Gears of War: Judgment Call to Arms Map Pack Available Next Week

Gears fans can look forward to even more Gears in the very near future.

Microsoft has announced a second set of DLC to hit Gears of War: Judgment that will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace April 23 for VIP pass holders at zero dollars, and April 30 for everyone else at the price of 1,000 MS Points ($12.50).

The Call to Arms Map Pack will feature three new multiplayer maps and a brand new game mode, as well as more skins and achievements.

Terminal takes place in the train terminal of Halvo Bay, Blood Drive will have you fighting inside a hospital at Halvo Memorial, while Boneyard takes the fight to a burial site, a resting place of the fallen soldiers of the Locust war.

Call to Arms, Epic and People Can Fly’s take on the classic “Arms Race” game mode, will have you working your way up through tiers of weapons as you try to score a kill with each one – 20 in total.

Lastly, players will be able to experiment with six new armor and gun skins as well as earn 10 new achievements worth a total Gamerscore of 250.

Check out these screens below of the Call to Arms Map Pack:

  • $12.50 for two NEW maps, and people say Activision milks.

    • yeah BUT YOU GET ACHIEVEMENTS AND A NEW MODE and you can dress in pretty outfits aswell

  • Map design fail

    I cant believe how they ruined this game

  • If you buy this, then slap yourself. Epic Games have got to be the laziest developer out there with DLC. Gears 3 DLC was the same thing, just kept giving us old maps over and over again and charging for it. It makes no sense. Get creative and make new maps. How hard can that really be?

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t support this game because of the buy able 2xp but that’s just me.

  • hhahahahah NEVER buy this never look at the price and one month after the release date.

  • roland0811

    Would’ve been content with just the first GoW and no more. The story, characters and gameplay are just ‘bleh’.