Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update Goes Live Across All Playlists This June

As you may know, developers 343 Industries have been rigorously testing, tweaking, and tuning weapons in the Halo 4 sandbox as they work through a series of phases which will eventually bring about a significant weapon-focused update this June.

According to the latest Halo Bulletin, the studio will be inviting a small group of community members to test out the latest tweaks and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the next update.

Fans will be able to join in via a special live streaming event, giving all players a chance to catch a glimpse of the latest weapon updates before the new settings go live globally. A date and time has yet to be announced, but you’ll be able to catch all the action, including insight from 343 developers and gameplay from community members, on 343’s official TwitchTV page.

Additionally, you’ll be able to view a detailed list of final changes on the Halo Waypoint shortly before the event goes live. These changes, once solidified, will deploy across all Halo 4 playlists on Monday, June 3.

343 writes that onces these changes go live, they “estimate that [they] won’t be making adjustments for at least several weeks as [they] examine the results of how this update changes gameplay behavior, strategy, loadout selection and more.”

3-time Halo National Champion Dave “Walshy” Walsh stopped by the studio last week to test out some of these updates. Here’s what he had to say:

343: Hey, Walshy! What were your first impressions with the new weapon tuning? Did anything immediately stand out as different, enjoyable, confusing, etc.?

Walshy: New weapon tuning felt much better! Three features stood out the most to me:

  • The Battle Rifle being a 4-shot makes it a force to be reckoned with, no longer is the DMR the go-to choice for top players.
  • Decreased magnetism on automatics definitely adds more skill to those short-range fights.
  • The LightRifle’s increased rate of fire while zoomed in will possibly make it the best long-range starting weapon in the game.

343: I’ve certainly seen quite a bit more LightRifle in our playtests. The slightly increased ROF when zoomed makes it even deadlier at range. So tell me – was the 4-shot BR as crispy as you expected?

Walshy: Cookie Crisp crispy! I might have to start doing the wolf howl after each kill! On a slightly more serious note, the 4-shot kills give the game the faster kill time that I loved from previous Halo games.

343: We played a 1 vs. 1 on Haven with Assault Rifles only, and I think we both agreed that the new tuning made it quite interesting and different. How did you feel about the reduced auto-aim on the automatics?

Walshy: First off, you and I both agree that I am the best 1 vs. 1 Haven ARs only player in the world. Secondly, I think this will only result in even more dominance from me in 1 vs. 1 Haven ARs! I think this change accounts for the few automatics in the top level of play to take slightly more skill to use. However, this change primarily affects the casual level of play, which is the majority of Halo players – overall, I think everyone will be very happy with this change.

343: How do you think these tuning updates will affect gameplay, both Matchmaking and tournament play?

Walshy: Both tournament and Matchmaking play will see more variance with starting weapons. Biggest difference in my opinion will be in the short and long-range game since the DMR currently is the go-to weapon for almost every situation. With the updates to the BR and LR, we now have weapons that, on paper, are superior to the DMR. I’m excited for this change and am excited to see how it changes the game!

Looking forward to the upcoming Halo 4 weapon tweaks? We’ll get the juicy details up as soon as they become available.

  • Awesome! Too bad most of the population has left. It will be over seven months since launch when this update drops. Too little, too late 343.

    • dpg70

      Really? I don’t play Halo and never realized that people stopped playing Halo. I have played it before, it’s just not for me. Is that always the case or just this particular release?

      • Halo 4 daily population peak is under 20,000. Reach, a game that has been out for almost three years, peaks daily at roughly 18,000. Just to put everything in to perceptive.

        • halo baller 64

          its more like 34000 and reach was popular for a long time it always had almost 100000 people on it until about 6 months before halo 4 came out and everybody got tired of it

    • Lol same thing with Reach, how did it take until the bloom update?

      And this game wasn’t made by bungie. So this game suck twice as much

      • ProphetDecim8er

        Again, nobody cares about your opinion/s. You don’t play? Then keep it shut.

    • whatever

      lack of beta and too much mlg influence is what is killing halo for me. I miss 3 hr ctf matches with friends, and just having a crazy time.

    • Max

      are you really THE giorgio tsoukalos

  • (sarcasm) But they finally listened to the community. We should be glad. And every player that left will come back now. (/sarcasm)

    • Max

      no the E.T. call the shot dear goerge as everything humanity know

  • Why release in June?
    it’s to hot to play then.

  • Lol glad to the noob weapon ( AR ) is getting attention… Face palm

    Haven’t playd this in sooo long it’s dead to me.

    My biggest thought, fast kill time? That’s not what sticks out to me after all these years.

    Lol Washly sounds like one if those paid BF4 dick rider on YouTube that get paid to give BJ’s to there Ego’s

    • Sparta

      Amen to that!

    • Prophet Deim8er

      “Haven’t playd this in sooo long it’s dead to me.” Then shut your mouth. Nobody cares.

    • Sam

      The reason people think the AR is a noob weapon is because in most of the halo games it has involved nothing more than jumping in and shooting recklessly. The AR should be modified to do perhaps even quicker damage, but make it so you can only fire for a little while at far or mid range, before the spread gets really huge and you cant fire anymore unless he’s close. And before that happens maye it should take off like half shields. That way, if you use cover in between shooting, you could win fights only if you are careful, from pretty long ranges, but you wouldnt be able to be reckless with it, appeasing to both BR users and AR users. Also, you made no mention of the pistol, which is a total piece of trash right now. The pistol should be a 3 shot kill like it was before, but just make it have insanely bad recoil, so you have to wait a significant time between shots at far range.

      • sam

        as it is now, the pistol is a rapid fire gun, that barely does more damage than the dmr or br, and has crappy burst damage as well. Basically completely useless even every circumstance. If you use cover with a pistol you should beat a guy running around recklessly with a br or dmr. The whole point of a pistol should be to shoot around a corner. If you are not using cover with the pistol, then sure the DMR or BR should totally annhiliate you. Also, the boltshot needs to charge much, much slower, and have a further range. I think the point of that weapon should be either to kill someone in one shot at close range or to damage someone from far range. With a long charge time, and a loud sound, they would know it’s coming. Which brings up another point…. That perk that makes it so you can’t hear weapon effects is EXTREMELY cheap. People just run around one shotting you without you knowing its coming

      • Max

        really the new modif on the ar is just awsome two quick tap on the fire trigger coupled to a close combat elbow you got bang for your buck

    • Caine Thomas Fiala

      >says the noob weapon is the AR
      >all credibility goes out the window because didn’t mention the DMR at all

  • kurupt

    People will still pick the dmr. that gun should have been 5 shots originally and the be should have been 4 this entire time

    • halo baller 64

      its been 4 shots the whole time including reach you just have to get headshots

  • gotrice

    walshy my gt is gotrice530 and i bet you i can beat you in a 1v1 haven ars only send me a message sometime, and if walshy cant read this post then david please pass this message along. cheers 🙂

  • jacob bailey

    can we see the video of u guys using the tuned AR’s

  • jacob bailey

    j standard h4 hits about 40k usually and like 68k on weekends not a lot but better then nothing

  • jimmycarter

    …Increasing ROF/damage of guns so they’re more powerful. Then the other weapons are nerfed. Give up. This is just going to go back and forth isnt it?