Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Detailed for North American Ghosts

With the beta date (April 19th) for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier quickly approaching, Ubisoft has detailed how North American players should go about accessing it.

On the official Facebook page, the developers listed the following instructions for North American players who wish to join the upcoming closed beta: (European players can read the beta details released last week for more info)

  • Splinter Cell Conviction Owners: You will have automatic access to the beta from your Splinter Cell disc on the 19th – no keys needed. However, you’ll be receiving an email from us starting on April 19th with three Xbox beta access keys that you can share with friends to build your squad!
  • Xbox Gamestop Pre-orders: You will receive your beta key plus three Xbox buddy keys for you to share with friends to build your squad. Keys will be emailed to you starting on the 19th.
  • PlatStation Plus Members: all PlayStation Plus members will have immediate access to the beta on April 19th.
  • PC Gamers: While there are no plans for a PC beta as of now, our devs are working hard to build an amazing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier experience for you on PC. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Dog Tag Owners: For Ghosts who have received a dog tag with a beta code, here’s how you redeem it:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Uplay account or hit Register Now to create a new account
  3. Enter the ID code that is engraved on your dogtag EXACTLY as it appears. Capitals, numbers, dashes and all
  4. Keep an eye on your inbox, you will receive an email with the token for the beta on or after April 19

Earlier today, a new multiplayer trailer was released, which you check out here. Also, make sure to check out what classes and maps are available in the beta here.

  • guest

    this game sucks

  • I just downloaded my beta right now, but the servers aren’t up yet. I was hoping they would be for early code getters. 

  • sgt_mofo

    I thought they forgot all about Splinter Cell: Conviction owners. Hopefully I spend more time with the beta than I did beating the SP campaign (a mere 3 hrs.).

  • yep

    Hopefully, this will ruin CoD… Put that crappy game back where it belongs… So sick of CoD fanboys thinking they are good for quickscoping, its time for a tactical game!

    • Ryan

      hopefully this doesnt ruin COD, I want them to keep playing their game where they can quick scope and stay out of the more tactical shooters

  • Diabolus

    Not really sure how they’ll be able to tell if I have the game and to which e-mail the should send the beta codes on the case of 
    Splinter Cell Conviction Owners

    • yep

       probably through that uPlay?

  • hmm well i already got warzone inc. F2p and this is pretty much that with tactics soo f*ck it

  •  What pisses me off is the PS+ exclusive part. 360 players are already paying for LIVE, a subscription service, yet PS3 owners have to buy their own subscription service? Screw you Ubisoft. Not supporting that.

  • Ryanjohn

    Why about regular playstation users that don’t have PS+ when will we be able to play it

  • ryan

    im a normal ps3 user and i got sent a email for the beta and i havent got splinter cell or a + user

  • blitz1904

    Will there be a public beta or at least a demo to try eventually for Xbox 360?

  • Typhoon_Gauntlet

    There will be NO Public beta from what I know