DICE Shakes Up Battlefield 3 Multiplayer With Aftermath – BF3: Aftermath DLC Preview

Set in the shattered districts, streets and villages of a post-earthquake Iran, Battlefield 3 Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation. With operational capacity severely compromised, players will fight through the dust and rubble in a vertical and horizontal urban combat setting. 

This December, Battlefield 3 fans will be treated to something a little different. Aftermath, the fourth multiplayer expansion to hit DICE’s star military-shooter, will expand upon the world of Battlefield with new locales, new vehicles, a new game mode and a intriguing new weapon. More importantly, expect a some thematic elements in your multiplayer as events in the single player will directly affect your gameplay experience.

Those who thoroughly enjoyed the unique flavor that the Vietnam expansion brought to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 might get a good kick out of Aftermath. Unlike previous Battlefield 3 expansions, Aftermath is the first to really utilize the setting in which it takes place. Sure, it’s set in the aftermath of a post-earthquake-struck Iran, something we’ve already seen in the single player campaign and some multiplayer levels, but the flavor and story runs consistently throughout every aspect of this particular expansion.

Character skins have been altered to convey the hardships these soldiers have had to endure during the earthquake, the same earthquake that nearly killed Sgt. Blackburn in the single player campaign. Both the American and Russian soldiers now look bloodied and bruised, as if they’ve just survived some rough tumbles and falling debris. Though the earthquake has passed, tremors rumble throughout the course of a match which can have devastating effects if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Civilian and transport vehicles have been retrofitted with military equipment as soldiers make the most with what they’re left with. Lastly, the new game mode, Scavenger, directly ties in to the story being told here in Aftermath, but more on that later.

American soldiers bloodied and bruised after having survived the earthquake.

Aftermath, like previous expansions, will introduce four brand new maps to the mix, two of which have been revealed thus far; Epicenter and Markaz Monolith. Speaking to DICE Producer Craig Mcleod, I was informed that fans can expect similar map sizes to the ones included in the Back to Karkand expansion with a good mix of vehicle and infantry combat. Unlike Close Quarters or Armored Kill, you won’t find any extremes here, and as mentioned above, these four maps will be heavily shaped by the destruction that took place only moments before. That means you can expect both natural and unnatural cover thanks to the uneven and jagged terrain, as well as a lot of vertical gameplay and a number of hidden pathways that can be used to flank the enemy. Both military and civilian transport vehicles will play a large role, though they have been modified and tweaked by surviving soldiers to suit the more urban environments. Three new vehicles, in particular, are being introduced with Aftermath; the Phoenix, Barsuk and Rhino.

The particular map I had the fortunate chance to enjoy, Epicenter, reminded me of a ravaged and war-torn mix of Strike at Karkand and Grand Bazaar. Fallen debris provided all sorts of different routes, man-made or not, to the objective, but still provided plenty of room to grab a modified Vodnik with multiple gunner positions to patrol the streets in. What was particularly interesting to me was that hidden passage ways could be discovered by blowing up certain barriers with either explosives or conveniently placed gas canisters. These could then be used to flank the enemy or as a quick escape, should you find yourself cornered. As mentioned earlier, tremors literally shake the battlefield at random moments throughout a match. These tremors cause falling debris in certain areas, so if you’re not situated correctly, your looking a major headache, literally. All Aftermath maps will support vanilla Battlefield 3 game modes like Conquest and Rush – even the popular Gun Master mode from Close Quarters – as well as the newly introduced Scavenger mode.

An aerial view of Epicenter, one of the four new maps included in Aftermath.

Scavenger is a heavily-themed new game mode that revolves around the story that Aftermath tells. As a soldier that has just survived a devastating earthquake in the middle of a heated battle, you’re left with nothing but your pistol and a limited amount ammo. However, just because an earthquake may have knocked you and a number of other soldiers off their feet, it doesn’t mean all those weapons have disappeared. They simply need to be found again.

Scavenger has players searching for their weapons.

