The Division Gets New Screens

There still isn’t a whole lot out there for Ubisoft Massive’s open-world tactical, survival third-person shooter The Division, but that doesn’t mean the studio won’t tease small bits every now and then.

Earlier today, Massive posted a new in-game screenshot of their work in progress, showing off a soldier mid fire-fight atop two buildings in a digitally recreated New York city. There might not be anything too interesting to look at, but it does a good job reassuring viewers that the game does look pretty darn good.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.49.25 PM

Here’s another one from a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.49.57 PM

Again, The Division really does look stunning. If it weren’t for some of the HUD elements, you could pass this image off as real life.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the game in action and learn a little more about it in the coming weeks and months. Recently, we learned that there will be “little or no interruption” between solo play, PvP, and co-op. Catch the details here

Keep your sights locked on MP1st for more on The Division.

  • xkingxnitemare

    Yeah they been pretty quiet over there since E3. hopefully this E3 we will get a release date and get to see more stuff.

    • Storm_Worm5364

      Ye, But the game won’t come out this year, so that’s that… (Massive said that the game would not release this year)

      • That’s the rumor. They have never even slightly confirmed it on any official level.

        • Storm_Worm5364

          They actually did. There was a time when Ubisoft said that the game would come out by the end of this year. And Massive quickly responded that there is no way that The Division would come out this year, but the next (2015). Never confirmed anything, just said that the game would probably come out in 2015. It could come out by the end of 2015, the start, middle, etc….

          • No they haven’t. Massive hasn’t said anything, only what some gaming site claims, which is…wait for it…backed up by anonymous source.

            So unless they’ve officially come out with a statement saying otherwise, its still rumor.

  • Izzy Bozz

    I have a strong feeling Ubisoft is going to delay this title until 2015.

    • pbvider

      some Massive Studio devs already said that is impossible to release the game in 2014,nothing new…

    • Katana67

      It’s likely (given Ubisoft’s history), but still unconfirmed at this point.

      That said, it would be more convincing if they were releasing screens of stuf we haven’t seen yet.

    • Grif

      I’d rather have this game delayed than release to early. *Cough Cough BF4* But just like GTA V, it got delayed but in the end it came out to be a great game.

      • marpla78

        Agree 100%….hope EA dont want this game for them beacause they are to blame for BF4…with DICE but mostly EA.

        Back to topic, this game is what im waiting for, probably pre order this for sure or if is a good year some collector edition!!
        I have high hopes with this title and i think this will be the game of the year…2015 hopefuly or 2014 (less time…lower quality).

        Still waiting for really new pics, these are similars to what we all had seing.

        just my 2 pesos.

      • DanDustEmOff

        GTA V was a broken mess when it launched, so was GTA Online and that game was in development for 6 years. The QA team on the entire project was one person, so GTA V isn’t a great example.

        • Grif

          Haha do you not realize that millions of players all at once tried to play GTA Online? Of course there will be bugs.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Bugs have nothing to do with the servers being over stretched. The game is and always has been buggy even the offline mode has plenty of bugs some of which have been in the series since GTA 3. All of which could have been forgiven if the game wasn’t so dull and repetitive.
            I mean they did improve the mechanics somewhat but the missions and heists were over hyped and pretty much copied from other GTA titles. GTA needs to move away from “drive here pick this up, drive here kill this guy” style of missions.
            The heists were a half hearted attempt to improve the missions but they lacked any real depth and few planning options and the heist still ended up being typical GTA missions.
            All I can really say is that GTA V was an over hyped game, it was good but not really great by GTA standards.

            • Grif

              True, I enjoyed the game, even though it was short. But your right, if you think about it GTA is really the same game over and over, the heist did help, but like you said they were half-hearted.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      How is it a delay when there’s no release date? And I AM PRETTY SURE that this game will until come out in 2015.

  • BroJ

    Now this is a Next gen engine. Not no 5 platforms not optimized garbage that is out right now.

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  • Just saying

    E3 this year will be all about true “next-gen” games including this one.

  • Mohammed Naja

    A good idea would be to allow more hardcore players to turn of certain hud elements no?

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  • grunt0311

    Considering what devs had said about the production level of this game… it’s sad to think this wont be out till probably fall 2015. I hope they have it perfect by then. And not turn out like GTA 5 after rockstar took so long.

    • Just saying

      Considering it was R* first try in this kind of MP. I’m completely ok with what happened. GTA V as a SP is perfect and GTA Online now is awesome but the hack problem that happened made lots of people leave it.

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  • Rob Machado

    It is glorious!

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