First Battlefield 4 Community Mission Wants You To Grab 10 Million Dog Tags

February is Player Appreciation Month for thousands of gamers enjoying Battlefield 4 on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

For the entirety of February, developers DICE are handing out a Battlepack a day while throwing in a couple double XP events and community missions, the first of which begins tomorrow, February 5.

Between February 5 at 8am PST/5pm CET and February 11 at 8am PST/5pm CET, DICE wants you to collect as many dog tags from your enemies as possible

“In the first DICE Community Mission we challenge all Battlefield 4 players to collectively grab 10,000,000 dog tags using melee attacks,” writes the studio in a recent blog update. “This mission will run across all platforms. If the objective is completed in time, all participating players will be rewarded with a gold battlepack (handed out on February 20).”

Mission progress will be listed on the Battlelog under the “Missions” tab while the results will be posted on the Battlefield Blog on February 11.

Will you be participating?

Topped off with a number of welcomed improvements, a well-received update for the game launched last week with even more on the way as DICE aims to rebalance a number of weapons, grenades, and vehicles.

  • Katana67

    Ideal BF4 Patch Changelong (There’s a lot in here, and thus a lot to disagree with! Go for it! And it’s a long read, as per usual!)

    Just snapped the other day and decided to write it all down rather than forget half of it.


    – Items comprising the so-called “netcode” have been optimized. Hitboxes should be more responsive. There should be a marked decrease in getting shot around walls. The client-server-client netcode has been optimized to minimize the instances of shooting an enemy player with seemingly enough rounds to elicit a kill only to be killed yourself. Likewise, the instances of “mutual/trade” kills should be reduced.

    – Vaulting over objects has been made more consistent. Similarly, the hitbox when vaulting has been synced to the animation.

    – Below Radar has been re-introduced due to popular support. Stingers/Iglas will once again ignore Below Radar when locked-on to a helicopter as to punish overzealous helicopter pilots. However, lock-on times will be significantly longer (in addition to the innate lock-on time nerf, see below) when an aircraft is Below Radar. This is to allow a helicopter to stay on-target for a given period of time before the one-hit disable Stingers can be effectively targeted.

    – The bug which caused a piercing “beep” to last for an indiscriminate amount of time on PS4 has been fixed.

    – The bug which causes the killcard of a player who recently killed you to read 0% health has been fixed. Likewise, you should see a reduction in “low-health kills” given the improvements to the “netcode”.

    – Spawns have been improved on all maps (Zavod 311 and Rogue Transmission specifically) to minimize the ready spawnkilling. Players will now find diverse spawns that are not in wide open areas.

    – A match timer and ticket count has been added to the Server Browser. This is to minimize the amount of times the player enters a match which is ending/over.

    – Spawn Beacons, Mortars, and SOFLAMs will no longer be identified as “enemy soldiers” when spotting.

    – The “New Item” queue will actually disappear once you have scrolled over an item. Previously this would come up multiple times even if the item was equipped on the weapon and being used regularly.


    – Reticles have been included on items like the Mortar, JDAM, and M142 (HIMARS) Mobile Artillery targeting interface in Hardcore. This was a design flaw present since BC2 wherein the disappearance of PRIMARY WEAPON reticles translated into the removal of vehicle targeting reticles, making certain inclusions wholly inaccurate.

    – When accessing the start menu, players in Hardcore will be able to see the map. This has been done in every Battlefield title including the Hardcore gametype and will be done again in BF4.

    – The compass interface will now be visible in Hardcore as to not render the directional spotting voice notices useless and to provide for increased squad communicative awareness.

    – Friendly Mines/Claymores/SLAMs will no longer detonate for friendlies.

    – Magazines will no longer disappear when reloading a half-empty magazine. This was judged to be inauthentic given the fact that one would never toss a magazine no matter how many rounds were in it. It was also found to be a detriment to gameplay in forcing the player to choose between entering combat knowingly with a half-empty magazine or losing the rounds forever just to reload. This system will remain in place until a later Battlefield installment whereby we can divide the magazines properly.


    – Burst-fire spread has been drastically reduced for the M16A4 and M4A1. They were previously inconsistent at range. This is to justify their weakness in close-quarters due to the limits of burst-fire. Weapons which are FIXED to semi/burst now have more accurate burst-fire spreads than weapons who have the flexibility of semi/burst/auto.

    – The 3.4-4x scopes no longer show front iron-sights when ADS. Previously, this had been a feature of BF3. This was changed then via feedback from the community and has been changed again in BF4.

    – To give (the last unlock for Hand Grenades) Flares a use, they will now play a role in directing close air support. Flares now act as a lock-able beacon for jet pilots to use AGMs on marked non-vehicle targets. To reduce spam, only one Flare can be active at a time. We realize this is a reversal of pending patch notes, but we feel that this change in capability will now justify a lower number of active Flares.

    – SOFLAMs no longer have the ability to designate vehicle targets. Instead, they can now designate non-vehicle area targets which places a lockable beacon at the location designated by the operator. PLDs fill the role of designating vehicles, SOFLAMs had no distinct use.

