Battlefield 4 – DICE Could Possibly Consider Mouse And Keyboard Support on PlayStation 4, Says Dev

With Battlefield 4 making its introduction on to next-generation platforms and bringing with it much-desired features like 64-player matches and commander mode, fans may also be able to look forward to another addition, if developers DICE consider it.

Speaking with Ausgamers on the topic of whether or not DICE considered adding mouse and keyboard functionality to Battlefield 4  on the PlayStation 4, Producer Aleksander Grøndal revealed the following:

We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it.

Although the keyboard and mouse setup is widely known as being a much more precise peripheral and is preferred among professional PC gamers everywhere, this could spell trouble for those gaming with Sony’s new DualShock 4 controller. Naturally, they will be at a huge disadvantage against players using the keyboard and mouse setup.

Would you want to see the console version of Battlefield 4 support a keyboard and mouse setup? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Warlon

    Never considered buying one of the new consoles until now.

    • Ryan Schulze

      The Aim Assist wil level the playing field. I would guess that an excellent KB/M player with great equipment would dominate though. Of course, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on your peripherals and are that good at playing on PC, then you probably have a great setup that you’d rather play on. In the end, I doubt it would affect much.

  • shitnigger

    i would thought that those with keyboard and mouse would be in advantage againts ds4 users

    • Ash Ketchup

      Much like your comment, it’s likely a typo.

      • Moaad Ben

        your profile picture… man how the fuck

        • Ash Ketchup

          Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Little Kids!

    • Pardon us. Should have read “disadvantage.”

  • theplantain

    as long as they have their own servers

    • Mr. Thuggins

      And drink from their own water fountains and use their own restrooms.

  • steve

    Doesn’t matter if BF4 decides to “support” it. BF3 doesn’t and there are various mouse setups you can use.

    • CaptainZwabber

      actually you can play with mouse and keyboard on PS3 BF3

      • steve

        Exactly, that is my point. lol..

        • jaskdavis

          Yeah but linear feel and you can’t turn around near as fast on those converter sets

    • Jamic

      Most of those setups are poor and even the good ones (eagle eye/XIM ?) cant provide perfect M/KB experience because they are only emulating mouse movement with joystick movement information.

      In other words, you get huge input latency and possibly negative/accelration in your movement compared to PC gaming (though sometimes PC games have aim accelration too)

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  • I can’t imagine why anyone who likes playing with a mouse and keyboard wouldn’t use a PC.

    It’s also a huge advantage against people who use controllers. Talk about bringing balance issues to the game. I don’t know why they’d even consider it…. and to answer the dev, it doesn’t make sense.

    • Isaac Kingsley

      I’m a PC gamer, but my friends mostly have xboxs, so my choice is either play on my own on PC or get the shit kicked out of me with using a controller

      The console FPS online communities (from what i’ve seen) tend to be better than on PC

      • I get that, but I don’t know how they’d balance it with controllers without giving the controllers way too much aim assist or somehow ruining the way the mouse and keyboard works in-game. I mean especially with the armored vehicles…. the aiming with tanks on PC is crazy.

        I can’t think of any way that it actually makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game (from a balance standpoint).

        • Isaac Kingsley

          They could add in some search parameters like Mixed Lobbies and Non-Mixed(controllers only), i’m sure they’ll work something out

        • Raziel DeLisana DelVelteris

          Personally I don’t like the aim assist on the Consoles and as I turn it off on all FPS games I play on console I don’t see much of a difference between Mouse and Keyboard and the controller except the control configuration. the other difference I have seen is that on PC the movements can tend to be quicker depending on the sensitivity setting as well as the recoil control being easier. Other than that both can be precise, especially if you turn off the aim assist on the consoles. yes Keyboard/mouse combo is more precise I’ll agree (mostly because the recoil is easier to control with the mouse compared to the joysticks)

    • ktorkel

      It’s not really a huge advantage, since there are lot’s of pro’s who play with controllers.

      • The best players using a mouse and keyboard against the best players using controllers, the players using the mouse and keyboard will win most gun fights because of the more precise control it gives you. It may not be a “huge” advantage, but it’s enough to cause balance issues.

        I can’t imagine DICE wanting to take that sort of balance thing on just to sell PS4 games at the expense of PC sales. I don’t know where the up side is for DICE.

