Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Analysis: Running On The PS3, Return of Stats, Jets, GTA: Online Tease, And More

As promised yesterday – the moment that Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for – the folks over at Rockstar have finally released in-game footage of their highly anticipated sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto V.

Check out the video below:

To start out with this analysis, lets take a quick glance over the gameplay changes.

To start out with what the demo was running out, it appears that the system used was indeed the PlayStation 3, as shown with the following button prompts.

gta 5 4

The camera view and shooting mechanics have been changed from the normal distant view to a closer over-the-shoulder perspective, and more similar to that of Max Payne 3.


Max Payne 3

gta5 1


The mini map is also different from  GTA 4 as this time around it’s square, rather than a circle, and the health/armor system is displayed as a bar.

Players can also expect the same type of stat system, minus some of the annoyances that GTA: San Andreas had.

gta 2

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

Along with this, players will also be able to switch from any character without any loading or major interruptions. Of course, this is geared towards the single-player portion of the game only. Main characters will also be “absent” as shown in the images above.  There’s also a day counter, though we are unsure what this means.

The weapon wheel is introduced, giving players a full arsenal of of weapons to choose from. If you look closely, you can also see that we can carry more of the same type of weapons. Notice that the pistol slot shows “3/4,” indicating that the player has 3 different pistols.


If you watch closely during this segment, every gunshot fired appears on the mini map and has a radius area. This most likely works hand in hand with the stealth system.

The Wanted system also makes an appearance. Star level is displayed in upper right.

gta5 11

Jets and planes also make a gorgeous return.

We can now hunt animals. Aside from this, it appears that there will be dynamic wind in the game as shown by the arrow in the screen below. This will most likely play into weapon/sight sway.

gta 5 animal

Activities were already confirmed. In addition to Yoga, bike racing, tennis, shooting range, golfing, diving, and skydiving have been confirmed via trailer.

gta para

gta tennis

gta mingame shoot

gta biking

gta skydiving

gta golf

gta diving

gta yoga

Vehicles can be customized from the way they look to how they perform.

gta car

Money most likely will play a huge role this time around, something that GTA IV lacked. Characters can be customized too with new clothing, tattoos, and more.

gta clothing

gta tat

Grand Theft Auto: Online is teased at the end of the trailer.

gta 5 77

Currency is displayed in the upper right. It appears to be a MMO-type of online gameplay with players being able to drive cars, fly jets, pilot helicopters, and participate in missions and activities with other players. We counted about 19 players in this shot.

Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled for a September 17 release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

  • Aria68

    This game deserves the 8 Gb of memory from the next gens, such a shame!

    • jonchr2

      If Rockstar says it runs good on PS3 and 360 i trust them. The video looks amazing, so i think the 8gb install will be worth it.

      • jaskdavis

        I agree with what you say about the 8gb install, but Aria is referring to the 8gb or RAM in the next gen consoles and imagining how great this game would look on next gen! 🙂

        • WarBroh

          Thank you mister helper

          • dirkradke

            While I agree they will probably will not port this game to the next gen systems right away the tools they use to design missions, implement artwork, etc. there is probably a version of the engine that has been designed to work on the next generation of consoles. It might be less work than you think to bring it to the X-Box One and PS4, which are even more like PCs these days.

    • jonchr2

      If Rockstar says it runs good on PS3 and 360 i trust them. The video looks amazing, so i think the 8gb install will be worth it.

    • The game has a mandatory 8gb install on both consoles so I’m pretty sure we’re in for a treat.

      • jameslara

        He said RAM, not Hard drive space

        • I’m aware of that. Still, it’s an extra 8gb of resources guaranteed to make this game run even better than GTAIV. That alone is worth mentioning.

          • jaskdavis

            It will come in handy since both consoles can pull Data from their HDD faster then BluRay/DVD9 can and simultaneously! 😉

      • dirkradke

        That means it will probably come on at least 2 discs for the 360. Those disc only use about 6.8gb because the rest is reserved for copy protection. I wonder if there will be disc switching?

        • Joseph

          No. Disc one will be for installation, disc 2 to play the game.

