First Black Ops 2 Killstreak Revealed? – Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun

Update: the image on Call of Duty’s website has been unlocked to show the quadrotor, and is directly linked to FPSRussia’s video.

Last night, Activision updated the official Call of Duty site with a countdown to the world reveal of the next Call of Duty on May 1st. Among the intel posted on the site, there’s a distorted image that MP1st reader, Feraltomahawk, cleaned up to see more clearly. The image shows a quadrotor drone, also known as a quadrocopter.

Coincidentally, FPSRussia’s latest video showcases a prototype quadrotor with a mounted machine gun wreaking havoc. At the end of the video, he teases that the quadrotor “might just be in the next Call of Duty.” On the outro screen of the video, an on-screen caption reads, “A big thank you to my friend makers of Call of Duty for sponsorship this video.”

The quadrotor will mostly likely be one of the killstreaks, or pointstreaks if Treyarch goes that route, in Black Ops 2, or might only feature in the single-player. Be sure to watch FPSRussia’s video below to see this bad boy in action.

New Black Ops 2 Poster and Full Multiplayer Information Allegedly Leaked, Reveals Perks, Weapons and Release Date

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  • so this is probably the next RCXD car type killstreak for Blops 2

    • EschelonX

      It better be about a 7 pointstreak.

      • TrevorSP

        I”m hoping more like 10 or 12

    •  only it is air mobile……and has a turret……and will probably be able to road kill…….MAV 🙁

  • CoD u say? 

  • Not sure if it’s worth a mention, but does anyone know if FPSRussia’s friend “Yuri” is fictional or not? I’m just thinking, Yuri, I believe, was the one to first drive the remote turret thing in MW3’s campaign. Could he have been referenced here? Maybe he’ll make an appearance in BO2? Just a thought.

    • Mick Ditten

      But Yuri’s dead

  • Well now we know it’s future combat!

    • I’m not 100% sure about that. They make up pointstreak rewards all the time.

      • Dicky

        Yeah but it can’t take place in the 60s-80s since this thing is modern/futuristic and it can’t take place in the 2000s since MW1-MW3 took place then. It’s either 90s or future imo.

        • Skrying

           But how would they explain going from, cold war/Vietnam era to 2030 or something that would be quite a stretch.

          • Dicky

            If they don’t call it black ops 2 then it won’t be an issue. But if they do then they make a new story etc. Just imagine future zombie bro.

          • Ted Mosby

            They dont need to explain it, “Black Ops” just means
            a covert operation typically involving activities that are highly clandestine and often outside of standard military protocol or even against the law. as long as it stays within that type of storyline, its still considered a “black ops” worthy title.

        • Then they make it less futuristic.

        • mailaila

          It will be a killstreak, and the campaign takes place in the future and in the 80’s.

  • Dicky

    Holy crap, could it be future warfare? Tha’d be the illest shit out!

  • Cilliangreene

    And his shirt says “tacitus”

  • Mick Ditten

    This is definitely related to Black Ops 2. Tbh, the drone flying in FPSRussia’s video looks fake, so Activision probably worked on it with him.

  • Andreas13kt

    that thing is scary!!!

  • ps3fuckedintheass

    Could be the new way to weed out campers, roaming from room to room with that thing!

  • Ivaan

    Stephen king, in “Danse Macabre”, says that his scariest inventions are the ones that never reveal themselves. This is because the reader’s imagination conjures monsters much worse than what Stephen could create.

    The same goes for entertainment as well, and COD is making full use of it to rip people off. Hype is the name of the game, and in the current gaming age, where the only thing of any importance is getting the game sold, COD developers couldn’t be happier.

    What I’m saying is, is that COD will still be a waste, no matter what they add. And they know it, and profit on the fact you don’t.

    • Cilliangreene

      all forms of media use hype to build up their product.
      games in the 80’s 90’s used tons of hype
      not just cod.

      please stop hating, if you don’t like it we don’t need your opinion, if it’s going to be such a waste, then why are you reading an article about it? why are you commenting on  an arcticle about it? Seems like you have a soft spot for cod.

      • Ivaan

        HUGE difference: games in the 80’s and 90’s were actually good.

        Sorry- I forgot that this brain dead generation loves the saying “if you don’t like it ignore it”.

        If I see it, and don’t like it, I’m going to comment. Too bad.

        • Asd

          That’s a stupid commect.

          • Ivaan


            Care to try again?

        • Niosus

          Everyone has a different taste. Just because my favorite color is blue doesn’t mean that everyone who likes red is “braindead” or wrong. I used to play competitively on CoD4 for PC. I loved that game and I still have a lot of respect for the people who made that game. However I do not like the recent CoDs. As a matter of fact, I also don’t play BF3 all that often. I have a very limited amount of time I can spend in games. _I_ feel like with that limited time, playing BF3 is not the way to get the most “fun” out of it. So what shooters do I play? The shooters I play are actually even more arcady than CoD. They make CoD feel realistic. I’m talking about TF2 and Tribes Ascend.

