DICE Reveals “Next” Battlefield 3 Patch Details

The Battlefield PC patch has been out for a full day now but already, fans are craving more, and perhaps rightfully so.

While the November 22nd patch looked at many issues, including hefty tweaks to balancing, it still left much to be desired. Many of the more sought-after changes were left out, like the much desired tweaks to flashlights and IRNV scopes. Though these two were addressed in a previous post which you can view here, DICE is beginning to reveal what sort of things we can look forward to in the next patch.

Of course, if you’ve missed what was included in the last update, you can view the entire list of patch notes here.

First, just to reassure, Daniel Matros, Global Community Manager at DICE has once again stated that though changes to the flashlight and IRNV “didn’t make it in this one,” they will be “coming with the next.” This should hopefully put out the fire burning in many BF fans’ eyes. On top of this, he was also asked if there are any plans to change the chatbox on PC, to which Matros responded, “there are plans to that, yes.” As for issues players are experiencing with the servers, Matros mentioned that he has “raised this with our team here.” I think we can all agree DICE wants us to play their game and so they will be doing everything in their power to make sure these game-restricting issues will be dealt with. On the topic of upset fans, Matros had this to say: “I think people have different opinions as to what Battlefield 3 should be. We’ve gathered fantastic feedback though.” Make sure to keep the feedback (hopefully constructive) coming.

Updated: On Reddit, Ian Tornay, EA Community Manager for Battlefield 3, has also cleared up many concerns that fans are having with the recent patch. This should also give a good idea as to what will be included in the next Battlefield 3 patch.

So, here’s what I’m seeing.

We’ve made progress that most of you appreciate and the fixes we are making are welcome. That being said, there are still some issues that you’ve been asking about that weren’t included in this patch. These include, but are not limited to:

  • In-game VOIP
  • Various nerfs including Taclight
  • changes to chat window (size, positioning)
  • Additional changes to squad interface, including the ability to make squads
  • Beep beeps (Which will be implemented, just not in this patch)
  • Squad and in-game interface changes (mostly revolving around the proposed fan-designed interface)
  • EDIT: TV Missles – definitely known (can’t believe i left it off)
  • EDIT: Spectator/Battlerecorder – Another very popular request. (I can’t believe I left it off! I’d like this too)

Please know that these are definitely on our radar as top issues for community requests.

Some of the issues addressed in this patch were brought to our attention by you guys, including the “negative acceleration” issue. We’re committed to continuing to act on your feedback!

Not all of the issues we’ve solved are as impactful or sexy as some of you were hoping for, but I hope everyone appreciates how hard the DICE team has been working.

Keep in mind that we’re still awaiting a patch for consoles which will most likely include similar balancing tweaks, but obviously other fixes specific to console issues.

What other issues would you like DICE to look into for a second patch? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Dfgd

    I’d just like to be able to play the game!

  • 1. An option or a console command the disable the Color Grading/blue tint.

    2. Fix the the hit-detection please! I’m tired of of magic bullets and insta-deaths. 

    3. People are beginning to abuse the MAV. (Roadkill)

    4. Game crashes sometimes the game crashes on start-up after loading a map.

    • Chilling001

      There is nothing wrong with mav roadkills. If you can kill with the eod bot and the repair tool, why shouldn’t you be able to kill with the mav?

      • It actually takes time and luck to kill someone with the EOD and repair tool. You can say the repair tool is no different then using a knife.

        MAV kills=free kills. You camp and fly the across the map and hit people with it…..

  • L1pp3r

    The PS3 input lag please!!! If not taken care of all PS3 users will soon enough give up on playing the game in 576p which by the way now is the only way to get rid of some of the input lag.
    If you cant aim and hit a guy like 2 feet away I cant see how a FPS game can survive that.

    • Jrmeister28

      This is so true man..

    • you are playing a shooter on a console and complaining about aiming? lawl. 

      • Asshat

        Yes, the aiming on BC2 was perfect. There is a defect in the code for aiming input for BF3, we want it to function as BC2. Now stfu please

      • L1pp3r

        Yes I am.
        Let me explain, if a company, lets call them SLICE made a game where they sold 2 milion copies to PS3 and 100 k copies to PC for example. And if the PS3 version of the game had input lag which made it unplayable. Compare that to the noob behind his awsome computer he knows nothing about and have no idea how to configure or setup complains about AV blocking the bf3.exe, Then I think that they should pay more attention to the PS3 problems rather then waste time on helpdesk issues for noob PC-players.

        “lol, rofl, lmao” my good I’m glad I grew up and stopped using baby talk.

        • Jrmeister28

          Nice comeback!

        • Shurg123

          Derp, you’re still playing an FPS on a system with inferior input devices which map controller displacement to on-screen velocity instead of displacement to displacement.. Makes for a boring game with a very low skill ceiling.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like them to roll back whatever they did that causes the game to crash like mad after the patch. -_-;


    As an admin, it makes me angry as f*** to have to pay for a server that just sits there.

  • wake me when they release the next patch 😉

  • Smythy1984

    Change it so if you are the only one in a vehicle that when you want to switch from using the vehicles gun to drive mode that you don’t have to switch through all the other seating positions. Am i the only one who gets annoyed at this

    • comradeDa

      Hit the F-keys. If you don’t have F-keys, please specify which platform you are referring to.

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  • I hope that in 3 months, BF3 turns out to be a real PC game. It should have been from the very start, but there’s no point in crying over spilt milk.

    • Anonymous

      It will never be a real PC game again. They’ve gimped it far too much for the console kiddies and destroyed a great series.

      RIP BF

  • Phobus666

    commo rose plz

  • uuuuuu

    Ripped straight from reddit.

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  • Herpaderp

    I don’t understand why they nerfed the G3 (when it actually needed a buff) and left IRNV the way it is. DICE, are you stupid?