          • dirkradke

            I just remember Mass Effect 3 and how you had to switch the discs even though I had the entire game installed. While manageable I thought it was kind of stupid since most people if they had 1 disc they would have the others and each would have the same copy protection.

            • Joseph

              I read somewhere (probably on here) that the first disc can be installed and essentially forgotten about, all the devs seem to be pushing for more fluid, fast experiences and that’s what Rockstar seems to have accomplished. Can you imagine the rage if you’re in a jet flying from the city into the wilderness, being chased by the army (I so hope they come back) and you’re about to pull a sick maneuver over a hill, hugging the ground to keep away missiles and LOADING.


              Fuck that shit. 😛

    • jaskdavis

      I know right! I hope there is a X1 and PS4 version since they are probably porting to PC anyways!

  • swipe_06

    Not bad for old consoles!

  • Tyler Dominick

    Does indeed look to be boss, I would just love however to see a re-release on PC and PS4/XOne with much higher rez textures and poly counts. For the most part, its looking good. Make sure you pre-order at GameStop to get the exclusive Atomic Blimp + Poster + More!

    • Joel Santana

      there’s a chance that it would release on the pc … stay tuned to mp1st for more details.

      • CaptainZwabber

        with it being so popular I don’t see it not being on PS4 with the stream thing in 2014

    • QwietStorm

      I wouldn’t preorder the cure for cancer from gamestop. Amazon for me.

  • ThtJstHapnd

    Rockstar you have lowered my fears and raised my excitement to an extreme….. thank you for that multiplayer teaser at the end. This is going to be the game my 360 goes out with a Bang before the xboxone.

    • I will be right with ya, Day One. #xboxONE #GTAV

      • ThtJstHapnd

        I don’t think this game will come out of my 360, glad i can connect my 360 through the input on my xboxone and be able to stream my play to twitchtv.

      • WarBroh

        This isn’t twitter, genius

    • Retro

      I was not looking forward to this game at all. I was really disappointed with the decision to use 3 lead characters.
      But after that trailer all my fears are gone, absolutely getting this.

    • LordPopo95

      why on earth would you want a xbone after what M$ tried to pull? Don’t support a company that doesn’t give a shit about the consumer.

      • ThtJstHapnd

        Are you seriously bashing me and trying to rant to me about a product I CHOOSE to buy? Seriously? You are the pathetic type of person I can’t stand. You come on here ranting and raving about something you probably know nothing about.

        Whats inovation? It takes steps forward to innovate something. It takes adding new things going new routes. Lets see who has the “better” console. You are the one that probably thinks “the specs show you that ps4 is better” blah blah blah. Whatever, your pathetic. Speed does nothing when it comes to the fact that devs haven’t even finished using all the speed of the old consoles, hence gta 5.

        Now MS stuck their necks out to promote the future. They didn’t lie and sit back, they released everything they wanted to do. Lets make it clear it could have been done in a better way. But nope everyone started crying like you, that they don’t give a shit about the consumer. Yes they do, they wanted to get a digital always online market and bring down the prices like steam. Don’t you see that? They wanted to go the route of paying less for your games. You still would have been able to use discs and trade them whenever you wanted, people just made up this crap storm of whatever they wanted to freak out.

        So then next MS has the BALLS, the willingness to backtrack on their drm rules. Then it got even worse from people like you “Oh now they are just trying to get my business. Too late, you already tried to screw me over” The why the F&^* did you cry and whine about something you weren’t going to get in the first place. Your the reason the future isn’t coming fast enough. Your the reason next gen is truly going to be held back.

        So without the drm always online, now devs won’t create the vast cloud computing worlds that they could have with everyone online. That bullcrap because of you, now the family sharing is gone, because of you, now I have to swap discs lend games that can get scratched because of you.

        All this time Sony sat back and made their conference last so they could hypnotize you with one of the best SALES pitches ever. I’m in sales. I know what they did. Lets get something straight. They were going to include the camera and they were going to charge $499. Leaked materials show it. Now they cut the camera but still include the lightbar, that is useless without the camera, on every controller. Why aren’t you freaking out about that? They could drop the price another $25 bucks without that extra crap built in that everyone freaks out about when they talk about kinect. So they pulled back innovation, they held back their idea and what they wanted to sell, to get better sales.

