These Five Hi-Res Battlefield 4 Screens Are Pretty

Battlefield 4, powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, is coming Fall 2013 and developers DICE wants you to see how pretty it looks.

As mentioned in our recap of the Battlefield 4 reveal in San Francisco, Frostbite 3 delivers gorgeous visuals, vivid colors and impressively large environments, but that’s not the only thing Battlefield 4 developers want you to take away from the game’s initial presentation. According to DICE, it’s those human, dramatic and believable moments that make up the DNA of Battlefield 4.

To help convey that message, DICE and EA want you to gawk at these pretty, hi-res Battlefield 4 screens taken in-game. You might not shed any tears, nor might their level of realism startle you, but they’re still pretty damn impressive.

Enjoy the screens below and remember, you can also catch some Battlefield 4 footage, including the first trailer and 17-minutes of gameplay, right here.

And yes, the guy in the first screen does look like Mat LeBlanc, known for his role as Joey Tribbiani in Friends.

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  • Mark

    what happened to Fahad Jarahat? at least i think that was his name?

    • he has departed us…….nah he just is busy its mostly david and other mods who write stories now fahad pops in from time to time though.

    • Yusuf Celenli

      doesnt follow the same storyline, idiot

      • Tard

        He’s talking about a writer in MP1st you fucking moron, not somebody in Battlefield

        • Jason


  • MegaMan3k

    Why does the LMG Gunner have what appears to be dozens of “SMG” mag pouches on his back?

    I still like all the birds. The other pics don’t do too much for me.

    • Hotwire

      Probably not his native gun.

      • MegaMan3k

        Given that it’s US issue and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that they previously lost a member of their squad, I think it’s safe to assume that he did bring it in.

        I was wondering if it’s customary for somebody to put mag pouches on their back for a squadmate. I know they do that sometimes with flashbangs for breach procedures, but I’d never heard of it with mags.

        But even still, that’s SO MANY mag pouches…

        (Also – FWIW – if this is a black op and they’re not supposed to be there, shouldn’t they have been scrubbed of all equipment and insignia that would indicate they were American?)

        • OR MAYBE… That’s because he’s the support class, and in BF4, medic bags and ammo boxes will be limited!

          • nickmaster1150

            that would actually be a stupid idea from Dice to make that limited, it kinda destreys the whole idea of helping you team with health and ammo packs…

            • Wout Dekoster

              Nope, it does not. The unlimited ammo and health destroys the team play, just as the fast auto-healing and repairing does. It makes everybody ignoring the team just because there are bags etc everywhere you walk.

  • This should be epic!

  • Moh grunt

    The funny thing is the unanimous feedback from the game writers is sure it looks good but it is really more of the same

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      I was expecting something better than just prettier visuals. I almost had to force myself to go through the entire campaign footage because it bored the crap out of me. I hope that’s not the case with multiplayer.

      • I’ve noticed many things that I saw in MoH. Also new things like a mist of blood on a knife takedown. the iron sights/acog from MoH. A new shotgun witj animation. It will ne good, calm down.

        • Thatbeastlytaco

          The multiplayer i am confident will be good but single player already looks boring and thats not good for the reveal.

          • MegaMan3k

            I worry that Battlefield 4’s MP will feel like a retread of BF3.

            I feel like up to this point all the Battlefield MP games have surprisingly distinct from each other. Sure, Battlefield 2142 felt like a total conversion of Battlefield 2, but at least it had a really great setting, art direction, unique feel, and Titan Mode.

            Because even different BF3 DLCs felt like different games at times (especially Close Quarters – full disclosure, I love the Close Quarters DLC – and Aftermath), I have some faith that BF4 will have a unique feel. But I worry that it’s not going to take bold chances with the class setups or progression systems or game modes like many of the other games did. I think that we’re going to see the exact same class synergy that we saw in BF3. I don’t believe the argument that “well yeah they hit it right on the head with BF3!” because I’d have said that about, well, any BF game at the time. I mean, if it were still 2005, I’d say “There’s no way a Battlefield game could work with only four classes.”

            I say this because from what we’ve seen, it’s clear that they didn’t learn why BF3’s single player campaign wasn’t that good. If anything, I think they’re going in the completely wrong direction with the campaign. That’s what makes me worried about BF4’s MP. The SP reveal gives every inclination that they clearly don’t understand what makes Battlefield great.

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              “he SP reveal gives every inclination that they clearly don’t understand what makes Battlefield great.” EXACTLY!. BF is known and primarily BOUGHT for it’s MP content. The fact that they put so much effort into the SP is really annoying. They could make such a better game if they just dumped SP altogether.

