Hackers Attack Punkbuster At The Expense of Battlefield 3 Players

Errors of PC players being kicked from playing Battlefield 3 by Punkbuster are currently being looked into, but it turns out that there could me more to the situation than meets the eye.

“Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors are being looked into right now.” Stated Community Manager, Daniel Matros recently. He added that it “looks like it has something to do with Kaspersky, Avira and Norton AV.” For those who don’t know, Punkbuster is an anti-cheat system used for the PC platform to help keep hackers and cheaters from doing what they do. Speaking of which, Matros also mentioned that a “new PB version [is] out today. If you haven’t updated, it’s worth doing so as well.” At least it might help.

Interestingly, and most unfortunately, the problem seems to go much deeper than these surface issues, however. Looking at the Battlelog profiles of those claiming to have been unrightfully banned by PB, you’ll notice that they are, indeed, clean and do not use hacks or are not cheating. The real problem is that it looks like the ban itself could be a hacking attempt. According to these forums, a group of hackers have found a “security hole” in the PB system and are now trying to bring it to the attention of those in charge of security by banning players on the Battlelog. So far, they claim to have already banned over 150 Battlefield 3 players.

Upon discovering his account has been unrightfully banned, one user explains his situation on the Battlelog forums and warns others: “My account name has TWO GUID’s, which is impossible. I also run two servers that stream to GGC, and the MD5 tool hack that is linked to my account was caught from the UK and Austria with IP’s that do not match mine. Someone out there is using some sort of GUID scanner and using it for cheats/hacks.”

This is obviously a lose-lose situation and it is truly unfortunate that it had to come to this. While flaws in the system should be brought to the attention of those in charge, doing so at the expense of innocent gamers is certainly not the right way to do it. Let’s hope that the situation can be resolved quickly and those who have been banned unjustly will receive their accounts back. Have you been affected by this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Thanks to reddit user PR-0927 for getting it out there.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all those no-life hackers.

  • Hacker


  • Omega_trigun

    I highly doubt they HAD to ban people just to show the problem. That’s unnecessary.

  • yeeahhboyyy


  • AA VIP

    ArtificialAiming had nothing to do with the fake bans.  The group that
    did this are past ArtificialAiming users who no longer are VIPs.  It was
    done to show the major fail of PB/GGC and the GIANT loopholes which
    they have.
    Looks like PB may have to remove all the bans they have on
    inventory for BF3 as ANY one of the bans could have been done by a 12
    year old server admin with a chip on his shoulder.

    • Bullgod_96

      And as a MEMBER of a hacking/cheating community, your credibility is where again?  Y’all can preach all you want that it’s not you, but I am willing to bet it’s just gonna keep getting tagged to your community.  Not exactly a stab at you, as much as an observation…

      • Mechaniac

        TOUCHE Bulldog.

      • Bulldog_96

        Feel free to leave your guid in your next comment 🙂

  • R083R70

    I just came from school (im 12) and wanted to pwn some a** at bf3, right, and then this came up….Luckily I know happy wheels xD

  • Brezb

    So this being said… Would it be wise not to try and update PB until this issue is resolved.  Would a player be exposing themselves to some trojan or malicious PB update implemented by hackers?

    • The issue with PB isn’t done by the hackers. There are site out there that basically help server admins share ‘ban lists’, so if you ban a hacker on your server everyone using the service will have banned that same person. This is what PBBans and GGC do, they are nothing more than a ban list sharing service. One or both of them got hacked and had at least 100 innocent players uploaded to their ban list. Once that ban list was shared to the servers using these services,  those innocent players were banned.

      The issue with Punkbuster happened about the same time, but has nothing to do with hackers. The issue as far as I was able to understand had to do with an expired certificate, which caused important files to be blocked by certain anti-virus programs.

  • Warofwolves

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason:
    PunkBuster kicked player ‘Warofwolves’ (for 0 minutes) … RESTRICTION:
    Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe driver failure
    (PnkBstrK.sys) ffab

    is this the same sorta thing

    • Will.

      no its not, its something to do with punkbuster itself, you may need to update if you havent so already, or re-install, i am 100% sure that its not the game for your problem, PnkBstrB.exe is part of punkbuster, just try and reinstall and or update.

      • Warofwolves

        k thx

    • Mechaniac

      Will is correct, you need to update your punkbuster


    THIS SUCKS 5SGENERALLAKER Battlelog profile I got kicked 4 this just nothing.I’ll tell u what they might do step 1 check into stuff step2 look 4 mods and cheats and hacks  step 3 they find hacks that we’rent there before step 4 they report it to ps3 pc and xbox and they tell them to shutdown the accounts

  • Don’t blame the hackers, blame Punkbuster, GGC-Streams and PBBans all of whom knew about the gaping security holes which could be easily exploited to falsely ban players.  Honestly this is what those groups deserve, maybe with enough innocent players being banned, people will wake up and demand something that isn’t Punkbuster and that actually works to protect against hacks.  In the meanwhile I am giggling my ass off at this epic clusterfuck and how stupid its making all of the afore mentioned entities look.

    • Eps

      Don’t blame the hackers? What kind of comment is that? Who else is responsible for it… It’s like saying: “don’t blame the shooter, blame the gun”. Those self proclaimed e-Robin Hoods can yap all they want about only making us aware of how bad PB is – it’s a big fat lie. Why? Because it opposes what they are – cheaters. If they wanted to show us how bad PB and GGC really is they would come up with a better solution. Did they do that? No, because all they want to do is cheat and hack their way through video games and both PB and GGC are hindering them in their sad, pathetic ego trip.  

      Play the game the way it’s meant to be played.

  • this is actaully one of the pros of being a console player dont got to deal with alot of hackers

  • Ferzen1000

    Just got it The “Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors” are being looked into right now.

  • Hvemsomhelst

    Affected, but not using any of the mentioned AV-software….

  • Mechaniac

    If and when PB finds out who created the hack they should have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
    In fact all software developers should start cracking down on it.
    I can remember back when in the Win3.1 days when software companies actually did go after people for piracy and copy-write infringements. People used to be afraid of getting caught, but now they’re not.

    • Crackdis

      its not a hack its a flaw in there own system and its not a PB problem as such its a GGC problem and it is actually rather quite easy to do will take u 5 mins and u can ban away.

    • Player1

      You don’t need to be the one to create the hack.  You just need to be the one that uses it.  Fortunately for them, Evenbalance doesn’t seem to be interested in protecting their copywrited work by DMCA

  • 91111111

    игре жопа. мало того что заказала её за 3 месяца и заплатила 35 $ так она не только не работает,а тебя ещё и банят, 4 ака уже потеряла.. короче создатели игры гавноеды ,мало того что сырую версию выпустили так даже защиту не поставили от хака

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  • PixelOnCrack

    I have same problem,i some how got ban from ggc for aimbot o.o how the fuck it can be posible i dont need that shet or any other…and people who will post commentars above me pls dont say that we came to cry here y can su** my ba**s…

  • MatheusLeao

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player ‘leaomatheus’ (for 1200 minutes) … PBBansHub: Enforced MBi Ban [Admin Decision] , I want a solution soon, I got Battlefield 3 Premium recently and one afternoon I was banned unfairly any