Upon starting up a match, you’ll only have your choice of class (which, in this case, only dictates your skin or look) and your choice of sidearm and specialization along with one grenade. On top of your assigned task of capturing three objective points (exactly similar to Conquest Domination introduced in Close Quarters), you’ll need to search every corner of the area to find yourself some better gear. Scattered among the battlefield are three different tiers of randomized weapons. Tier one includes your basic SMG’s or PDW’s while tier two sports your more powerful shotguns and sniper rifles. Lastly, the third tier grants you your more effective LMG’s and assault rifles. However, don’t get too comfortable with your M16A3, should you find one. Chances are, you may blow through one or two mags before you’ll need to find some more firepower. This provides an interesting, non-class-based twist on your action-packed Conquest Domination (similar map sizes can be expected) and adds a whole new layer of gameplay.

However, a new setting, new maps, new vehicles and new character skins are not all Aftermath has to offer. Get a load of the brand new Crossbow!

The brand new Crossbow equipped with a red-dot sight.

This unique, makeshift crossbow (a heavily-modified assault rifle, in actuality) takes up a spot in your equipment slot and doesn’t replace your primary or secondary weapon slots. While it is just one weapon, it includes two variations and sports four different ways to kill. Yes, you’ll have four different bolt-types to choose from when wielding this bad boy, as well as two different sights: the red-dot or 8X rifle scope. Your bolts include the standard tip (mid-range, mid-damage ), the scan bolt tip (proximity detector), the high-explosive bolt tip (great for vehicles) and the balanced bolt tip (long-range). The best part about this particular weapon is that you’ll be able to bring it back into regular or other expansion playlists and maps, as with previous DLC weapons.

Like previous expansions, brand new assignments and achievements will be up for grabs when Aftermath drops. These range from assignments dealing with some of the new vehicles, to those specifically aimed at accomplishing feats with the new Crossbow weapon.

In all, Aftermath is sure to shake up the Battlefield multiplayer experience this December with some new and exciting gameplay mechanics on top of all the goodies we’ve come to expect from our lovingly crafted and content-rich Battlefield 3 expansions. Look forward to more on Aftermath, including an interview with DICE producer Craig Mcloed, as we approach the coming months right here on MP1st!


DICE has listed Battlefield 3: Aftermath for a November 27 release for PlayStation Premium members, most likely meaning a December 4 release for Xbox 360 and PC Premium members, a December 11 release for non-Premium PS3 users and a December 18 for non-Premium Xbox 360 and PC users. Aftermath is included in all Premium memberships but can be purchased individually for $14.99 USD or 1200 MS points.

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What about Battlefield 3: Aftermath are you looking forward to the most; new maps, new vehicles,new character skins, the new game mode Scavenger, or the new Crossbow weapon? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Great article! I think my anticipation for this DLC will be greater than the previous releases. -Rumpo

    • Laser0pz

      When this comes out, you’ve gotta make an open server for Crossbow-only games 😀

  • Mike

    Sounds better to me than people hogging all the tanks in the past dlc.

  • PTFO Nico

    Looks great cant wait!!

  • woooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt

  • So I can use the crossbow to get a motion detector on a class that doesn’t have one? Or better yet give the Recon class the explosive power that was robbed from it since BC2?!

    • Basically, yes. You can give the engineer class a recon ability while the recon class finally gets some explosive firepower. Should make for some interesting class set-ups.

      • Awesome!

      • So you are sure the crossbow is available for ALL classes?

        • 100%

          • I still hope that the crossbow amo type will be class specific: recon gets the motion sensor, ammo guy gets c4 on the arrow, etc. looks like a balance issue so far.

            • Every class will be able to use all of arrow types.

          • Fuck yeah!!!!

      • zakrocz

        tbh, sounds fine for the DLC, but how’s that going to work when players bring the crossbow back to the base game/other dlcs as it could end up being quite silly with all 4 classes throwing motion sensors all over the map

  • uuh shiny. Now that I call a DLC 🙂

    • All of’em were amazing in their own way …

      • rafnexcorp

        i agree.. different people have different taste.. just be thankful DICE gives us all the options

        • And it’s a hell of a lot better than paying 15$ for maps and JUST maps.

