DICE Says There Are Ways Motion Control Will Make Sense in Battlefield 4

While DICE general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Troedsson admits that motion controls don’t make sense for a shooter like Battlefield 4, saying earlier that “it doesn’t make the game better,” that’s not to say DICE’s next big shooter won’t have some sort of Kinect or motion control functionality.

“We have a pretty pragmatic view [on the new Kinect],” DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson recently told Game Informer. However, he added, “Instead of just trying to tick all the boxes of features you can do with new hardware, we look at what actually adds value [for] our players.”

“When you look at the kind of games that we build – or Battlefield at least – it is a first-person shooter that is very much about skill. Input is really important. You need to have very precise control over what’s going on, and trying to do something like that with motion control input does not make sense – not if you want to keep the same kind of formula of the game as we [have] now. You’d need to build a different kind of shooter.”

Most everyone would agree that when it comes to shooters, a mouse and keyboard or controller is the way go, but DICE hasn’t neglected motion controls entirely.

“But there are other places where it will make sense, and we are going to use it for other things in the game, but we haven’t announced exactly what,” Troedsson said.

While we anxiously await to hear more about motion or voice controls in Battlefield 4, we want to ask you, in what way(s) do you think it could be best implemented? There are a ton of possibilities, so let’s hear your best ideas in the comments below.

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  • Alkanida

    Touchpad from PS4 for Commo Rose?
    Kinect for Squad Voice Orders?

    • Magilla187

      there you go now that makes sense, seriously

      kinect 2.0 = just say commands and it pulls up commo rose

      PS4 touch pad = Pull up Commo rose

    • Derek

      While this is a good idea,…they would have to put proper Voip back into BF that they stripped out from BF2 and Bad Comp

      • eBunny

        Haha, there is actually VOIP in BF4, even for the PC 🙂

        • Derek

          Yeah but its terrible in BF3 you have to alt tab out of the game and create/join a party….which is completely stupid. I hated the forced battlelog integration. Whats easier joining a squad and having voip or alt tabbing out of a game, creating a group, joining chat ;)…

          Granted on the 360 it wasn’t such a shock to people because everyone just made an XBL party (yah i have both PC and 360 for BF3 lol).

          • eBunny

            You know I said BF4 though, right? ^^ Anyway I’m pretty sure the PC VOIP will be a lot better in BF4 and I didn’t find it too bad with BF3 on the PS3. On the PC I just use Skype or Teamspeak, but it would have been nice to have a proper in-game squad and team voip option, which I think BF4 will have.

  • jonchr2

    Motion controls even with Kinect 2 has to much latency to be built in as a motion control. If or when the Oculus Rift comes to consoles i’m interested in how they can use the Kinect, till then Kinect will be a useless add on no gamers actively uses when playing..

  • Thom

    perhaps they’re exploring a system like the gun modification section in GRFS. explode the gun then drag and drop attachments/modifications directly to the gun, maybe guns will look different with the heavy barrel, longer and shorter sniper rifle barrels for agressive or bush wookie style. that could be a cool thought

  • ReeceGators

    If anyone has ever played Ghost Recon Future Soldier, you know how motion controls can work in shooters. In a customizable feature called gunsmith you can create your own guns. While you can use a controller you can also use Kinect and it worked. You would also feel like Tony Stark when you threw open your hands and the gun would be dissasembled in mid-air. They also had Kinect shooting but frankly that sucked ass

    • Thom

      This, this is what i was thinking couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the system they had for it.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Make it work with the Oculus Rift and we have a deal.

  • Aria68

    I remember when Siri introduced i was so excited, thought it’d change my daily task operation such as setting up an alarm or taking note! It felt so cool to command using voice! However after couple of days when my life got busier i went back to the normal way.
    it just feels more natural to use finger, Less thinking involved!
    I don’t believe in motion input or voice control in games even though both Kinect2 and new Playstation Move are capable of doing that!
    But still believe it’s a Gimmick!
    and No matter how much you try to justify the extra $100 for kinect, after a while you be back on your Long ass remote control and joysticks!

    • WarBroh

      It is a gimmick. Waving your arms around to control a UI or play a game is not ergonomic. You have far more bandwidth in your ten fingers and hands pressing buttons and moving analog sticks all simultaneously. And most people sitting on the couch trying to relax aren’t interested in this type of arm waving activity, or yelling at the TV to change channels.

      The Kinect2, much like vertical touch screens, makes for great demo and little kids seem to like it, but it falls apart in practical or sustained use. And most people got the motion control thing out of their system with the Wii when it was still actually fresh.

      But the truth is Microsoft doesnt care whether or not you use motion control to play games, all they actually care about is having the mandatory cam/mic collecting engagement metrics for advertising purposes and for sale to third parties. That’s the real reason they’re so hellbent on not even allowing it to be unplugged, and not selling a SKU without it bundled.

