Halo 4 – The Final State of Weapon Tuning, Update Incoming June 3

343 Industries is gearing up to launch a brand new multiplayer update for Halo 4 that will change up the way a lot of the game’s weaponry works across all War Games playlists.

The studio has been working hard over the past few weeks to rebalance and fine tune almost every weapon available in the Halo 4 sandbox, from the DRM to the Battle Rifle and the Magnum to the Warthog’s Chain Gun.

Today, the team has updated the Halo Waypoint with the final list of changes that will be implemented this Monday, June 3, across all Halo 4 playlists. In addition, multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo notes on Twitter, that “this update is huge. Weapons, movement speed, refreshed maps w/new weapons, vehicles, and cover, and 2x layer Overshield,” and that “base speed is being increased 10% across the board.”

Check out the weapon-specific details below:

Battle Rifle

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.48.32 AM

  • The Battle Rifle damage has been increased. The Battle Rifle is now capable of killing in four bursts.
  • The Battle Rifle rate of fire has been slightly decreased.
  • The Battle Rifle red reticle range (range at which auto-aim benefits kick in) has been decreased.
  • Two bursts from a Battle Rifle followed by a melee will now kill an opponent (2-shot melee).


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.48.58 AM

  • The Carbine damage has been increased. The Carbine is now capable of killing in seven rounds.
  • The Carbine accuracy has been increased (projectile spread decrease).
  • The Carbine red reticle range has been decreased.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.49.12 AM

  • The LightRifle zoomed rate of fire has been increased.
  • The LightRifle un-zoomed rate of fire has been slightly decreased.
  • The LightRifle red reticle range has been increased to match the updated DMR range.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.49.24 AM

  • The DMR red reticle range has been slightly decreased.

Assault Rifle

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.49.40 AM

  • The Assault Rifle damage has been slightly increased. The Assault Rifle now kills in three less rounds.
  • The Assault Rifle auto-aim angle has been reduced.
  • The Assault Rifle projectile spread has been decreased.

Storm Rifle

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.49.48 AM

  • The Storm Rifle damage has been increased. The Storm Rifle now kills in three less rounds.
  • The Storm Rifle auto-aim angle has been reduced.
  • The Storm Rifle projectile spread has been decreased.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.49.58 AM

  • The Suppressor damage has been increased. The Suppressor now kills in three less rounds.
  • The Suppressor auto-aim angle has been reduced.
  • The Suppressor projectile spread has been decreased.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.50.11 AM

  • The damage has been increased to maintain double the damage-per-second of the Assault Rifle.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.50.28 AM

  • The damage has been slightly increased. The Magnum is still capable of killing in six rounds.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.50.42 AM

  • The damage has been increased on both the Mantis and Warthog Chain Gun.

A few new matchmaking updates are also arriving this Monday. You can catch the full details here.

Lastly, 343 writes that, on Monday, the team “will be playing online from 5-7 PM PDT in a selection of playlists which will likely include Rumble Pit, Big Team Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, Team Objective, and possibly more.” Full details are incoming later this week.

Excited for #Halo4Turbo this June 3, as 343i has been dubbing it on Twitter?

  • Angry

    meh.. who cares? 343 ruined Halo and i wont be returning until they make the way it’s supposed to…

    • Jaggari

      Care to explain how?

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Man… Kids like you have super high standards. Halo 4 is one of the best shooters this generation and its only going to get better.

      • Problem is that it’s population is disappearing so rapidly.

        • Morgan Freeman

          That has been happening since 2007 when COD really became popular. Halo is never going to be a ‘big game that everyone plays’ anytime soon while the COD disease runs rampant.

