DICE Teases Battlelog 2.0

Yesterday, the development team behind the Battlelog, Battlefield 3‘s social stat-tracking service (soon to power Battlefield 4), highlighted a few incoming improvements that would soon be implemented, like better privacy and the introduction of an Android app.

Naturally, with Battlefield 4 on the horizon, DICE would most likely also be interested in a total visual overhaul of the service in order to keep things fresh and new. Today, the Battlelog team’s official Twitter account teased just that.

Here’s a small peek at the Battelog 2.0.


Obviously, this new version of the Battlelog teased above is powering Battlefield 3, which leads us to hope that the latest iteration might deploy sooner rather than later, sometime before the release of Battlefield 4.

What sort of new features would you like to see in the new Battlelog?

  • Licensedbeast

    For PC and Next-Gen consoles:
    A list of all your games… Recorded. With the option to download.

    • Sekje

      Good idea but I don’t think it will be implemented

    • blitz1904


    • Samoa

      They would need a building the size of Costco to house that much memory.

      They should do it.

      • Niosus

        They don’t need to store video files, just a demo. This is a small file that just saves the actions that happened during the game. Using this they can reconstruct the game in-engine and record it that way to video (client side of course)

        This has a few huge advantages: First of all: VERY small file size compared to video. Probably around 10-20MB/match for regular length matches. On top of that, because it’s not a video file a file that allows you to replay the entire game inside the engine: It is very flexible. You could hide the UI, or add extra elements, give the option to render it offline (= not realtime) so you can enable heavily improved graphical fidelity and more. This is something very common for high end PC fragmovies to use.

        Last, but definitely not least: Since you need to record the actions of ALL players to be able to reconstruct a full game, you actually only need to save a single demo per match. This makes the amount of data to store a lot more manageable. They could do something like keeping all demos available for 2 weeks, and after that only if someone has favorited that game or something. Of course with the option do download any demo or have them get saved automatically on your local system.

        Not to troll or flamebait, but CoD has had a demo system like this since at least CoD2 back in 2004(5?). It didn’t have the cloud storage, user interface and free camera it has today, but all the data was there, waiting to get used. I’ve used it extensively in CoD4 and I’ve got to say it is a MUST have for any game hoping to make it competitively.

        It’s possible, it’s been done before in plenty of PC games. The question is: Does DICE see how useful it is and how big of a boost it will give the community when people get creative.

    • WarHero

      I don’t think DICE doesn’t even need to implement such features into the game anymore such as the PS4 can record all gameplays from all your games now and most likely other Next Gen consoles will most likely follow but on PC they have room to implement Battle-recorder and current gen consoles.

      • Zwabber046

        only 15 minutes on PS4, it’s like half a game

        • WarHero

          That’s going to be a problem but unless Sony changes it or it’s broken into different parts so it would be easier to upload on Youtube,cause you know them they hate 30min videos

        • Not on Max Tickets! You could watch Lord of the Rings till the end while playing one round of rush.

  • What I would NOT like to see, is the K/D. It holds back people from going for the objective and every time you go on the forum, people judge you by it. (mine is 3.5 before you say anything)

    • Thats where I stopped playing COD as much. It was so much better when the info wasn’t right there. You never worried about it since you couldn’t see it as easy

    • Nick Loner

      First of all, your K/D is closely tied to playing the objective. The more you kill and the less you die – the more effective you are at capturing and defending an objective.

      Secondly, K/D has little to do with holding players back from PTO. If someone focuses entirely on getting kills – it’s because they like to play that way – run around, kill bad guys. Hiding K/D will do absolutely nothing to change that.

      • Retro

        I found more people went after the objectives in BC2 than in BF3. All that showed up and all that mattered on the scoreboard was your overall score. Get kills, play the objective and use support actions gets the high score.

        • Nick Loner

          Well, I can understand hiding K/D from Conquest and similar modes, but K/D is the meat of modes like TDM, Domi K/D isn’t important to win a round – it’s important parameter if you want to compare your skill with skill of other players .

      • Just saying

        I feel like I saw this exact same comment before. O.o

    • James K

      That’s like removing the Fat content from the nutrient information to make people eat more.

  • Some faces that don’t look like potato men.

  • blondbassist

    Oh, BL 2.0?That’s nice, now can we get an in-game server browser please?

  • now with 50% more BS and racism.

    • moon

      so true It’s amazing when thinking about. how many racists caucasians I’ve encountered while playing BF3 online.

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  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    How about integration with the fucking game? WHO THE FUCK MAKES THE SERVER BROWSER SEPARATE FROM THE GAME?

    • RNPGhost

      Lol, calm down, caps doesn’t make your point more valid.

  • leeroy_newman

    Why not just put back the old server browser, it was perfect and they now use that fucking shit called battlelog, fuck you DICE.

  • COD has theatre mode
    WE NEED BATTLE-Cinema!!!!

  • It would be nice if BATTLELOG wasn’t a TURD and you could change in game settings before you enter a match.