        • Tony Ramsey

          I know plenty of eagle eye users and xim users and there is only so much accuracy you can get on the adapters because it uses the information from the controller parameters… you can find areas where you can shoot right or left of a person but hard to get right on… this keeps it fair for controller guys and I feel comfortable using mouse and kb… plus I get to game with my wife who must use ps controller

    • erik

      if you buy a ps4 and get close to the pc experience instead of upgrading your pc.

      • yup

        because ps4 is more powerful

    • Bruno Miguel Porto

      AND YOU NEED TO PAY MORE THAN 900 dollars to have the same PS4 hardware on pc , and i pay 399 for a ps4 !! and playstation gamers have the best games , like the last of us , uncharted , drive club !! can you play that on your noob pc?? and dont forget you need to upgrade all the time your hardware !!!!!

      • MikePembo951

        -______- really? Can you just leave if you’re just going to post negative crap.

      • zacflame

        you know you’re dealing with a sony fanboy when they dish out exclusives and they forget inFamous.

      • mechcell

        I can see your butt is hurting you. My $500 USD budget gaming PC can outperform PS4. How many TFLOPS do PS4 got? I know only 1.84 and my GPU got 2.56 TFLOPS. It outperform both PS4 and Xbone and my GPU can outperform Xbone over double a amount. PC got way more exclusive then both PS4 and Xbone. FYI: we want to upgrade all the time for to get better FPS (frames per second) and better graphics.

        • James Mulhall

          Good for you. But the statement “PC got way more exclusive than both PS4 and Xbone” sounds really stupid to me. Yes its true, but most of your exclusives are Indie games, and the really good exclusives don’t release very often.. YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU HALF LIFE 3. 0____0

        • Joseph

          Dude, wtf is a teraflop? srs question.

      • Raziel DeLisana DelVelteris

        doesn’t matter about those games really, yes Playstation may have a lot of good exclusives (I own a PS3 and I’ve preordered a PS4) but PC has the ability for better graphics(depending on the hardware), PC can also get Emulators, not to mention the PC has the largest gaming library I have seen. Oh and not to mention some of the games mentioned at E3(excluding the Exclusives) will be on multiple platforms. take your fanboyism somewhere else please

    • its not a huge advantage your good at what ever control scheme you normally use. You wont be able to take an avid console gamer and just pop over to a pc and expect to be all of a sudden better with a control scheme your not use to.

      • If you are equally used to both, you came make quicker, more accurate shots with a mouse compared to a controller. That is a huge advantage in a shooter game.

    • darksider

      simple . a pc that can run battlefield 4 on max is way more expensive than a ps4

      • yup

        but the ps4 doesn’t run it anywhere near the equivalent of max settings on pc

  • born2expire

    why WOULDN’T they support mouse and keyboard?

  • TOROi3

    Anyone who thinks someone with a mouse would beat them before they tried is WEAK AND WOULD LOSE ANYWAY! grow some balls people. i could win with a fucking sega genesis controller.

    • ScavHD

      This…i love playing deathmatch on counter-strike global offensive with a controller,the satisfaction that i get from a single headshot is 1000 times greater than if i did it with a mouse,I’m a PC gamer at heart but i like to do weird stuff like this for the fuck of it.

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  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Sweet. I’m getting tired of the analog stick for FPS and BF4 would be a good way to start to convert to a superior control format.

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  • CaptainZwabber

    I don’t see that having that much of a problem, keyboard users might have little advantage but not that huge, almost everyone who uses a controller knows how to work it and be accurate with it, some people already use it on PS3 and I don’t see a lot of people using it and otherwise it really won’t be such a big difference

    • swipe_06

      Some people use converters like xim. Those have latency issues, and cannot properly move diagonally. At current state, you cannot really compare it to a proper KBM support.

      • CaptainZwabber

        how do you mean converters, as far as I know there are only converters like that on PC and on PS3 you can connect a keyboard and mouse via bluetooth and usb.

        • swipe_06

          you can connect it, but can you play the game with it? Probably you can use the chat only. Why would anyone buy a xim if it would work by default?

          • CaptainZwabber

            yeah you can play a game with it Luetin plays BF3 with keyboard and mouse on PS3

            • swipe_06

              Then why would anyone spend £100 for a xim? Luetin has an adapter too, if he plays KBM. Yes you can – with an adapter, but not without it.

