Disney Shuts Down LucasArts – The End of Star Wars: 1313, First Assault and Battlefront 3?

While the licensing name still exists, the studio of LucasArts, recently merged with Disney, is no more.

Kotaku reports that “Disney has laid off the staff of LucasArts and cancelled all current projects” earlier today, halting production on games like Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault.

LucasArts has issues the following statement:

After evaluating our position in the games market, we’ve decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a result of this change, we’ve had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles.

What does this mean for games like Star Wars: 1313, Star Wars: First Assault, and potentially, Star Wars: Battlefront 3? Unless any of these titles are licensed to a different developer, which would most likely result in a different game entirely, you can kiss your hopes and dreams of more mature Star Wars game, and an epic online multiplayer Star Wars FPS goodbye.

Star Wars: 1313 was set to be a more mature-themed Star Wars game that allowed you to explore the slums of Coruscant’s deepest and darkest regions as a badass bounty hunter. Meanwhile, leaked images and info of Star Wars: First Assault described the game as a downloadable first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe and also as a ‘predecessor’ to Star Wars: Battlefront 3.

Its sad to see a studio like LucasArts go and we wish all former employees the best. Maybe they can all band together to “Kickstart” the ultimate Star Wars game? We can only hope.

What are your thoughts on the loss of LucasArts?

  • You fking kidding me?! Fuck Disney and George Lucas for selling star wars to Disney.

  • Vikerii

    That really sucks. Great devs like this get shut down, yet Infinity Ward and Treyarch live on.

    • mrneoshredder

      > Made Force Unleashed 1 and 2
      > Great devs


      • DarthDiggler

        Force Unleashed wasn’t terrible, the level design was pretty spotty, but overall the mechanics were solid (post patch) 🙂

    • zach

      infinity ward live on?
      you’re hilarious.

    • IW got hit on it’s head until it was retarded, yet it still makes games. Kick it on its head again and it’s dead.

    • Look at you little kids playing favorites like your on a school playground. Good luck when life hits.

      • Vikerii

        Well of course consumers play favorites! There’s no sense in liking every studio just because it exists. The good developers should be rewarded and carry on while the poor developers should be the ones shutting down. If your brilliant idea is to love all studios without prejudice, then go ahead and buy every single game ever made. I prefer to vote with my dollars on the games worth buying.

        • ?

          Well you seem to forget that those Poor developers are responsible for original and some amazing games. Some of those rich developers are just making rehash after rehash. Ubisoft with there assassins crap series although the first two was good. Then you got activision who single handely has put a bad infleunce on the whole industry. Meaning make the same game every year and the sheep will follow.

    • DarthDiggler

      You know I have no end of ire for IW, because they basically slapped an FPS onto Quake III open source (22+ year old game engine) and rode that dead horse into the ground this generation.

      Treyarch on the other hand can program game engines, they are responsible for the Spiderman II game from the PS2 era, which was a great game.

  • Something bad is coming

    The developers are dropping like flies. There is something bad going on in the gaming industry. Sure there is great games out and coming out but I think there is more than meets the eye to what we are seeing. All we have is ourselves to blame people. Every year we buy the same copy and paste crap and these business guys see that and say wow why spend all this money on a new IP when we can just add stuff and call it a new game. If your game does not sell millions and millions of copies you can pretty much bet they will either cancel the series or lay off the developers or worse shut down the entire company.
    These stories right here kinda makes me think if banning used game sales would be a bad idea or not. I want variety in my games and with a lot of the developers shutting down its getting worse and worse every day. Its like the recent Bioshock Infinite. The game is a Masterpiece that every gamer should buy and experience. Will they of course not, but no matter how crazy the appraisal or reviews is for the game if it does not sell Irrational games may have layoffs or worse by 2K. Even though they are one of the most talented game developers out there. Its a shame and I predict only worse things in the future.

    • Something bad is coming

      There is more news today too. Square Enix had layoffs, Dead pool studios had layoffs, and even ID software are having some major troubles right now.

      • Can you provide source articles on troubles at id software? That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

        • Clayton Johnson

          Same here. I actually just read that they are revamping DOOM 4 for Next Gen consoles. RAGE 2 has been shelved but that could mean anything

        • Sorry

          It was just the Doom 4 stuff I overstated that they are doing fine apparently. My bad. But if they keep releasing mediocre stuff as of lately who knows.

      • DarthDiggler

        Where have you guys been since 2009-2010? This stuff isn’t really news. THQ was the biggest to fall.


