God of War: Ascension – Launch Trailer, Single-Player Demo Today, And Multiplayer DLC Recap

God of War: Ascension is just a few weeks away and Sony is already prepping for launch.

First on the list of items is the launch trailer.

Eager for more? Well here’s some good news. If you weren’t apart of the Rise of The Warrior challenges, then you missed out on the incredible Single Player demo last week. Fear not, though, as Sony will be releasing the demo along with today’s PlayStation Store Update (also includes Uncharted 3 F2P Multiplayer).

Lets not forget that this is the first in the God of War franchise to feature multiplayer. As mentioned, we suggest you start playing the God of War: Ascension Rise of The Warrior as you’ll earn countless rewards including early XP and exclusive weapons/armors. Down below is a list of weapons/armors you can earn through the social game.

  • Armor of Morpheus
  • Mercenary Sword
  • Armor of Typhon
  • Champion’s Hammer

There are also countless places offering pre-order goodies which include the Mythological Heroes DLC Armor pack. Best Buy is also offering an exclusive weapon.


As a fan of the series, the Single player has always been the main focus, though while testing out the Multiplayer, I can say that it’ll be one worth playing. If you haven’t read our impression yet, you can do so by clicking here.

  • God of War = EPIC

    This single player is going to be epic as usual. Hope the multiplayer is fun did not get a chance to try beta.

    • In anticipation of this game, having never played any God of War, I decided to buy God of War 3 and play it. I got about 30 minutes in before I turned off the PS3. Basically, in the first 30 minutes, I’m looking at 2 basic generic attacks with no real combo system, magic that only replenishes when the game offers some in a chest in a preset location that is the same every time, and boss battles that are 100% scripted and full of some unavoidable damage and timed button-press finishers (REALLY?! THEY STILL DO THAT?!). Simon does timed button-pressing better. Yes, Simon… that electronic game with the lights and buzzing. I was expecting a reasonable action title and I feel like I got “guess the script to beat this guy.” It feels like a ploy to sell strategy guides honestly. I’m disgusted already, and I hope the mechanics of God of War 3 get better as I play through.

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    Downloading now!

    • Lufamos

      Did they email you the code?

      • it should be available on PSN for everybody now

        • Lufamos

          Yeah I found it a few hrs later after that comment but thx anyway

  • Mortal Machado

    Played the demo last week and it was awesome!!!

    • Alkanida

      well “awesome” is what the rest is going to be. the demo was ok, nothing special. I liked how they didnt give away too much. i know santa monica will beast shit up again, damn even if was blind i would buy this game

      • QwietStorm

        I thought the demo was awesome. Surprisingly good.

  • Neo