    • Herpaderp

      (that was a rhetorical question btw)

  • Randomfix


  • Anonymous

    ripped straight of crash’s post on reddit…wtf? 

    • Anonymous

      It’s been fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Remove or reduce scope glare on sniper rifles. Or as a compromise, it
    should take longer for the scope glare to take effect. For example,
    there could be a four or five second window before it starts to kick in.
    Or what about linking the glare to when the sniper rifle user holds his
    breath? The longer the breath, the brighter the glare becomes.

  • Ryan

    –   Flashlights are a definite, its like shining the sun at team mates/ everyone else.  
    –   Icons on conquest get larger as you come closer as you approach making it difficult to see potential enemies.
    –  As others mentioned the aiming seems to be weird, was alot better in bad company 2. 
    –  Recoil on some weapons make it impossible to hit someone. 
    – I dont know about anyone else but i feel it was much easier to see people in the distance in bad company 2 than bf3. The dark sections in some maps( inside buildings and such) or the Sun overly bright  make it really hard to see.  I know it shows realism but it still is a game. 

    Thats my take on it, Im sure there are other things i would like to be tweaked or changed but i cant think of them.   

    • Ryan

      Playing now, one thing i really find annoying when playing conquest or rush.. when ever i respawn, it always spawns me facing my teams base and not where they enemy is coming from. I dont know how many times i have gotten killed that way.

      • Ryan

        aswell as the repair tool repairs vehicles waaayyy too fast 

  • One2thr

    Theres a “full screen resolution” problem for me, i think its happening to me seeing that im not using a standard lcd monitor, but instead im using my Tv for my pc monitor and the problem is, that the menu screen sometimes becomes a smaller resolution than the actual in game resolution which gives me a headache seeing that i have to position my cursor in specific places inoder for it to select different classes, option settings and anything within the menu screen…… My setup is: Asus OC gtx 560 direct duii(something), intel 5i-2500, g.skill ripjaw 8gb (2x4gb) ram, Windows 7 64 bit version….. Do anybody know of any fix to solve this problem?

    • Kinich Barcelo

      right click on BF3.exe > properties > compatibility > check “disable scaling on high DPI settings

      I figured this one out when SC2 mouse stopeed owrking on high DPI settings, I also use a tv screen as my monitor 46” FTW

  • Massai

    Can’t believe they have not moved the damn chat window yet.  Got to be the easiest fix and has been a main complaint since opening day.  
    Glare on sniper rifle is fine if it is realistic.  Flashlights are also realistic except in daylight.  

  • On Xbox 360, 90% of the time, bringing up the scoreboard will only show one person on the enemy team (the top player).

  • Hey David Veselka

    Where is your source for this “Dice reveals”??

  • This should also give a good idea as to what —-MAY—- be included in the next Battlefield 3 patch.
    This list is an acknowledgement of the issues that are still affecting players or that players have requested.

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  • Bob

    How about a static minimap?

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  • Themax92

    you cant exit out from the lobby, which is really frustrating cause you have to wait until the next game starts :/

    • COD Converted

      This this this this this

  • Krazydoom1

    First startup BF3.exe crash is not fixed
    Also sometimes BF3 stucks on joining server and loops forever

  • Patciller

    Fix the ingame freezes that i and a much more people over and over again after the last patch….

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  • Fix the “art direction”. High contrast, blue tint…

  • SpawnCamper69

    DICE can you please make it easier for all these cry baby bitches to get more kills kthanks.

  • Rafulboy

    How about they fix this *!|!!!!! Crush to desktop and freezes befor fixing the damn light!!!!
    This game is great and the graphics are amazing, BUT DICE, WE CANT FUCKING PLAY THE GAME,
    This is the main issue you should address to!!!!

  • Cc1

    Dice Plz Fix Capitan HANG issue right NOW. This title is unplayable.

  • Kitel

    Nerfing  the weapons is not GOOD. Its kill all fun from a game. Sepuku game

  • After patch i have lower fps As many others!

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  • David

    fix the dam snipers on hardcore then need to be one hit kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to bolt action at least

  • IRNV when equipped to sniper rifles should have higher magnification.  1x really?

  • Playing rush on Kharg Island whilst attacking an enemy DEFENDER managed to get to our deployment on the aircraft carrier and jack our AA gun.  He would wait for us to take an AMTRAC or boat and drop C4 from up above the vehicle bay.  When I went up to stop him he would jump in the AA gun and kill me.  This needs FIXED, immediately.  Enemies in your original deployment is totally uncalled for!

  • chicagopiano

    the biggest problem for me is the aiming on console, it was great in bc2 and the bf3 beta, I don’t know how they fucked this up. Out of all the things wrong in the beta, the aiming wasn’t, why’d they change it

  • Dratomic

    Ugh, who do we need to bribe to get fixes to destruction, environment destruction re-enabled and colorblind mode added… :/

  • Anonymous

    So, on PS3 everyone can actually HEAR their friends. Because when I tried to have a multiplayer session with my friend it goes megatron on our behinds.

    You can barely make out a word let alone a sentence. Just, I hope that VOIP means something to do with Voice?

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  • paddyp

    The PS3 input lag please!!!

  • poo poo platter

    If all this is implemented as stated, then I will love this game again and play it, if not, I will write F*** off Dice on a t-shirt and start flinging my poop at everyone.

  • Daveespie

    what is happening with the “no weapon” bug? my guy can run around but has no weapon!not been able to play for weeks

  • Csggallacher

    Why the hell cant i play with a control pad on pc ??? C’mon dice get it sorted ! Not every1 likes using keyboard and mouse !

  • jeremy

    pleeeeeaaaasseee put private match

  • PKM!!!!!!

  • PKM!!!!!!