Halo 4 – Armor Abilities, Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades Detailed

Learn more about the armor abilities, tactical packages and support upgrades available in the multiplayer modes of Halo 4.

Halo multiplayer is back in full force this November 6th with Halo 4. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out some of the latest footage from Halo 4’s War Games and Spartan Ops game modes.

Below, we’ve got a list of all the armor abilities you’ll be able to get your hands on in Halo 4’s multiplayer. Players can also be on the lookout for various tactical packages and support upgrades to give them an MP edge which are also detailed below as seen of Halo 4’s official website. Check them out and let us know which armor ability you are most looking forward to in the comments!

Armor Abilities

Thruster Pack

Designation: M805X Forward Acceleration System/Fulcrum Mitigating
Manufacturer: Lethbridge Industrial

  • The thruster pack will allow players to quickly move across the map, making them a harder target to hit and giving them an edge in mobility.

Hardlight Shield

Designation: Z-90 Photonic Coalescence Emitter/Aegis
Manufacturer: Unknown/Forerunner Origin

  • This full-size aegis-class, anti-personnel defensive shield will fuse particles of light into a rigid, dissipative barrier to protect players from incoming fire.

Promethean Vision

Designation: Z-5080 Short-Range Spectrum Augmenter/Vision
Manufacturer: Unknown/Forerunner Origin

  • This short-range full-spectrum enhancement armor ability will allow players to detect shapes and movement through solid barriers.


Designation: T-27 Responsive Holographic Form Emulator
Manufacturer: Materials Group

  • This decoy generates a realistic holographic copy of the player, deceiving others and giving you the jump on the enemy.

Tactical Packages

Shield Package

  • Reinforce personal energy-shield emitters. Players equipping this package will notice a much quicker shield recharge rate.

Firepower Package

  • Override regulated loadout limitations. This package will grant players the ability to carry two primary weapons.

Support Upgrades

Ammo Upgrade

  • Override default Mjolnir safety and capacity protocols and exceed the suggested ammunition loads. Player will be supplied with extra ammunition.

Sensor Upgrade

  • This upgrade will increase the range and sensitivity of the motion sensor, granting players a better sense of enemy locations.

Awareness Upgrade

  • Increase awareness by adjusting the armor system’s HUD-distributed display mechanics. Here, the default motion sensor will be integrated into all scoped weapon smart-links.

Armor Customization

  • Player will be able to customize their Spartan IV armor in a number of ways. Some armor sets can only be acquired by earning in-game Commendations, Challenges or other Waypoint goals.

Ordinance Drop

  • Ordinance will be dropped on to the field during multiplayer matches in the form of weapons or power-ups which will then be marked on the HUD for all nearby personnel to see. Players will also be able to call in their own personal ordinance in some War Games matches.

  • Michael

    Interesting, I’m excited to see how this game will play out.

  • Can’t freakin wait for H4. I’m still a little iffy about that Promethean Vision though.

    • Wow 4 votes down…someone hates you, or hates the fact you are actually excited for the game. I gave you the vote up btw I’m excited for Halo 4 also

    • Me too my friend, I think the votes for your comment was a little harsh. I vote you up as well.

    • ^ 6 in 18 people are COD players… They came here because their game ran out of REPLAY VALUE.

    • ColinDJPat

      I got to play halo 4, and I used promethean vision. It’s useful, but not overpowered to the point that using it makes you a Halo God. I feel that it was a very balanced armor ability, and I’ll probably use it again once I get Halo 4 in november. I’m not saying you’re wrong to be unsure about it, but don’t worry about promethean vision. I personally don’t think it will be a problem.

  • Ifiasko

    I like this, its making halo a more dynamic. More than BR headshot. Ppl are gonna hate this of course.

    • Of course they will its different!

    • I like what it’s doing, and reserve judgement for anything else until I play for myself.

  • sparx

    looking forward to it, but they’ve only slightly tweaked the normal specialisations, and the ordanance drops seem a lot like care packages…. Halo MW4 🙂

    • Cowfry

      lol 7 down, owch. I agree with you, modern-halo-fare here we come xD +1 from me

      • parkournightrunner

        CALL OF HALO 4!!!

    • ghost

      if you believe that the lines drawn between halo and cod are fading you are most defiantly wrong. it will never be the same. just remember that and dont joke about that ever plz.

      • TokSnoken

        Thank you!! COD is a stupid fucking game, ballistic knives that travel for miles across the map to hit you in the foot and kill you, WTF? And the over kill helicopters. The list goes on…….

  • Dre

    Promethean Vision is gonna be nerfed with all the mlg guys using it. Seems a lil too good of an AA. Also this is a list of known abilities. Jet pack and camo are coming back too.

    • parkour night runner

      i’m pretty sure thruster pack is the same thing as jet pack, just a cooler name. if there is a difference, like thruster pack only going forward and not up like the jet pack, then i still think that it will replace the jet pack.