      • Derek

        XIM doesn’t really have latency.I play PC games and 360 games (with XIM) and its almost perfect. Though tweaking the sensitivity is a pain in the ass compared to PC.

  • B_Boss

    I don’t mind this at all being a primary controller user 9despite its precision, I can’t stand using Mouse + Keyboard lol and I used it more times than I can count back in my CS days) so long as the DS4/KB+M rooms are separate. The nature and dynamic of each control scheme is so distinct that they should be separated in-gaming sessions.

    While it is so much easier executing actions in=game via KB+M, especially as a Recon getting shots (or any class getting precision shots, etc) I prefer the feel of the controller and challenge to become as precise using a peripheral less precise lol.

  • z0ml3ie P1kachu
    • z0ml3ie P1kachu

      I feel it really would be unbalanced. I’ve watched people play pc on youtube and they are insanely more accurate with everything from hip firing to sniping. And to counter one of those “you could use it too” comments. I don’t feel like setting up a table in my living room to turn my tv into a pc setup. And I don’t think dice implementing seperate servers would help. As is, this games player base is being split between 5 consoles. Splitting X1and PS4’s player base even more could be devastating to the smaller game modes..

  • Kyle Jackson

    That’s great, now for cross platform please.

    • swipe_06

      So we can play agains all those hackers/cheaters on PC? And what would be the benefit of it anyway?

      • Kyle Jackson

        So we could own you console players.

        • swipe_06

          Quite sad if you need a huge advantage to do decent.

          • Kyle Jackson

            It’s quite sad playing computer games in the first place, let alone being scared of a bit of healthy competition.

            • QwietStorm

              It’s quite sad playing computer games in the first place? What

            • Kyle Jackson

              It is though, and I play them.

            • QwietStorm

              But what does that even mean? What’s sad about it?

      • Warlon

        There’s at minimum 10X more hackers on consoles in my opinion, no I don’t have facts to prove it. Let’s take a look at Black Ops II, i’ve logged 25+ Days (no life) ran into maybe 3 legitimate hackers on PC. On console, you have lag switches, xim support, modded lobbies, aim bots hacked controllers etc. etc. Maybe it’s because the 360 and PS3 have bigger communities, but I’m glad to be a PC player where hacking is now a minimal issue.

        • swipe_06

          Thats true. Every time i played MW2, there was someone doing a speed hack, mega jump, etc. But that is COD. I played BF since release, and I cannot remember a single moment, when I was suspecting a cheater. Admin abuse exists, but Aimbot? If you seen it on the net its possibly a scam, if you ask me.
          The Xim? If anyone does better with it, kudos to him, but as far as I heard, it lags, and does not handle diagonal movement properly, and all the positive reviews are written by xim employees.
          Maybe you’re right, but as far as I seen on the BF forums, PC has enough to be mentioned, and console players don’t complain.

          • Warlon

            Dice has done a good job at countering hackers over the years. There solution? Everyone gets a minimap and wall hack! Genius idea, but i miss the glory days of being stealthy without being Q spammed to death.

    • dee breezy

      Ive been saying this for so long! especially with how big the lobbies are getting it would make it way better. If not pc at least ps4 and xbox one cross platform

      • Kyle Jackson

        It gets my vote.

  • The difference is not that great and there is not a HUGE disadvantage.. I play both, I enjoy both, and I realize that there are trade offs with a controller. Yes it is less precise, but its not like using a Wii remote here people. It has its advantages too, as the speed and dexterity you get out of a controller surpass the keyboard easily in that field. Its a trade off, and if anyone can use it.. the field is even.

    Stop writing such silliness..–> “Naturally, they will be at a huge disadvantage against players using the keyboard and mouse setup.”

    • QwietStorm

      There is a huge difference.

  • Dennis Lund

    Surely this is the stupidest idea I have heard for a long time. If you’d like to use mouse and keyboard The Young dont want a
    ps4, then of course you buy a computer. It would destroy the whole PlayStation concept. NOT A GOOD IDEA

    • Derek

      I have my PC with Dual monitors setup on my desk and guess whats connected to the HDMI 2nd input on my 2nd monitor. My Console…So it may not be a good idea for you but I love it,

  • DigitalDaniel

    As a PC and console gamer I welcome the idea. And before you downvote me, let me remind you that it’s no problem to separate lobbies. Let people with m/k play against each other instead of mixing the two.
    This would most likely just sell even more copies and include more of its community.

