[UPDATED] Far Cry 3 Island Map Editor Trailer

Ever get tired of playing the same multiplayer map in first-person shooters over and over? Yeah, we know how you feel and so do the guys over at Ubisoft games. With their soon to be released title, Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has given players control over a map editor that allows them to edit maps to their own liking. Here’s a short video introducing this feature.

So what do you guys think?

Update 1: According to FallenChamp, a Ubisoft Forum Member who had the opportunity to test the editor, the editor will have the following items.


  • Town 87
  • Temple 118
  • Airport 25
  • Village 47
  • Mines 49
  • Radio Tower 54
  • Native 47
  • WW2 31
  • Chinese Tomb 51


  • Accessories 144
  • Construction 44
  • Debris 105
  • Fire Camps 6
  • Pipes 17
  • Roads 9
  • Towers 15
  • Bridges 35
  • Corpses 14
  • Decorations 99
  • Household 117
  • Posts 8
  • Signs 63
  • Walls 51
  • Cages 13
  • Crates 42
  • Fences 65
  • Industrial 59
  • Quays 14
  • Tents 5


  • Barrels 9
  • Doors 30
  • Beds 14
  • Chairs 29
  • Storage + Tables 49
  • Miscellaneous 29

Static Vehicles

  • Land 5
  • Sea 24
  • Air 14


  • Trees 39
  • Plants 11
  • Vegetation 79


  • Coastal 65
  • Jungle 42
  • Grass Land 33
  • Caverns 31
  • Coral 16
  • Lighting 45
  • Decals 31


  • Explosives 10
  • Ladders 24
  • Weapons 33
  • Vehicles 23
  • Hostile Mercenaries 34
  • Allied Mercenaries 8
  • Wildlife 67
  • Aquatic Wildlife 15


  • Terrain Bump
  • Terrain Raise / Lower
  • Terrain Flatten
  • Terrain Set To Height
  • Terrain Smooth
  • Terrain Raise
  • Terrain Ramp
  • Terrain Noise
  • Terrain Erosion
  • Terrain Hole (that’s the new one)
  • Texture Painter
  • Water Layers (water at different height, this allows from o-255)


  • Objects
  • Collection System
  • Roads
  • Map Limits (Playable Zone)

Global Modes

  • TDM

You’ll be able to get a more in-depth look (including pictures) over at the forum post.

  • Jason

    Oh my! my my my my! Please hurry Dec 4th!

  • Lufamos

    I guess aftermath has to wait till the end of this semester.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

    • As if I wasn’t interested beforehand. Wow. Setting the bar kind of high for the other shooters out there.

      • its nothing new they had it in farcry 2 i made my own map just to get the trophy on ps3

  • rubbish

    COD needs this so freeking bad. But then again, they wouldn’t be able to sell any map packs if they did…

  • would be cool if could make your own missions and share em like infamous 2.

  • AlviCerrista

    Other shooters need this ASAP

  • Hol_Up

    I loved making maps in Far Cry 2, then playing them online with strangers. I also liked playing player created maps too because people made some VERY cool maps, better than the devs.

  • acealchemist

    I was going to buy this game until i heard the Multiplayer was going to run in P2P connection. Definitely multiplayer will be unplayable on PC

    • Jason

      Im Buying it for Singleplayer only. so should you! 😉

  • Plantainz

    can’t wait!!

  • kyuubi_clone

    the map editor feature has always been a major part of the far cry series. unlimited community multiplayer maps – you can never go wrong! well, except for those tricky user-made hiding spots….heheheh

  • Oh my god… I am looking at the Far Cry 3 Map editing options there is so many.. I’m going to have sooo much fun with this..since they are going back to the roots of Far Cry 1 Map Editor (if any have heard or play it at all & how the theme(s) of these games are usually a tropical paradise which you survive on) >:D 6 MORE DAYS PEOPLE BETTER START PRE-ORDERING SOON! ^^

  • u1t233

    i need people to test out my new map, Scrapyard beta 1
    its on the 360 version download it an see what you think 🙂
    Its for domination mainly but can be played for TDM.
    you can view my gamercard there to send me any problems or queries
    thanks in advance 😀

  • Gabriel

    What is most terrible about the map editor is that you can not spawn vehicles and then play with your friends in a private match. i understand it shouldn’t be used in multiplayer online but in a private match? come on just put the vehicles and AI in.

    Ubisoft has lost so many types of maps that could have been used. such as in farcry 2 there were tons of races, and it was the only thing that kept me playing far cry 2
    (The multiplayer was terrible)

    If they do not fix it to allow at least vehicles and AI in a private match where you can invite your friends… i wont have anything else to do because the multiplayer is terrible. truthfully i believe that they failed with the map editor, they should have gone with no vehicles or AI in multiplayer.

    what could of made it better was making a map editor for the CO-OP missions. That would of made it exciting and a whole lot more fun. but instead they left me with nothing to do. “i have 100% completion”