Far Cry 3 Patch 1.04 Update Notes – Adds “No HUD” Option and DLC Support

Ubisoft has unleashed a brand new patch for the third installment in the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 3’s patch 1.04 will add support for upcoming downloadable content and add the option to remove HUD elements from the single player experience among a number of other fixes and tweaks.

Check out the full patch notes below:



  • Improve stability on multiplayer maps.
  • Fixed the crash when the player was planting explosives.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed bug where user was unable to jump on certain surfaces.
  • Fixed bug where players could become invisible.
  • Fixed bug with 3D weapon images in Decoding menu.
  • Fixed bug where weapons could disappear after completing objectives in Co-op.
  • Fixed bug where users could get stuck in Loadout screen in Co-op.
  • Removed “Reloading” shout after user shoots the bow.
  • Parties will no longer be allowed to numerically unbalance games.
  • Improved and fixed several issues with host migration.
  • Connection degradation will now properly trigger a host migration.
  • Fixed several bugs with Loadout menu.
  • Fixed bug that could display a profile restriction message when trying to join a lobby.
  • Fixed bug where users could get stuck in 3rd person in Custom games.
  • Fixed bug with Flamethrower not doing any damage in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where “Player is on the way” tag could stick to downed players.
  • Fixed bug where clients could remain on black screen if host left the game.
  • Fixed bug where Fire Arrows did not do fire damage.
  • Fixed bug where Long Distance Kill was not awarded.
  • Fixed bug where Tag Assist was not awarded.
  • Fixed bug where Killcam wasn’t shown in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where Survival Instinct was not cancelled properly.
  • Fixed bug where Psych gas could get dropped in the wrong place.
  • Fixed bug where Psych gas could affect players outside of the deployment area.
  • Fixed bug where users could get stuck when killed by Poison gas.
  • Fixed bug where other player’s footstep sounds sometimes did not play behind you.
  • Fixed bug where sound could get muffled when being revived.
  • Fixed bug where user could get de-synced if killed in mid-air


  • Added information for Player Map playlists.
  • Improved available space for Player map names in lobby.
  • Fixed bug where User made maps wasn’t downloaded properly in lobby.
  • Fixed bug that made the user stuck when igniting Firestom nodes on certain maps.



  • Fixed the accessing bug for the camera and the throwing rocks.
  • Users that have miss the Relic located in Dr. Earnhardt cave will have the relic recover.
  • Fixed the bug with the weapon models staying on screen / stuck on the charatcer arm.
  • The leaderboard is now updating correctly even after if the user is disconnecting/reconnecting the ethernet cable.
  • The objective is now properly updated after Jason burns the weed fields.
  • New options the hide the HUD are now available in the option menu.
  • Add support for downloadable content.
  • Fixed the issue when the user was becoming invincible after failing mission ‘Black Gold’ several times.
  • The Phonecall from Hurk (ULC missions) is no longer overlapping the brief of the ‘Piece of the past’ mission.
  • Fixed the issue when Sam was no longer in the jeep’s turret after placing two bomb and being kill several time in ‘Black Gold’ mission.
  • Sam is no longer getting stuck when the user destroy an enemy car.

  • A shame, my friend traded in Far Cry 3 because of that one relic the patch mentioned hat prevented him from 100% game completion. Traded it for Dark Souls he says.

    • dieger

      Not to be an ass but your friend is a retard he traded FC3 in for 1 relic -___- why not just replay the game again and actually get the relic still dark souls is just as epic as FC3 so at least he picked a great game.

  • HighBob

    They forgot to mention it causes a black screen after loading…

  • dieger

    Hurray no HUD :3

  • i have a problem with the gamepad

    how can i switch to gamepad

  • Jason

    Turn of HUD options = Added Immersion to the game! 😀

  • Jason

    Is it weird that Im hoping for more Single Player DLC vs Multiplayer? Don’t get me wrong, the Multiplayer is Good but the singleplayer is why I bought this game!

    • MyssterNassty

      haha i TOTALLY, TOTALLY hear where ur comin from bro lol…MP is fun, but thats all it is really. Im not saying its bad by any stretch of the word, BUT the singleplayer is SOOOOOO F’ing good, its really all I want haha. I wish they would add a whole other singleplayer length campaign for a different character…hmm maybe a villain? Name starts w/ a V? lol Wouldnt happen but I can dream right? haha

  • TTD187

    Need a frame rate fix… :/

    • TB

      No you need a better card or reduce your settings. Game plays fluidly here with no stutters ecee.

      • SubXero

        And because it’s fine for you means that everyone elses issues must be due to hardware right? My game stayed capped at 60FPS (obviously due to vsync) until the last patch. Now I get random terrible FPS drops from looking at a random animal?… Can kill two animals within 15 feet of eachother on the same terrain and looking at one drops my FPS into oblivion and the other one is fine? That’s just one example though.

        Since last patch I have gotten random FPS drops for seemingly no reason regardless of what drivers I’m using. I thought at first maybe it was because the newer beta drivers (with the 38% performance increase mind you) were causing it but when I rolled back the issues were still there.

        • I am having the same issue. The game ran smoothly before the patch, but after the patch the framerate drops by what seems like half after running for 30 or 40 seconds. It starts nice and smoothly, but drops quickly for no reason at all. Nothing else on my system has changed at all.

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        FC3 is actually a pretty poorly optimized game. Most people get all sorts of issues when playing it even with high-end hardware, myself included.

  • PC only patch D:

    • Battlefield Engineer

      For now, yes. It’s coming to consoles at some point soon.

  • Where is the voip fix? The most important thing needed to be fixed and they dont fix!! —

  • Alpine Maffu

    Still no Xbox patch…


  • Tiger Woods

    I have a molotov stuck in my arm, and it is extremely annoying. It says the patch will prevent this from happening, but does anyone know if it is going to fix it or will it just prevent it from happening in the future

  • Nelson

    What far cry 3 really need is a new game + 🙂