DICE Teases Futuristic Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC, Full Reveal Tomorrow

Developer DICE LA is teasing Battlefield 4‘s fifth and final expansion pack, Final Stand, revealing its official key art and dropping a few hints as to its contents.

The studio posted this video on Facebook, containing a few brief clips, some of which we’ve attempted to capture in the stills below. The teaser appears to give off a very futuristic vibe, perhaps giving a nod to the fan-favorite Battlefield: 2142.

According to the post, Battlefield 4: Final Stand’s full reveal will take place tomorrow at 9pm PST. So, stay tuned for details and gameplay from known YouTube personalities who’ve indicated that they’ve already had some hands-on time with the DLC.

Last we heard, Final Stand is bound to hit a Fall release, though we may get a more specific date tomorrow.

Watch the teaser and check out the images below. Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.28.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.28.30 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.28.51 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.27.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.27.51 PM

  • Mr Frags

    Yes! The leak from months ago must’ve been true. Very excited. For those who don’t know, the work-in-progress maps were:

    1. Arctic Research
    2. Titan
    3. Walker Factory
    4. Sub Base

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Rustyfrags or DannyonPC?

      • Mr Frags

        Rusty, lol.

    • Stigr Kullberg

      Yeah I think it was you who posted about it, right?

      • Mr Frags

        The initial leak was from /u/leakthecontroller on reddit. He also leaked Naval Strike and Dragons Teeth.

    • To throw in some speculation on my part, I’d be willing to bet that Final Stand will act as a sort of bridge or prequel to Battlefield: 2142.

      For one, the key art and what was shown in the trailer still appears to be near future — not quite 100+ years ahead. Second, if those map names hold true, it sounds like the beginning the setting takes place on the brink of a new age of warfare; Arctic Research, Walker Factory, etc.

      Perhaps the research is being done to build these giant walkers? Just my two cents.

      • Mr Frags

        Definitely agree. I see them keeping the average Battlefield vehicles with a few futuristic goodies here and there.

        • Yep! And I suppose they gotta make sure these new future weapons make sense with all the current weapons in the game, assuming they’re going to mix it all together like every other DLC so far.

          • Will Hamlett

            Wow…this would be the closest thing to a semi-game conversion since Bad Company 2: Vietnam….looking forward to this…..wonder if we will get Walkers?!?!?

            • jj16802

              2020 may be a bit too early for mechs. My guess the tech will be somewhere along the line of the gadgets in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

              But I hope there are references to the EU/PAC conflict.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              You know, surprisingly, they might actually have it at that point, they’ve already made things invisible. That’s at the GR:FS stuff, not mechs.

            • jj16802

              Maybe within the next couple of years, we’ll see these gadgets get polished and used by the military.

              As for mechs, I think the closest thing we have is a robotic pack mule some students made at MIT. That’s going to take a while.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              Honestly, I don’t see the point to a mech, they’d be very clumsy and would only fill the role that MBTs and IFVs do, they just seem to be things mecha lovers want.

          • Devin Jackson

            Yeah, But in BFBC2 Vietnam you cant use the main game items. So we will just have to see how different this is.

      • jj16802

        After looking at the video for the first time, I’m having the same thoughts as well. It’s about time they make a 2142 sequel!

    • david tomlinson

      Snowboards could be real fun.

    • Aria68

      Walker Factory ?! is that mean we gonna be seeing some type Mechs or Robots ?! 😮

    • MeisseN

      Hmm I doubt if anyone will ever take this

      • Antman

        Did u purchase that…??
        or is it n unlocked item??

  • MegaMan3k

    I have yet to see anything as exciting as Close Quarters or Aftermath in the BF4 DLC.

    And, yknow what? I doubt I ever will.

    • Benjamin

      Close Quarters was pretty bad. The micro destruction looked good, but the maps were weak.

      Nothing so far has topped the Vietnam expansion.

      • RageMojo

        The first BF Vietnam was better.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Maybe, I personally never played it, but I’ve heard that it wasn’t that good. It was pretty much a Battlefield 1942 “DLC” from what I’ve heard. Well, BF2142 wasn’t different either.

