Find Out What Advanced Warfare’s Supply Drops Are All About in This New Trailer

Developer Sledgehammer Games is giving loot hunters something to chew on in Advanced Warfare this November with what the studio is calling Supply Drops.

Each drop supplies players with additional rewards on top of their standard weapon, attachment, or perk unlocks and are earned by simply playing the game. You’ll find items ranging in rarity from Enlisted, Professional, and Elite that allow you to customize your character, tweak your weapons, or equip special in-game bonuses.

Studio co-founder Michael Condrey dives in to the different types of Weapon Loot, Character Gear, and Reinforcements that each Supply Drop has the chance of rewarding a player with. IGN has the video above.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this November 3.

  • AScaryGhost

    So they’re….battlepacks?

    • SubXero

      You just figured that out? 😛 That was the first thing I thought when they showed/talked about them.

      • Guest


    • Yeah, basically .. but without tons of 25% XP boosts

      • SubXero

        For now…

  • @ 0:29 what the hell ?? … other than than there is no recoil at all … and one more thing @ 1:00 look at how many “Bal-27” are there !!! no wonder they have more than 300 weapons

  • Sal

    The forced attachments on the loot guns do not take up a point in the pick 13 system.

    • Deciver95

      are you sure? Cuz I’ve only heard otherwise.

  • MegaMan3k

    Looks like a balance clusterfluff designed so that gamers can’t complain about stuff anymore because there’s just too much to keep track of

    I can’t tell if it’s brilliant or stupid but either way I don’t like it

    • thebulky1cometh

      My first thought: it will literally be impossible to balance all of this. I mean, WHY on earth will there be supply drop items that can CHANGE THE STATS for certain guns. That’s insanity.

  • The anonymous employee

    Soooo people need to play the campaign more. I know I do. All supply drops from campaign carry over to mp.

    • The anonymous employee

      Looks like I’m buying the game now. It sounds fair

  • Jay

    supply drops are a good idea, but they should never affect the gun’s stats, because balancing is going to be almost impossible in the game.