          • and maps that are ugly, smaller and similar to each.

          • 559

            where my new weapons for this dlc god dice is full of pussy bitch’s who can’t stand up for the community against ea

            • Jason

              Wow! Obvious troll is obvious 2 negative post and counting. Go stick ur Dick in a meat grinder!

            • 559

              umad bf fnboy hhaha and am not a troll bf3 is trash

      • Kazuela

        armored kill was pure garbage, so was close quarters, at the moment the only 1 worth was back to karkand 😀

        • QwietStorm

          Armored Kill is garbage? Why?

          • Why? The maps are way too big on console, the AC130 is OP on Rush. (haven’t played it since it was released but I heard it got nerfed spawns) and there is little to no point in playing CQ on console. Once again, made for PC and done horribly on console. 🙁

          • Kazuela

            death vally is the ugliest map in battlefield history, most maps are too big even for 64 matches (they really should have increased the player count for that), the AC-130 is either overpowered on rush, or useless on conquest.

            do i need to continue?

        • @kazuela:disqus that’s why we have VA RI E TY in Battlefield!

        • I personally thought the weapons from close quarters were great. The maps, ehhh…I liked Ziba Tower.

        • You are saying garbage, i know why!!! because of the conquest mode on consoles which is boring since there is only 24 players on consoles. It’s true, but only for conquest mode.

          • Kazuela

            it’s garbage even on PC, the maps are simply too big for 64 matches, they’re ok for Rush but the AC 130 ruined that mode

            • well, first time i’m hearing this, assuming you’re playing on PC, i’m just guessing that more flags and 64 players really helped with the flow of the conquest matches on these maps, comparing to consoles. but as far as rush goes, it’s fine on consoles as well despite the OP gunship which was actually improved recently.

            • Kazuela

              64 players is the sweetspot of the vanilla and BTK maps, but as for armored kill that number falls short, especially with the increased amount of vehicles, matches end up being pretty boring

            • Jason

              WHAT!? do you even play on PC? 32 Player (8 more Players on 1 Team than a WHOLE game on Consoles) and you said the AK Maps are too BIG? wow, there are players EVERYWHERE!!! Even 32 player Conquest plays fine! u crazaaayyyy 😀

  • I expected an Osprey as an new vehicle. But that all sounds great, especially Scavenger! So excited 🙂

    • Osprey! hmmm probably in BF4.

      • 559

        dice needs copy cod again lmao dice why did you always fail

    • 559

      BORING. cod is better

      • Wycked

        then stay on cod true bf players dont want u here

        • DeLucaFTW

          A “true” Battlefield player would know that the Battlefield 3 campaign had an V-22 Osprey.

          • pigboy

            This true bf player doesn’t buy bf to do the campaign, multi player only 🙂

  • Andrew

    This sounds absolutely amazing. I haven’t bought the last 2 dlc’s but I will certainly be getting this one. Good job DICE

  • Everyone could wield the crossbow with any class in every game !? People will start using crossbow more often even in regular maps.

    • Unless it’s OHK and has less than a second to reload, I doubt it. Maybe for the dog tags, but not to outclass someone with an AEK–971

  • jahladagaming

    Isn’t Aftermath the name of a BLOPS2 map too?

  • OH MY GOSH!!!

  • Battlefield Engineer

    In Scavenger mode, I hope the weapon locations change every round. It would be sort of lame if they stayed the same.

    Also, what happens if you shoot an enemy with a motion detector arrow? Is it still lethal or no? Will it get stuck to them?

    • lol, but i think it will damage the enemy by ~ %20 and will stick to them but fell off shortly !!!

      • MasonMei

        Stick on him and show his whereabouts on your minimap all damn time when he’s alive (I mean, this spawn) 😀

    • plasid93

      Gotta wait ’till December to test that!