          • And what’s sad about it is that Microsoft seems to be more about CoD than Halo. I remember back on the earlier days Halo was the number one game! Now It’s like with Halo 4, Microsoft be like “Yeah we have a new Halo game.” But with CoD they go out of their way to help CoD be a more popular shooter on Xbox. With exclusive deals partly funded by the money WE pay for LIVE(or so one gamer theorized http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=413950). I don’t blame 343 at all, I blame Microsoft for their complacency regarding Halo and the incessant pandering to the more “casual” audience and I don’t mind that but would you really sacrifice the face of Microsoft Xbox for the casual audience that for the most part well prefers CoD over Haloas CoD is a bit less hardcore easier to pick up and play compared to.

      • Aaron

        Lol you must be drunk.

      • nate

        I wouldn’t say one of the best this generation… maybe one of the best last year.

    • Jason Davis

      Yeah because REACH was HORRIBLE (Sorry Bungie, i love u) and Halo 4 was a breath of fresh air!

      • Aaron

        Reach > Gaylo 4

        • coochiefruit

          No sir

  • The only weapons balancing the community was asking for was the god damn boltshot. Did 343 listen..? No. And why in the holy hell are they inclined on “speeding up” Halo’s killtimes? Fuck 343.

    • Anchour

      You are an idiot. You realize the new kill times will match that of halo 2/3 BR? And same for the AR, and all the automatics are being balanced to match it. You obviously aren’t paying attention to what the Halo COMMUNITY wants if you think all they wanted fixed was the boltshot. You clearly have no idea how previous Halo’s played.

      There are so many factors for why all this was done that isn’t even worth going into since you clearly haven’t paid much attention to all the efforts they have been making to work with what the community wants. But it consists of slow kill times + sprint = people not getting punished for stupid plays and positioning, Flinch + no descoping + sprint = not getting punished for the same thing, and the list goes on.

      Pay attention to everything that goes on for the months and months prior and read up on facts before you start bashing, you ignorant fuck. This update has people COMING BACK that dismissed Halo 4 completely, and has even made MLG interested once again in the possibility of Halo being on the MLG circuit.

      • First off, who gives a flying fuck about MLG? Second, this update has no one coming back. The population numbers are dropping every day. Third, the BR will be OP, even with the other buffs. Give the ‘community’ a month and they bitch that it’s OP like the DMR. Fourth, I’ve been playing Halo since day fucking one. This game handles nothing like any previous Halo’s, save Reach, and a simple weapons balance won’t fix that. Fifth, the vast majority of the ‘problems’ with Halo 4 should never have made it into the final product. A beta would have solved many of them. Why should I give a fuck about the effort 343 has put into Halo 4 post launch when they clearly half assed the initial production of the game? Sixth, this update will increase movement speed to 110%. Couple that with instant respawn… This will be a huge problem after said update. Hell, killing someone then IMMEDIATELY being killed back due to instant respawn is already bad.
        In short they are further morphing Halo into some half assed COD clone. Instant respawn, Killstre.. Err, Ordinances, Custom Loadouts, FASTER KILLTIMES, Killcams (which they couldn’t even get right). Halo is dead.

        • Anchour

          Lol you are obviously a random casual player. You are COMPLETELY wrong about this not having people come back. If you saw twitter or anything over the last few days you would see how many people said they were going to play again with the update. The BR will be OP? Are you fucking dull? It will have the SAME kill time as the DMR, Halo 2/3 BR, and DMR from Reach. Everyone uses the BR nowadays anyway save for a few assholes who do use the DMR, which is why people said the DMR was overpowered. So something isn’t overpowered when it kills in the EXACT SAME TIME as the other most used primary weapon, as well as the SAME as it was in all other games that you want this Halo to be like. Yeah most problems shouldn’t have been in the final game, but this was 343’s first game, and one with a lot to live up to, so expecting a perfect game was stupid to assume. Everyone besides you apparently, is thrilled that they are working with the community to tailor it to how the players really want it. There are polls and posts in the forums constantly about how to make it better and 343 is listening. And just so you know, and I don’t know what game you are playing these days, but there is no instant respawn anymore. The movement speed increase is to make the player more agile, for things like strafing and other skill based maneuvers. It will also help traversing the monstrous maps and make is not so frustrating HAVING to sprint just to get to a different spot on the map, just to have someone start shooting at you and you have to pull up extremely slow to fire, and be dead by the time you can get a shot off. They were experimenting with different aspects from Reach trying to evolve the game without making it game breaking or losing the Halo feel. The launch game failed to do that, but it is miles better today and will be so much better Monday than it was. Play a playlist like Throwdown where there isn’t any of the extra aspects of the game, but then again you probably wouldn’t because you can’t compete with any of the people who play it.

