Halo 4 – Incoming Crimson Map Pack Playlist Update, New Title Update On the Way and More Spartan Ops to Come

Due to this month’s upcoming Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack releasing December 10 and the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge commencing only a week later, Spartan Ops will be taking a mid-season break starting December 10 to give you the time necessary to take some of the new multiplayer maps and compete in the challenge, should you choose to do so.

No worries, however, for your entire Spartan Ops timeline will still be accessible and, in addition, 343 Industries will be adding a “Best of Spartan Ops” compilation next week made up of the following chapters:

  • Core – Chapter 5 of Episode 1
  • Hacksaw – Chapter 3 of Episode 2
  • Shootout in Valhalla – Chapter 4 of Episode 3
  • The Didact’s Gift – Chapter 5 of Episode 4
  • Spartan Miller – Chapter 1 of Episode 5

343 writes, “Then, from December 17 – January 14, episodes 1-5 will be re-entered into Matchmaking (one episode per week) to support the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, and allow anyone who missed the first run or wants to replay a previous chapter to easily find teammates online. The second half of Spartan Ops Season 1 will resume later in January with brand new episodes, chapters, locations and maps.”

Before getting into next week’s playlist update, lets take a look at last Monday’s update:

  • Fixed exploit locations on Haven
  • Fixed exploit locations on Adrift
  • Introduced Ordnance drop issues on Haven (oops)

343 adds that despite being a smaller update, Halo fans can look forward to a bigger Title Update releasing “very soon.” It will tackle “actual game and gameplay issues, not sandbox tweaks and balances.”

As for this Monday, December 10, both Team Regicide and SWAT will be sticking around, booting King of the Hill temporarily in order to make room for the upcoming Crimson DLC playlist. It will be 6 vs. 6 and will include the following map and game type combinations:

  • Infinity Slayer – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Shatter
  • Extraction – Shatter
  • King of the Hill – Shatter
  • Infinity Slayer – Wreckage
  • Capture the Flag – Wreckage
  • King of the Hill – Wreckage
  • Oddball – Wreckage
  • Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest
  • King of the Hill – Harvest

These new maps will also be integrated into existing playlists with the update. Details below:

  • Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Big Team Infinity Slayer – Wreckage and Shatter
  • Dominion – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest and Wreckage
  • SWAT – Harvest
  • Team Slayer Pro – Harvest

343 writes that “the Matchmaking algorithm is weighted to match players who have DLC with other players who have DLC so if you have the Crimson Map Pack and you enter a regular playlist, you should see the new maps on a regular basis. This is something we can adjust, so if the new maps aren’t appearing as often as we’d like, we’ll continue to tweak the formula.”

That wraps up this week’s update coming from the Halo Bulletin. What are you most looking forward to? New maps, the new Title Update or the upcoming Halo 4 Infinity Challenge?

  • “Halo fans can look forward to a bigger Title Update releasing “very soon.”

    When will developers learn that “Soon” is not a fucking re-assuring deadline?

    Anyways I sold the game, jumped ship before it sank.

    • Know what’s funny? When you posted this, the TU was already out. When they said soon, they meant it!

  • 345

    343 made halo worse than hello kitty adventures..

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


  • sgt_mofo

    Apparently I need to play episodes 4 & 5, but all these missions taking place in the same areas with the same mission dialogue is starting to wear on me. Spartan Ops is a great concept, but the execution is a bit lacking. Can’t fault 343 for trying something new though.

    • a_crook74

      Seeing this well thought out comment taking positives and negatives rather than just “Bitch Bitch Bitch” has just restored my waning faith in the gaming community.


    • rob t

      SPOT on. when i heard of spartan ops i LOVED the idea up until i learned all the missions were SP/MP maps with the same god damn objectives OVER AND OVER AGAIN. mix that with a ton of lag from the online issues with spartan and you have one VERY unhappy halo player =/

  • James

    how about adding action sack. oh wait i forgot 343 wants halo 4 to be call of duty

    • lmezzz

      u are fucking retarded halo4 is NOTHING like call od duty let me guess your a troll who doesnt even have the fucking! blo2 was not badd but halo 4 was AMAZZZIIINNNggg

  • hear my words, 343: small and symmetrical.

    • lmezzz

      i know right we dont need big maps!!!!

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  • roland0811

    Meh, still no Big Team Battle.

  • Katie

    I’m CLINGING to the word ‘temporarily’ in this post regarding the taking down of KOTH 🙁