Get Double XP In Call of Duty: Ghosts This Weekend

Infinity Ward and friends are gearing up for Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ first multiplayer expansion, launching this Tuesday, January 28, with a special double XP weekend event.

To help get you prepped to battle it out the four brand new multiplayer maps being introduced in Onslaught, the studio is hitting the double XP switch a few days earlier so you can rank up, unlock more stuff, and get some practice in.

The double XP event begins tomorrow, January 24, at 10am PST / 1pm EST and lasts through to Monday, January 27, at 10am PST / 1pm EST.


See you online!

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Wish they had a clan war going on at the same time, would love that 2x and +50%xp combinding.

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    Anyone have any opinion on the PC version? I’ve been looking into it, but I’ve heard problems of poor optimization and lack of proper anti-cheat, so I’m figuring it’ll be better to just wait for the next Treyarch release, but if anyone has anything to correct/add to it, I’d like to hear it.

    • Chems

      Optimization is pretty poor. I have a decent PC but the game has some weird stuttering/framedrops. Running on low graphic settings atm. About hackers.. you’ll run into them from time to time but I haven’t seen alot of them.

      • Storm_Worm5364

        I actually have :S … I usually run Ghosts one time per month, to see is it is still the shit that it is on PC, and I always run into hackers. In December I launched the game 2 times. Those 2 times there were hackers. 1st time on the first lobby and the 2nd one was after I changed lobbies (changed from the 1st that I found to another)

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          I highly disliked MW3, and this was part of the reason why, it seemed so easy to hack and not even be detected doing it. I didn’t buy Black Ops 2, but from what I played of the free weekends, I never ran into hackers, and considering that was a free weekend, that’s surprising. It feels like IW doesn’t really support PC near as much as Treyarch has been, but that’s just me.

          • Storm_Worm5364

            YES. That’s actually a really good point. I already knew that Treyarch supported the PC more since Black Ops came out. But I never though about that point. HACKERS. I don’t remember running into any hackers on Black ops 2. Didn’t like Black Ops 2 as much as MW2. I mean, as a game, it’s good, but as a CoD game, it isn’t a good CoD game, since CoD 4 and MW2 set the bars so high. But it can be fun. I have fun playing it. And that’s a thing that I never thought about, since the original Infinity Ward left, IW games have been really bad in terms of hackers. The PC support never was pretty good with the original IW. And we can noticed that when they said that the PC community didn’t need an FoV slider in MW2, and that we should play the game like that, at 65 FoV. But man, IW games are not only bad now, but horribly unplayable on PC. 🙁 Fuck it. I’m just gonna buy CoD games amde by Treyarch games from now on. (MAYBE)

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              This is sort of the conclusion I’ve come to with it too. I really liked MW2/CoD4, and even Black Ops 2 (I wasn’t too big of a fan of Black Ops 1 in comparison to MW2.), but I didn’t play CoD4/MW2 on PC. The only remaining problem comes down to the amount of money I have to spend on a game, and CoD games RARELY go on sale until the next release is nearly in sight. (Outside of Ghosts, but there seems to be a reason behind that.)

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        What kind of rig do you run? I don’t expect TOO many issues unless IW dropped the ball, since I’m running a GTX 690/i7 3770k, but even so, poor performance on my computer on decent settings just sounds like it’s not worth giving Activision/IW anymore money then they already have.

    • Leon

      I would advice you to stay off PC version. Cheating is rampant, gameplay is poor comparing to BO2, graphics are fuzzy, camping is the only valid tactics as you die in a micro-second with no chance to react, and the whole thing just not feel right.

      Besides, there are not many people on PC version and you will be able to play only TDM and Domination in MP as all other playlists are empty. Extinction is OK but it gets repetitive soon and it’s not worthy the price.

      All in all, It’s a wasted money for me. Wait for Titanfall or get cheap BF4 Premium now.

  • Manatee

    Time to play some infected loljk

  • dieger

    That picture reminds me of bioshock infinite

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