        • Kazuela

          THQ fell thanks to their own bad decisions, mainly Udraw, by the time they realized what happened it was already too late.

          the one who fell from the harsher enviroment was Atari

      • Kazuela

        dead pool had layoffs because the game is nearly finished, big publishers tend to do that after the project is done, and it’s actually one of the causes of the lower quality of the games.

    • A industry crash is coming. All of the signs are there like they were during the crash in 1983.
      1. Lowered quality of games, especially on PSN, XBLA, Steam
      2. Saturation of the market
      3. Devs moving away from publishers
      4. Sales failures of high profile games
      5. Overestimation of sales figures for key games
      6. New, significantly more powerful console generation on the horizon

      • DarthDiggler

        While those things did play into the video game crash of the 1980s they were not the catalyst, the catalyst was that Atari didn’t have too many restrictions on what you could put on their systems.

        Their certification was far below what Sony and MS have setup today. Its one of the reasons that Nintendo had their “Seal of Quality”. The fact is all 6 of those items on your list exist between console generations.

        • I don’t agree with anything you’ve just said.

      • Kazuela

        more than an industry crash, it’s a shift from the publisher system to independent publishing and digital distribution.

        kickstarter was really a stab in the heart to most modern publishers since it allowed studios to develop games on their own.

        mainstream publishers are a dying bred right now, with thq and atari down, and EA and activision barely holding up, with the former taking a shift towards digital distrubution.

        meanwhile unusual types of publishers like devolver digital are actually thriving in this enviroment

        • This is difficult for me to watch, because most of the games that have crowdfunded on kickstarter don’t interest me, and the games the traditional publishers are putting out are nothing more than interactive movies… which again do not interest me. Games with real challenge or competition are becoming a dying breed going forward as well. Partially because developers insist on creating games based on a strong narrative, and partially because the current generation of young gamers don’t like playing games that really emphasize failure when the player fails.

          • SCR3AMINGS1L3NCE

            While I love my interactive-movie (Interactive drama’s might be more fitting…) like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, I definitely see where you’re coming from and wholeheartedly agree- There isn’t that fine line between Success and Failure that makes for a powerful experience. But, depending on the player and the game, there could be some sort of feeling of failure. Like on Heavy Rain (For me), I felt that I failed that one boy’s mother by not finishing Scott off and allowing her some closure. And when I did kill Scott, I felt that I failed him- He obviously was struggling with his own inner demons and needed serious help, but never found any. And that struck a real chord with me. Same thing as when the player was given the choice (As Scott) to save that asshole who was having the heart attack- He pissed me off to no end, especially with comments about Lauren being a “Dirty whore”, and yet I saved him about 19/20 playthroughs (The one because of an ending where he had to die), all because I would fail his family and myself as a human being. Knowing I could save a fellow man’s life, but sitting idly by and watching it drain ever-so slowly… Not my thing.

            Hopefully, that makes sense. If not, my point is this: Depending on the player and the game, there could be some sort of feeling of failure evoked- But, like you said, that chance is growing so much slimmer as the days go by.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              Heavy Rain did AMAZINGLY at showing failure and making it impact the story, with losing characters, failing areas resulting in you not being able to ever do it (in that play through at least.) Personally, there’s nothing wrong with interactive-movie-esque games, they can be great fun, have really amazing stories, and as a whole, games like Heavy Rain pushed gaming boundaries for their time. Even games like Metal Gear Solid 4 (Which was a movie with interactive segments, a hour-ish long cutscene? Lol.) have maintained difficulty and being story-driven.

          • Simon T

            “Games with real challenge or competition are becoming a dying breed going forward as well.”

            I disagree… they died off ages ago. Only possible exception being CS:GO competitive. But that’s a remake of an old game so doesn’t really count.

      • QwietStorm

        I just found your avatar so ironic.

      • ckpinkham

        Lowered quality is due to companies waiting for next-gen, if you ask me. Where are you getting your 2-5 info? I haven’t heard much on that. (not saying it’s not accurate, I don’t follow the news that much)

    • Vikerii

      There was that big video game industry crash in the 80’s. Hopefully this won’t be as bad, but if so the next gen consoles could be in trouble before they even come out. Especially since they really are really just playing catch-up with PCs and are probably just focused on graphics rather than new experiences & innovation.

      • Hot-Wire

        Next gen consoles focus less on graphics and more on increasing the ease of use and communication. Those aspects are what makes consoles that much different than PCs. People buy consoles, because they don’t want to worry about hardware. They buy consoles to sit down and just go.

        I mean PC gamers can go on and on about their graphical superiority… but console gamers could really care less, because little Suzy down the road or gramps upstairs wouldn’t give a hoot if their bowling game was powered by a Radeon 7770.

