Halo 3 Now Available Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

As Microsoft promised at this year’s E3 convention, during which the company revealed the “Games With Gold” promotion, Xbox Live Gold members are in for a treat this month with one of the Xbox 360’s most classic titles.

As of now, Gold subscribers can look forward to downloading the third installment of the Halo series, Halo 3, free of charge for the remainder of the month which you’ll be able to find on the Xbox Live dashboard. Of course, since you will be downloading the digital version of Halo 3, you will be required to have over 6 GB of free space in your hard drive in order to download and play it.

Games With Gold brings Xbox Live Gold members two free games per month, with Assassin’s Creed 2 being the previous free title.

Will you be revisiting to Halo 3 once again, or perhaps checking it out for the first time? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Mr. Thuggins

    I hate to sound cliche, but I’m balls deep in GTA and I don’t particularly have any interest in playing any other games currently. Wouldn’t hurt to download it and play it early next year once the dust settles from the new consoles and fourth quarter blockbusters.

    • Paul Thomas

      Well I don’t have an Xbox, but same here. I’d just play it after I got done with the new games.

    • I can take a couple hours from GTA to play other games. I played FIFA 14 just last night and played 10 matches to clinch promotion to Division 7

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I’m waiting for next gen to play the usual EA sports games (Madden, FIFA). I’m really hoping there will be some kind of noticeable improvement on the new consoles.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Going to have to download this for sure. Was so much fun when I used to play it.

  • Kaleb D

    I initially bought my Xbox 360 for one reason, and that reason was Halo 3. So, I’m downloading this and ending my time with the 360 the way it started before moving on to the Xbox One. So happy Microsoft chose Halo 3…

    • TheDerpPolice

      You’re happy to be given a 7 year old game you already bought? You are easily amused my man.

      • Joey Marcelo Asturias

        Get outta here troll.

      • Emre

        cattle people!

  • Neat.
    Now gimme FC3 Blood Dragon pl0x

    • TheDerpPolice

      Nope.avi. Microsoft shows how much they care about their pay-forever monthly subscribers by only giving free games from 2006.

      • Joey Marcelo Asturias

        At least these games are actually yours yo keep and not just rentals that can only be used with an active subscription.

      • To be fair Halo 3 is pretty damn legendary.

        • roland0811

          Damn straight. Still the best in the series.

          • blondbassist

            You musn’t of played Halo 2 multiplayer… Or Halo 1 SP!!

            • roland0811

              Oh I did. But Halo 3 is where the series peaked IMO. Loved Halo 2 MP but Halo 3’s hit the sweet spot for me when it came to map design and player options.

        • I’d much rather play a classic game like this for free than recent games I can get on Gamefly at a cheaper price than PS+. I’m not missing out on anything.

          I also bought Battlestations Pacific on GoD for $5 🙂

      • Yeah and Sony totally did not start their free game program as a “we’re sorry our service was so bad it got taken down by a basic SQL injection. Here’s some free games so you don’t hate us as much.”

        This is an initiative for Xbox and it’s future success on the One depends on this. They’re even taking feedback on the Xbox forums I believe.

  • roland0811

    Now….if only they could get game devs to cut the price of their six year old DLCs….

  • max

    Can bots be used in this game, horde mode for example ? or is it single player only to practice ?