Gears Of War: Judgement Haven DLC Now Available

As of this writing, a new DLC add-on for Gears Of War: Judgement is available for download which adds a new map titled ‘Haven’ and also features the return of the classic game mode from the previous Gears Of Wars titles, Execution.

In addition to the new map and game mode, this DLC add-on also features a compatibility pack which is required to download if you want to enjoy the multiplayer portion of the latest installment of the Gears franchise. Thankfully, this add-on on will be available to everyone to download for free. Thanks to the folks over at Maxim, who are sponsoring this DLC add-on.

As a added bonus, here’s the trailer for the Haven DLC which shows what you can look forward to once you’ve downloaded it.

For those who are running low on HDD space, you’ll be happy to know that The Haven DLC pack will only require a little over 50 mb’s of space.

  • James K

    That’s great because GOW: Judgement desperately need more MP maps.

    • Jordan Matt

      And more game modes.

  • Gears vet

    This game blows without dedicated servers, and for you fool who think they are running them show me the fucking proof. Cause all there is in this game is host-advantage tryhards.

    • Gears vet

      Ok I retract the no dedicated servers comment cause it appears they do have them…light as well be in fucking Mexico of Australia though.

  • blondbassist

    People actually bought this game? lawl

  • Brandon

    Whats the point of the VIP pass? I feel ripped off now.

  • Louie Sarro

    the game just came out and there is DLC already. I cant believe what the gaming market is becoming. They say the future is free to play…. But with that comes pay to win and pay to play with the cool toys

    • i think it’s only the pre-order bonus