  • A lot of great thing are going to show off with DLC

  • plasid93

    At first this expansion looked like the least interesting of all the upcoming expansions. That trailer…wow. Now it definitely looks like the best one (for me at least).

    It’s so weird seeing all the classes so different. You know how you see character progression and the different sides of a protagonist in single player games? I think this can be applied to the classes. We spend so much time with them and we’ve joined them in the most epic battles imaginable. Actually getting to see more of the classes, who they are underneath all that armor, actually is quite epic. What I mean is it’s like seeing Ezio progress from ACII to where he was in Revelations. Except they are just multiplayer characters without a story.

    OK I’m getting a bit carried away here! But wow this looks so solid. And so glad the rumors about the aftershocks affecting gameplay are true!

  • Crossphyre

    Wow! Excited about this. This is how DLC should be done. Someone should take note. ::cough:: IW/Treyarch ::cough::

    • inFamous2-VIC

      Don’t you dare compare infinity ward with Treyarch. Lol Treyarch is 10 times the “developing team” infinity ward is.

      • Barbarbarclay

        infinity ward was*…
        they did cod4..

        • inFamous2-VIC

          Then when mw3 was made, people lost all hope for them, and most of the people who made cod4 left so this infinity ward is not one and the same.

      • SAME SHIT! 3arc must have saved the franchise after the MW3 failure, If there was no 3arc, Activision would’ve forced IW to make the necessary changes/innovations that you see now from 3arc.


    Damn, I forgot BF3 has more dlc coming. I guess all the BO2 news made me forget about it for a minute…

  • Breadmaker6

    So, I’m assuming that the Crossbow load outs will only be playable in Aftermath…I would love to have that stealthy recon option on other classes in the main game.

    • you can bring it back to vanilla maps

    • Yeah, you’ll be able to use it in all other maps and game modes 🙂

  • TheWordinator

    What about bug fixes and what-not – will those be dealt with too ?

    • i hope the audio bug/cut + input lag + quick match FIX!

    • This is what BF3 needs the most right now…hope DICE can fix a lot of bugs before this DLC and maybe at DLC launch too. There are a lot of things wrong in BF3. Then again, I haven’t played for at least 2 months.



    Looks amazing so far. Scavanger mode looks fun, though I was really hoping for a “Search & destroy” type of mode, 1 death per round.


    • IXColdBloodedXi

      Can’t you make servers with no respawns? Although I don’t really know for sure.

  • Chuckz28

    Yes! Less blue!

    • Jason

      More Orange!!! 😛 looks great!

  • Looks nice so far. Now if they announce BF3 for the Wii U, and allow 64 players on one server…

    • last time i heard BF3 won’t be coming to Wii U, But BF4 definitely will!

      • Probably would not invest another 500 hours into BF3 again, but I think it’s feasible, and would be free cash for EA and a killer launch title for Nintendo. Warfighter is already anounced for it, and the HW would make it possible to have a high player count.

  • Another great article, now this answers my questions

    • PTFO Nico

      Gigers! 🙂

  • Sam the Butcher

    I’m wondering if the weapon spawns in Scavenger will randomly change positions, so that everyone cannot learn their locations?

    • Sugar4YourCoffee

      I really hope the weapons do change position ever match. If it didn’t then visualize everyone on the teams going after one very good weapon…. LOL MASSACURE!!

  • ryan

    will there still be a helicopter in this map shown? it would be sweet to have a heli shooting in on the people with everyone trying to lock on lol

  • Patrick Bateman

    Oh great, now there’s a crossbow in BF3. Hey, if you’re gonna include unrealistic COD crap in BF3, how about you add Sleight of Hand Pro, huh? Stop catering to the COD kiddies.

    • Oliver.cooksey

      Read the comment above yours 😉 Also, keep in mind that aftermath is based in a scavenger like map…crossbows are quite realistic in that sence.

