H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage

Though Sony Online Entertainment has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PlayStation 4. Today, the studio confirmed that that will indeed be the case.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, confirmed the news during yesterday’s SOE Live. Along with this announcement, they also held a Survival Challenge for attendees, showing off over an hour of fresh gameplay footage.

Check it out below:

Watch live video from Sony Online Entertainment on Twitch

  • Benjamin

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with regards to DayZ coming to console.

    At the moment, based on the PC standalone, I have a lot more faith in H1Z1.

    • dpg70

      I’m curious if they announced it like they announced Planetside 2 was coming to PS4, only that was forever ago and still no date. Not sure about anyone else, but my level of interest has waned considerably. I’m afraid H1Z1 will be the same. The lack of quality (and by that I mean not broken turd) shooters on PS4 was a golden opportunity for Planetside, but that window may be closing.

      • Benjamin

        I’m just as excited about Planetside 2 as I ever have been. I never expected it to be out within the first year of release. But then I have a lot of patience. Battlefield 4, Killzone SF, The Last of Us etc are keeping me more than entertained.. plus Titanfall on PC.

      • pot51e

        Their expectation is for PS2 to be ready for PS4 (!) before Xmas this year.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      H1Z1 is “F2P” so it’s “save” to say it will do better.

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  • Guest

    Not trolling or hating, but why has been MP1ST flooded with Xbox One/Titanfall/Destiny news and there is only 2 articles for the PS4. I’m glad all those deals are coming to my Xbox One, but I was sure there were more PS4 news elsewhere. I know this is site is called “Multiplayer First” but there things mentioned at gamescom not even here. Like Driveclub’s “possible splitscreen” and other news like hitting 10 million.

    Still you guys are awesome at MP1ST!

    • jameslara

      because, I have been gone for the pasts months, the other guys cover their own stuff, I usually cover PS news.

      • kyuubi_clone

        well it makes the site look sort of biased when your entire front page is mostly filled with every little tidbit of activision’s new call of duty. so are you saying that there is only ONE person that deals with PS4 while so many deal with XB1?

        • Niosus

          The team is smaller than you’d expect. We’re also entirely dependent on volunteers.

          We don’t really think about it in term of “this guy covers this platform or game”. If something is noteworthy and someone is willing to write it up, it gets published. If there is anything we missed, be sure it send it in as a news tip! The button is in the sidebar. We check that all the time.

          • kyuubi_clone

            i never realised that button. i will do my best to send you any thing i think may be newsworthy in the future. i really love this site, in fact it is the first site i visit everyday since it’s inception.

            • And we appreciate your following Kyuub, we wouldn’t be here without people like you. 🙂

            • kyuubi_clone

              i sent you guys some news stories. hope it’s newsworthy enough lol.
              i’ll be sending some to you guys everyday!

            • Fernando

              Same here, I’ve become addicted to mp1st, and even though they seemed to me a bit biased sometimes, I was never completely sure of it… And all in all this guys do an amazing job in here.

              There are only 2 sites where I deactivate adblock in order to support the site and mp1st is one of them.

        • jameslara

          We have plenty of PS4 gamers on our crew, it’s more of comes down as to what our staff enjoys covering. Sure it comes off as Bias, I’ll agree with you, but in no way shape or form are were hateful towards a console. Just like Niosus said, we are a lot smaller than you think in terms of staffing. Some news just gets overlooked because we miss it sadly.

          • RadicalElation

            Seems like an awesome way to do it, honestly. At least as far as your team is concerned.

            I wrote for a site that cared more about the clicks than anything else and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I would put time and care into research and writing, only to be told someone else’s piece was being run instead because they pumped it out faster, and sloppier.

            Since they preferred articles riddled with false information, as long as it had the headline to grab views, I left.

            I haven’t pursued writing again because of it.

        • jaskdavis

          Oh look a Sony Fanboy getting mad because they are not seeing enough PS4 news… SMFH! EVRY other site like DSOG, N4G, IGN, etc is ALLLLL about PS and their community is crumbling under the arrogant fanboys! Im not just talking about PS4 fanboys, but since they are the majority, it gets annoying!

          • kyuubi_clone

            you obviously did not understand my post.
            i never said anything about console bias. i was talking about game bias….and i did specifically mention the latest call of duty. i only asked the mod as to why he was the only one doing PS4 news. try to educate yourself and read PROPERLY before you spout your verbal diarrhoea all over these forums…..SMFH too.

          • Guest

            Well to be fair, there are ignorant fanboys in all sides (especially the butthurt uniformed ones). The guy you replied to just was wondering like me as well as too why there are so much Xbox One news but not much PS news? I love my Xbox One too (For Forza/Halo and that sexy Quantum Break) but why be rabid? I’m a PS gamer as well and we gamers go to this site because it’s one of the few unbiased ones left not infested by fanboys (N4G and IGN/PS, Gamspot and Polygon/Xbox One).

      • Guest

        Alright, I appreciate that you gave us an explanation. Thanks!

    • Leo Garcia

      xbox crap sucks dudes no wonder its flooded with xbox stuffs they try to sell consoles

      10mil ps4 sold to consumeres
      a poor 5 mil xbox one to RETAILERS and not consumeres
      rip xbox

      playstation is the king once again

  • J4MES

    H1Z1 is probably lacking as much content as DayZ at present. Both games are essentially still early access titles. This game has potential but needs plenty of features to be implemented. DayZ on the other hand is already established and has a clear structure of its future additions although this will take probably another year before it can even reach beta status. The PS4 version is way off any form of release so H1Z1 could build an early advantage. I hope DayZ devs don’t deter themselves from PC development now they’ve penciled in a PS4 release especially as the PC gamers have bankrolled the development only to see their money being used to bring the game to PS4 also.

  • roland0811

    Guess I’m getting a PS4, too. It’s awesome Sony’s not making the same mistakes they did last gen. Actually going to get some good games in the first couple of years this time around.

    • Mike

      I cant see Xbox topping this personally. Xbox is getting Warframe, thats a good start so I guess anything is possible. I played Warframe months straight on the PS4 and made myself physically ill from it. Its okay but Ill never play it again.

      • roland0811

        Warframe’s not terrible for what it is. It’s fun in short bursts for me but the corridor shooter stuff gets tiring real quick. Honestly, this has been the most lackluster gen I can remember.
        Neither side really have a console selling exclusive yet but all my buds are already on next gen and I’m all alone on my PC and my 360 at the moment so I don’t have anyone to play with.
        H1Z1 and Planetside 2 are really the only things for PS4 that have peaked my interest so far. The only thing Xbox One has that’s caught my attention is the Halo: Master Chief collection. Slim pickings, indeed.

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  • Mr. Thuggins

    No link is showing up on mobile site.

  • Mike

    SO? Announce and now release date?

    • chava

      when it was first announced it was still in early stages of alpha (I think one dev even said he wouldn’t call it an alpha during a video) so late 2015 sound probable. Who knows good thing at least its been confirmed.

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  • NoNeedToArgue

    How nice to BI to announce day-z for ps4 and get this “official” announcement from SOE nudged out 😉

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