        They don’t give a crap about you. neither company does. If you think otherwise your a moron. You need to get some education and realize all they want is your money. For you to come here and try and attack me for my choice is pathetic. You choose whatever console you want. I’m not making fun of anyone or preaching on why you shouldn’t get PS4. Go get it. Go enjoy your upgraded version of last gen. I want inovation I want the next step. I welcome the future unlike people like you.

        • LordPopo95

          Wow. You truly are a pathetic piece of work. The fact that you justify the actions of MS and praise them on bending you over and fucking you so hard and yet your reasons are ridiculous. Innovation… fucking tard. There is no innovation in restricting you. There is no innovation in the “Family Sharing” bullshit. I’m not crying about the XBONE and neither am I a PS4 fanboy. Sure the PS4 is pretty awesome in terms of games and hardware but that’s not why it’s better. It’s because they listened to the people. The people said they don’t want to be restricted in every fucking way possible. They don’t want to be having to be connected online. They don’t want DRM or any other BS. The fact is that deep down, you know it wasn’t right what M$ tried to pull. But if you genuinely think that it’s all peachy and sunflowers and lube then go on. Go right ahead I can’t stop you. But it’s fanboyism that’s shrouding your vision. You are no real gamer. If you support the anti-consumerist and anti-gamer approach M$ is doing then, well, you can go fuck yourself and your precious XBONE all day into the night

          • ThtJstHapnd

            Your reply is full of vulgarity and slander. You have right to use that language with me and your anger shows that I struck a nerve.

            Your saying they are restricting you with their original policies No they weren’t. You are just another sheep following the sales pitch. I can’t help you. From your post your too far gone to be helped or even to have an intelligent conversation with. Because you, unlike me have facts and have information to back up my words.

            Is Apple restricting you, is android? Both in your opinion following what you posted, are.

            Don’t take my words the wrong way on this one. MS had a pr disaster. The way hey released information was a train wreck. They didn’t show the good with the bad. Also the limiting the discs and connecting online always. People aren’t ready for that and I can see why the backlash it. People want to throw the soldiers overseas excuse. I was one. Dirt dust and sand getting in my 360, and ps3. My bag being thrown and four consoles 3 ps3 and 1 xbox being broke in less than a year. When I was on downtime and I had time to play my gaming system over there I had amazing internet. I had more stable internet than most of america does. I ran the network center where soldiers could call home and skype and so forth. Now when I didn’t have internet I was not in a place that I should be playing video games, I was supposed to be protecting my buddies asses. In which I did. NOw why would anyone buy a $400, to $500 system to put it through those conditions. You know why that was such a big deal about the internet and everything? Because it gave people something to compare it to, something to relate it to. Something to fight for. Thats the only reason. 90% of the people that cried about it wouldn’t have been affected by it.

            If you think that sony listened to “you” to win you over. You are correct, but not for you. They didn’t remove the camera(that has it’s counterpart still built into the controller), and lower the price, and take away all the drm because of the people. They took it away as a sales pitch to fight against MS. Bravo to them. I do give them credit, they made the right move. But they were going to have a camera included, they were going to have some kind of always on checks, they were going to have the same price point. For you to not see that or know that is idiotic. Your saying I’m covered by “fanboyism” as you worded it. What is a fanboy in your terms? Someone that you have only read a few comments that I have posted, you haven’t seen my house, my car, my friends, my clothes… nothing. You have seen the only thing I come to this site for. And how is it that every article is about Ms being wrong. Well when I don’t think they are wrong then I will defend it. I will defend what I believe. Also fully would defend sony if an article came up that was bias about them, but in your favor for calling me a fanboy there are no Sony articles because everyone is on their tale following their sales pitch.

            Everyone cried about used games and can’t trade discs this and that. The benefits of MS plan were beneficial to me. I am a consumer. I had the right to want their product. You know what you had the right to? Not but it. You HAVE the right to not buy anything you don’t want. It was their plan and if you didn’t like it, you didn’t have to get it. The disc part was the part everyone had a problem with. They think it’s their disc they can do anything they want with it. Wrong. read the manual or even on the disc. Posted everywhere is, do not distribute, do not sell. For your use only… blah blah blah. You pay for a pay per view, do you get to sell the copy to your friend? No, it’s illegal. People are actually too used to being able to break the law on games. it’s not actually yours. Go do some research, when you buy the game your buying the disc, a plastic disc and a license to play the game. That is all.

