ability to roadkill with MAV?  seriously? 
    where is the attempted realism there?  some fag goes 20-3 because he does nothing but slap people around with a micro air vehicle?

    at the least make that POS auto disable at a certain altitude so no more going inside buildings, no more roadkills.  

  • If someone can shoot my up close with one bullet as opposed to my bucket shot, more power to them. not everyone can though¬†

  • Elseagoat

    Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.

    Uh, what?  Nobody used these on real Battlefield maps, but after the last nerf, do they even use them on that shitty map Metro that I never play?  Because I literally have not seen these once on any map since last patch.

    What the fuck.  I want my Saiga 12k with Frag rounds back.  And not to hipspam them into corridors on OP Metro for free kills.  I want them for Wake Island.  Is DICE retarded?

  • CRCypha

    I hope that they make it easier for new players to the series to get jet kills. Battlefield 3 is my first Battlefield game, and I have spent one hour in jets, and I have only gotten 1 kill. I’ve learned how to fly properly, but I keep getting shot down by people with attachments like guided missiles and maintenance, giving them a clear advantage over me, with not even IR flares to defend with.