          • RageMojo

            Those people are wrong and horribly so. It was nothing like 1942 at all. It was the first iteration of the mobile spawn point and allowed choppers to pick up tanks and jeeps and move them to a different part of the maps. Don’t listen to people that obviously never really played it. Also 2142 was very different. Of course the same core mechanics of flag capture will always be present, it is the core of BF games, but 2142 introduced many new things also, like titan mode and the very first IO map in BF history.

      • MegaMan3k

        Close Quarters is probably my favorite BF3 map pack. I thought the maps were great. Domination was an excellent addition.

        • david tomlinson

          Does anybody miss gunmaster gametype? It played so well on cq and aftermath.

          • MegaMan3k

            I miss Scavenger.

        • Ryan Schulze

          Close Quarters was fun at times, but the issue with Close Quarters was that it only allowed one way to play. There weren’t any Rush maps. Even the Conquest variation just used the same base map. You got one map with one variation. Every other map pack allowed every base mode. Even if there was something unique like Gun Master, you could also play TDM, Rush, and Conquest on that map. That’s what I didn’t like about CQ. A map pack devoted to one style of play period.

          • awkenney

            There’s always going to be the argument of variety/diversity/risk VS tried-and-true. This discussion has been long played out. Variety/Diversity/Risk won among players because the majority prefer that design.

      • Jamal Alariby

        Special forces for BF2 had way more content and variety ( it was still the same time era as BF2 tho)

    • RageMojo

      You know why? Because those are call of dooty styled maps, not historical battlefield maps.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel


        • RageMojo

          Yes, Historical. Before EA decided to go console and compete with CoD BF games were much more distinct from other games. BF1942, BF2 and BF2142 all shipped with no such thing as infantry only or close quarters maps. IO was introduced at the very end of the peak of BF2142 and was added to BF2 well past its peak and it was also player made mod. I am not against some IO maps and game play, but it is NOT what made battlefield distinct and popular. It was a massive success without this pandering and copying other games BS they do today.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Battlefield 1942 had a TDM mode. You’re wrong.

            BTW they NEED to have IO modes. It is how the modern day works. This isn’t 2005. TDM is the most known game-mode ever. Battlefield needs to have that. Battlefield has evolved with the time.

            I don’t know what kind of shit some of you have on your minds, but how are Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Damavand Peak, Tehran Highway, Noshaar Canals, Karg Island or even Seine Crossing and Grand Bazaar “call of dooty styled maps”.

            Siege of Shanghai, Paracel Storm, Flood Zone, Goldmud Railway, Dawnbreaker, Hainan Resort, Lancang Dam, Rogue Transmission and Zavod 311 have LITERALLY NOTHING to do with CoD maps.

            • RageMojo

              wtf does TDM have to do with anything?? There was NO close quarter IO maps in any BF game before the last patch of 2142. Look it up. That is a fact, I played 2142 till the day gamespy shut down. BF added IO and close quarters to directly compete for CoD players, period. The TDM modes still had vehicles in all the BF games, there was a jeep even in the 16 player maps.

            • NuttyTheSquirrel

              But TDM is still infantry focused. And just because BF3 had close quarters maps doesn’t mean that they were going full CoD on us. Last time I checked Close Quarters didn’t mean Call of Duty.

              Close Quarters: a situation of being uncomfortably close to someone or something;
              a small, cramped place or position;
              in close proximity; very near together;
              direct and close contact in a fight.

              No Call of Duty there.
              The thing is, just because they decided to make Infantry only maps doesn’t mean that it is changing roots. And Battlefield 4 is the complete example of that. Battlefield 3 was the only Battlefield game were you could kinda say they were aiming for the Call of Duty players, and guess what? They did an excellent job in attracting players.

              Oh and what about the “Large Quarters” A.K.A Armoured Kill, were those maps trying to compete with Arma? Or maybe Planetside?
              DICE obviously wanted to make both scenarios.

              None of BF4’s maps were even close to CoD maps. Operation Locker was the closest, but it still had a shit-ton of medium-long/ range engagements. Most maps were open and perfect for long range engagements. The only ones that steer away from that category are Operation Locker, Flood Zone and Dawn Breaker.

