Halo 4 Competitive Playlist Update – Initial Details

Halo 4 creators 343 Industries has been “hard at work on a competitive playlist featuring heavily modified versions of Slayer, CTF, Extraction and King of the Hill.”

As mentioned earlier, competitive updates to Halo 4 are on their way and can be expected mid-February, according to 343 a recent Halo Waypoint update. Check out some of the initial playlist details below:

  • 4 vs 4
  • Pre-set game loadouts
  • Forced respawn timers
  • No instant respawn
  • Ordnance on re-supply timers
  • Join-in-progress off
  • No split-screen play
  • Friendly fire on
  • Max party size 4 with big party matching enforced
  • No guests allowed

343i will be keeping a close eye on how things develop both pre- and post launch of the playlist, taking all feedback to heart. The official name of the playlist is still to be announced, but more details are forthcoming next week, including an outline of the settings.

343i adds, “we’ll be keeping a close eye on AGL this weekend and the settings they are using at this tournament. Please continue to provide feedback as it helps us fine-tune and perfect your Matchmaking experience, and thank you, as always, for your continued support.”

In the comments, let us know what you think the ideal competitive Halo 4 playlist would consist of and stay tuned to MP1st for more details to come.

  • Kirito

    well they need to fix whatever lag is making the teams powers unbalanced. Like one side shields acting like overshield and other team shields acting like they dont exist.

  • TroopuRR

    How is it suppose to be competitive playlist when their isn’t even a good ranking system. Competitive and true skill go hand and hand, stop trying new things 343i and go with you know works, halo2, and 3 both had almost never ending fun, yet about 3 moths in halo 4 and their are over hundreds of 130s, and I am about to max out as well. Sounds like not to much replay value in this. Extremely disappointed.. On a side note; Bungies new game looks very interesting.

    • Sgt. Mofo

      “How is it suppose to be competitive playlist when their isn’t even a good ranking system?”

      They are implementing a ranking system, but it won’t be visible except on Halo Waypoint or a smartphone with the Xbox SmartGlass app installed.

      • TroopuRR

        That’s stupid, why can’t they just add it to the game, half way through halo2 they reset everyone’s stats and updated the system, halo3 they took the system to a whole never level months after release, which all of this were within the game, yet 343 is doing it all outside of the game, why? Sounds pretty competitive when you don’t even know how skilled your opponent is..

  • roland0811

    STILL no Big Team Battle. I haven’t played since a couple of weeks after release. I’ll stick with Halo 3 ’til 343i can get their crap straight but it doesn’t look like they will any time soon.

  • ben

    AGL is the only league that wants to bother with halo anymore even MLG dropped it for another shooter

  • Wait, Didn’t halo 4 NOT have a skill based match making system?

  • Hol_Up

    Trying hard to get back into MLG, 343?

  • No guest profiles I agree with but no split screen is kinda bs. My real question is when will the new ranking system be implemented? This playlist seems kinda pointless without the new rankingsystem.

  • BxSh0tZ

    Need to run Halo 2 again