‘Hardest’ Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Finally Discovered By YouTube Personality

Back in April, last year, we reported on an a near-impossible-to-find Battlefield 3 easter egg that was hinted at by now ex-DICE voice-over designer, Thomas Danko.

Despite the handful of clues that Danko included in his tweets, which you can read in the previously linked article above, no Battlefield 3 player has successfully discovered the easter egg, or has at least successfully documented it, as of yet.

Leaving no mystery unsolved, YouTube personality JackFrags recently did a bit of detective work in order to get to the bottom of things and to find out what exactly lies hidden within Battlefield 3’s deepest, darkest secrets. We’ll leave it to him to explains the steps he took to solve the case and to finally reveal the enigmatic Battlefield 3 easter egg in his video below:

Pretty cool, right? Was it what you expected?

Thanks for sending this one our way, JackFrags.

  • Mike

    Man I miss BF3 until I see this guy spawn killing.

    • Mitch

      True. They can’t even get good spawns on such big maps, even on console…

    • James Mulhall

      Spawn killing has been big in BF since 1942. If you’re a bad player, you’re going to get spawn trapped.

      • SubXero

        One “bad player” isn’t going to cause a spawn trap. Good/Great players can and do get spawn trapped. Getting spawn trapped is because of a bad team.

        • James Mulhall

          So how does this guy know if the enemy team is bad or not?

          • SubXero

            Which guy?

            • James Mulhall


      • QwietStorm

        I’d say a bad team and map design cause spawn trapping, not a bad player.

        • Joseph

          I agree. Metro was clearly designed for spawn trapping. I can usually get past the most disgusting players on the enemy team and capture the furthest position from my spawn and usually come back and win (but mostly I don’t because my teammates are retarded)

  • Mitch

    It took months for someone to just look in the files? Well…

    • TastySlopsicle

      nobody was able to extract the files until a few months ago.

  • TI_21

    I knew that I’ve read that before. 😉


    • Joseph


  • Timothy David Medric

    I remember when this easter egg was announced, and I tried looking for it myself. I thought it was going to be something cool or even dino related… Guess not all Easter Eggs are awesome…

  • Alex Melendez

    It was a meh easter egg for so much work, they should of made something more epic…

    • eBunny

      Easter eggs in games are usually pretty subtle, no matter how hard or impossible it can be to find.

      • WarBroh

        Your words are wise, master

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Except Gears of War easter eggs :p

        • James K

          GOW:J Library easter egg is amazing.

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    i did the easter few months ago i thought it was someone in my server talking

    • Aaron Williams

      And i assume u playd dino mode a few years ago but u thought it was Turok?

  • ReeceGators

    Hey Jackfrags used Mp1st! Congrats Mp1st team

    • Pretty cool! I was a fan of his vids before even starting this whole shebang.

      • ReeceGators

        Yeah. His RUN videos are probably my fav of all time

  • Nelson Batista

    meh :/ if he would’ve done it in game it would’ve been cool ! but this wasy is kind of cheating it

    • Aaron Williams


      • Nelson Batista

        he did nothing he just ask the dev for what the audio said !, he is a great youtuber but this one was a meh !

        • Aaron Williams

          Ummmm u may need to take notes when watching the video. U fail at listening. There was alot more than that and the stuff the Dev gave him wasent much info.

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  • B_Boss

    The hell??? What happened to Tom Danko? That sucks lol. I thought he still worked at DICE….Nice vid by Jack as always.

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  • Truthfull

    Props to the guy finding the Easter Egg, but that was a terrible one.. awful egg..

  • elementofprgress
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  • Chicken Dick

    Hey i just wanted to throw this out there but i have played BF3 on Xbox 360 for almost 900 hours. I got a PS3 also and I was so curious on how it looked and played on it so i rented it and played it. Well low and behold it is way better on PS3 than Xbox. It has way better lighting and a more consistent frame rate. It is so much better in fact that I am buying it on PS3. Trust me guys you will be amazed on how much better it is. It will actually shock you on how smoother everything looks and feels.

  • JoseyWales

    I found that a long time ago, didn’t know people were looking?

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