Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Raven Strike DLC Achievements & Challenges

Last month Ubisoft revealed the second wave of DLC content coming to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Today we have additional information on this DLC content, including achievements and challenges. Raven Strike enhances your Ghost Recon experience by adding three new co-op missions, one new Guerilla Mode map and 10 more levels to Adversarial multiplayer. You can get the full scoop below.

Five New Achievements/Trophies

Package Delivery
“Secure General Kozlov”
Mission: Secure Dawn
Xbox 360: 20 points | PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Tables Turned 
“Fight your way out of Bodark ambush”
Mission: Cold Water
Xbox 360: 20 points | PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Clean Slate
“Take down all four HVT’s”
Mission: Argent Thunder
Xbox 360: 20 points | PlayStation 3: Bronze Trophy


Maximum Effort
“Defeat all tactical challenges in Raven Strike”
Xbox 360: 25 points | PlayStation 3: Silver Trophy


Dirty Work
“Complete all 3 maps in Raven Strike on Elite”
Xbox 360: 50 points | PlayStation 3: Gold Trophy


New Challenges

Secure Dawn

  • Six Packer: Kill two enemies with a single bullet, and do it 3 times.
  • Swamp Person: On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected.
  • With a Twist: Kill 20 enemies by snapping their necks.
  • Efficient Pistoleer: Kill 8 enemies in less than 40 seconds with a pistol, and without reloading.

Cold Walker

  • Fisher Fan: Make 5 consecutive kills by snapping the target’s neck.
  • Eyes Only: Reach the station without using sensor grenades or drones.
  • Station Agent: Kill all the hostiles in the train station without using sync shots.
  • Handgun Headhunter: Perform 20 headshots with handguns.

Argent Thunder

  • Swift and Silent: Cross the bridge in under 5 minutes without triggering the alarm.
  • Wolfhunter: Kill the 4 HVT’s without being taken out by sniper.
  • Eyes in the dark: Finish the mission without activating your NVG view.
  • Pistolero: Using a handgun, kill 10 consecutive enemies without any misses.

To refresh your memories, the Raven Strike DLC will be available to download next Tuesday, September 11th for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 via PSN. Any MP1st readers still playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier and will be picking up this DLC pack? Let us know in the comments!

  • is this game any good? from what ive seen from the gameplay it looks ok.

    • IMP3Rlum

      its a good distraction from the horrible patches brought to you by dice

      • how is the horde mode?

      • MasonMei

        Can’t agree more. I play Borderlands instead 😀

    • I had it, the spawn killing was worse than anything Dice could ever put out. It was not worth it.

    • masada157

      I absolutely love it. Especially after the patch last week.

  • Mmkay

    a good 3rd person shooter, I recommend it but don’t expect the polish of gears of war 1~3

  • JohnO

    I myself am disappointed by this pack :/ I got Arctic storm expecting well… a little more snow the guns i did enjoy however its a shame they didnt continue with the trend of new guns every time because i would pay for that.

    • Mike

      I agree 100%. I would gladly pay 15 bucks for some ( half a dozen seems reasonable) weapons as DLC content. I want some old weapons.

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  • i bought it, played it for a while … never touched again, its boring, it is a 3rd person COD … everyone pretty much run n gun and the game objectives feels so repetitive after a while.

  • MaynardJames82

    I’m confused by this post, this is the only place that says “10 more levels to Adversarial multiplayer”

  • Boomee

    I love this game one of the best 3rd person shooters out made be forget about COD and battlefield