Far Cry 3 – Ubisoft Reveals Everything You Need to Know In This 10-Minute Launch Trailer

This all-encompassing, 10-minute long Far Cry 3 trailer shows off everything you need to know about Ubisoft’s epic, open-world FPS releasing this December 4.

If this trailer is anything to go by, Far Cry 3 will be huge. While it may not look as pretty, just remember that there still is “real-life,” which you should pay attention to every now and then, in between play sessions.

So, who’s getting Far Cry 3?

  • Game of the year?

    • jimmylara

      Been Playing Borderlands 2, that is so far my GoTY, but this, this looks like it could take it.

    • Early reviews say single player is amazing and multiplayer and Co-op are average to bad, but campaign is worth replaying multiple times. Could it get GOTY if the online experience is awful?

      • zakrocz

        Yes, you don’t buy Far Cry for mp, you buy it for one of the best open world experiences around.

  • Plantainz

    this might be tied with Dishonored for my GOTY

  • i hope this has a good DLC plan and doesn’t pull a just cause 2.

    • Jason

      lol i know right! I don’t really see Multiplayer DLC since you can make your own maps, but I could see and hope for them to make some awesome single player DLC, like maybe a new island to explore?! This is a game you buy for the single player and if the Multiplayer is good then it’s icing on the cake!

  • Jason

    Game Of The Year for me at least! All the gameplay i have seen is AMAZING and this game has not gotten ONE bad review and almost perfect reviews, Please tell me David you will be reviewing this game next week!? 🙂

    • We will hopefully have a review up! Not sure exactly when though. I’m super excited for this game as well, though. Looks epic.

      • Jason

        Cool, Can’t wait! Thanks

  • AlviCerrista

    I cant wait !

  • KennyKyle

    Have i gave you a definition of insanity?

  • Mikhail

    Fucky fucky, sucky sucky?

  • Lufamos

    Buy Ghost Recon from Gamestop and get access into _____ beta.

  • pro

    best game this year!

  • Alpine Maffu

    I think this should be judged as a single player focused game, like GTA, and acknowledge the mp is tacked on the side as a bit of casual fun (rather than the main focus)

  • prostynick

    What does it have to do with MoH and Warfighter?

    • Jason

      I don’t understand? WHo said it had anything to do with MOH?

      • prostynick


        • Jason

          No MOH Tag? lol

  • truthbringr

    Playing since yesterday, lot of fun. This is thee new game for openworld fans. nVIDIA beta driver today also boosted FPS by like 38%, make sure you get it.