    – Bipod deployment has been made more consistent. No longer will bipods deploy on window sills which cause the weapon to face directly into a wall. Likewise, bipod beployment has been improved on sloping terrain.

    – The Stinger/Igla now has a slightly increased reload time. This is to justify its relative power versus helicopters.

    – The Stinger/Igla now deals a critical hit or disable in one hit. This is to offset the modest nerfs we have implemented and to further cement the Stinger into a role of “area denial”. Previously, it was an imbalance for one infantry unit to easily be able to bring down a supposedly powerful helicopter. This will now punish overly persistent helicopter pilots who linger in an area too long after using their countermeasures. While one man will be able to bring down a helicopter, it will be suitably difficult and the help of teammates is now a far more efficient option for bringing down aircraft.

    – One second has been added to the Stinger/Igla lock-on time. Previously, lock-ons were almost instant and did not allow helicopter pilots using ECM an adequate amount of time to realistically employ their very limited, long-reloading countermeasure.

    – A modest increase in optics has been given to the Assault Rifles and LMGs. The 6x CL6X sight is now available to all Assault Rifles and LMGs. Players will find this setup familiar, as it was in BF3. Likewise, these setups are highly situational and we do not judge this to impede other methods of gameplay given their presence in previous titles.


    – The suppression effect of DMRs has been significantly reduced. DMRs are heavy hitting, accurate, low ROF, low mag-capacity battle rifles. This should place a premium on accurate fire rather than rapid fire.

    – The audio queue for the “crack” of DMRs has been changed. Previously, it was the same audio queue as a bolt-action round. It has been given a distinct, albeit deeper, sound to differentiate it from its slower-firing counterpart.

    – A modest increase in optics has been given to the DMR. The 6x CL6X sight is now available to all DMRs. Players will find this setup familiar, as it was in BF3. This is to allow players to actually act as a designated marksman without the added damage/suppression/range of a bolt-action. Likewise, this setup is highly situational and we do not judge this to impede other methods of gameplay. The 6x scope forgoes the benefit of an ACOG, provides a moderate bump in magnification, and is not practical in high-speed CQC. With this new reasoning in mind, we have made a change in our “monitoring” status.


    – The “Straight Pull Bolt” attachment for bolt-actions will now incur a suppression penalty for the user. This is to justify the added difficulty in hitting a constantly bobbing/sidestepping/moving target who also wields the damage and capabilities of a sniper. Too often were players shooting a player with a bolt-action and “Straight Pull Bolt” equipped only to be killed after having put multiple rounds into these players. This should not be a possibility with “Straight Pull”, the sole benefit is to remove the requirement to scope-out when cycling the bolt. It should not translate into wholly accurate fire while being shot.

    – There is now a mildly longer wait period when transitioning from movement (i.e. sidestepping) to stationary whilst scoped-in (using 6x, 8x, 20x, 40x scopes) with a sniper rifle. This is to justify the added benefit of supported fire via a bipod. Sub-6x scopes remain unaffected by this change.

    – The jolt when being shot with a scoped-in bolt-action has been increased. If you are already under fire, you shouldn’t be able to deliver accurate fire in the middle of being shot. Sniping places a premium on accurate fire, distance, stealth, and the element of surprise. Snipers should take care to put distance between them and their intended target, as well as find appropriately protected shooting positions.

    – Bolt-action sniper rifles now have a reverse damage curve. As such, they will do minimum damage in close-range and maximum damage at range. This is to discourage the overwhelming and OHK nature of bolt-action sniper rifles being used in roles traditionally reserved for shotguns, PDWs, carbines, and assault rifles. CQC optics remain untouched for bolt-actions, although players using this setup should be mindful that they may be less effective than their dedicated CQC counterparts. Bolt-actions are designed to give the Recon player a long-range and accurate firing capability. Recon players looking to engage in CQC should look to the plethora of all-kit weapons such as shotguns, carbines, and DMRs.

    – The minumum and maximum damage of bolt-actions has been adjusted to ensure that a premium will always be placed on headshots (both at range and in CQC). At any range, a single body shot will not result in a OHK. The overall disparity between minimum and maximum damage has been flatened. Bolt-actions were previously a OHK at most ranges in Hardcore and had a significantly shorter TTK than most weapons at a variety of ranges.


    – Stealth Jet cannon damage versus infantry has been increased. The 20mm cannon now does 13 damage per hit. The 25mm now does 17 damage per hit. The 30mm now does 23 damage per hit. Previously it took far too many hits to take out infantry with a jet cannon.This is to justify the amount of skill/awareness it takes to spot, line up, and engage infantry targets on the ground on the part of the jet pilot.

    – Attack Jet cannon damage versus aircraft has been slightly decreased. Previously, these CAS aircraft were overwhelmingly good at taking out other aircraft and dogfighting. This should cement them into their intended ground attack role.

