Doom Closed Alpha Kicks Off This Weekend With Awesome New Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

id Software is ready to kick off the first public test for Doom‘s highly anticipated multiplayer in this weekend’s Closed Alpha.

Anyone who has pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order to ensure access to the Doom Beta later on is eligible to participate in the Alpha, which the developer says “is a series of development-driven tests designed to stress test the game’s dedicated server infrastructure in a real-world consumer environment.” Not “a demo, or representative of the final game.”

Content is limited to one map (Heatwave), one mode (6v6 Team Deathmatch), one demon (Revenant), and one power weapon (Gauss Cannon). Otherwise, players will have access to the following weapons and equipment:


  • Vortex Rifle
  • Super Shotgun
  • Repeater
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Static Cannon
  • Plasma Rifle


  • Personal Teleporter
  • Frag Grenade

The Alpha takes place on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and starts this Friday, October 23 at midnight Eastern Time. If you’re on the West Coast, you’ll be able to get started at 9PM Pacific Time tonight. Things will wrap up by 11:59PM Eastern Time on Sunday, October 25, though id Software says “additional Closed Alpha tests are planned.” Sounds like there may be more chances to play if you weren’t selected for this weekend. Be sure to read the FAQ for more answers.

Finally, check out the new gameplay trailer above, with a word from Executive Producer Marty Stratton, that highlights what’s in store for this weekend’s blood bath.

Doom launches Spring 2016.

  • Cloud Flash

    Looks better than I expected, which is great.

    The damage numbers are an odd choice, but I can’t say I dislike them. Nice bit of feedback.

    • I’m kind of torn on it as well. Seems out of place in Doom, but as an avid Destiny player, it’s a really nice piece of feedback to have.

      • Cloud Flash

        A lot of things they’ve showcased seem out of place in Doom, but if they can put it all together into a decent package, maybe it’ll be forgiveable.

  • MrMultiPlatform

    Watching this makes me want another Unreal Tournament. Greatest arena shooter ever.

  • shodannet

    Reminds me a lot of Q3 (which I loved)

  • Aria68

    UT3 anyone ?!

  • Barry Harden

    If they’re serious about testing then they need to have an Open BETA.

    • SufferingMoon5

      They are serious about testing this, that’s why they have a closed ALPHA first. Open would be nice but it’s not what they’re looking to test at the moment.

      • Barry Harden

        Release date is end of Dec. If they do intend to have a Beta then it’s cutting it close given they have about a month before release to start producing & shipping discs.

        • Azza

          Um, don’t know where you got December from. The game doesn’t even have a release date. All we know is its coming next year around q1/q2….

          Even says in article ‘Doom launches Spring 2016’

          • Barry Harden

            I got it from Amazon.

            • Azza

              Yeah, notice how it says 31st of December…… In 2016….
              You know, next year….

              It’s a place holder date.