H1Z1 First Gameplay Footage Trailer

A few days ago we reported on a image that would lead to a new H1Z1 video, and with the recent SOE live stream dropping many hints on how to unlock it, the video has now been found.

Feast your eyes on the first official gameplay trailer for SOE’s upcoming zombie-survival game, H1Z1.

What are your thoughts so far?

  • WelcomeToGoodBurger

    cannot wait

  • That guy you might know

    What a nice fort you got there, it’d be a shame if a group of players showed up and took over.

    That’s my new plan for this game, forever.


      and ever!

  • TommyBoy

    Looked like some fan made it.

    • ChatWraithGamma

      The reality that a ‘professional’ made it puts me off. I don’t think a modded planetside 2 makes for a good zombie game, but I’ll wait till a playable version is out to continue damning it.

      • Olek

        Haha reality is much sadder, this is the culmination of months of work time by a team of professionals, a damn team!
        Not bashing the game but it looks so much like the horrible piss poor WarZ scam that it’s almost scary.
        And they will be charging 20 bucks for early access to an upcoming FREE 2 PLAY game, wanna talk about money grabbing lol…

        • ChatWraithGamma

          Well just based on how planetside 2 plays, they’re using the engine primarily for it’s large-worldedness.

          and that’s not enough for a game like this.

  • Perma

    Never had a good pc to run dayz so I’m pretty pumped about this.

    • lukazo

      dude dont be down most people struggle running dayz even on high end PCs aha 😉

      • ChatWraithGamma

        aha! 😉 wow, except they don’t because most of the workload is done serverside 😉 aha wowe.

        • leeroynewman

          They are starting to work on clientside performances.

          • Olek

            They should have been working on that a year ago when they were modifying the ArmA 2 engine. Pretty hard to test most things when you get sub 30 fps in large cities, with two 780s and a hexa core 4930k clocked at 4.7Ghz…i’m sure driving vehicles in towns will be great at 20 fps or less.

            • leeroynewman

              No, they had to work on something more important called networking.

            • Olek

              No? Who the fuck are you to say no? They were re-writing the engine, they were adding parts from ToH and ArmA 3 to it, that would have been the best time to also work on the renderer, DX11 implementation, multi-core CPU usage and so on, people who work on networking don’t also fucking work on those pillars.
              I find it funny that the best, the fucking best you could come up with was that.

            • leeroynewman

              If they would have worked on the renderer DayZ wouldnt be out today.

            • Olek

              But it’s not out today, the early access is, the unfinished version is out, and you know what? Most people would have appreciated them delaying it and saying that they were seriously working on it, talk about DayZ and the first thing people mention is the piss poor performance. They only started working on the client side performance now, it’s what’s been causing the major horrible performance, Dean kept touting that it was the servers, but the servers only contributed a fraction to it, if they fixed them, how could they expect a game built upon old code, DX9 and a maximum usage of 3 CPU cores, to run well?
              I’m patient, but Dean still treats client optimization like a side objective when it should be at the top, they only started working on it recently and even then, it’s not at the top priority list.
              No amount of content or features will compensate for unplayable framerates.

        • Primeee

          Except they do. Client side optimization has yet to happen.

          • lukazo

            yep this is correct @chatwraithgamma:disqus , i can run the majority of games maxed out but when it comes to dayz standalone, even on the lowest settings i wil lnever get above 45fps the games poorly optimized.

            • Olek

              Game’s engine is old refurbished DX9 code from 2007 that only uses a maximum of 3 cores…

            • lukazo

              its there own fault, why bring a game out on such a poor engine aha 😛

          • ChatWraithGamma

            If you’re playing with all your settings up…FIRST OF ALL, you’re a pleb because you’re going to get wrecked with all that blur and distant post-process darkening. With all that shit off I get 60fps, and I wouldn’t play with it on regardless.

            Most of their visual effects are glamour settings because of the game’s engine being based on take-on-helicopters, where the landscape is meant to be beautified…not picking out items, people, targets, etc.

            • Primeee

              No one said all settings up

            • lukazo

              i dont understand exactly what engine there using.

              some say its take on helicopters,
              some say modified arma 2,
              some say a different engine.

              but i personally think its just arma 2 engine with new shaders, and why i think this is because they have the exact same bugs and other issues that plagued arma 2. if it was a different engine then those bugs and issues wouldnt be in the game, no?

            • ChatWraithGamma

              It’s take on helicopters with arma 3’s shader model.

            • lukazo

              why does it have arma 2 bugs in it then? when i say this i mean actual arma 2 bugs from the game.

              personally i think all dayz is, is the arma 2 dayz mod with a new shader.

              considering SOE have made h1z1 in like under 5 months and dayz has take like 2 and half years, they done a real shitty job.

            • ChatWraithGamma

              Well it’s the standalone of the same game, so I don’t see why you’re surprised that it’s arma 2 dayz mod with new shaders.

              That’s exactly what it is. Now they’re adding physics, new animations, new interactives, a different equipment system, a new call system for the way zombies work (instead of AI players, zombies are actually a different type of non-player variable, meaning lower resource draw)

              Why does it have bugs? Because the game is in alpha. Prior to 2010, you usually wouldn’t even see screenshots unless a game was in beta, and this isn’t in beta yet.

              Don’t complain about bugs in an unfinished game, and try knowing what you’re looking at first before you knock it.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      Go buy a old dual core processor with a really high clock speed, then you’ll be fine. Poor core optimization is poor.

      • ChatWraithGamma

        You can manually edit the amount of cores that the game utilizes by just its .ini

        • Olek

          Don’t spread your ignorance. The engine is programmed to only take advantage of 3 cores. The CpuCount=x or ExThreads=x commands do absolutely nothing and only exist for debugging purposes.
          It’s really sad how ill informed you along with other idiots are in the DayZ community, you literally believe in something you know absolutely nothing about, you just read one of those crappy guides on steam or reddit and shook your head in compliance saying “Oh yes, yes, this is good, must spread information!”

  • blitz1904

    Worst. Trailer. Ever.

  • ChatWraithGamma

    Kind of a shitty trailer, not to mention that we saw gameplay when it was announced.

  • Katana67

    Not all that great of a trailer, but is looking better every time I see it!


    I like.

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  • Dale

    To be fair it looks like it was made for PS3… Bring on Dying Light!!

  • You are flat out wrong

    I like dayz better this just has to much fog.

  • “Will You Survive?”

    Surviving the zombies that the game throws at you should be easy. As for the people, that’s an entirely different matter.