    – A mild splash damage has been applied to the 30mm Stealth Jet cannon vs. infantry. This does not apply to the 30mm GAU-8 on Attack Jets. This has been done to justify the vulnerability of Jets to a variety of anti-aircraft fire and to correct their relative inability to aid in supporting team ground operations.

    – Lag and “birdstrikes” have been drastically reduced while piloting a jet.

    – The HUD on the Stealth Jets has been streamlined and improved. Previously, there were three independently operating reticles on jets like the F-35 which made targeting unintelligible. Similarly, the HUD has been adjusted to provide better contrast against light backgrounds.

    – A short 2 second eject timer has been included for Jets. This is to discourage pilots from instantly bailing out when getting shot and will reward those who successfully engage Jets after disabling them.


    – Reload times for STAFF shell on the MBT and TOW missile for IFVs have been increased. This is to justify their homing capability and heavy-hitting nature respectively.

    – A short 1 second enter/exit animation has been included for all vehicles. This is a balance issue, not a “realism” or “authenticity” issue. Previously it was an imbalance for a player to be able to instantly teleport in and out of an armored vehicle when inconvenient. Or run to a vehicle for immediate safety when he/she fails in infantry combat.

    – Bipods can now be deployed on stationary vehicles.

    – Damage from the ITV/FAV/Buggy turret versus infantry has been buffed

    – Damage from the Transport Helicopter Minigun has been buffed to a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20. Previously, the Minigun did anywhere from 1.7-8 damage. This was judged to be inadequate, given that these weapons are the Transport Helicopters’ only mode of defense.


    – The aircraft map boundaries have been extended on Golmud Railway, Rogue Transmission, and Lancang Dam. Similarly, the infantry map boundaries have been extended on Guilin Peaks to encompass some of the already-included rice paddies/buildings and to provide more flanking routes to the peripheral CQ flags.

    – The peaks on Guilin Peaks and certain side-peaks on Dragon Pass have been made inaccessible to infantry. These serve as unnecessary and largely useless modes of access for snipers and are clearly out-of-bounds given their LOD surfaces and sprite trees. Likewise, these areas were glitch-ridden and allowed players to clip inside walls.

    – Bushes on Dragon Pass no longer stop tanks dead in their tracks.

    – Due to the lack of significant buildings on some maps (Dragon Pass, Zavod 311, Golmud Railway, and Guilin Peaks) destruction of certain buildings has been made more difficult. They are too important in acting as cover and there are no other ancillary buildings to be occupied from which the player can adequately affect his/her team’s advances.

    – Elevator doors will now open randomly on either side where applicable. This is to mitigate the relatively easy camping of these narrow exitways.

    • dieger

      oh And fix the danm bipods i swear i fidget with those things to drop more then i shoot :/

      • Katana67

        It’s in there!

    • Jerry Kehr

      The M4 buff makes me very happy! Love that gun. I really wish the would make it harder to take down the skyscraper tho. That map is 10x better with it up.

      • Katana67

        If only it were a real changelog!

        And, I dunno, I think they could’ve done a bit more with the collapsed area. It’s just kind of bland (and buggy to vault/run over). I think they could’ve left some of the building standing rather than have the whole thing collapse into a pile of dust.

        • Jerry Kehr

          Agreed. I think it would be better too if you had to take out a few things inside the skyscraper as well. So tanks can’t just sit in the distance and spam it.

    • Warren Lucas

      you sob i skipped over what you said about this being YOUR change-log and i shit pants, i thought it had to be a troll and that’s why i didn’t realize it was your change-log. lol i agree with all of these points post this to blog.

  • dieger

    Remember when you got an exclusive dogtag for completing these and not a shitty battlepack?

    • PI3KY

      Because getting the chance to get XP boosts, a dogtag, and something cosemetic really makes a battlepack less then a just one dogtag.

      • dieger

        i have like 30 godanm XP boosts i get them every battlepack and i couldn’t care about the skins…

        • So then how is a dogtag you might not wear any more important than skins you might not use?

          • dieger

            you know the more i think about it dogtags are worthless in BF4 because the kill feed dogtags lacks out almost all of the right dogtag…


    I would contribute, but, Netcode. Lol

    • PI3KY

      What’s netcode?

      • VEX_VEHIX

        I was making a funny. All I read is netcode this.. netcode that. Hahah

        • Olek

          “I was making a funny.”

          Have that written on your tombstone.

          • VEX_VEHIX

            Has a nice ring to it. Hahah

      • swipe_06

        Its a category of bugs. One of them is, when you have to hit someone with 5-6 or more bullets to kill, but it seems you drop from one. Or when your vehicle explodes, and you see the rocket blazing trough the wreckage in the killcam a few seconds later. The same rocket that actually killed you!

  • jnesss

    more portraits and emblems? OK, DICE!

  • OldTimersTactical

    Given the size of dice this patch is a joke. Here are the patchnotes for the recent update to Insurgency a shooter developed by a small indie team. If these guys can do it it makes you wonder what the fuck dice is up to?


    The Commander app (Tablet and the like) is fixed and working better than ever. 🙂

    • Energize

      Ya they did a nice job on the Cammander app, I play it all the time.