          I think its funny you harp on the kill times again at the end, when, LIKE I SAID, it makes the kills times the same as they were in every other Halo. You are an idiot. 1.43 seconds in the new kill time of the BR. Same as the DMR. Same as BR from the previous Halo’s. Know your facts and stop being an ignorant flaming fuck. It is people like you who are making it hard for Halo to thrive and be as successful as it once was. Stop being such a bitch and be constructive in criticism, and help the community build itself back up instead of bashing anything anyone says fuckface. The community is so toxic because of people like you that whine and bitch and moan over everything and even when something is fixed to make it what the players asked for, you still bitch. Shut the fuck up and stop whining. If you don’t like it that much, don’t play. And I’ve played Halo since day 1 as well, casually, competitively, PC and Xbox. I know my shit a lot better than you do obviously.

          • Halo is making it hard for Halo to thrive. Halo will never be as successful as it once was simply because of the fact that it stepping away for the arena style shooter that defined it in it’s first three incarnations and is instating aspects of the current big dog in the gaming world Call of Duty. Sure, Reach was an experiment by Bugnie but Halo 4 is simply a money grab by Micro$oft. I’ve voice my grievance via Halo Waypoint since November, as have a lot of fans, and with little success. 343 has been mostly silent since launch, save the weekly bulletin that mostly only gives info on playlists or “hey buy the new map pack”. My complaint here is that 343 has taken SEVEN MONTHS to address problems that should have been fixed pre-launch with a beta or in November. At minimal the issues should have been fixed in a timely manner… meaning NOT SEVEN MONTHS LATER. Why should I wait around on a brand new company when I can either buy a new game that plays better or go back and play Reach? Why should I waste my hard earned money on an incomplete, broken product and wait for the company responsible to “fix it”. I bitch because I’ve been playing Halo since 14 and it’s bullshit to see what has now become of the franchise thanks to Micro$oft wanting to make a dollar. Then there’s fanboys such as yourself that are to ignorant to be pissed about the game because “It’s Halo” and “we fans need to be supportive”. I was supportive until I got a COD Clone. I was supportive until this year’s Game Developers Conference when 343 admitting that they wanted to “dumb down Halo” for the casual fan. I’ve waited for this game to be fixed long enough. And if you take my frustrations with 343 to be toxic then fine. Please do go fuck yourself.

            Also have you ever turned that judgmental pendulum back at your self and thought that maybe it was fanboys such as yourself that make the Halo community so toxic? I directed my comment of dislike toward 343 but you decided to belittle me at every turn in your comments. Just saying.. If your going to judge me for be ‘toxic” maybe you yourself should stop acting as such as well.

            • Max

              totally right COD little brother you will become under the microsoft corporation i think microsoft buy halo franchise only for the purpose of lunching a halo five almost matching the xbox one consol . i dont mind xbox one till…… till goddam microsoft come over with halo 5 so ill have to get out my checkbook and buy a GODDAM XBOX ONE before its come affordable

          • lol. No Instant Respawn you say? Really? Hmm.. says me hitting this “X” button right here. Fucking jackass. It’s always mattered what playlist you’re in. Fucktarded cunt nozzle..

            • OhMyGawd

              Okay time to stop talking now.