              All the map DLC were big, expect for Dragon Teeth which had one map that can be considered close quarters (Pearl Market).

            • RageMojo

              If you cant see it then there is no point discussing this. You don’t need to take it personal dude, it is like music and movies and everyone has their own experience. I have been playing Battlefield since release day in 2002. BF3 and BF4 are a fucking joke compared to BF2, 2142 and 1942. They absolutely are more CoD like that they were. In fact the flying in BF3 and BF4 is more like the stupid free to play battlefield than the older games. The game is becoming watered down shit compared to the glory it once had.

  • pillowpetJeff

    That one snow map they tease reminds me far too much of BF2142 but that makes me happy.
    And what’s with that cover art. Why does this happen every DLC this is nuts.

  • I find interesting the whole BF4 futuristic vibe, we’ll see tomorrow how it looks

  • Brandon

    I see they’re beta-testing the Hoth map for Battlefront

  • swipe_06

    I think this comes bundled with the CTE patch we are all waiting for. Once this DLC is out, BF4 will take up its final form, so lets hope its a stable one. On a positive note, this DLC seems quite unexpected.

  • Gannon


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  • Katana67

    Eh, not a fan.

    Will be even less of a fan of this DLC if they allow the gadgets (presumably the flying-gatling-gun) and lord knows what future weapons back into the rest of BF4.

    I loved BF 2142, as a separate game. Not as an addition to BF2.

    Hopefully the maps will be good.

    • MeisseN

      I saw a leaked CTE screenshot about a new Assault gadget DS-3 which functions like a decoy, creating fake soldier locations on enemy minimaps

      • Katana67

        Good thing I play Hardcore only.

    • RageMojo

      your statement is kind of funny considering the hover gattling is a real life weapon. it isn’t gaming sci fi creations, it is a honest to goodness real life weapon. It only hovers though and this one in the game seemed to be flying along at a good clip.

      • Katana67

        Much in the same way that concept cars are futuristic. They’re experiments, prototypes for a future product which may certainly never see the light of day.

        That and the discrepancies you cite (i.e. hovering vs flying) are pretty big technological differences…

        It’s prototypical technology that is still dependent on FUTURE development.

        • RageMojo

          I do not disagree with you, but clearly what they are doing here is teasing 2143 as one of the next BF games.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Those are all Battlepickups.

      • Katana67

        Which is something that was not known three days ago when I posted this. They’ve since posted the trailer and/or footage indicating as such.

  • Guest

    It doesn’t seem so futuristic too be honest. The Mi-28 and the Ka-60 are in the last pic and by like 2030, they both being replaced by something called the Mi-28NM (Stealth Helicopter) and the the V-37. Same with the US, the USMC would get a AH-1Z Block II variant (probably for stealth) and maybe a stealth UH-1Y venom (like the Stelath Blackhawks)
    Battlefield 4 itself anyways is futuristic since the F-35B, Su-50, J-20, AK-12 Series, futurized QCQ-05 (JS2), and then LSAT are in the game anyways. Plus the player models themselves seem to have HUD helmets/glasses/contacts so tey can spot people, and wearing REAL exoskeleton like HULC that’s being tested IRL (That is actually hidden under uniforms unlike in CO).

    If it is futuristic DLC, they should add gecko gloves (like in Black Ops II), and maybe a grappling gun (cause we have those too now IRL anyways) for just those maps only and maybe they come back in vanilla and other DLCs as Future “Insert Game type” (Ex: Future conquest). I’d like to see how it would play out.

    And yes finally snow maps!!! There was only like 2 in BF4.

    • MegaMan3k

      well the game does take place in 2020

  • MrMultiPlatform

    The first 3 pics reminfd of Battlefront.

  • kingwill4231

    Gonna have to bide my time with this coming out and having Destiny and probaably COD advanced Warfare.

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  • jj16802

    Holy crap. I haven’t felt this excited since I saw the BF2142 teaser as a kid! If this is actually good, this may be the only DLC I will ever get.

    Just for the nostalgia:


  • Paul Thomas

    Here’s hoping for Tank Superiority, Scavenger, and/or Gun Master.