      • Etsamaru

        I mostly play swat and living dead but now that I think about it I only really like sprint. XD I don’t mind though because swat only has sprint anyway. So I don’t care what they put in.

  • Cketzal


  • De Munk

    Can you use promethean vision in multiplayer?

  • Yay! more pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

  • Those are some interesting additions to the Haloverse. I just love the way H4 looks.

  • Oliver Cooksey

    Seems to me, even though I don’t play halo, that some people ether hate the game or are jealous of those who like it. I’m looking at you COD kids 😉

  • I might actually play this one for longer than a month or two. One thing that turned me off about Reach and Halo in general is that there are no customization options that actually influence gameplay. It definitely makes things more balanced due to less variables, but it also makes it kind of boring that you can’t tweak your soldier to your playstyle more.

    • brandonactr

      the armor effect makes it harder for me to shoot their face off lol

  • woopedoo

    So now we can only one primary and one secondary it seems

  • Chelsea

    Definite pre-order. I wish I could speed up time and make November right around the corner!!!

  • Cowfry

    “defensive shield will fuse particles of light” …. Here I was under the impression that light was in waves…

    • parkour night runner

      the quantum theory of light, the dual nature, light acts as a particle and also as a wave, therefore it is both a particle and a wave, learn some science before you post online like you know stuff idiot.

    • DerpyMcDerpenstien

      lol quantum mechanics!

      • parkour night runner

        amen i’m not the only nerd in the world. YEAH!!!!

  • Halo4Dabest

    Def pre-ordering thinking about LE though.

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  • Yakopp

    These armor abilities are going to ruin Halo 4 multiplayer just like they did to Reach. I just hope they will have a classic playlist with no bullshit abilities and packages.

    • YerpenDerkaDerk

      they have regular classic playlists in reach you faggot. Go chew your COD buddies balls.

    • bmills

      i agree. what ever happened to the halo we used to know and love?…..this game is turning for the worst if u ask me.

      • jake

        If I wanted to play the same damn game i’ve been playing for the last 11 years, i’ll stick to CE – 3. Jesus, change isn’t bad.

    • ktorkel

      IMO abilities ruined halo. Hope to see classic playlists or this game will suck.

    • Mike

      I like the previous halo games, but Halo4 is something new and fresh in many ways and people has to be more open to new things ,,,

  • parkour night runner

    i wonder how long it will take me to hack this halo game hmm . . . . . . . . . maybe a week idk. i don’t hack online, i’m not an online cheater, and i don’t want to get banned, so don’t be a hater, if you are a hater you are just jealous that you aren’t smart enough to do anything except play the game like a five year old can lol.

    • SpikedYum

      Personally, I can’t hack the game, and I am not against hacks unless it’s used online, but I think you insulting people by the five year old part is uncalled for.
      The reason why you would be able to do that is because you would have learned to do it, which people can do if they want to be able to do it; learn. I think it is a productive thing to do to be able to hack things, and a noble thing to refrain yourself from applying that knowledge to the multiplayer world, but it isn’t the greatest thing in the world to do. I say that because it seems you are belittling people that can’t hack simply because they never tried or cared to learn, and if playing the game the way it was made to be played is something a five year old does, then I assume you have five year old tendencies like the rest of us.
      The thing about being jealous that they’re not “smart enough” is just ridiculous. There are far higher levels of intelligence that don’t require the ability to hack, so saying someone isn’t smart enough to do “anything” simply because they have not decided to learn to hack is quite ridiculous.

      Not hating, just saying that you seem a bit up yourself in that comment.

      • parkour night runner

        i wasn’t trying to be cocky or belittling i was just saying that i think hacking the game will be fun to do when it comes out. and most people try to say that it is stupid to hack the game, so i was only insulting the haters, and not anyone else. sorry if it sounded mean. and yes it is just a matter of trying and time then you can learn to hack, it only took me a few months to learn hacking and some c++ programming. just most people are haters of hacking because they cant do it is all i was saying.

    • Vanitas Puursley

      Well I don’t know about them but I am definitly not hating I support hacks and hacker just not for online play but it makes campaign even more fun am I right bro

      • parkournightrunner

        yeah you’re right, you aint a hater

  • SpikedYum

    I’m going to be honest, I am looking forward to the game, but I am not looking forward to looking at it, if that makes sense? Personally, I hate the armor designs, they look more like robots than actual armor that has a human being inside them. Why did they have to make the armour look like a terminator? And I don’t mean the human looking ones, I mean the metalic humanoid appearance. I like Halo, and I think the gameplay is going to look amazing, but not the characters doing the gameplay. I like playing as characters that are human, and I like it when they don’t have big suits of armor like Halo does, but Bungie atleast made it look like armor, not just a humanoid robot.