      • Magilla187

        waving your arms in front of your controls and your parents walk in on you, how the hell do you explain to them what you were just doing ?

        • WarBroh

          I imagine they’ll mind much more when you’re yelling out commands at the TV in the middle of the night while they’re asleep.

    • Mic Bloom

      Don’t confuse the playstation move with kinect. The playstation move works and gives you more precise control in FPS and other types of games, while kinect is just mostly mindless arm waving.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Motion no. Voice I think has a place in campaigns.

  • swipe_06

    Making small adjustments while using scopes would be the only thing that comes to my mind. I would use the unfiltered, raw input from the device, so if your hands are shaking, it would translate into the game too.


    Motion controls will make sense in BF4 = Microsoft paid us a bunch of money to jam Kinect in there somehow.

    • Aria68

      You are absolutely right, WHY?

      1.Patrick Bach (DICE) said; “Motion control is Gimmick and does not improve the actual gameplay and we will not put our resources for it!” (BEFORE E3)

      2.Karl-Magnus Troedsson (DICE) said; “we will somehow implement Kinect in BF4” (AFTER E3)

      3.And all of the sudden Playstation Camera that is completely capable of taking voice and motion command is ignored.


      • loner

        Kinect was only mentioned in this article twice. Only once as part of a quote from the developer, and even then it wasn’t a direct quote but added afterwards (hence the square brackets).

        Get off the drama bandwagon and try to actually read and understand the article.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          When people are shoved money so they do something the didn’t plan on doing by one party, they tend not to mention the party that’s paying them money, just sayin’.

          • loner

            That’s true of course, but that doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no possibility that DICE really means what they say.

            If motion controls can be used to free up a few keys on the controller for more important stuff – this will only benefit the game. There is poteltial in this, and if DICE realizes this and implements it well – there’s no reason to hate on them.

      • Alex Melendez

        Motion controls?, he was talking about the ps4 control touchpad on that article (months ago), you got your facts mixed up

      • Mr. Thuggins

        Always a conspiracy involving Microsoft in these comment sections haha. Could it just be that there is a difference of opinion within DICE?

  • Joseph

    I think voice control would be cool, y’know ”Squad! Get to Bravo!” And then they get points or w/e for listening to you and attacking the objective. Maybe motion control for spotting? A nod in the enemies general direction lights them up and you gun them down, I really don’t like having to spot in BF3 on the 360. It’s horrible.

    • MegaMan3k

      That’d actually be neat if it could somehow automatically hear it in your regular chat. Like if you’re telling your party chat that B is under attack, it automatically highlights that on the map as well.

      • Joseph

        They’d never listen though lol

        I’d say after a month or two of BF4 I won’t be able to play alone, I hate not having a squad of friends with me, I tend to have no fun at all. I really wish someone, be it the developers or MS/Sony could do something to encourage people to talk more, that or try group more people who talk actively together.

  • TheChunkyPotato

    with the kinect and the light bar on the ps4 controller you could lean sideways to peak around corners (it would probably work better with the kinect) i don’t see a problem with that

    • dee breezy

      That’s what i wish they would do but really i can see it better with the ps4 just because the light bar is meant to be tracked by the camera and the kinect is meant to detect you. But i think this would be a good feature

    • Derek

      This literally is the first example of ANYTHING useful ive ever heard or seen for the Kinect…Kudos. Not being sarcastic either, I really hate the kinect lol and that’s actually a good idea. I’d still rather use a controller but at least that makes good logical sense as a use for the tech.

    • GunS

      yeah that’s a good one! I was thinking about making revives by holding both triggers and actually pushing down to revive, I think little things like that would suite this kind of games, its not breaking the way we like to play or messing a lot with skill, but would be cool and maybe even the first steps to something more dynamic in the future

  • dpg70

    “But there are other places where it will make sense, and we are going to use it for other things in the game, but we haven’t announced exactly what,” Troedsson said.

    Translated…EA has a partnership with Microsoft. We can’t say what we’ll do yet because we were just told by EA to integrate Kinect and are scrambling to figure out what to do with it.

  • dee breezy

    I see this working for example if you tilt the controller to the side then you can tilt the gun around corners and if you shift the controller then you can step to the side, the gun will be upright. If you raise the controller then you can peak over cover. If your laying down and shift the controller then you can rollover.

  • SubXero

    You’ll probably just be able to do the arm gesture for spotting.

  • ChessMania

    I wouldn’t mind if it was like SOCOM where the controller was used to lean or peak..

  • eBunny

    I’m not really sure about motion controls. I like the tech behind Kinect and what people have been able to do with it, which is a whole lot of awesome stuff. PS Move didn’t seem to have gotten much support. And now we have Kinect 2.0 and some stuff with the camera and the controller on the PS4 side.

