Gran Turismo – The Future Will Be Revealed May 15

The next Grand Turismo game has been confirmed for some time now, and while no official reveal has been made yet, the 15 year mark for the series is coming up in exactly one week from today.

Anyone catch that tease with the Gran Turismo titles flashing by? Well, speaking with Sixaxis, SCEE confirmed that they’ll soon be discussing “what’s next” for the series.

  • GT 6 clearly !! but this gen of console ?!! I don’t hope so

    • It will be anounced but don’t worry – knowing the way that GT games come out, we won’t see GT6 till near the end of the PS4’s life cycle…

    • jameslara

      I htink they confirmed it for this generation, in fact GT6 was already announced a few months back

  • GT needs a tune up

    Ok I am a fan of GT. I was so excited for GT5 that I went and bought the damn steering wheel for it. Then got the game and it was the biggest let down ever in my gaming days. It had the most boring career mode ever and online play that was unplayable. GT3 was one of the best racing games ever made and it has been down hill ever since. They need to start from the ground up and completely overhaul everything GT has right now starting with the career mode. GRID nailed all of this right and it shows being my new favorite racing series. The AI in GRID is just amazing also something that GT has done horribly lately. Anyway before I jump on the GT hype train again I will expect a complete rebuild of GT as we know it and I am not just talking about the graphics.

  • MrLadyfingers

    So the future will be revealed… on current gen hardware? Riiight. I see you Polyphony Digital….

  • Jason Davis

    I say Grid, Dirt and Forza were the best racing games of current gen, was not too impressed with GT5 to be honest and I don’t think it’s smart for Poly to go Current Gen only.

  • Polyphony know what they did WRONG with GT5, way to shallow career (if thats what you could call it), way to many standard model cars, way to many skylines, mx5’s and completely useless tiny Jap cars, outdated long winded menu system, and lobbying. Please do it right this time. Also i don’t blame them for releasing it for PS3, way bigger player base (for the time of release) ((Nov 2013?)). As long as the issues i’ve addressed are bettered, for the next instalment, count me in!