            • unless BF4’s Campaign Blows me away and makes me think that its one of the best, i will agree wirth you

            • There’s actually quite a large number of people who only bought and play for SP.

            • pot51e

              Really? I haven’t known any, BF is principally known for MP, and the VAST majority of articles and sites are dedicated to that aspect. I have got as far as the end of the train on SP – and that’s further than 5 or 6 of my mates. No, honestly I have to disagree with you – BF is an MP game with a SP mode bolted on to kill time when peoples internetz have gone down

            • I’ve seen the article on about almost a year ago that stated othe wise. Granted its a small percentage of people who only did buy for single player, but the game sold 15 million copies. Even if only 1% of people fall into this category, that’s still a hell of a lot of people. But yeah, I do agree with you that most of my friends haven’t played or finished the story. I have two or three times, but I play the piss out of games, and usually only play three or four new games a year.

            • zakrocz

              I have a theory that there’s a lot of gamers who bought BF3 who probably haven’t spent a great deal of time playing MP. I think Dice’s telemetry has told them this and this is why they are putting so many resources into BF4’s SP. Whether my theory is correct or not we also have COD which puts a huge emphasis on their SP and as they are BF’s main competition the wise business decision is to make sure BF has one too so gamers won’t feel they are missing out if they were to buy BF4

            • what

              fuck them. It has and will be bought for its multiplayer.

            • Veniox

              This man right here ^, has just explained what every old timer from battlefield games have been trying to explain to everyone else and are deceived by those gamers (other known to be called cod players) who are new to battlefield ever since they saw the bf3 trailer and act like total kiss asses as if they knew so much about battlefield.

  • hey

    why are you all complaining about the campaign it’s not what Battlefield is about. The good things to point out is that the suppression is gone, the sun glare has been reduced, there’s no blue tint and the graphics have been buffed up by quite a bit. The bad parts is the recon multiplayer russian in the clip, the same knife animation, the same white van, the same buggy transport vehicle sound. As long as they remove the tint and suppression i’m pretty happy

    • The Gameplay was probably alpha, the sounds, knife aimations, etc. might make a turn for the best when the full game is realesed

      • hey

        I do hope they don’t change the color, it’s fine in that video..

    • How many different ways can you knife a guy? the abimayion is improved BTW. as for the van and soldier, I think those were just old skins from BF3 they used just to make a video.

    • nickmaster1150

      that sound has been the same since… euh it’s has been there since bf1942

  • therapiist

    I cant wait to see how this going to look like on next gen for ps4 and nextbox

  • It’s only March and the game looks ready to play. This will be a fine tuned BF 3.5

  • Asmitty56

    I take it that most of you wanted a new Bad Company game, 2143, or 1944. I think they are saving games like that for later and really get creative (games usually get better through out a consoles life span than just starting out). As a Battlefield 4 goes, being a console player I can’t really ask for more than 64 players, 1080p, better frame rates, more vehicles, better destruction (better vehicle destruction as well) and maps that fit the game. For console players it will feel like a new and better game (sorry PC players). Hopefully MP adds in limited ammo for vehicles and force them to go back to the base to resupply but also give them buffs as well, I’m sorry but a tank shell with in 4 meters should kill everyone with in that range, and significantly hurt anyone outside of that range. Tank shells should also destroyed buggies, jeeps, and helicopters in one shot. 50 cal should rip players apart, none of this multiple hits to kill stuff. Would also like to see a weapons buff across the board as well, especially in the head.

    • Wout Dekoster

      Yeah, for console players it will… :p
      Still disappointed with bf3, they took out all the tactical possibilities from previous bf games: removed commander, functional squad leaders, artillery, etc. And indeed, unlimited ammo for vehicles is just stupid, imagine the balance between infantry and armor when they have to return to base or ammo crates to refill, but that’s probably not in line with the “fast paced action” they want. (aka COD)

      • Asmitty56

        BF3 was likely the first in the series for a lot of people. I think they may have wanted to offer something more for those players later. But it sounds like those things will be making a come back.

    • ?

      Play hardcore and most of your problems will go away. Honestly how people play the normal bullet sponge mode is beyond me. If I had to play normal i probably would not play BF and really I think that’s why some people dislike BF because they play normal mode and you cannot kill shit not even with a tank. I have shot people point blank with a tank shell and they just stand there and look at you. WTF. Hardcore mode its way more realistic and fun besides the bitch ass team killers. DICE needs to dramatically change there damage system in Normal mode. BF3 is my favorite military shooter of all time but if there was no hardcore mode man it would be a tough sell. I guess i would get used to it. BFBC2 had a true hardcore mode. BF3 puts to much focus on the map and now even me if I play hardcore with out the map i miss it. BFBC2 it was no map all the time in hardcore and it separated the boys from the men.