    I guess motion controls could help make a game more immersive if it’s done right, especially when combined with the Oculus Rift and some other stuff for example to make you feel like you’re actually, physically in the game.

    Maybe it’s old school and maybe we’ll gradually move on to other ways to play games, like with motion controls, but I just like my mouse & keyboard or controller, it feels right and I’m used to it.

    Haha now I’m imagining a LAN party with a bunch of people wearing Oculus Rift’s and walking on those treadmill things carrying fake guns. I mean who knows, it would look rediculous, but it could be pretty cool.

    But I don’t know, I don’t really feel a need for motion controls with BF4 or other shooters right now, but perhaps that’ll change. As said in this article, it should actually add value to the game, rather than just being an unnecessary gimmick.

  • jj16802

    Even though I’m not interested in purchasing motion controllers anytime soon, there’s a small part of me that’s interested in seeing Battlefield 4 run with the PS Move Sharpshooter controller.

  • MegaMan3k


    If the Kinect / Sony Camera can do this, and it counts as “motion controls” then oh my god absolutely yes please they belong in shooters

  • Alex Melendez

    I obviously voted no. BUT… you could make the menu use the motion controls so it feels Native to the Kinect players or like the Xbox dashboard with Kinect.

  • oofy

    Oculus Rift or bust.

  • QwietStorm

    I agree, DICE. Leaning over and picking up the controller makes sense.

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  • Alvaro Munive

    voice commands will be great

  • joebilljoe

    BF4 needs PlayStation Move support because most people dont realize how precise the Moves controls are and how much they add to the controls in FPS.

  • moveFTW

    A standard controller is NOT precise and you have to use auto aim to
    win…how is that competitive? the only precise controllers are mouse
    and keyboard and controllers like the move.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The Move controller is stupid and there is absolutely zero reason to use it in a shooter.

      • cantyouread

        moveFTW gave a perfectly good reason to play BF4 with move. Its more precise then a standard controller.

        • ChIp

          Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean alot of other people else don’t want it.

          • FPSFAN

            “Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean alot of other people else don’t want it.”

            Pretty sure you meant that for XFistsClenchedX

      • Bomm

        Precision, realism, being able to play without having your hands locked together…That is just some of the many reasons people prefer the Move over a DS4. and want an option for Move support in core and hardcore PS4 games.

      • stoptroling


      • shooter7days

        You know whats stupid? Being forced to aim in a 1st person shooter with an analog
        stick! People want options and are sick of not having mouse/keyboard
        and Move support in their games.

      • Peter Waldock

        why? Gonna back that up with reason or just jelous your system doesn’t have decent motion control?

  • halk

    Unless EA is going to use worthwhile motion controllers (like razor hydra, move, and the new sixense-wireless-motion-controllor) in BF4 then don’t bother. Kinect is way too imprecise to be used and besides, it doesn’t fill right to try to aim a gun with nothing in your hand.

    • weneedcontrol

      Yeah, i would much rather have precise and realistic control with the move or hydra in battlefield 4 then just be able to lean by tilting a pad or have a bunch of voice commands.

      • BF4FAN

        Controllers like PS-Move and Hydra are the only conformable way to have mouse like control on console.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        Are you retarded? The Move??? Yeah, because I want to be swinging a pink magic wand everywhere when I play Battlefield..

        • Jacobpro

          Do you really think that EA would make the move ball glow pink in BF4? SIGH, Why even waste our time posting such dumb comments?


          The only reason your move controller glows pink and is considered a
          “magic wand” is because you play causal crap with it and don’t play
          hardcore games with the Move like the rest of us (like resistance 3,
          infamous 2, Killzone 3, ect). For the rest of us its red and is just a
          gun, our hand, ect.

        • KnowIt

          you can just put your arm on the arm rest of your chair or your lap and
          aim with your hand and wrist in 1ST Person Shooters-No need to aim with
          your entire arm unless you want. You don’t even seem to really know
          anything about the PlayStation Move.

        • petepablo

          You play causal games that make the Move glow pink rather then playing hardcore PlayStation Move games like Infamous 2 or Resistance 3? Looks like someone needs to man up.

        • Salah Wazzan

          ok fuckface just be a Xbox hobo begging for money while we have fun with move assault rifles aiming realistically

    • OnEMaN

      Don’t know why Microsoft didn’t make a more innovative controller for the Xbox One? it would have been great to have a hydra/move like setup on the One for better, more mouse like control in BF4 and other FPS.

      • rOBOcOP

        Sony and Microsoft need to get rid of the DS4 and ONE pad in favor of true next-gen controllers the Move.

        • arzate

          True. Gameplay needs to move forwards not backwards.

