EA Influencer: Star Wars Battlefront II is “Still Pay to Win”

Despite attempts to make the game’s loot box system and microtransactions more palatable, Star Wars Battlefront II is “still pay to win.”

YouTube video creator and EA Influencer, XfactorGaming, has posted a video showing just how big an advantage players can get, if they put down the extra dollars and buy microtransactions. 

Xfactor immediately discloses that the video is not sponsored by EA (in contrast to other Battlefront II videos he’s made), before continuing to show off his powerful, paid-for classes and buffs. 

In addition to the video, Xfactor tweeted out the following:

After dropping $90 on the premium Crystal currency and unlocking powerful new cards, Xfactor also notes the upside of not having to buy new maps, modes and new characters. There is no season pass, and so all players get access to additional future content. 

Do you think saying “no” to a season pass and “yes” to this loot box system was the right way to go? Or would you have preferred to see something different? Let us know!

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, take a look at Kylo Ren going up against Yoda in this epic lightsaber duel, the game’s producer claims that “loot boxes are sometimes a necessity,” and it’s likely that the game will be discounted during the time of The Last Jedi launch.

Source: XfactorGaming (YouTube)

  • Suicidal1

    Kind of a double edge sword here. Season passes/paid DLC fragment the community. Having DLC free for everyone after launch keeps the community together but the developer loses income and struggle to recoup their investments by just charging for the game. Microtransactions can make up for that, but pay to win is absolute rubbish.

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