[Updated] Epic Black Ops 2 Infograph Highlights Everything You Need To Know

NeoGAF user, Radec, has put together a comprehensive Black Ops 2 infograph highlighting all the important details you need to know. The infograph covers the majority of the maps, gamemodes, weapons, perks, scorestreaks among many other things.


A more recent list of Black Ops 2 scorestreaks thanks to DW24/7.

Scorestreak RCXD: Remote controlled car strapped with explosives.
[325 points] [450 points]
Scoretreak UAV: Shows enemies on the mini-map.
[375 points] [350 points]
Scoretreak Hunter Killer: Infantry deployed vehicle that seeks out an enemy target or vehicle.
[400 points] [525 points]
Scoretreak Care Package: Airdrop a random Scorstreak.
[450 points] [550 points]
Scoretreak Counter UAV: Temporarily disables enemy mini-map.
[475 points] [600 points]
Scoretreak Guardian: A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that stuns and impairs enemies.
[500 points] [650 points]
Scoretreak Hellstorm Missile: Remote Hellstorm Missile with a cluster bomb payload.
[525 points] [700 points]
Scoretreak Lightning Strike: Launch a coordinated Lightning Strike on 3 locations.
[550 points] [750 points]
Scoretreak Death Machine: Your own personal handheld mini-gun.
[600 points] [850 points]
Scoretreak Sentry Gun: Deploy an automated Sentry Gun. Can be remote controlled.
[650 points] [800 points]
Scoretreak War Machine: Grenade launcher with rapid semi-automatic firing.
[700 points] [900 points]
Scoretreak Dragonfire: Remote controlled quad-rotor with a lightweight machine gun.
[775 points] [975 points]
Scoretreak A.G.R: Airdrop an Autonomous Ground Robot that patrols for enemies. Can be remote controlled.
[800 points] [1000 points]
Scoretreak Stealth Chopper: Call in a Stealth Chopper. Does not appear on the enemy min-map.
[850 points] [1100 points]
Scoretreak Orbital VSAT: Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Can not be shot down.
[900 points] [1200 points]
Scoretreak Escort Drone: Get personal air support from an Escort Drone.
[1,000 points] [1,250 points]
Scoretreak Warthog: Jet aircraft that provides close air support (CAS) via several strafe runs.
[1,025 points] [1,400 points]
Scoretreak EMP Systems: Temporary disables enemy electronics.
[1,050 points] [1,300 points]
Scoretreak Lodestar: Lase missile targets remotely from the Lodestar.
[1,150 points] [1,500 points]
Scoretreak VTOL Warship: Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship.
[1,200 points] [1,600 points]
Scoretreak K9 Unit: Attack dogs that hunt down the enemy.
[1,275 points] [1,700 points]
Scoretreak Swarm: Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones.
[1,400 points] [1,900 points]

If you need to see the full version of the infograph, please right click and open it in a new window.

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  • Fruitient Assassin

    Wow good job. That’s a whole lot of information

  • bobshi

    Nice to see you back Fahed!

    • I was back for only 3 hours, hehe. I just needed to get MP1st fix. I wish I could stick around like the old days, I now work at a bank and it’s taking up all of my time. 🙁

  • Tom

    Scorestreak points are wrong, though.

  • Strike

    Lots of info is missing on that infograph. One of the main ones being a sniper rifle missing from the weapons list.

    • Laser0pz

      And the lack of the Crossbow and Ballistic Knife.

    • AndroidMango

      And the M27

    • SivertOlsen

      A shotgun is missing too

    • Yeah, I noticed that some info is indeed missing, I adjusted the intro to state “majority of” ’cause as you pointed out it’s not everything. But, still it is a pretty impressive infograph overall.

    • and the vektor k10

  • Laser0pz

    IIRC it’s not the Chinese that invate the US, it’s Menendez’ drones. Raul shuts down the Chinese Stock exchange, causing China to stop exportation. After being crippled by the lack of ‘Rare Earth Elements’, then Raul attacks the US.


    What Call of Duty fan/player doesn’t already know all this?

    • It’s meant as more of a convenient recap than just information.

    • Latch

      I could look at it ten times and not remember most of it. I’m sure 90% of COD players don’t know ALL of this. You take the time and make one for us.

  • Wow. Sounds like MOH only late.

    • No actually the giant shit I just took is more like MOH only late.

  • Under “Whats new” for xbox – “Timed exclusive DLC : Not yet confirmed”. It has been confirmed…..hasn’t it?

    • Cycovision

      Confirmed back during the Microsoft Conference of E3 yes.

  • kash

    Wait so what do I lose if I prestige?

    • JohnnyCOdFun

      nothing you just wait until you take the guns you have all the challenges on it

  • TRIGGAS209

    a couple more maps would of been awesome 🙂

  • cheeseburger eddy

    Nice post, guess the original points for scorestreaks were too little, maybe to easy to get, seems though they are a lot of points now

  • YeahImAwesome

    The zombies free roam sounds awesome, wasnt sure what zombies campaign would be like but now i know ill love it.

  • VirusPT

    Is it confirmed that ps3 and 360 is sub-hd?

    • JohnnyCOdFun

      what is sub-hd please??

  • o

    the mtar assault ?? one shotgun and sniper missing and smg missing in the list.
    nice job anyways

  • CulturebUlly

    Just noticed… No Predator missile?

    • AphoticApex

      Replaced by the hellstorm missile.

  • Latch

    I loved this, thanks. You guys need an app.

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