Halo 4 – 343 Industries Announces Forge Island, Legendary Slayer, Competitive Skill Ranking, and More

343 Industries recently took the stage at PAX East 2013 in Boston to announce some exciting new features making their way to Halo 4 during a panel discussion.

Halo 4 players will soon accumulate a Competitive Skill Ranking (CSR), between 1 to 50, that will show up in every playlist, including Grifball, a feature that has been heavily requested for some time now. According to some bullet points gathered by the HaloCouncil, CSR is still exclusive to Halo Waypoint and will show up on the Xbox 360 and Xbox website. CSR may be reset at certain periods to avoid ‘rank locking’, similar to Arena from Halo: Reach.

On April 11, for absolutely free, players can look forward to the brand new Forge Island, a huge new Forge environment big enough to fit both the Hang ‘Em High and Blood Gulch remakes. It will include three areas; one small, one medium and one large flat area, along with a ton of aerial space, and will feature aesthetics similar to Ravine. No plans to improve features like precision editing were mentioned, though focus will be put into future titles for Forge.


MP1st reader ktorkel brought this video to our attention showing off Forge Island in all its glory. (Off-screen footage from the panel.)

More was mentioned about the upcoming title update, expected to release within the next two weeks. The team spoke of the number of weapon tuning possibilities the new patch will allow them to make on the fly, like damage numbers and rates of fire. Vehicle tweaks will also be possible with the new update. A possible DMR rebalance was mentioned, though it was confirmed that weapon descoping will not be happening. The team mentioned that holding X to pick up Flags isn’t being discussed, but is possible.

The discussion of weapon tweaks also tied into the introduction of the new Legendary Slayer mode: a mix of Throwdown and Infinity Slayer with a competitive focus. According to 343i, it will feature tweaked weapons and will be officially introduced to Halo 4 in late Spring/early Summer.

Other matchmaking updates included future tweaks to Team Action Sack and Fiesta as well as the return of Multi-Team modes, allowing for six teams of two, arriving on April 8 along with the launch of Castle Map Pack.

Check out some of these off-screen images of Forge Island and Competitive Skill Ranking courtesy of HaloCouncil.

Forge Island



Competitive Skill Ranking




  • ktorkel
  • ants1993

    ign has better videos on it

  • Bottom picture looks like Halo top trumps hahah

  • Sgt. Mofo

    A bit of a surprising addition. Considering the nominal tweaks that have been occurring in the TU’s , I really didn’t think 343i had something this big planned. It’s kind of funny to see the community clamoring for a flat level because its devoid of terrain, elevation, and personality, but if the object budget is very generous, I’m sure Forgers can implement plenty of the environmental objects to add some pizazz.

  • So CSR only shows up in Waypoint, or? Also, what’s the point in Forge Island when they rarely ever feature Forge maps in playlists?

    • ktorkel

      CSR shows up only online and on the Waypoint app on the 360.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Damn. Kids like you sets their standards WAY too high. Be happy for once. Halo 4 is fantastic and the amount of support 343 is putting out is mind blowing.

      • Halo 4 blows. Only reason they need to support it so much is because it sucks that badly.

  • blondbassist

    Way too little and way too fucking late.

    • roland0811

      I was thinking the same thing. Still no Big Team Battle, too.

  • Alco

    343 should’ve noticed that Halo 4’s dead carcass has been lying out in the cold for too many months to try and use a defibrillator on it now.

    • Sgt. Mofo

      I would’ve liked to have seen more immediacy on the part of 343i for some of the TU updates, but the game definitely isn’t dead. Action Sack has surprisingly been extremely popular, and primetime is more in the range of 70,000 – 80,000 as opposed to 50,000+ on a really, really good night. It won’t surpass CoD’s numbers (unless there’s a hacking epidemic before the release of the next CoD) but there is definitely hope for it yet.