  • B_Boss

    Damn…I might have to eat tons of crow…..if DICE/EA pulls a 2142 Sequel….I was betting the farm on BC3 being the next DICE BF title but then again futuristic FPS seems to be the way things are heading (CoD, TFall, Destiny, etc) and it wouldn’t surprise me if EA decided that in order to keep up or stay relevant within this new ‘futuristic FPS momentum’ (I tremble at the thought I know…) DICE should go ahead and build from one of their top titles as well….I cannot wait to see what unfolds.

  • PayneX023

    who f&*%^ing cares, destiny is out…

    • Guest

      Who the fuck cares, destiny is another overhyped game like watchdogs

  • ButteredBread

    Sooooooo…..nobody sees that BC2 “Heavy Metal” map in the background?


    • jj16802

      Well it could be Armored Shield as well.

    • Mr Frags

      Wind Mills don’t inherently equate to Heavy Metal. Plus, Heavy Metal was in a grassy valley.

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  • Stefan Semmelhofer

    BattleNonSense spoted the Final Stand maps in the new CTE patch!

    • MeisseN

      Haha 14G update and having to uninstall and reinstall just to update.. DICE is so great in terms of (unintended) trolling now 😉

      • RageMojo

        you clearly dont understand CTE if you think that is unintended trolling.

        • MeisseN

          Nah, whatever man I’ve deleted that after the netcode patch before Dragons teeth (which improved nothing at all, or went even worse). I appreciate DICE’s effort and that’s why I bothered to use the word unintended and to put it in brackets. But the patch size is just insane.

          • RageMojo

            When it is released to the public it will not be 14g, nor will people have to do a completely new install. Those are factors of the CTE being changed.

            • MeisseN

              Just like how it’s supposed to be….

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  • xHDx

    I can’t help thinking of Star Wars when you say Arctic Research and
    Walkers, and I have no idea why. The way the trailer is structured makes
    me think of that every time. might just be me though. Looks like the best DLC yet. I’m glad they included vehicles this time around. Getting a bit sick of infantry on the recent DLC.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Well, this pretty much confirms next battlefield in 2016 will be bf 2143

  • Aria68

    FUCK YEAH! It’s time to show the COD and TF kiddies, we had it all way back in BF 2042, i’m thinking that BF5 in 2016 will be leaning a lot toward futuristic warfare.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      i play TF and Battlefield. So, does this make me a TF kid or what?

    • MeisseN

      Do you have to get FUCK YEAH-ish excited about every piece of Battlefield stuff? I mean who the hell screams things like that… how old are you anyways

    • S4mson

      It’s not 2042, junior. It’s 2142.

      Looks like we got ourselves a COD child posing as a BF veteran here, guys.

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  • mechcell

    In the 2th pic, it called metal storm.

    Hover Tank
    Pod Launcher

    Metal Storm

    Knife Tanto

    Source: http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-general-discussion/8333-final-stand-weapons-vehicles-gadgets/#post264328

  • Mike Jones

    lets all get hyped about dlc that most people paid for before the game came out!….and then get hyped that the next BF will be in the future!….and then remember that BF4 is still broken almost a year after launch….oh well take my money EA and start the process over again yay!….. : /

    • awkenney

      Spot on.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      BF4 is broken in what?

      I’m sorry but I really have to say this —> You’re stupid.

      • Mike Jones

        keep pretending there are not still multiple glitches,hit reg/server issues across all platforms if you want….better than it was in the first few months after launch don’t get me wrong,but still completely unacceptable for a monster AAA title that was a financial success 11 months after release(for anyone with a brain anywho)

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          Its not acceptable and they’ve learned from it. Thats why they integrated CTE and delayed Hardline, that gonna come out with all the CTE improvements. Can we finally get over it? Because there is no solid AAA FPS to play untill Rainbow Six comes out

          • Mike Jones

            only in gaming are companies given such leeway to release broken products and hopefully fix them later….lets not pretend that EA gave dice any option to push back a game that i have ZERO doubt they knew would be faulty because they felt it needed to hit shelves before cod….and there are plenty of fps games to play(and function as they are supposed to) they are just not your cup of tea apparently

