Favela Returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3, New MW3 24/7 Playlists Inbound

A recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 17 MB update on the PlayStation 3 has returned Favela to playlists.

A few weeks ago, you may remember rising complaints against the framing used on a particular portrait situated above a toilet in the bathroom of Favela. Claims against Infinity Ward were made accusing the positioning of this frame, displaying Arabic religious text, as offensive towards Muslims. You can read more about the controversy here.

Due to these reports, Favela was removed from Modern Warfare 2 playlists while Infinity Ward replaced the frame with what you see below:

So far, only the PS3 has received the update. Expect other platforms to receive it soon.

In other news, Infinity Ward asks for your vote for the next set of Modern Warfare 3 24/7 playlists. Check out their Facebook page here.

Thanks, Landis Golden!

  • I played Modern Warfare 2 recently for old time’s sake. I then realized why I stopped playing that game in the first place.

    • You take the infinte noobtube resuply out & its the best CoD to date. Hell i think it is already.

      • door

        You’re fucking kidding me, right?
        Let’s see all the problems with MW2.
        1. As you said OMA resupply
        2. Scavenger launcher and explosives resupply (should resupply nades only).
        3. Commando stab
        4. Quickscope
        5. Chaining killstreaks
        6. Killstreaks are OP
        7. Danger Close with infinite ammo
        8. Danger Close Pro is overkill
        9. Way too much firepower with an assualt rifle and shotgun
        10. UMP
        11. There’s I can’t think of at the moment

  • door

    Cue various comments about how muslims are backward, black nigger pakis, towel-headed terrorists.

    • dfs

      All 1 billion of them.

      • door

        Also I think they added ‘revenge voice’ from MW3 to MW2.

      • door

        Also I think they added ‘revenge voice’ from MW3 to MW2.

      • dfs

        I’m being sarcastic, just in case anyone was wondering.

    • You are obviously muslim…
      I feel sorry for you.

      • door


        • you believe in a fake god and your religion is filled with retarded fundamentalists just like all religions!

          • door

            OK, cool.

          • RavenFox

            lol what. stop the hate dude

            • not hate, truth. people who believe in that shit are mentally disabled.

            • Kevin Hoyes

              Dude you hit the nail on the head with that one, Bravo ! could not have said it better myself.

  • “A recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 17 MB update on the PlayStation 3 has returned Favela to playlists.” Shouldn’t that be Modern Warfare 2?

    • LOL! Yep.

      Writing the words “Modern Warfare 3” every day for the past year gets to your head 🙂

      • Angelreborn96

        Dammit I actually thot they put favela on mw3 :/

        • Sorry to get your hopes up. That would have been sweet!

          • Angelreborn96

            I know haha

    • LOL! Yep.

      Writing the words “Modern Warfare 3” every day for the past year gets to your head 🙂

  • Maybe I should’ve made a video claiming that the spawn system and Lag Comp in MW3 was offensive to Islam and then maybe IW would have actully fixed their damn game.

    • JoseB88

      Maybe you could get away with it. No offense to the Muslim community

    • SOTD187

      Im muslim, i lol’d at this.

    • UsmanMohammad

      I agree, I just need to find someway to connect it to my religion.

    • kida

      Make sure that the constant barrage of UAV is also offensive

    • 559

      That’s why IW is a joke and Treyarch is better.

      • Colton Sandoval

        Infinity Ward and Treyarch are both owned by activision and Activision still oversees everything put in all the games

    • you have a sexy egg… :3

  • Maybe I should’ve made a video claiming that the spawn system and Lag Comp in MW3 was offensive to Islam and then maybe IW would have actully fixed their damn game.

  • Nurf Commando and Tubes

  • Alpine Maffu

    So this is what went down. Kiddie on Internet throws the whole “consequences” speech into his shitty webcam, IW community and corporate responsibility people panic, developers feel like they are James Bond for a day while they code a new bathroom (titter) to save the world from “consequences”, then spend the next month propping up bars near the office picking up chicks by telling them they were involved in a “major counter terrorism operation”……

  • Rave

    So they didnt patch the hacks but they removed words from a painting? Perfect

  • dpg70

    Hey DICE, there’s some insensitive bullshit in the ceiling in Metro. Maybe you could take a cue from IW and stop letting people get up there.

    • At least those glitchers can’t kill you trought the walls when they are on the ceiling…

  • I think PS3 is first for the update this time. Haven’t seen any proof otherwise. Even though people say that PC got it “a while ago”.

  • Faraz

    MW3 Fail game. I should have got MW2 for $20 instead of paying $64 for the same game but named as MW3.

    • you are a persistent cunt Faraz, i’ll give you that.

      • Faraz

        I dont know what to say to you.

        • just tell Ms. Faraz, the the cats have been put out, and we are having steak for dinner!

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  • Gamer

    Call of duty’s biggest problem is that almost everyone is a killwhore and 9/10 dont play the objective

  • Tony

    Why does it matter? You can’t even play mw2 anymore. Full of no-life hackers.

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  • Religion is what ruins anything good in life…

  • RavenFox

    Great map. Glad its back.

  • are we going to get favela back online?

  • TruztNo1

    people from the game community, I want to like to tell you about the map your posted about mw2 map; you maybe believe your religion whatever you call your god in your distingue ways; the game is more 3 years old, and take in mind on think you don’t have to base your religions in a game language, because you don’t everyone don’t have to like it; it doesn’t give you the right to control what is the best or entrainment for people from you religion or people choice; I didn’t like what you did because you talk from many, who don’t agree your traditions and religion’s beliefs, and yourself don’t make distingue from real life and virtual game which it makes an awarding to a company who made it, for me your religions are many lies, which just try to control people and turn the women slaves who don’t care in responsibilities seriously. Your own an apology to all players and treats you cause for everyone.

  • Steve GraphiX

    LMAO for 3-5 months MW2 was broken you couldn’t play anything only TDM no other lobbies or game work modes worked, i am NO-ONE the guy who started the whole MW2 dosn’t work incident that led to mp1st writing about it (check that article i am listed)

    i honestly thought i seen everything in life, until i seen this… so 3-5 months game was broken and UN-playable after everyone on steam forums complained to steam and IW they never listened to over 10,000 of us all slamming them with complaints and screaming at them.

    Then i can’t get over this but some picture in a game gets more attention lol just because it’s got writing on it??????? lmao lets put it in perspective while the game was broken for half the year, you couldn’t play the game only in tDM mode, so i fail to grasp how they can pay attention and do something so drastically as cut a map from a game, re-design it and add it back into the game lol all because it might offend someone???

    i honestly don’t know what this world is coming too but i don’t like it at all.

    i have never heard anything so bloody stupid in all my life as reading this on steam news today,

    AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop calling them Muslims, Muslim is not a race its a faith, even the news casters on tv now call them Muslims what has their faith got to do with their race?????

    talk about take a number world and fall in line,

  • Kevin Hoyes

    Offended by a video game, bunch of fuckin pussies !

  • Interesting. Very odd that its been catered to in such a degree when every game apparently should insult Xians because of all the “Jesus!” or “Christ!” or “Jesus Christ!,” but none of them complain because deep down inside, they probably dig that and exclaim it too when things don’t go right.