    That Jetpack thing that is replacing evade, that just looks terrible. The idea of trying to make something in exchange for evade was a good idea, but once again, it makes them look like a robot with all these gadget built in to them rather than armor with enhancements.

    I am on the edge here for this game. I think there is a 50/50 chance here of it being good. It is either going to be amazingly good or horribly bad.

    I like the idea of getting to choose your guns at the start, but for the love of God, I hope that doesn’t involve things like rocket launchers and snipers, everyone will be using the sniper and nobody will be doing anything more than camping and scoping, and if everyone used rocket launchers, it would look like China with their fireworks, and we all know how that would look.

    Back on the appearance of the Spartans. Their helmets…What the hell…? They don’t look anything like spartans, their helmets just look horrific, as in not soldier like. For the love of God, I do hope they have decided to keep some of the original helmet designs in there and not re-designed them and said “they are just re-designed” when they look nothing like the original design of the helmet.

    The overshield thing is something I am against, just plain and simple; I don’t like it. Others might, and I have no problem with that, I am happy others like different things, but I think it will just piss people off like Armor lock did. You could get them down to one more hit to kill, then BAM they pick up the overshield.

    I am glad they took out armor lock, what an overused piece of crap armour ability. It seems the riot shield thing replaced it, which is awesome in my opinion, not to mention the cool tactics you will be able to use with an online buddy with a riot shield (one holds the shielf, the other is behind you shooting enemies).

    One thing I am intregued about is a weapon I heard that was on the game called an “Energy cutlass” (a cutlass is a sword). I love swords, and it would be awesome to use it against an energy sword. I’m not entirely sure if it is real, so don’t hold me to that.

    One thing I hope they do in this game is DLC armor. If the armor they have added is so bad, I can forgive if there is a DLC to get that more traditional Halo armor.

    One thing I’m not happy about is that you can’t pick up grenades from people you killed unless you have that as one of your character upgrades.

    Hopefully they have the following game types:
    -Big team battle (that doesn’t require you buying extra maps to do like Halo 3)
    -Living dead
    -Juggarnaut (It’s just needed on a matchmaking option, it just is, it’s so amazing)
    -Lone wolf (Individual slayer)
    -Assault/Capture the flag (One that you can pick for instead of only voting for on team objective)

    I hope they have still kept flying vehicles, those things are part of Halo that makes it so awesome. Vehicles on the ground online is awesome but when you can take a vehicle and take control from above, that is just amazing. Personally I liked the Falcon on Halo Reach more than the Hornet in Halo 3; more team work.

    They brought the flamethrower back? Hell yes!!! I loved that thing in Halo 3; I’m a bit of a pyromaniac. 😉

    One thing that will make it a “boo” when compared to Halo: Reach would be that Halo 4 doesn’t have forge, which is a real bummer.

    Hopefully it has some maps that doesn’t just leave you exposed and finding someone in two seconds, hopefully maps such as sword base will be in it, maps that have a lot of turns and levels, a lot of us like to be “tactical” in Halo.

    I really am hoping for this to be good, I want it to be, but I am on a 50/50 like I said before, I know that there is a good chance this won’t be good.

    There is more that I would adress, but most of you probably haven’t even read half of this, which I wouldn’t blame you, I just go on and on, right? Lol.

    • ktorkel

      Halo 4 does have forge.

  • ownage07

    Lol 343 has been helping developing halo since waaaaaay before halo reach and halo 4,the only difference is they no longer work with bungie. Just a small fact for 343 haters, i still dont aprove of them hiring cod developers to develop a halo game, but atleast there arent killstreaks p.s. this isnt a reply to anyone, just thought you would want to know

  • combusting lemon

    i think primary and secondary weapons will do the world of good for halo, i’m tired of people camping around the power weapon spawns.

  • aiden

    this is very bad it is removing all the skill from halo because people will have starting bonuses rather than maintaining a fun balanced game i hate you new halo company your doing it wrong

    • will

      but these perks are not that unbalanced they only modify the game play and how the player plays if some one has two primary weapons and you have more ammo you both still die in the same amount of shots so it is still balanced

    • will

      not to mention that ordinance will remove power weapon campers that have no skill so in reality it is more balanced

  • jeremiah

    im alil disapointed that you and your company since you want to change the whole concept of halo :<

    • Jake

      Don’t forget, over half the staff is original bungie employee’s who just want to see their legacy survive. If I want the same game again, i’ll go play the same games i’ve been playing for 11 years.

  • CheatMaster

    Nice I’m loving this new CoD game. So lets see we got CoDs this year, Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. Yet another shitty fps.

  • Cookie

    Awesome!! But frankly the promethean vision can bog be used to stop campers and to help campers as well, so I guess it’s ok?

  • halo guy

    In the new infinity video jetpacks are alo confirmed so yay

  • Pugtus

    Hardlight Shield. No contest.