    • its true

      The Illuminati has infiltrated the gaming industry :O

  • Jason

    What if… DICE… Made… BATTLEFRONT 3? BATTLEFIELD: STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 3 lol, I would buy it 😉

    • I agree with Jason

      That has to happen for my life to complete…

    • So another game where the mics & party system won’t work for month & noobs will hide in there vehicles for the whole game?

      • Jason

        Party? Thats only Xbox live and there was NEVER a problem with that since that is OS based not Game Based, And PS3 Mics did not work for a for a while but was resolved, and “Noobs” who hide in Vehicles, blow up in vehicles! Do you have some kind of hate for BF, you know since you obviously don’t play?

        • Nathan Cox

          What crack are you smoking dude? I was a pre-order on BF3 for the PS3 and I remember the months and months of constant problems, party disbanding, team switching and network issues. Seriously, think before you speak.

          • DarthDiggler

            @google-8b2aaa66244fb214255bf7d1d55eca3e:disqus I think @7c67750bc704e31f82ae81d9a37ed4e1:disqus was referring to @facebook-1506774183:disqus

          • Jason

            I was referring to Xbox (the Platform I play on) not PS3, Believe me I had to hear My friend who had the PS3 version complain for Months about Input Lag, Squad Mic not working, etc. I did not know PS3 had a “Party” option?

            • Nathan Cox

              Parties are supported on all platforms in the game. The XBOX party is something entirely different that uses a network not dependent on game mechanics at all. If you’re on an XBOX Live party you’re basically just bypassing the issues presented by the official game implementation.

              The point is (and was from the original post by @facebook-1506774183:disqus) that the game was horribly, horribly broken for months which is status quo for DICE; so lets not be asking for DICE to get into any more IPs.

      • dpg70

        Nothing noobish about wrecking fools with a T-90. If you’re so good, how about trying to get me out of it?

      • DarthDiggler

        You can’t hide from me in your vehicle. 🙂

        It seems to me that about 4 out of 5 games that launch have issues with VOIP.

    • I think that’s the upside we can focus on. If a good developer gets the license and had passion for the project, we could end up with something great. Or something like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      • dpg70

        You read my mind. I immediately thought of ACM.

        • DarthDiggler

          LOL watch they announce Gearbox to finish 1313 and Battlefront 3. They are the code mash specialists, but I bet they have learned their lesson.

  • This is Good News and Bad News. We could get and probably will get a great Star Wars game or two out of this over the next several years.

    The downside is that we’ll get a lot of real crap licensed games like almost all other “licensed IP” games are.

    It’s working out, we hope, for films, so we’re exchanging Hope with Over Saturation and a better possibility of a great game.

  • Clayton Johnson
    • DarthDiggler

      LOL 🙂 Very clever! 🙂

  • Austyn L4D

    Well I’ve lost all faith in gaming, odds are this could have been avoided if we got Battlefront 3 earlier, all the money that game would have made

  • moose

    the best thing that could happen to game development is crowdfunding, games like star citizen that are being developed by a single creative mind, free from corporate oversight are going to inject some much needed freshness into the gaming world.

    Plus one day maybe someone will get the clue that developing games for consoles and PC ruins both versions. Either develop them separately or make them platform exclusives.

    Console ports ruin games

  • SomethingOn

    Did u guys not read the article? This means there will be more Star Wars games developed. Those devs will move onto new studios and the code and licenses will likely be sold off.

    • The Army Ranger

      Those games will probably be shit compared to 1313 and Battlefront 3.

  • Ostintacious

    This is what Disney will do to star wars? Why lucas . . . why . . .

  • Jamic

    … Wait….
    What ?

    I dont even….

    Dafuq x_x

  • wow! Disney has fucked up again.

  • If I don’t get Battlefront 3 in the next decade, then I’m going to give a big FUCK YOU to Disney 🙂

  • ckpinkham

    Most companies would regret this obvious mistake, but Disney is far more concerned with little kids and will end up with a reputation almost as bad as Michael Jackson’s later years. Hopefully the lady George Lucas hand-picked to continue the Star Wars legacy will find the brain she so clearly misplaced since gaining the rights, and continue with 313 and Battlefront 3, since fans have been asking for a new Battlefront for what, 10 or 15 years? Plus, 313 looked badass. I’d be more than happy if they chose to delay it until after Episode 7 comes out, thus giving them way more time to get used to the soon-to-be-current gen Xbox 720/PS4 and make a game of utmost quality.