    • SWAP

      I see you are the typical Bad Companier and no the real Battlefieldier from BF1942 or BF2 (that last HAD CROSSBOW)

  • ah battlegay is done

    So this piece of shit game gets worse and worse? Hhmm just another pointless dlc package for a value less game. O and nice way to steal the crossbow from black ops 2, these DICE gots are real creative not…visuals are meh.

    • Roger

      Nice, another typical COD fanboy comment -_-”

      Battlefield 2 has crossbow, before your wife: COD.

    • Why bother to comment?

  • nickk33

    What about a option to disable color grading !! then bf3 going to look better then bc2

  • I’m skeptical that the crossbow is a good choice. I’m already hearing the complaints that it’s overpowered.

    • I think it’s going to be way more ‘useful’ than it is ‘deadly’. It takes a while to reload the bolt so it won’t be the most effective killing machine. But, we’ll see 🙂

    • Sugar4YourCoffee

      I would love to use the crossbow. I have heard complaints that it is overpowered but I don’t think so. Thnk of this… a large arrow going through your head…. That would kill you. A explosive bolt hitting you and blowing up. That would kill you. It does ballence it out because of the relode speed. I’m getting around 2.5 or 3 seconds? if you miss at close range your screwed. So its not to overpowered

  • Killer article!

  • QwietStorm

    Sounds very interesting. So in Scavenger mode, if you die or run out of ammo, is that it for your weapon(s)?

    • No, you have to search for weapons rather than always having yours readily available

    • Yeah. If you run out of ammo, you gotta find a new weapon. If you die, you’re back at your pistol.

      • QwietStorm


  • Jason

    HOLY SHIT! 😀

  • AndroidMango

    Apart from the crossbow, are there no new weapons?

    • Well I’ve read and you can Google this, that EA and DICE quietly removed from the Ads the mention of new weapons. But there is a crossbow…. Idk, more detail in the near future I assume.

  • TacticalMicrowav

    The new character skins seem to be great. The crossbow too, seems to be quite cool. Now the only thing that remains to be seen is how DICE alters and mixes the elements to produce the DLC.

    • TacticalMicrowav

      Also, for some reason, I find the DLC trailer to have a Battlefield Vietnam feeling and I am absolutely loving it.

  • DeLucaFTW

    Great article! I have a question though…On the picture with the guys running, the guy on the left, has got something on his back…Any ideas of what it could be? 🙂

    • Are you referring to the backpack-type-thing?

      • DelucaFtw

        If you look closely on the left side of his back, there’s some kind of a green…i’m not sure what it is…maybe that’s where he puts the crossbow?? Any suggestions?

        • Ahh I see it now. No idea! A bolt-quiver would make most sense though.

          • DeLucaFTW

            I think you may be right there!

    • Saw

      Thats Alice backpack like in Day Z

    • yeah true … that’s really something weird!

  • i hope the maps are different from one another. tired of the desert, brown with super sun themes.

  • Co-op missions? That would be cool! If not, then still cool!

  • I love how Scavenger Mode will take players out of there comfort zone, and force them to think tactically. I’m incredibly tired of seeing players use the same OP weapons. I can’t wait to try this out!

    • In a lot of ways, its starting to remind me of old school FPS gaming where we didnt have the luxury of choosing from a large variety of weapons. you use what you find

  • sweet I got about a week before i get this DLC. Im sure it will go by fast with MoHW. BO2, and Halo 4 in my hands.

  • NEWS: we’re getting anti-glare “Sunglasses” in After Math DLC.

  • To everyone saying Battlefield is now copying Black ops by including a crossbow and to all of the Bad Company 2 vets who never played Battlefield 2: Special Forces years before Black Ops even released…no just watch this


    • What the heck!? You could do that in a Battlefield game? Pretty cool dude. Thanks for sharing.

    • Now we can only can use bolts instead of a zipline. What a shame

      • i give you a small hint ….. BF4!

    • Joe

      BF3 copied enough of BO w/ its garbage campaign — the crossbow thing is moot.

      • delete ur comment and F.O.