    I play with m/k and x360/PS3 controller, they all work 😉

    • z0ml3ie P1kachu

      Splitting lobbies would be a great solution but I’d worry about the player base in some game modes/lobbies. BF4 will already be split between 5 consoles. Take the Ps4 and X1 players and split them more could cause problems. Could already see the 64 player lobbies not filing for certain maps or game modes..

      • DigitalDaniel

        I’m really not worried about not being able to find players even if they split lobbies. Why? Because it’s Battlefield and like you pointed out it will support 64 players AND run @ 60fps, a first for Battlefield on console. The 60fps upgrade will grab the attention to CoD some players for sure.

        So I’m not worried, you’ll most likely have tons of people to play with

        • z0ml3ie P1kachu

          I’m sure there will be tons of players. And I honestly expect BF4 to win the FPS battle this year and drag more cod players over. But that doesn’t change the fact that some people will stay behind with x360 and ps3. So those cod transfers might only make up the loss in people without nextgen consoles. So say only half of PS3 players immediately jump to ps4. And then those numbers get split into controller groups. The number of players in lobbies might suffer for certain game modes..
          Idk. I don’t like the idea but I guess if we’re split up I doubt to many people would actually go KB/M so controller lobbies (and myself) wouldn’t suffer to much.
          Still think KB/M should stay with pc’s just like you don’t use a wii-mote on xbox/ps or vice versa.

          • DigitalDaniel

            I think you’re right about KB/M being a minority on console, at least at first. Don’t matter much to me, I’ll most likely get the PS4 and PC version. Only a shame that progress made on PS4 won’t carry over to PC and so on.

    • Joseph

      You realise that will split the whole game basically down the middle and lobbies will become increasingly empty and soon no-one uses the mouse and keyboard they just spent money on ‘cos there’s half a million rented servers for them and only one is full. Shitty idea, they should leave it alone.

      • DigitalDaniel

        First of all, if Dice/EA sticks to this rent-a-server service there is little to worry about. People who play with M/K would rent their own servers, just like clans do in BF3. And no, it won’t split the users like you think.. Why? Because it will attract many players that don’t play FPS games with joypad under any circumstances.

        You’re looking at this the wrong way. With M/K support they add features that would not affect the existing joypad players.

        • Joseph

          Maybe you’re correct. You certainly seem to have thought about it way more than I have haha. I’m just gonna stick with controller, easy peasy!

  • Derek

    I’m all for it, that means I don’t have to buy a XIM for the next generation. I’ve been using a XIM on Xbox360 so I can use my M/K and won’t touch a console FPS without it.

    I grew up with M/K so I feel retarded trying to play with a Controller.. though I do use a controller for everything else, racing, rpgs, sports etc etc.

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  • jrstryker

    I could see it only if they designate servers that only allowed controllers or only allowed keyboard and mouse.

  • KennyKyle

    i want to support mouse and keyboard so bad! i can’t use controllers.

  • ScavHD

    This is not an issue,everyone has a keyboard and mouse in their house these days,also what this will create is the posiblility of the same experience if you go to a friends house who has a ps4 you wanna try it out,hook up the kb&m and the other way arround,go to a friends house and he has a pc,you are ready to paly cuz you know how it goes.

  • I would much rather devs push more RTS games on console and mandate keyboard and mouse support for it. Playing RTS games on anything but is out landings, but I don’t see why consoles can have keyboard and mouse support. PC has console peripheral support and nobody is making a big case of it there.

  • Completely unfair, players shouldn’t be able to do it period.

  • henry

    this is a dumb move if they allow this feature on the consoles than the majority of players would be at a disadvantage. most console players play on consoles because we suck with mouse and keyboard

  • Jamic

    Im not honestly not too concerned about averange joes taking their mouses and keyboards because Im confident about my gamepad skills but any competent player who is experienced with mouse KB will be chalenging. I dont know if any M/KB pro’s actualy would take PS4 version over PC version but they would surely cause some major unfair situations.

    When I play on console I dont want to plug my mouse and kb onto it. I think DICE shouldnt implement support for M/KB on the PS4 version.

  • Killswitch805

    Please no, please please please. One of the reasons why I love consoles. Just not fair.