            I will miss family sharing, and not swapping discs… I hope the family share comes back with digital. As an incentive to buy digital games. I’m tired of giving gamestop money, I want to buy direct for cheaper, and it digitally be downloaded. Then my friends can play my shared games.

            Once again, your too far gone to even try and convince otherwise anything about either MS or Sony. You think what you want. I will do the same. What you can do is not attack me with such idiotic tones and vulgarity that you look so stupid. Thank you for your time.

            • LordPopo95

              You make me laugh sir. The fact that you think so damn high of yourself and are quite simply the most arrogant stupid people I’ve ever met. And that is saying a lot.
              Your points are ridiculous and you just rant and rave forever.

              I honestly can’t be bothered trying to reason with you. I’m not sure why I bother explaining this to someone and naive and ignorant as you. IT’s like taking to a three year old but at least a three year doesn’t know any better. You on the other hand…

            • ThtJstHapnd

              “I honestly can’t be bothered trying to reason with you.” That is a point you are correct on. You attacked me for something I believe and for no reason used vulgar terms to do that. Your calling me a three year old when you have brought nothing to the discussion except vulgarity and rudeness.. I ask you nicely(unlike you have ever done for me) to stop replying to me as I have better things to do with my intelligence than to be wasted on trying to comunicate with someone of your low brain power.

  • gamerguy

    Decent write – but you can’t actually tell if they have changed the camera, since in every GTA game you can change the view if you wanna be closer or further away from the character (if you played any GTA you would know this) – so that is up in the air atm – looks to be the same as IV not Max dude!

    • jameslara

      Gameinformer has actually confirmed it’s changed. A mix between GTA, Red Dead, and Max Payne. And yes it does look different. We could change the angles, but they weren’t as sharp and this appears to be the default one.

      • gamerguy

        OK thanks – but the guy doesn’t mention that R* said it has changed. All I’m pointing out is, that you cannot tell for sure from the video as you can do the same view as in GTAIV!

    • QwietStorm

      If you’ve read magazine previews, you’d know about the new shooting mechanics.

      • gamerguy

        I’m not talking about shooting mechanics, I’m talking about camera view (can u not read), and obviously I’ve not read the magazine previews or I wouldn’t be writing this would I? (don’t respond, that was rhetorical)

  • Ryan Schulze

    WOW! Please come to Next Gen in 2014! I can’t see myself buying another title for my 360, but the game looks fantastic and the Multiplayer could finally realize its possible greatness. If the PS4 launch titles are a glitchy mess, then i’ll survive through the winter with GTAV.

  • James Mulhall

    “Money most likely will play a huge role this time around, something that GTA V lacked. ”

    I’m guessing you meant “something that GTA IV lacked.”?

  • HurlingDervish

    “…players being able to drive cars, fly jets, pilot helicoptors…”

    Oh wow, this is clearly not ripping off another game franchise…

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      From what? Battlefield? GTA is a open-world TPS while Battlefield is a military, large scale online FPS. Two entirely different games.

    • That guy you might know

      You’re joking right?

      Please tell me you’re just joking.
      This could actually go down as one of the dumbest comments in video game history. Just say you’re joking and it’ll all be fine

      • QwietStorm

        Lmao reason #326 why parents aren’t doing their job keeping the youngins off the internet and the big boy games.

      • eBunny

        Has to be trolling…I hope…
        Nah who am I kidding, it’s the internet…

        About that dumbest comments in history thing though, although this comment is incredibly stupid, I’ve seen worse man.

    • jj16802

      As a Battlefield fan, I feel that this comment needs a facepalm. >.<

      BF does not offer a sandbox city where you play as criminals. It does not have a dynamic civilian/police system.

    • Confusion

      What is it with Battlefield fanboys and them having to play the “this ripped off that” card?. First COD Ghosts, now GTA.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        IKR? I love Battlefield and all but these fanboy’s really makes me hate being a Battlefield fan.