        • Iron Dragon

          Don’t be such and Arab slayer Aria.

          • Iron Dragon

            Sorry meant *an*instead of *and*

    • 559

      It was so bad BF2 nobody ever used it LMAO everybody getting happy for a crossbow DICE FAILS AGAIN

  • DICE y u no put snow map?

    • OliverCooksey

      Because it doesn’t snow In Therahn?

  • KennyKyle

    im fucken crying cuz this sounds so amazing!

  • ah battlegay is done

    So this piece of shit game gets worse and worse? Hhmm just another pointless dlc package for a value less game. O and nice way to steal the crossbow from black ops 2, these DICE gots are real creative not…visuals are meh.

    • Suck a dick

      Stole the crossbow from black ops? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s been around since battlefield 2! You should probably get your facts straight before you post anything like that… And if you do not believe me watch this video —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cCuwnRB5Bg

    • 559

      yep this game tried to stand up to COD and got destory your %1000000000000000000000000000000000 RIGHT

    • Sugar4YourCoffee

      Dice stole the crossbow from Black Ops? No sir you got it ALL wrong. Battlefield had the crossbow in their previous game far before Black Ops introduced it. You could say Black Ops took it off of them! And “Visuals are meh”? The BF3 visuals are far more supperior then any game like BO, BO2, MW3, or anything they created. You know thats true. Now go back to your low budget, crappy made, bad graphic Black Ops and leave the true games to BF3. Good day.

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  • Johnny Neat


  • Casavult

    So they removed 10 weapons from the DLC just to add a friggin’ crossbow? GG DICE…

    • Oliver Cooksey

      Aftermath wasn’t going to have any weapons.

    • 559

      yep ea is a greedy company

  • Looks great. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Gannon

    Not hating on the DLC at all here, cause it looks sick. Probably one of the best.
    But i like BF games for their relative realism. Is a crossbow at all realistic in these situations? Seems kinda like they’re just adding stuff to make people say “coooool” and not really worrying the absurdity of it.
    Again, not hating. For all i know maybe a crossbow IS realistic, this is just kinda what it seems like to me.

    • Nick Loner

      “out of place” would be a better way to describe it. If it was a recon-only gadget – it would make a bit more sence.
      Personally though, I don’t mind as long as it’s balanced and fun.

      • Gannon

        Well said.

  • Hot-Wire

    High explosive arrow? Maybe Recon can now have a anti-tank weapon :D.

  • Hot-Wire

    Wonder if the prox arrow can stick to vehicles or if it is stuck to vehicles would paint it for javelins :).

  • asgaro

    Interesting article.

  • Ol1VI3R

    great information.. nice cant wait

  • Twin

    I’m expecting a lot of ‘Bad Luck’ deaths during the tremors.

  • Awesome articles.. this is why I love reading all BF3 on MP1st rather than the other site!! 😀
    Can you confirm if the new char skin can be carried to the base game? I think it wil be great to see a new breed of clone soliders. And nice to finally see the Russian faces. I think the US support guy looks bad ass without the helmet!

    • Ninja

      carrying the skins over into the vanilla would be sick as shit!

      • Nick Loner

        Agreed. Another reason for people to buy the dlc. DICE should really consider this feature as it will benefit both them (more sales) and the players (more customization).

    • That would be awesome. Sadly, I have no idea!

  • Nick Loner

    Scavenger is probably what makes me most interested in the DLC. Sounds like a very unpredictable version of conquest. I hope it turns out well (and more randomized that Gunmaster…).
    Tremors and hidden passages also sound exciting. I just hope there will still be room for scout helicopters.


    it IS cod!!! LMAO

    • 559

      it was bf2 but bf3 is trash

  • CG13

    “the scan bolt tip (proximity detector)” Yes! BC2 style motion sensors!

  • omg! This sounds like it will be far and away my favorite DLC for BF3!! “a ravaged and war-torn mix of Strike at Karkand and Grand Bazaar” – I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better map. That sounds absolutely perfect. I love that we’ll be able to play Gun Master on these maps too. And Scavenger sounds like the most interesting DLC game mode to be introduced yet! and DAT CROSSBOW!! I LOVE DICE!!!!