      • ?

        Also they need to absolutely get rid of allowing people to place anything below a 8x scope on single shot sniper rifles. I cannot even begin to explain why this is. If you play BF3 you no what I mean. It is a serious balance issue. Along with the noob aim assist and it gets worse.

        • Asmitty56

          What’s wrong with 6x and 7x? Also don’t see much problem with sights lower than a 8x on bolt action snipers. It’s not like they have a huge advantage either they make their first shot count or die, some people just don’t want to sit at one spot. I can see it being a bit of a problem for semi-auto snipers. They may need a bit of a nerf and have their damage be more like high end ARs.

          • ?

            With the aim assist its a huge problem.

  • Asmitty56

    I doubt there will be a great story behind the single player. But hey as long as it is action packed, good looking, and make it a bit difficult then it should work. Most war FPS games don’t have that great of a story anyways. Most people buy this game for the MP.

  • Kevin Walters

    you guys, calm your tits! Just by the 17 min demo and what DICE has said, we can already infer that this campaign is going to be a much more personal and dramatic experience (better than the last campaign). And sure, it might not give as much freedom as you Battlefield veterans would like, but come on…We’re all in it for the epic MP. 🙂

    • UnknownUser28

      It’s kinda too dramatic honestly. Drama is not always pleasant.

  • zach

    holy fuck his nose is huge…

  • So hot…. so hot… really people are either saying its not good enough ( because they have only seen compressed YouTube video) other then these high res shots ( which make me fap so hard) If you would follow the battlefield dev.’s they have stated over and over they have pushed the visuals to the point of not mattering anymore. They now are working to deliver an experience you remember. Also, to all the “more of the same” did you know this is all pre-alpha footage ( they even said they have imported older models just so they had something to show, and this is NOT THE FINAL GAME ). So to all the haters good, i don’t want to to waist server space. To all the people who can stop and really think what this is/ can be we will be the ones happily playing bf4 for years to come.

    • Haters are going to hate, why ballers like DiCE will ball.

  • Jason

    It you look closely at the 3rd Pic, Irish (The Black Support Soldier) has a Sharpie on his Left side lol weapon of choice!

    • Jason

      Right side i meant lol

  • blondbassist

    Well done EA, you just made your own game look shit!

  • Delta8A

    Russian EA insider promised MP reveal on the 30th

  • briinalbany

    Yes pretty and I am excited for this game. But let’s see some screens or gameplay from consoles please. I don’t play on pc.

  • Veniox

    Well jeez what were you expecting? Star ships and hover crafts with plasma guns?

    • Kevin Walters

      YES. XD

  • 2nd one was my wallpaper a few weeks ago, looks fantastic

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    It looks good enough and that’s all we need. While the game s=does look fantastic, i like how dice is being a little conservative in terms of visuals. If they wanted to make this game look border-line realistic then they would have done so. The game doesn’t need to be hyper realistic. From the looks of it, i wouldn’t be surprised if this ran at 720p60 on next gen consoles. I would take that over photo-realistic graphics running at below sub-HD at 30 frames-per-second.

  • ?

    I am excited about the single player. I read a interview of dice on eurogamer and they talked like the single player will be much more open and have heavy vehicle use. Even they said they scrapped the co op which says to me that they are focusing on the single player more. I thought the bf3 sp was descent and i feel bf4 will be also descent and maybe really good. But really we all know that the multiplayer will be top knotch so having a Pretty good single player judge sweatens the deal.

  • ?

    What’s funny is 90 percent of People on here bitching will buy it anyway so quit bitching. Bf3 is the best military shooter on the market and bf4 will be even better. So chill the Fuck out. If you don’t like it there is always cod. If you want more of the same go play that. People on here bitching about a military shooter campaing Makes me lol. Its not like they are going to do a open world game. They got multiplayer to focus on.

  • BF3.5


    Now the hardcore CoD players are laughing at us.

  • MasonMei

    If this is called Frostbite 3… which is merely an upgrade, or even an uncensored version of FB2 (like BF3 Alpha test), people best stop saying that COD titles never change their engine, cuz every subtle change IW or Treyarch done to the IW engine will make it a new one, in DICE standards. lol, why don’t they name it Frostbite 2.5, like they did to Frostbite 1 and 1.5?

  • zakrocz

    Hardly played BF3 SP, got bored about 10 minutes in but I must say the 17 minute trailer has got me quite interested if they do expand on the freedom to approach the missions in a non linear fashion. The shooting gallery/whack a mole gunplay still looks the same though which is where both BF3 and COD fail in terms of the type of SP FPS I enjoy playing

  • BingXP

    man is all yall do is complan