    • WarHero

      Characters are walking,talking,and have body parts of a human..guess that they ripped that off too -_- Your statement is uneducated just full retard.

    • kupomogli

      “Oh wow, this is clearly not ripping off another game franchise…”

      Like, I dunno. Maybe GTA1 and San Andreas?

    • HurlingDervish

      WOW, 11 dislikes. Didn’t know the GTA franchise is filled with so many butthurt tweens.

      • Dirtknap

        No one here is butt hurt, they just know how to recognize idiocy laden comments.

      • WarHero

        It wasn’t that,it was the fact that your statement is plain dumb in hand, I mean seriously. So in your book it seems any game that has the same thing or has been seen in other video games is “ripped off.” GTA “ripped off” guns from Call of Duty or how about Trees “ripped off” from Minecraft, this is basically what you’re telling me in your comment. Please just stop and be smart…

    • the greater gamer

      Im glad u like battlefield and all but seriously gta had all that back in the 90s before CoD or battlefield even existed so your arguement is 100% false.

    • Joseph

      oh sweet jesus

  • Great break down.. Now I cross my fingers that they let this game lose on PC and next gen eventually. Boxing it up in old gen is juts not right.. imo that is

    • gamerguy

      PC will be in 9 months time, next gen will be a year at least!

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    How is this even possible on X360/PS3? This needs to come to next gen at 1080p60 and on PC. If they can still do this on current gen just imagine what they can do on next gen!!! Also, i like how time slows down when your switching between weapons/characters. This makes the transition between characters seemless and it makes switching between weapons alot less a pain in the ass. Also can’t wait for a full fledged MP gameplay reveal. Anyway, after watching this, i’ll take this over social life ANYDAY. Fuck social life.

  • CaptainZwabber

    Looks awesome, but can’t buy it, just gonna wait until I can stream it on the PS4 in 2014 (I really hope it will be on the streaming thing)

  • Allow me to point out that at 2:05 he walks out of a marijuana dispensary in Venice Beach on the boardwalk and puts his “medicine” in his pocket. 😉

  • TheEuropean

    Great analysis! However I’m pretty sure that the “3/4” in the weapons wheel doesn’t mean that you have 3 out of 4 guns, but that you have 4 guns and you’re selecting the 3rd one. At least that’s how it worked in RDR so I assume it will be the same.

  • zacflame

    I just hope it’s not dumbed down like every other rockstar game.

    • James Mulhall

      You just seen gameplay from PS3.. how would it be ‘dumbed’ down?

      • zacflame

        I mean simple gameplay.
        it’s the formula for an overrated game.
        look, no one noticed elder scrolls until they dumbed it down in skyrim.

        call of duty is… call of duty and is was and always will be dumbed down- almost the same with rockstar.
        easier gameplay= more casuals= more money

        I’m not saying it’s bad, look at how good skyrim came to be.
        but what I am saying is that if you take gaming seriously, dumbed down games can be a bore.

  • Nathan

    In the words of the almighty Cerny ‘The time to triangle is back to where it was on the first playstation.’ We likely will see GTA 5 on next gen consoles, but it won’t be for three years at least, because that is the sales margin for a AAA title which is subject to frequent dlc maintenance. Still, if they make it for next gen, it will be ported from the PC version of the game. I am sure of this because of the change in business structure that Sony and Microsoft are talking about in which they say they are making use of the similar architecture to port games between PC and consoles and hiring to increase resources in these respects. This means that third party developers will be encouraged to follow suit port more often.

  • MegaMan3k

    So … is it just me, or is it hard to get stoked at this when you look at how awful the draw distance is?

    I really hope they double dip this with next-gen. Staring at a wall of fog is so unappealing to me.

    • Ostesoppen

      You obviously have no idea what an “awful” draw distance is…

    • Joseph

      I think we can all forgive them for that. The game looks fucking intense. I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY THIS SHIT.

  • jonchr2

    i wish i could get knocked out and wake up the day Gta V releases!! if there were any guarantees that would be possible, i’d seriously consider it xD

  • ALI

    that was so fuckin awesome!