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              There are plenty of FPS??? Call me one that’s not outdated and one i haven’t played. I play multiplayer FPS since 2006

            • Mike Jones

              i already said the ones that are out there are obviously not your kind of game….go use google if you want a full list but you are insane if you think there are not other fps games on the market

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              Call me at least one solid AAA competetive multiplayer FPS that’s not older than 5 years and available on all platforms. Dont say Titanfall because that game is almost dead already

            • Mike Jones

              im sorry that you don’t understand english…..have a nice day 🙂

            • RageMojo

              Why would it have to be on all platforms? Consoles are the root cause gaming taking a backward step anyways. But i bet you play on a console.

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              No, i play on PC. Is there a solid AAA multiplayer shooter on PC that’s not older than 5 years?

            • RageMojo

              There are several, in fact tons. But it depends on what your looking for. Games are like any art medium and they are subjective to the experiencer. I have beat several games this year myself. But here is just a partial list of games in the last 5 years that I personally played.: Arma2 and 3, BF3,4 and Bad company 2, CoD every year, Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, Titanfall, Bulletstorm, Mirrors Edge, Metro Last Light, Serious Sam, CSGO, Payday2, Far Cry 3, Rainbow Six 2, Borderlands 2, Medal of Honor, Planetside 2 and 3, Dues Ex, Stalker, Doom, Wolfenstien, and that is just off the top of mind, feel free to look at my Steam account, same name. There is an abundance of choices.

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              You are not reading do you…

            • RageMojo

              Arrows don’t count? Also yes it falls into that category because there is no “official” First Person Melee” category. And stop being a butthurt little child. I named about 20 games and all you can say is Chivalry isn’t FPS. Get a grip kid.

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              I’m not butthurt about anything

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          I haven’t seen ANY glitch on the retail in months. The hit registration can sometimes (very rarely) have an issue but that is not on Battlefield, it is called server degradation. If you own a server you should AT LEAST restart the server 1-2 times per day.

          • Mike Jones

            oh….well…YOU haven’t seen anything….i guess the other people still complaining about it are just lying because they clearly invested in the game just to trash it for no reason…i mean the guys at dice clearly don’t think there are any issues in the game,they just continue to release patch after patch that are all for show and don’t change anything about the game,right? 🙂

            • NuttyTheSquirrel

              If I fucking say I haven’t seen any problems, who the fuck are you to say otherwise, idiot?

              I know what I see. And the latest patches haven’t even been to fix the game. They were to improve the game overall. Things like removing or adding stuff to make gameplay or gamemodes more enjoyable.
              Launching patches doesn’t mean that the game’s still broken.
              Things like removing the visual recoil, WHICH WAS WORKING, meaning that it was how DICE wanted it to be, eventhough it was a stupid idea. Things like the revolver delay, which was also a feature that DICE WANTED in the game. The flinching animation on the character was also working, meaning that it wasn’t broken. They just reduced the flinching. Improving the weapons, nerfing the weapons, adding new features, etc. You clearly don’t know shit about the CTE.

              The CTE is the best thing that could happen to BF4 since the developers can test it way more quickly. Most patches are to test stuff and see if it works. I still remember that there were like 3 patches that were just launched for us to test 3 different servers (A, B and C) and tell them what server performed the best.

              There were 5 patches just for the netcode, to test different settings that they had, so there you go. They launched around 3-6 patches to test UI Triagle and some other stuff. They launched 2 or 3 patches about bullpup rifles for us to test them. They launched a patch for us to test the FAMAS and give feedback. CTE isn’t to fix stuff, since June that it has been about tweaking and improving.

            • Mike Jones

              i didn’t say you were lying moron,i was saying because you haven’t seen anything doesn’t mean other people don’t….and now you even admit you are only aware of the status of the pc version,so go take your meds already and stop arguing about things you admit you know nothing about 🙂

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  • Guest

    Screen grab from CTE, here are the new map names!

  • Elusive7

    Screen grab

  • jj16802

    Now that I think about it, Carrier Assault from Naval Strike may have been a hidden teaser the entire time….

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  • Yaygen Mills

    BF slowly becomes a COD title just admit it. Lol