  • 559

    Where my new weapons I was promise FUCK YOU EA. crossbow that’s it i never used that piece of shit in BF2. God BF series is going down the SHIT HOLE THANK YOU EA FUCKING MONEY DEVIL COCKSUCKERS. DICE < VALVE FACT YOU MAD BF FANBOYS

  • Faraz

    This trailer …… gave me goosebumps.

  • Faraz

    And David I am jelly of u u already played one map!!!!!!!!!!

  • 559

    $15 for boring maps and a stupid crossbow ripoff. cod maps are better BLACK OPS 2 > BF3 FACT

  • I know you guys can’t see me right now, but I am smiling and uber excited for this.
    BF3 AFTERMATH woohoo :]

  • bf3fan0069

    they sould take the shemagh off the recon class, but keep the shades and headset.

    • 559

      yep dice fails yet again

  • John

    Another interesting concept here
    Lets hope it’s well done, I must say I am looking forward to the new game mode and new maps. As well as trying the new vehicles.
    Will the new vehicles carry over to the other maps/dlc’s ?

    I would have liked a few more weapons in honesty, but at least we have been offered a consolation in the cross bow I guess ;0/
    Roll on December 4th when I can get my mitts on it to try it.

    Secretly I’m still praying for either commander or dinosaurs to be released for endgame
    Surely it must be a massive big final bf3 dlc pack for the endgame one ?
    We can only hope

  • WarHero

    Crossbows? Nice

  • aaron110

    I’m really glad to hear that they are finally using the frostbite engine to give players the option to change the strategy of the game by destroying buildings and pathways to the objectives. Its about damn time!!!

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  • Kris113

    The only thing that worries me is the ‘jagged’ terrain. I get stuck on pebbles and blades of grass. Hope there is more flexibility to not get caught up on everything

  • Oinker

    Finally a level playing field. Every class running around with equal firepower is gonna be more fun than having to level up just to have a fighting chance against overpowered gear.

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  • uwantSAMOA

    Aside from all these goodies, I wish they could find a way to bring the new game modes to the older maps.

  • After its all said & done BF3 will be the ultimate shooter. BF4 seems kinda pointless IMO. They could prove me wrong of course.

  • Xander_B312

    I really hope you can use the new skins in ordinary gameplay. That would add some much needed variety to the soldiers you see on the battlefield. Any info on that, David?

  • Flabawoogl

    @Mister_V:disqus Do we have to work towards unlocking the croossbow because where’s the fun in just having it handed to us on a silver platter?

  • Kill_Joy

    Don’t care about the maps, just want me some more weapons, DICE learn from CQ, 10 weapons + 4 maps = happy community

  • Nate

    I hope the Osprey Gunner (heli from campaign) is added as a transport.
    Anybody know if that is gonna happen?

  • James

    LOL. with Scavenger mode, theres gonna be alot of awkward moments between sides.
    Me vs other dude, shooting our guns off at each other and then…we both run out of ammo :}

  • Trigger Happy


  • Question. The Aftermath DLC player skins, can we use them on the vanilla maps or only Aftermath maps?

  • anyone know what time aftermath will be avalible tomorrow?

  • pigboy

    I predict that shows will become server ban fodder as every noob will use one incessantly thinking they are ninjas, I reserve judgement, but have a feeling…

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  • Hey guys i have a big problem. My brother delete all my DLC’s by accident so i wanted to play battlefield and my guns were gone even thought i download them again. But still it doesnt show my guns and my assignments. So how can i get them back? PliZz help!

  • Juan garcia

    Hey. Need help. So i download aftermath but my bro accidently erased all my stuff from battlefield 3 n so i dont have my weapons and assignment any more n i download all of the DLC but still dont know wat the problem is. 🙁 ill be happy if u guys can help me. Thanks.

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