  • BillyHoWCR

    First off the question was brought up in question to PS4. But the answer was given to console ambiguity. But in the end he basically said…he can’t speak on the console next gen (because they likely haven’t even speculated outside of given control option as controller and motion control), And that they won’t exclude any thoughts on any suggestions brought to them without first considering their feasibility.

    Simple. No story here people, keep moving.

  • Eni

    I’m switching from console to PC but I have many friends on PS3 who are getting a PS4 and I am better with mouse and keyboard than a controller but I am pretty good with a controller, well very good, I have 200+ hours into PS3.
    My battlelog:

    So if this does get into BF4, well, if you still would use a controller, you would lose a gunfight more often to someone who has experience with the mouse and keyboard. However if you have experience with Battlefield with the controller, you might have the edge on gunfights as well, not everyone is at the same skill level with the mouse and keyboard. Same with the controllers. There also might be a number of people trying to learn how to play Battlefield 4 with the mouse and keyboard so you experienced controller users like me will have the edge to those gunfights. IMO this won’t be as bad as it sounds, not every keyboard and mouse user will obliterate you.

    I have been waiting for this for awhile and IMO it’s not a bad idea but the real question is, is DICE going to balance this well enough that it won’t change dramatically how us console players perform in Battlefield 4?

  • Anderson

    just make servers with “joystick only” or “kbm only” options .. /topic

  • Andrea

    I honestly hope DICE won’t do this, it would destroy the BF4 console competitive scene. Everyone at a certain level will be forced to buy a mouse and keyboard or they just won’t be able to compete. Already there are some competitive players (on PS3) that use mouse and keyboard with eagle eye or xim3 adaptors, and it’s very clear what an unfair advantage they have. And anyone saying there’s not much difference between aiming with a controller or a mouse has no idea what he’s talking about

  • Brett Beatty

    I’m absolutely for DICE supporting mouse and keyboard! I’m mainly a pc gamer but all my friends will be getting a ps4 so to play with them I’m getting BF4 for ps4 and would LOVE to keep playing with keyboard and mouse. I may put some people who use controller at disadvantage but will open up many more options for pc players to convert to ps4 and still use they’re favorite play style!

  • GeckoWacko

    Why the fuck would I buy an console in the first place then? Might as well just buy an PC and play with mouse and keyboard on that.

  • GeckoWacko

    Pls, let us know upfront DICE so I can cancel my PS4 pre-order and battlefield 4.

  • Caprica Six


  • Caprica Six

    Bunch of bitches who think they know everything RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE. Consoles would be so much better with mouse and keyboard support for all games.

  • chaotic1234

    We buy a PS3/4 because we either prefer the controller to sitting at a desk or we just like the ease of using it and its functionality, If you bring Keyboard and Mouse into it the competitive side of it all will be ruined as there will be so many people out-skilled and who would want to play a game that they appear bad on and just get killed all the time. If I wanted to use a keyboard and mouse I would ave bought a PC

  • Doot

    The new generation of laptops are becoming tablets and our flatscreen is becoming our computer. Mouse and keyboard is on its way to every major title… The choice of using a controller and its convenience should not affect all the choices. Right now the computer land is dictated by money and who has the best “gaming rig” at a certain skill level. the ps4 is an equalizing gaming platform where people should be able to use their preferred peripheral .

  • Sik6Six

    What about adding in game filters. Add filters for ppl who dont want to play with mouse and keyboard players and vise versa.

  • mrgibber

    I would love a console to have mouse and keyboard, what about those that use steering wheels or fight sticks on a console, are they not being unfair to those that use the controller, no it’s an additional control method that not everyone uses or likes, same as mouse and keyboard. You would have a choice, like you do on the Pc, plus some people are better with a controller and would stand more of a chance using their preferred method, not being forced to using something they hate. Or maybe like cod, battlefield and other games should have remained on the Pc where they started, and if you wanted to play them, then you should have bought a pc. See how stupid that sounds, like saying no to mouse and keyboard on a console.

  • Ionut Stoica

    Absolutely! And to answer to the question why playing with mouse & keyboard on a console, i would say that I like to keep PC for work while I have an console in my household and want to use it for playing. The opposite is strange, why not considering keyboard & mouse normal in a console. As input methods, they are more efficient then any others – related to human brain & anatomy. It’s a huge drawback for a console, but as I read it on Sony support page, they do provide support for keyboard & mouse but the games might not. So it’s developer’s fault to ommit this.