Free-To-Play Call of Duty: Online Announced For China, Features CoD4 and MW2 Maps

Today, Activision announced Call of Duty: Online, which will be releasing in China. COD: Online is a “free to play micro transaction” title that is being developed by Activision Shanghai and Raven. Tencent, the online driving force of China, will be publishing, marketing, distribution and running all other COD: Online related content on its platform on PC.

Here’s a first look at Call of Duty: Online, which features maps from both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Maps featured in the trailer, as pointed out by MP1st reader SteGuino, Storm (MW2), Wet Work (CoD4), Favela (MW2), Shipment (CoD4), Bloc (CoD4), Afghan (MW2) Underpass (MW2), and Kill House (CoD4).

“We are very excited about our relationship with Tencent and the opportunities for gaming in China,” stated Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision.  “We think China is one of the most exciting places in the world for us to grow our business and to develop innovative new games.”

Kotick added, “Tencent is an ideal partner for Activision to bring Call of Duty Online to China.  Tencent has a terrific track record of customer-focused innovation and deep market knowledge that will be invaluable to Activision as we build great games for China.  We have worked closely with Tencent to create a game with broad appeal for the Chinese market.  We look forward to laying the foundation for a long-standing relationship with Tencent and to launching a new and unique experience for fans.”

Martin Lau, President of Tencent, said, “We are thrilled to work with the world’s premiere game developer and publisher to bring this much-awaited  title to Chinese game players.  We believe Call of Duty Online will attract tens of millions of loyal fans in China, and our game platform and operational expertise to run massive multi-player online games can provide strong support to deliver the immersive and highly interactive game experience to game players in China.”

No other details whether it would feature maps from the third Modern Warfare title or even maps from the Black Ops series. The title currently has no release date, nor does it have details whether or not it would be seen outside of China.

  • lolwut?

  • bandido

    TETRIS is better than this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They should release it in Europe and North America. Also, is this pc only or also for consoles?

    • Fredrik Jackson

      F2P usually means PC only.

      • Monkeyzking2

        Dust 514 is F2P on PS3.

        Also, this is the reason that I hate Activision. Openly rehashing past games, with a guaranteed Pay-to-Win model.


        • Fredrik Jackson

          I know, but it’s rare, therefor the “usually”.

          It’s terrible. They don’t think about the gamers at all by doing such.

    • PC only.

  • dumb ass nigga Reshawn

    looks gay, but i would play it if it came to america

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  • Engineer

    That easily could have been a trailer for Modern Warfare 4.

  • Guest

    This is why we’ve had less MP DLC then, Raven busy with this instead of DLC which is what they’ve done previously.

    • Actually no. Mark Rubin already stated that most of the DLC is done for MW3.

  • Munk

    So, will us in the USA be able to play it?

    • Jesus

      No, you greedy fuck.

      • how is he a greedy fuck hes a gamer he asked get because he might want to play ot this will hurt the gamer by only in china but it means better servers and do u have to say “no,you greedy fuck.

  • unhappyguy

    so this explains the shit dlc for mw3 the latest time? lol and people will be getting this wow call of duty is really becoming a bad game

    • always have been. since black ops has been released. not that black ops is a bad game its just have been the same since then…. the old cods are much better !. CoD2 FTW

  • Lollo

    “develop innovative new games” – did he even see the trailer? looks like MW2 pixel by pixel… -.-

  • MW3 = MW2.5 This = MW2.25

  • unhappyguy

    most likely its only what you see in the trailer and you would have to pay to get ALL the guns and maps from cod4 and mw2

  • CoD to China? Now THIS is the solution to the American economy. We’re saved!

  • Engrish

    So the trailer’s in English, but not coming to America. Disappoint.

  • Jamic

    They better release it for euro’s
    I like COD into some extent but the reason I dont own a single COD title is the price, 60$ for the game and same amount for DLC ? Considering it only adds new maps I dont feel its worth (+ the fact used COD games pay almost as much as new ones)

    F2P would be nice.

  • the mw3 dlc is great, it just shows if iw had eough time, what a game they could have made. Look at the new spec ops missions, they are brilliant.

  • This is good news for those gamers who live in nations that do not allow platform games such as china.

    big deal.

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  • Release Date???

  • rayjaylawson64

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  • rayjaylawson64

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  • Evenhagen

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