        • GameGuyy

          You’re kidding me? I want to play with a controller because it’s a video
          game. If you want to shoot people use a paint ball gun. These are video
          games and the controllers we have now are perfectly fine.

          • GunGGuyy

            You think its just as easy to start a paintball match as it is to join up in a matchmaking lobby in a fps? Give me a break…

          • shootergrace

            Well, if you don’t like shooting people don’t play shooters.

          • expertcontrol

            People don’t just prefer using the ps-move in FPS for its added realism, they also prefer it for its precise aiming.

            • battlefield4life

              Agree with expertcontrol: its the same reason people want an option for mouse support in fps.

          • nickdog

            The point of FPS is to shoot people…Why not have a better way to do so with the Move controller?

          • paintballer

            You are suggesting that everyone totally give up The PlayStation move in favor of paintball? That is so impractical…Just think of it…You call up your friend who lives 25 miles or more away..”Hey, i know its like 9:00pm and its raining like crazy…but do you want to gather 7 other people together and start a paintball game?” friend: “NOPE! You should have just bought a PlayStation Move setup like the rest of us.

          • Peter Waldock

            perfectly fine?!? That’s not very ambitious. it just makes sense if you play a game where you are shooting you should be holding a gun, not pushing thumb sticks!

      • XFistsClenchedX

        The Move is terrible. Nobody wants to use the Move in Battlefield.

        • YouTrolllll

          Its clear You are an XBot troll…I looked at your comment history on
          Disqus and Most of your posts are anti-Playstation/pro-Xbox.

        • move4bf4

          Looks like people want Move support in BF4 to me. 🙂

        • Yestus

          Could XFistsClenchedX make it any more clear he is an xbone? Go back to your hole troll.

        • LONEwOLF

          You can play with a Xbox or playstation pad and let auto aim save you, others will play with the PlayStation Move and let their skill and precision aiming dominate.

        • FPSFAN

          People want to use the Move in BF4 because they want to aim quickly, precisely and realistically: They don’t want to have to fumble around for 10 seconds and use autoaim just to get a headshot with analog sticks.

        • sandmandan

          What are you going to say next? That nobody wants Oculus Rift support? Stop being so clueless.

        • pcnexus

          People want PlayStation Move support for the same reason they want Mouse support——–fps’ were never meant to be played with just analog sticks.

        • gotgame

          you and just one other person are the only people complaining about PS-Move support BF4…everyone else doesnt mind having PS-Move in BF4 and are very interested in seeing how great it would be.

  • Mic Bloom

    Kinect and the light bar are real gimmicks and wouldn’t truly add anything worthwhile to the gameplay of bf4. EA. needs to add something like playstation move support and oculus rift support, because i think that would truly add to the core/hardcore experience with better immersion and more mouse-like/realistic control.

  • next gen gameplay

    Hardcore games need more precise control and the PlayStation move would do that… Nuff said.

    • Peter Waldock

      PS Move and killzone rock. So many people seem to hate it.. baffles me, it just makes sense if you play a game where you are shooting you should be holding a gun, not pushing thumb sticks!

    • Crazy4Cougars

      Agreed! PlayStation Move gun and receiver, We know you have some high-tech stuff going on behind closed doors ahah let us play, we’re like little scientists as well 🙂 I’m a hunter, I love me some BF! But if I could point and shoot like It’s a bird slammin’ through the air, I’m all for it!


    How is swiping a touchpad any move innovative then using a button? In Battlefield 4, we would be better off with Move support for better aiming.


    Who cares about the DS4 or Kinect????…EA, GIVE US PLAYSTATION MOVE SUPPORT IN BF4 for the PS4 EA!!!!!

  • ConCity Soldier

    It’s always nice to have a motion control option in shooters. I first started with the NES Zapper. 🙂

  • Rodrigo Carp

    I play Bf3 And Bf4 beta using the razer Hydra and it Rock´s.
    Not an easy learning curve, but, wen you get there, no more mouse and keyboard for ever….

  • Md Atif

    I recently tried my hands on MOVE (motion controller) in Killzone3 and I
    am amazed how much more fun it is then to use regular controllers that
    includes DS3, I guess Karl-Magnus never really played Killzone3 using
    move + nav controllers, my advice to him is to take help of someone who
    is good with motion controller then see how amazing it is over DS3

    Killzone3 was my 1st shooting game with it and it is so
    amazing that I dont want to play with my DS3 controller, all it takes
    is little time, some adjustments and strength (in arms) to get use to
    it, but once you are then its so much more fun and manytimes better
    experience than DS3. For now I’ll hunt down every Move compatible
    shooting games that I can, sadly its not going to be Battlefield 3 for

  • Md Atif

    Also if Move cant make Battlefield4 a better game then try to make Battlefield4 a better game that can use move because DS3 surely cant make it 1 if it cant be move.

    I still vote for Killzone3.