Battlefield – The Evolution of Gulf of Oman

Gulf of Oman may not have the same lengthy history that the age-old classic Battlefield map Wake Island boasts, but it’s a fun one to look back on and compare its Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 iterations.

Doing just that, YouTuber ZappITGames-100 has put together a nifty video showcasing the variation between all three versions of Gulf of Oman, a Battlefield multiplayer map based on the real world location of the same name. Check it out in the featured section above.

Thus far, Gulf of Oman has appeared in all three numbered Battlefield sequels. In 2011’s Battlefield 3 and 2013’s Battlefield 4, however, developer DICE offered a reimagined take on the classic map via two multiplayer expansions, Back to Karkand and Second Assault, respectively. Though the biggest disparities can be found between its Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 versions, the map was given a bit of a face lift in Battlefield 4 through the introduction of wavy seas and a gigantic overshadowing sand storm that eventually engulfs the entire map.

So, what version of Gulf of Oman was your favorite?

Thanks, Pixel Enemy.

  • pillowpetJeff

    The Battlefield 2 version will forever always, be my favorite map.
    oh the terrible days of modding BF2 and running Gulf of Oman – 16 with bots as a test run. All the crashes..

    • oofy

      B:P4F. Gulf of Oman. The layout, while similar, feels out of whack. But, that’s just me.

      But Gulf of Oman is my favorite Bf3 map. Best combination of infantry and vehicle combat in the game, IMO.

      • roland0811

        Hell yes. Oman was the map I played the most in BF3. It was just right for 12 v 12 on console. Felt like a lot of the BC2 maps in terms of Obj. balance and placement.

    • Katana67

      I’m now worried that they’ll skip including Oman in BF5. They’ve already done this with Wake in BF4, which really would’ve made the most sense being pretty good for naval vehicles.

      But, I think they need to make some improvements (some through incorporating old areas from previous iterations).

      – They need to add something to the “no man’s land” between Charlie and Bravo (or Bravo and Alpha) flags. I want the fenced-in grove that used to be there in BF2/P4F, or the warehouse.

      – If they want to keep the naval inclusions, they need to create more than one river inland. I say they put a river on the other side of the map going to the hotel to feed into the pond near the RU base. Likewise, they have to allow the player to drive a boat through the existing river to the RU base.

      – The buildings in the city need to be made enterable. Specifically the buildings near Echo and Foxtrot flags. There’s a building that’s only accessible via parachute, that has one of the ONLY defensible rooftops in the game and is a great place for snipers in the city. It needs to have a ladder to the top and interior. Likewise, the “apartment” buildings need to be made fully enterable.

      – The sandstorm needs to change. Several options here. One, it can be a toggle-able admin option. Two, it can be random (i.e. some matches would see it, some matches wouldn’t). Three, it can be scaled to the ticket count of the match (rather than being on a timer. Four, it can just last a shorter period of time overall.

      – I wouldn’t mind if they added a village along the river near the RU base.

      – I also wouldn’t mind if they added another flag to the east of Delta flag on CQ. This would equalize the advantage given to the RU team by giving the US team an outlying CQ flag to capture that isn’t easily accessible to the RU team. Picture attached at the bottom to demonstrate this.

      • pillowpetJeff

        I agree with most of that. But with this I’m almost certain that any old maps are pretty much retired. I’m glad they left Wake Island out. I love that map, but I don’t need to see it in EVERY battlefield game. And I’d only like to see Wake Island and Gulf of Oman to return when they can actually change it up and make it balanced and introduced new things to the map.
        The sandstorm on Oman while cool looking is completely and utterly pointless.
        “Oh, let’s have a massive sandstorm roll in, impairing vision and you can’t spot things unless they’re right in your face! And let’s have it last basically the entire match!!” They could’ve done it better and/or done something completely different to make the map more interesting.
        Levolution is cool and all, but the next step is to add day/night cycles. Could you imagine playing Oman during the evening and playing on as the sun sets and the moon rises? Weather/storms/dynamic lighting is where DICE should be taking these maps, less giant explosions that don’t really change the map as a whole and only affect a small portion of the map.
        I’ll wait till they deliver a true sequel to BF2/3 and give back to the community in modding tools and kits.

        • Katana67

          Which is why I’m worried. It’s not purely out of nostalgia that I want these maps in, it’s that they represent the FEW GOOD MAPS left. The vanilla maps, with a few exceptions, are horrible (or at best, forgettable). So, BF2 revamps and potential successes in DLC (although frequently failures) are all I’ve got to look forward to in BF maps. Without maps like Oman, I’d be enjoying the game a lot less.

          It’s sad that it’s come to this, as making decent maps should just be a given, but the ones they’ve included in vanilla BF4 aren’t good.

          With regard to Levolution, yes, I’d agree that dynamic weather/time is something that needs to be done. But it can’t be scripted a la Paracel Storm.

          However, they really need to revert back to improving their Destruction X.0 mechanics. They’ve regressed, in my opinion, by making building destruction LESS GRANULAR than previous titles. Entire walls now blow out instead of specific pieces. When I throw a C4 pack down on a wall in Oman, ALL FOUR WALLS BLOW OUT. Which is silly.

          They’ve instead focused on silly plywood destruction granularity, instead of building wall granularity. Which is moronic. Destruction X.0 needs to be a pathway-building mechanic, wherein every map is played differently due to the specific destruction of the match. This was done wonderfully in BC.

  • Katana67

    Yeah, there’s a ton missing from BF2 to BF3.

    There used to be a massive warehouse along the highway. And I’m pretty sure there was another small village downriver from the RU base. As well as a bunch of oil tanks at the RU base where the artillery and radar station was.

    It’s still my favorite map by far, but they could’ve done such a better job. They made some good improvements in the BF4 version, like the interiors/elevators of the hotel. But there are so many buildings that need to be made enterable in the “city”.

    It’s to the point now where it’s no longer a hamper to “flow” (however vague that may be), with 64 players on all platforms… all of the buildings in the city need to be enterable from the ground. Combat in the city is so formulaic, and there aren’t really any decent pitched battles across the highway. They even went through the trouble of rendering interiors on most of the buildings, yet they’re inaccessible unless you’re parachuting in.

    That, and I’m still not sold on the sandstorm. I like it, but it does kind of ruin the map sometimes. Especially for vehicles, which I’m pretty sure is “working as intended” even though it’s not all that great. The sandstorm transforms Oman into the same type of gameplay as every other humdrum CQC map. Which is fine, I like changing things up, but Oman was made great through adherence to the traditional combined arms combat of BF.

    I still think the length of the sandstorm should be scaled to the length of the individual map. Or, with the implementation of high-ticket servers via the rent-a-server system, the sandstorm won’t last the entire match.

    That and they need to improve the LAYOUT of the revamp maps, rather than just add gimmicky Levolution that either A) changes everything drastically or B) changes nothing significant. I’d love to see more villages on Oman, or more islands on Wake.

  • Zheka
    • Katana67

      I like that fenced-in grove on the far right, I had forgotten about it. That would make that particular position so much more interesting in BF3/4. You could actually engage the flags on the beach without it being suicidal.

  • Connor

    Battlefield 2. Personally, I feel that the bridge they added ruined it. I loved the firefights from the train to the village.

  • jj16802

    Ah, the map from the BF2 demo… still love it to this day. 🙂

  • why dont they ever remake warlord or ghost town?

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