E3 2012 – Black Ops II Recent Footage Reveals Multiplayer and Zombies Screens and Intel

Yesterday, Treyarch gave Call of Duty fans a behind-the-scenes look at Black Ops II which happened to be filled with both multiplayer and Zombie hints and clues. We’ve broken down some of the more important stills which should hopefully give you a better picture of what the Black Ops II’s multiplayer and Zombies modes are all about.

You can get a look at some more weapons and gadgtes in the latest E3 extended Black Ops II demo footage right here.


In the screens below, we get a look at a few more of the weapons and character skins that will be making into Black Ops II. You’ll see an in-game shot of a new light machine gun as well as some slick looking sniper rifle designs. In the last image, you’ll notice a shot of the Commando Assault Rifle in the bottom right-hand corner that looks to be making a return from the original Black Ops.

Equipments and Gadgets:

Here, you’ll notice some stationary equipment and turrets as well as some designs of the wrist-mounted weapon seen in some of the recent footage.


Below are a couple screens of conceptual artwork and map design.


Here, you can get a good look at the HUD that will be present in Black Ops II’s multiplayer as well as a few hints of the maps themselves. It also shows the Blackbird, EMP, and Chopper killstreaks, with an unidentified one assigned to the top D-pad.


Everyone’s favorite mode, Zombies, will be returning in Black Ops II and we have a few screens teasing at some of the locations you’ll be fighting for survival in. The last screen features the Black Ops II logo covered in blood which appeared as we heard a zombie laughing in the behind-the-scenes footage.

Anything interesting that you noticed in the images above? Let us know in the comments below!

  • aron-1997

    on one multiplayer picture where you can see a teammate near a car in the HUD you can see pretty well a blackbird, emp and a helicopter, i havent reconised whats on the top button but whe´ll see soon i hope =)

  • David

    Oh god. I really don’t like the looks of multiplayer but if zombies are good I might have to buy it..

  • Alex

    Looks like one of the factions will be Seal Team Six according to that image with the hud. http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlny/files/2011/05/team-6.jpg

  • Mr. X

    hmmmm, me no likey, same ol, same ol. Hope they have new team-based game modes in multiplayer

    • MasonMei

      Yep, like a game mode called Capture Hater’s Ass. Oh but if so, you might need to be hiding for a while

  • Cycovision

    So far I’m liking what I’m seeing with Zombies and I’m liking what they’re doing with the HUD. Not sure if I’ll get it release date, especially learning Activision renewed that asinine contract with Microsoft.

    • Glass Penguin

      What are you talking about we haven’t seen anything of the zombies besides a couple screens

      • Cycovision

        The couple of screenshots have shown the vastness of the map, and with the information of importing the Multiplayer engine, “Double the players and double the zombies” We can see that it’s opening up the zombie map to nothing we’ve seen before.

        • Rapidledgendzz


    • same actually i cancelled my preorder im getting it in a couple months after release so i wont have to deal with a bunch of ELITE xbox dlc BS

  • Isndonly

    The first one is a strike force mission

  • ThatGuy22

    is there going to custiomaztion like black ops

  • i saw an AS50 in there. The LMG on the top looks like a PKP. AN-94 & MK46 from the trailer. the E3 demo’s showed a few guns. an automatic pistol, FMG, Vektor, Type-95, XM8. some good looking weapons list.

    • Jon Garnett

      Not a type 95, it’s a type 25. And the xm8 isn’t confirmed but I hope they put it in!

      • Jhuff

        I’m pretty sure that’s the type 95, they confirmed it in an interview. I don’t get though why games are using the xm8, it’s good and all but the OICW project was canceled…but yeah nice list so far. I’ve been hoping for fun they’d put a flintlock pistol in multiplayer 😛 not likely tho

  • coldash2000

    it will be good if we can creat our own map on black ops 2 zombies

  • //[email protected]”””//

    There is pictures of Castro in one zombie pic. might be a clue to the time frame