          Does that make me even more braindead, or does that just mean I like to be able to play for 10-20 minutes and be guaranteed to get a nice amount of kills, no matter what map/class/gametype I play (on)?

          You obviously don’t like CoD. So vote with your wallet. They will obviously only stop making it when nobody wants to pay for it anymore. That’s the way capitalism works, that is the way our whole economy works. And for now, be glad that those “braindead” people (according to you) have their own game to play, this means that you don’t have to worry about them playing your game of choice. Imagine how much fun you would have when suddenly all those people are your teammates. 😉

          Play what you want, let everyone else play what they want. You can have discussions, but you should respect the opinion of other people even if it differs from yours.

          • Ivaan

            1. Colors do not have different levels of quality

            2. I’m not a BF fanboy

            3. I already do have them as my team mates.

            4. Overall- no.

            P.S: TL;DR

        • Niosus

          You say TL;DR, yet you have a response for every point I make ;).

          I respect your opinion, and I respect the fact that you do not like CoD at all. However as webmaster and moderator at MP1st I have to ask you to stay away from CoD articles if all you’re going to do is troll without having anything to add to the discussion. You obviously do not care at all for the game, so don’t waste your time trolling on these articles.

          • Ivaan

            But I did add to the conversation. All I was trying to say is that the hype is not going to become anything to even the COD gamer.

            Ban me for “trolling”, “flaming”, whatever, but if BO2 ends up mediocre… You guys have to make an article saying Ivaan told you so.

        • Niosus

          To be clear I did not have a problem with your first comment, but the ones that followed were very condescending and hostile. That’s where my problem is.

          I will leave it at this. You aren’t banned or flagged and in fact I would love to see more comments from you, just try to keep them constructive and less condescending towards other readers.

          Have a nice day.

        • Xstatuexleftx

          classic troll, yeah there were some great 80’s/90’s games. there were some great fucking 2000’s games too. Cod, FF, TWEWY, KH, i could keep going, only liking games based on when they came out is fucking ignorant

    • Dicky

      shutup relik

    • Timmy

       You are a moron, Ivan and others like you are morons. Why do you insist on buying the “same game” if you know its going to be crap or are you retarded.

      People buy this game because its good at what it does and is value for money.

      • Vernonlem

        I hope Iron wolf will be the one. Blops almost did it. Failed kinda. Mw3 was generic sludge. Iron wolf will be the perfect cod.

      • Ivaan

        “good at what it does”

        Yeah, sure. Making an arcade shooter for all the kiddies to enjoy is a neat trick. Perhaps the only trick activision and treyarch can do. Anyway, I didn’t even understand your post, but I’m sure it is very good.

        Your weakness, however, is that this is planet earth.

    • WasabeJuice

      Another COD hater wasting his time reading anything about COD and writing something about COD.

      • Ivaan

        So you agree that anything about COD is a waste of time? Or simply that me hating COD, yet reading something about it is a waste?

        For the latter, what on the Internet can not be defined in one way or another as a waste of time? I find it entertaining to laugh at COD kiddies who couldnt defend the laws of gravity!

        Oh wait, that would be you!

    • Mick Ditten

      You’re wasting your time trying to convince fans your opinion, just as they won’t convince you to like it. Stop annoying them.

      • Ivaan


  • RabidTurtle

    Has to be fake.

    Everyone knows quadrotors are only meant to transport delicious tacos.

  • 🙁 im gonna miss vietnam D:

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  • TrevorSP

    You guys should watch this video too. He does a great job analyzing this and giving his thoughts on the matter. 

    • I just posted an article with some of the info Woody talked about.

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  • feraltomahawk

    Here is another link to the game in the FPS Russia video he names the quadrotor Charlene  means and comes from Charlene ch(a)-rle-ne, char-lene as a girl’s name is pronounced shar-LEEN, char-LEEN. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Charlene is “free man”.  Now remember my post on Tacitus yesterday and its connection to the eclipse,war and Germans. This leads me to believe the story of this game takes place in future Germany or the main character is of German origin and he his trying to be free of the circumstance he is in. Also noted from the FPS Russia video is his reference to zombie terrorists which leads me to believe zombies will be in full effect in this one.

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      I’ve also seen references to civil wars in regards to Tacitus. Perhaps a German civil war.

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  • Fuuuuuu this is so fake, the picture that peeves me the most is the picture he put a fake caption an Demetri. You sir a twat!!

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  • _Six30_

    What do you do when you see a copter fly through a window with a mounted gun underneath it?