          • nate

            I like how all of these replies are conflicting, yet they only have one disagree each lol

    • Max

      dont touch the boltshot just upgrade the rest soud great to me

  • When Bungie gone, they took away the soul of Halo with themselves and no matter how hard 343 tries, they can’t make Halo the way Bungie did!

    • Jason Davis

      That’s not entirely true, I was skeptical about Halo 4, but Once I realized that almost half of the Bungie team were transferred to 343 and continuing Halo, I was relieved and it showes! To me it IS the Best Halo since 2! I was bummed when Bungie Made REACH as I could not for the life of me get into that game like i did 1,2, and 3. I love Bungie and have a great Respect for them as That was the Reason and instant selling point for me to leave my PS2 and Buy an Xbox when Halo 1 was released, Not to mention Destiny looks amazing and I am glad that Sony and PC fans will get to experience it as well, maybe it will change their mind on the Outlook most PS fans have on hating on Halo and Bungie!

  • i really like the layout of this post could we get something like this for all weapon tweak pages 😛

    • coochiefruit


    • Thomas

      That sounds like a major pain in the ass considering that most games have way more guns than this lol. Are you talking about the writers doing pictures/bullet points or just bullet points for every gun?

      • Jason Davis

        Butz I likez Picturez!

  • blondbassist

    Halo is all about Fast Kill times if the user has skill, That’s what it core roots were built on anyway.

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  • Emre

    this update is to late.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Is it just me or are there less guns in Halo 4 multiplayer than in previous halos? I just recently got into the series with 3 but I still remember there being more guns to chose from

  • Will this update bring back the fans that were already fed up with 343?
    I don’t think so..

  • Hol_Up

    Halo 4 is terrible.

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  • Guest

    This update is bullsh*t I’m ready to stop playing and halo 4 is the only game I play everyday. Why the hell did they speed up the game and and it’s do easy to die its like two shots and you’re dead. F*ck you 343.

  • disqus_XJVv503D7m

    After this update I sworn to myself I will never play halo again. Thanks 343, I guess all good things need to come to an end eventually right

  • Collin Christensen

    Hey, here’s a hint fan-boys. If you like Halo then keep playing. If you don’t like Halo then leave and don’t spread your bile about the internet. I swear if you really don’t want Halo to be like COD then quit acting like the COD community. Halo is home to a mature, respectful and diverse family of community members. Instead all I see here now are bickering fan-boys. Also, constructive criticism of fellow community members posts and the actions of 343 are preferred to the current disrespectful ones. That is all. May God and Foamy be with you.

  • Jeric montepalco

    Well how the hell do you get the update i dont have it it said it comes in june3 where is it!!!!!!

  • screwyou67

    Where it becomes comical, is how halo 4 is said to be like the previous halos, when it isn’t. The lag keeps getting worse, and the 343 servers just plain suck. On any given night its guaranteed that their will be a server malfunction mid game in at least a third of the games played. This game is more chance and luck of the host than it is about skill or experience. People that want quick kills without any effort like some heroin trip should play this game, since there is really no strategy other than spamming shots, which isn’t as effective when only ony a third of those render anyhow leaving you to question the state of the game. Consistently one can die with no explaination as to who shot them, or where the shots came from. This means you’re dead before you can react, and camping is your best chance. I remember the self professed “real” halo players complaining about how little skill campers have, and how it in so many words, cheats them out of kills they felt entitled to. These same players also complained about the “flow of the game,” (whatever the hell that means) being interupted by tweaking weapon damage, and locations.

    Any given night, I can sit back and not participate, and watch my entire big team battle team get totally anialated consistently across the majority of games played that day, when the absence of one player should make any real difference. This is a consistent fault with the console and server communication, that seems to favor some regions over others. If you’re one of those players that win consistently while being a random in the ranks, then logic should tell you that you’re paired with more consistently better players. However that is not the case if you are one of those that can watch game after game lose over people on the other team firing half of the shots necessary for a kill, whike just running around randomly. The game is broken. Sorry, but it is.